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1 KR AUDIO USA - High End Tube Amplifiers and KR Tubes
KR AUDIO World's Premiere Manufacturer of High-End - Class A - Award-Winning Tube Audio Amplifiers, Kronzilla Mono Blocks, Integrated Amplifiers, ...
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2 Kr Audio (Linserver)
World Manufacturer of Vacuum Tubes and Hi-fi Audio Equipment ... Located in the heart of Europe in Czech Republic. KR is the world leader in the production of low ...
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3 KR Audio - Tube Amp Doctor
KRON Audio 2A3-HP High Performance Matched Pair - Low Frequency, low power triode. 2-5 Watts of pure class-A power This is a High Performance version of the ...
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4 kronzilla - Positive Feedback
For many audiophiles, the KR Audio Electronics Kronzilla DM monoblock amplifiers will need no introduction. No other amplifier on the planet has tubes the ...
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5 The KR Audio Kronzilla DM (Dual Monoblock) Power Amplifier ...
Dynamic range was superb ⋅ Bass range was distinct and powerful ⋅ Dynamic linearity ⋅ View full list
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6 Used kr audio for Sale |
Used Kr Audio for sale on 300+ second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor ... KR Audio Antares VA300 Stereo Power Amplifier UK eBay logo ...
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7 KR Audio Kronzilla SXI Integrated Amplifier Review
These T-1610 output tubes now power a range of 5 different amplifiers in the KR Audio line. 2 tubes only, because Marek Gencev believes that the input ...
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8 Tube Amplification By KR Audio - Viking Acoustics
Graced with the world's largest and most powerful audio tubes (Hand-Made by KR) KRONZILLA SX dual-mono-stereo power amplifier is the new Master-Class! DSC9611- ...
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9 KR Audio - The Cable Company
KR Audio ; 2A3 HP Tubes (Pair) · $1,295.00 ; 274B HP Tube (Pair) · $1,495.00 ; 845 HP Tubes (Pair) · $1,895.00.
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10 KR Audio Kronzilla 680 power amp with their huge T1610 ...
Aug 24, 2016 - KR Audio Kronzilla 680 power amp with their huge T1610 tubes. ... Oswalds Mill Audio - Metamorphosis Rack System | OMA Amplifiers.
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11 KR Audio - GPoint Audio
Their approach allows them to build amplifiers with the final output stage employing triode valves and at the same time provide all the power that SET's are ...
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12 KR Audio - Audio-philia
KR Audio is one of the world's leading producers of high performance power tubes and high-end amplifiers. · Based in Prague, KR Audio started out as a tube ...
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13 KR AUDIO VA350i – integrated amplifier - HIGH Fidelity!ev/artykuly/30_06_2009/kr.html
All images contained in this review are the property of - Ed. INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. KR AUDIO VA350i. Srajan Ebaen [email protected] ...
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14 Review: KR Audio Electronics P135-MC pre-amp -
KR Audio, owned by the charming Mrs. Eunice Kron, is a well-known amplifier manufacturer and definitely not follows the beaten tracks. A lot of tube amplifiers ...
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15 KR Audio Tubes
KR Audio Tubes. Authorized re-seller of KR Tubes. Easy order on-line. We only sell NEW KR Products ordered directly from KR in the Czech ...
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16 KR Audio P-130 Preamplifier - Stereotimes
KR Audio may be most recognizable as the manufacturer of enormous vacuum tubes, which they deploy in their own line of high-end power and integrated amplifiers.
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17 KR Audio P135 - Technology Factory
KR Audio VT20. ... Four input pre-amplifier built with KR45 tubes, high gain, direct heated triode, hand built by KR. MC Phono optional.
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18 KR Audio - Well Rounded Sound
It has been said that nothing comes closer to live music than KR sound reproduction. A KR amplifier in the existing sound system or the application of a KR tube ...
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19 KR Audio P135 MC Pre Amplifier w/MC Phono - Audiogon
KR Audio P135 MC - Stereo Pre Amplifier Four input pre-amplifier built with KR45 tubes, high gain, direct heated triode, MC Phono hand built ...
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20 KR Audio Kronzilla HD Stereo Amplifier
Product Description. 0% – 3 Year Financing Available! KR Audio Kronzilla HD Stereo Amplifier. Stereo Solid State Amplifier; 150+150 Watts RMS World Class ...
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21 KR Audio VA350 integrated amp - ReMusic
The tubes implemented in the amps are KR Audio's. Unfortunately, this is a weakness if you want to buy their devices. They are quite perfect, ...
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22 The KR Audio VA350i Integrated Amp - Hifi Pig
On the hORNS Mummy speakers, with passive bass (the Duos have active bass), I found that the grip and control the KR Audio amp had on the bass ...
