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1 My Big Chop In 2019 | My Story, The Experience ... - YouTube
Apr 29, 2020
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2 Story Time : MY BIG CHOP EXPERIENCE|| I Was Forced To ...
Claudia Agyare
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3 3 Ways The Big-Chop Changed My Life - NaturAll Club
Whatever you may feel, the big chop is a staple in the natural hair community and the benefits well surpass any physical satisfaction you may ...
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4 The Big Chop Experience - Curly Nikki
The scream! Priceless. Eboni gets the Big Chop while being schooled by fellow CN community member and stylist Ashley Blake-Bates- ...
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5 Read This Before Getting a "Big Chop" - Vegamour
The big chop is a way to embrace your textured hair while eliminating strands damaged ... How to Make the Most of Your Big Chop Experience.
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6 Nappily Ever After: 9 Black Women on Their Big Chop ... - ELLE
And not every woman's big chop experience leaves them feeling free and ready to conquer the world. Ahead, nine women share what their first ...
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7 My Big Chop Experience, And Why I Wouldn't Do it Again
Go ahead and big chop they said, it'll be liberating, they said…. well nobody said that it would be the hardest part of my natural hair ...
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8 My Big Chop Experience, And Why I Wouldn't Do it Again - Pinterest
Jun 16, 2016 - Go ahead and big chop they said, it'll be liberating, they said.... well nobody said that it would be the hardest part of my natural hair ...
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9 Short Hair, Don't Care: My Big Chop Experience | Her Campus
Now, as a writer, I generally like to stay in my box and write about the topics that make ... Short Hair, Don't Care: My Big Chop Experience.
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10 My Big Chop Experience -
My Big Chop Experience ... As I've cut and dyed, styled and treated my hair over the years, the pattern changed and I knew it was time for a ...
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11 Big Chop Tutorial: Use This Step by Step Guide to Get Started ...
The big chop is the act of taking your natural hair journey from transitioning to officially ... Kira's (My) Spontaneous Chopping Experience.
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12 The "˜Big Chop' Experience | Natural Hair Rules!!!
The boldest way to start your natural hair journey is to do the “˜big chop'. A few weeks ago, R&B singer, Chrisette Michele shocked the world debuting a ...
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13 The Benefits of doing the Big Chop - Fabulously Average
Eventually, doing hair was a completely different experience with a big chop, but I mastered the learning curve immediately.
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14 My Big Chop - Haenley Studio
I had to big chop & start a new healthy hair journey due to a horrific experience at a Dominican Hair salon. Yes sis, add me to the list of ...
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15 Big Chop Articles |
Read 88 Big Chop articles on Visit to find the most helpful info, tips and news for people with curly hair.
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16 My Big Chop Experience, Tips and Current Favorite Products
Since my big chop I haven't had a chance to properly discuss my experience or even give more detail as to what my reasoning is behind having ...
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17 Why I Didn't Want To Give My Daughter A Big Chop - Mater Mea
Almost eight years prior, I big chopped my hair to start my locs without ever ... for the both of us) that this big chop experience was an adventurous, ...
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18 The Big Chop: Everything You Need To Know About Going ...
Dealing with both your relaxed and natural hair can be difficult. You may experience breakage at the line of demarcation and blending the two ...
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19 Big Chop Or Transition: Which Is Best For You?
This is something that I have discovered from personal experience. I have “been natural” twice in my life and both times the journey was very ...
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20 Big Chop Hair: 6 Things to Consider Before Doing It
I still remember my big chop experience, it took weeks of deciding on the perfect cut, reading tons of articles online, and binge-watching YouTube videos on ...
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21 My Sisterlocks Big Chop Experience | The Digital Loctician
My Sisterlocks Big Chop Experience · 4PM: Thinking to myself again… “Hmmm I wonder if I just cut some in the back…?” · 8PM: I cut one Sisterlock in the middle of ...
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22 What was your experience with your big chop? : r/blackladies
I've big-chopped twice. The first time was to finally experience undamaged natural hair. The second time was out of solidarity for my mom ...
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23 Natural Hair: I Just Big Chopped -
I got tired of my sew-in and finally was brave enough to do the big chop. I washed and conditioned my hair and I did the big chop. Check out my experience.
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24 Gabrielle Union Shows Off Her Big Chop on Instagram - Yahoo
The actress shared her new short hairstyle in an Instagram post, where she also opened up about her big chop experience.
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25 Becoming A Big Chop Natural What to Expect
The big chop natural journey can be a very different experience especially if you've had a perm for a number of years. Once you cut off all of your relaxed ...