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23 KR Audio Antares VA320 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier
Product: KR Audio Antares VA320 Stereo Tube Power Amplifier; 842 VHD; Riccardo Kron. Product SKU: 42853. Voltage: 120V. Cosmetic Description: 8/10 Very good ...
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24 KR Audio VA-350i “Baby-Kronzilla” Integrated Amplifier
KR Audio VA-350i “Baby-Kronzilla” Integrated Amplifier. $13,900.00. Tube Integrated Amplifier. Everything you read about VA 680i applies to the younger ...
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25 KR Audio Antares VA320 Tube Amplifier - Reverb
KR Audio Antares VA320 Tube Amplifier ... Watch this gear and we'll notify you if it becomes available again. Listed:3 years ago. Views:331.
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26 Review: KR Model 18 BSI integrated amplifier
Incidentally, various KR amps have been around for the past three years, ... test drive with the Model 18 -- I put the likes of the Monitor Audio Studio 15, ...
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27 KR Audio Kronzilla SD - Siti - Libero
KR Audio “Kronzilla SD” power amp: Riccardo Kron was a tube maker. He worked with Alesa Vaic before to found the KR Audio. He have made improved versions of ...
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28 KR Audio KT88 Hi Vacuum Tube (Pair) - The Gramophone
The new KR Audio KT88 has thoroughly convinced us. ... Etymotic - The Bean quiet Sound Amplifier - Platinum (Pair). Quick view Details ...
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29 Care Audio KR Audio's KRONZILLA VA-680 “Care” Edition NEW
Kronzilla KR VA680 Care, with the Lundahl transformers is a single ended amplifier pure Class A with 60 watts of Triode Power. Care Audio took the highly ...
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30 2A3 KR Audio Tube
The KR Audio 2A3 HP tube is fully compatible with any well designed 2A3 amplifier and sonically delivers exactly what owners of these special amps expect, ...
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31 KR Audio Power Amplifiers - Tweak Technologies
› products
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32 VA880 - Solen
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33 Gizmo 2A3 Review - diyparadiso
With a creaking sound the giant black iron gate opened and a hunchback ... I installed the KR 300BXL in the Golden Tube $1750 Stereo 300B amplifier there ...
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34 Integrated Amplifier KR Audio VA880 Review -
For those unable to accommodate the mighty Kronzilla valve amplifier, KR Audio offers something more domestically acceptable in the form of ...
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35 KR TUBE AUDIO | Prague - Facebook
In the 2022 September issue of "Silicon Chip" from Australia, an article about Bertrand Audio, a local distributor, with the KR VA-680 amplifier.
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36 Original Paired KR Audio 845 Tube New Top Quality
1 Pair Original Paired KR Audio 845 Tube New Top Quality Amplifier. 5% Cashback Bonus. US $2,208.00. US $2,400.00. -8%. US $4.00 off Orders over US $5.00.
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37 KR Audio :: Tubes :: Banzai Music GmbH
RON Audio 300B Balloon Matched Pair - KR 300B Balloon high power triode. This high power, high voltage triode delivers 6-12 Watts of pure class-A power.
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38 Mass test – Six tube amps – Live Stream replay
Listening to music should be an experience…? All in all, the Ayon Spirit V leaves a good impression. Beautiful product. KR Audio V950. The KR ...
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39 KR Audio KT88 (Each) - Verdant Audio
KR Audio offers a six month warranty on all tubes from the date they arrive at wholesaler or the date they are installed in an OEM amplifier.
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40 [Review] KR Audio Electronics P135-MC - Pre-amp
If I had a feature check list for a pre-amplifier the KR Audio Electronics fulfils all my needs. It is a modern looking design with remote control selection ...
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41 File:KR Audio Kronzilla amplifier, KR T1610 tubes ...,_KR_T1610_tubes_(3556422517).jpg
File:KR Audio Kronzilla amplifier, KR T1610 tubes (3556422517).jpg ... The Kronzilla amplifier is built around a pair of KR Audio T1610 tubes, each rated at ...
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42 KR Audio VA880 Integrated Amplifier - HiFi News Review by ...
INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER. Integrated tube amplifier. Rated at 50W/8ohm Made by: KR Audio Electronics sro, Prague Supplied by: Audio Emotion Ltd, ...
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43 KR Audio Stereo Power Amplifier - with Volume Control and ...
Buy KR Audio Stereo Power Amplifier - with Volume Control and Adjustable Gain Knob in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Item: KR Audio Stereo Power Amplifier - with ...
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44 KR Audio 18 BSI All tube integrated amplifier with top KR ...
› details › images
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45 the new 300BXLS Single Ended Amplifier of 2004
As with all KR Electronics vacuum tubes, the KR300BXLS possesses a vacuum of ... All the audio transformers used in this project are Lundahl products and ...