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26 Coily Hair Journey: The Big Chop | F.Y.I. - Function of Beauty
Most women have a dramatic story about why they chopped off their hair: it broke off after a bad hair dyeing experience; a romantic break up warranted a ...
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27 Big Chop for Curls: Here's How to Start Your Natural Hair ...
The big chop (aka one of the biggest changes your curls will ever experience!) is when a natural decides to cut their curls off into a ...
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28 The Big Chop: How To Prepare For The Big Cut -
If your big chop gets rid of all of your damaged hair, chances are good your hair will experience much less breakage. The unfortunate truth is that there's ...
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29 Big Chop Chronicles: Let Your Curls Go! | Curls Understood
Big Chop, Hair Chronicles: After the 1st several run-ins with a pair of sharp shears, I was able to finally let go and big chop my ... Read about my experience.
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30 Me & My hair: Valerie Betorina's Big Chop Experience
Are you thinking about having a big chop, the act of cutting of your hair rigorously? If so make sure you read Valerie's big chop experience ...
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31 How to Master the Big Chop and Embrace Your Natural Hair
How beauty-obsessed are you? Very. Kind of. Not really. This will help us personalize your experience.
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32 The Big Chop With Miranda Moy of Moy Hair Essentials
The big chop is part of the natural hair movement which ... Moy to learn more about her business and her personal big chop experience.
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33 Should you do “the Big Chop?” Here's how to tell
The Big Chop is more than just a haircut, it's a form of treatment. ... often chemically treat or use heat to style our haircut experience a LOT of damage.
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34 my first big chop experience! I must say, I am loving the results • #fyp ...
TikTok video from (@itsthepandaep): "my first big chop experience! I must say, I am loving the results • #fyp #naturalhair #blackgirl #bigchop".
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35 Big Chop for Curly Hair | DevaCurl Blog
Getting a big chop is such a personal experience and process for someone wanting to begin their natural hair journey and choosing the person to ...
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36 Things to Know: The Big Chop - SalonBrazyl
The big chop is simply the removal of your damaged hair all at once. ... The Salon Brazyl Wash and Go Experience looks great on all hair ...
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37 The Big Chop: Why I Did It 7 Years AFTER Growing My Hair ...
But if you do, you would have seen my 2 part IG TV series of my entire big chop experience! Hit the IG icon above to check it out!
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38 Top 5 Tips: Big Chop to Natural Afro Hair - NinjA'fro
My older sister and two cousins had already big chopped, ... I know the experience can be overwhelming, so I wanted to share my five steps ...
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39 Pros and Cons of the Big Chop to Natural Hair - LiveAbout
This bit of knowledge and experience can be very helpful in the future as your natural hair grows. Pro: Easy Care and a Time Saver. Super short ...
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Big chopping is, well, picking up the scissors and cutting your ... I big chopped, and I'm here to tell you what your experience might be.
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41 Obia's "BIG CHOP" Experience! – OBIA Naturals
Episode 23: Obia Ewah (CEO, Formulating Chemist) answers the question, "What are your thoughts on the infamous "Big Chop"? What was your experience?
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42 The BIG CHOP!! PART 2!! If you are thinking about doing the big ...
Share something about your big chop experience below Thanks ladies ❤️ @r.mshot @meyesight_ @dublzslytpepr @detriniprojekt @ehyosb #bigchop #newlynatural ...
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43 Are You Ready For the Big Chop - Zotos Professional
What Is the Big Chop? Curl Types; Big Chop Hairstyles; How to Define Your Curls After the Big Chop; Should You Big Chop on Wet or Dry Hair?
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44 Big Chop Vs Transitioning - Strands of Faith
Our CEO and Founder Ameka Coleman has written about her experience from the Big Chop to waist length healthy hair. You can learn more her ...
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45 The Big Chop: My First Experience with Cooking - Ripple ...
The Big Chop: My First Experience with Cooking. It all started with the sound of a knife hitting the cutting board. The hiss of the pan. The roar of the ...
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46 The Big Chop Journey and All Its Stages - CurlShoppe
It's pretty bad, which you're probably starting to find out and we just know from experience. Natty from CurlShoppe - Transitioning Hair - Pre Big Chop, Row ...
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47 The Big Chop, DevaCut Style - Tiffany Turner Moon
Should you have a DevaCut style done, please ensure you do your research on the stylist! I'm sharing my own experience here!
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48 9 Tips on Caring for Your Natural Hair after the Big Chop ...
Many of us kinky/curly/coily ladies do the 'big chop' at least once. You are not alone. ... Have you ever big-chopped? What was your experience?
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49 17 Big Chop Transformations That Prove Long Hair Isn't The ...
My mom actually did the honors and vlogged the entire experience. I'm so happy I went through with my decision. My head feels so much lighter!!!
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50 Big Chop - Urban Dictionary
Big Chop or 'BC' is when a person cuts their hair to obtain the 'natural' state. The person cuts out the hair dye, chemical perm, or relaxer from their ...
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51 How The Big Chop Transformed My Confidence As A Black ...
After I gave myself the big chop in April 2020, my hair took me on a beautiful journey of self-love and appreciation in regard to my ...
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52 The 'Big Chop': Black Women On The Self-Love Of Short Hair
The “big chop” was something I associated with hair that was unhealthy. ... It was still a nerve-wracking experience, though.
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53 Natural Hair Big Chop groups - Meetup
Natural Hair Big Chop. 5,214. members. 10. groups. Find out what's happening in Natural Hair Big Chop Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up ...
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54 “The Big Chop” has the potential to change your life
For others, though, those who haven't yet experienced the joy and sorrow that accompanies a momentous haircut, it may be more convincing to hear ...
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55 Should I big chop or do a long-term transition?
Many who BC say they LOVE the experience and see it as a way to start clean at going Natural. Women who love short hair. Hey, there are all ...
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Tanaye White shares her big chop experience, in which she cuts off all of her hair in order to become a natural-haired woman.
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57 Top 10 Best Big Chop in Brooklyn, NY - December 2022 - Yelp
Reviews on Big Chop in Brooklyn, NY - H2 Salon Brooklyn, Fabstylist, October Glory, Curly Dimensions Salon, The Experience Unisex Salon, Sabine's Hallway ...
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58 Ny the Stylist: Natural Hair Stylist & Salon - Washington DC
the new standard for quality in the natural hair care experience. woman-having-facial-3997995.jpg ... They made me feel so comfortable doing the big chop.
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59 The Big Chop - Tutus & Tennis Shoes
I did it! I cut all my hair off to a low tapered fade. I absolutely love it!! I have been receiving a lot of compliments too. I decided to do the Big Chop ...
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60 Jaxon's big chop ✂️ 2nd July 2022 - GoFundMe
My name is Jaxon and I am 6 years old. Apart from the odd trim I have had long hair all… Kym Wheeler needs your support for Jaxon's big chop ...
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61 5. The Natural Hair Movement, Texturism and The Big Chop ...
Also in this episode you'll hear the whole experience of Leanne's big chop, by none other than friend of the podcast Derek Clements. Follow us on Instagram @ ...
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62 Cutting my Daughter's Hair: The Big Chop and the Worry it ...
I also wanted that bonding experience I had growing up that I knew I could never get with her. I had to come to terms with the fact that combing ...
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Would you dive right in by doing the big chop or take it slow with ... however, is that not all women who do the big chop experience this.
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64 Returning to work after the "big chop" (and other significant ...
Here are my 5 tips for returning to work after a big chop or any other voluntary hairstyle change. Know your company's grooming policies. Don't ...
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65 MY BiG Chop Experience -
MY BiG Chop Experience. I don't know what I found the most daunting, walking into the barbershop full of 15 guys or the fact that the same ...
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66 UMD community members share experience with textured hair ...
The big chop — cutting off damaged or chemically processed hair so it can grow in its natural state — would allow her hair to flourish ...
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67 Black Women Big Chop Hair Growth - xoNecole
Hundreds of women flooded Twitter with the results from their big chop and ... Chandler, who experienced hella growth since her big chop, ...
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68 Guest Blog: Nekera How-To In Preparing For Your "Big Chop"
My big chop not only changed my life, it also impacted the life of a child. ... how they felt before and after, and their overall experience can help give ...
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69 Was My Big Chop a Mistake? - the Maria Antoinette
My big brown, teenage eyes are set on one beauty shop, ... The book-end to this “going natural” experience was a stylist offering to cover ...
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70 BIG CHOP RULES !!!! - Review of Coopers BBQ, Llano, TX
Cut to the chase -- we go for The BIG CHOP ! ... perfection - undoubtedly the BEST pork chop ever ( and I've had 60 years of intense pork chop experience).
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The big chop” means cutting off the relaxed or permed ends of one's ... the first step before cutting off the hair but per my experience and ...
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72 My Sisterlocks Big Chop Experience - CurlyNuGrowth
My Sisterlocks Big Chop Experience. I did the Big Chop on my Sisterlocks the other night and I feel SO happy!!! I wasn't expecting it to be ...
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73 The Big Chop vs. Transitioning. Which is Better? - June's Journal
I don't know if I have the patience to transition. I wanted to see what my hair looked like in its all natural state, and I wanted to know and experience it as ...
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74 "I decided to do the big chop and that was one of the greatest ...
The biggest challenge I have experienced in my hair journey is finding products that my hair loves. But through this process, I've learned that ...
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75 Check out the Pros and Cons of a Big Chop - Frolicious
You will gain experience how to manage your hair at the very beginning. Water will not ruin your short hairstyle. A big chop looks beautiful ...
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76 Natural Hair Goals: Tips For Growth After The Big Chop
Ever considered going back to basics by doing “The big chop? ... (TWA) can be both a hassle and a liberating experience in a black woman's hair journey.
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77 5 Things You Should Know Before You Consider A Big Chop
Thinking about switching teams and going natural with the big chop? You've come to the right place. Celebrity hairstylist Monae Everett is ...
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78 Big Chops - the baldie revolution
I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF?!? My Big Chop Vlog. 7 BIG Chop Barbershop Tips & Big Chop Vlog. My Big Chop Experience || ft. Barbershop Footage .
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79 A Guide to Going for the Big Chop (Natural Hair) - HubPages
One was my hair had irreversible heat damage, so I was not able to experience the beauty of wearing my natural curls out in the open. Another ...
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80 The Big Chop | Just Ask Sally
The Big Chop: Your At-Home DIY Guide. What do you need to know before and after the first step of your naturalista journey?
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81 I am Naturabelle on Twitter: "This was me after my big chop ...
This is my story! Preview of my Big Chop Experience on IGTV and Full Video linked in BIO ⬆⬆⬆ #TextureTalkTuesday .
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82 Big Chop or Curly Cut? How to Know What's Best For Your Hair
When I went to the salon, I would first get my hair washed, ... Usually, going to a regular hairstylist may be an uncomfortable experience ...
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83 big chop — Coming to Spain Homepage
The big chop is part of the natural hair movement which encourages women and ... share her personal experience with me made it all a lot more achievable.
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84 As Florence Pugh goes for the big chop ... - Breaking News
In his experience, people who want to change their hair “are looking to change their lives – with many big chops happening post-romantic break- ...
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85 25 Things I've Learned in 25 Years Since My Big Chop
Since that day, I've experienced a lot of twists and turns in my natural hair journey (pun intended). I've had growth, breakage, thick twists, ...
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86 The Big Chop: ' I've Embraced My Natural Hair'
The Chop can seem daunting, but being prepared to accept whatever kinks and curls grow in was like nothing I had ever experienced with my hair ...
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87 Big Chop Confession - Kure Kosmo
A Broken comb from tangled coils is my most vivid memory growing up with ... styles or remedies that made their Big Chop experience easy?
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88 Here's Why Cutting Your Hair Is Empowering, According To ...
"In the POC community, the big chop can represent liberation, self-discovery, or starting anew for many women," Wright tells Elite Daily over ...
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89 Natural Hair Transitioning: Big Chop & Scab Hair
Natural Hair Transitioning: The Big Chop and Scab Hair ... Feeling frustrated is a normal part of the experience, but there's a strong ...
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90 Barber Shops Near Me: Miami, FL | Appointments - StyleSeat
Looking for the best Barber Shops in Miami, FL? Explore expert stylists in your ... Personal Shopping Experience with GG ... Transitioning Cut/ Big Chop ...
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91 Fans React After Gabrielle Union Shows Off Her 'Flourishing ...
13, after the actress showcased the significant amount of growth she experienced since her big chop last year. In the natural hair community ...
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92 Too Quick to Snip Snip? My Big Chop Experience.
On July 10, I felt an intense urge to cut my hair. Every other thought in my head was helping me rationalize doing the big chop that day. I even ...
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93 How to Transition To Natural Hair Without Doing the Big Chop
To be frank, the Big Chop will take out the most difficult part of your ... relaxed to natural hair and you're going to experience some bumps in the road, ...
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94 My Big Chop on 4C Natural Hair + Answering Related Questions
I did it because I wanted the whole Big Chop experience, I wanted a new look and I needed to fall in love with my natural hair all over ...
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95 Leaving relaxers, finding beauty in the 'Big Chop'
The experience of leaving relaxers to care for my natural hair sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I had to be uncomfortable at first, and ...
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96 Did The Big Chop Today... Share Your BC Experiences
Hi Ladies, Did the big chop today, cause why not? I know I have 4c very coily hair, and I'm quite happy that's my texture... what to hear ...
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