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46 KR Audio VA340 Integrated Amplifier A Tale of Two Tubes ...
Tonality and tonal shading is superb ⋅ Amplifier is dead quiet ⋅ Powerful and reserved ⋅ View full list
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47 KR Audio Kronzilla DM - HiFi Engine
KR Audio Kronzilla DM. Dual Monoblock Tube Power Amplifier. add a review · KR Audio Kronzilla DM. Specifications. Power output: 42 watts into 8Ω (mono).
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48 KR-Audio-SXi-Kronzilla-.pdf
high fidelity sound reproduction.' Such is the transparency of KR Audio's. Kronzilla amplifiers that at least of couple of German recording studios use ...
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49 KR Audio Tubes, MingDa Tube Amplifiers
KR Audio Vacuum Tubes ... located in the heart of Europe, in Prague, the Czech Republic, KR Audio is the world leader in the production of low-frequency power ...
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50 Anyone heard the new KR Audio P135 balanced DHT preamp?
No problem driving the Atlas Signature Stereo amp in my bedroom. Oh it has the 45 goodness in spades. I've been playing around with KR's own ...
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51 KR 18 BSI Integrated - Tube Audio Products
KR Integrated stereo amplifier. Tube pre-amp stage, Black widow gain control and 300B SET. Time to sell my demo! This amp is worth well over $3000 USD ...
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52 Tour the Tesla Tube Factory | Analog Planet
Back in 1999 I reviewed in Stereophile the KR Audio VT 8000 monoblock vacuum tube amplifier. I wrote in the review: "Virtually every part in ...
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53 KR Audio Vacuum Tubes
It doesn't matter whether you need tubes for a guitar amplifier, hi-fi preamp or power amp, or vintage electronic gear, you're going to find the tubes you ...
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54 KR Audio Vintage Audio & Video Electronics for sale - eBay
Get the best deals on KR Audio Vintage Audio & Video Electronics when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items ...
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55 Kr Audio Antares Va320 Tube Power Amplifier 15385
Kr Audio Antares Va320 Tube Power Amplifier 15385 ... "Consumer Electronics\TV, Video & Home Audio\Home Audio\Receivers & Amplifiers\Amplifiers & Preamps".
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56 references | StavEssence Audio Cables
1st Main Suite with £250k worth of audio equipment Diapason Dynamis speakers, Kron KR amplifier, Skogrand IC and speaker cables, 2nd Malvern Audio Research room ...
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Hello! here for sell my ultra rare KR AUDIO KRONZILLA Signature Series. My asking Price is $10500 OBO. These amps are unique ONLY few pairs ...
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58 KR Audio VA340 Mk.II Integrated Amplifier -
Sometimes SET amps can sound anemic, limited by their low power outputs and high distortion. The VA340 Mk.II was anything but -- its sound was ...
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59 Full List: Audio Amplifier Brands/Manufacturers (+ Examples)
Klyne Audio Arts, USA. Kondo Audio Note, Japan. Kool Amplification, Netherlands. Kora Electronic, France. Korg, Japan. KR Audio, Czech Republic.
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60 Kronzilla Sxi (£16190) - Hi-Fi News
Such is the transparency of KR Audio's Kronzilla amplifiers that at least of couple of German recording studios use them in mastering suites.
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61 RMAF 2015: KR Audio and Brodmann, sonic brush strokes ...
... Acoustics room that was prominently displaying the massive T1610 output-tube equipped KR Audio Kronzilla SX 50-watt stereo amplifier, ...
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62 Favorite Links - Sound Science
KR Audio electronics included the P-130 linestage ($5600) and VA-910 Ultra Linear amps ($16,500/pr.). Speakers were the Kingsound Prince III two-way, ...
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63 KR Audio Enterprise 18BSI Vacum SE Tube Integrated ...
KR Audio Enterprise 18BSI Vacum SE Tube Integrated Amplifier with KR52BX Tubes Photo. Share |. Previous | Next. KR Audio Enterprise 18BSI Vacum SE Tube ...
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64 FS: KR Audio VT 850 MK Single End mono blocks amplifier
Item: KR AUDIO VT850 MK Pure CLASS A MONO BLOCKS AMPLIFIER Location:LIVERPOOL NSWPrice: $3500Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: ...
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KR AUDIO ELECTRONICS HI VACUUM TUBE. KR 300B. General data. Filament specifications: DC/AC Voltage. 5 V. DC/AC Current ... Power Amplifier class A1. Maximum.
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66 KR Kronzilla SDI35 Integrated Tube Amplifier
KR Audio Kronzilla SDI35. Stereo integrated tube amplifier, 35W + 35W RMS ... KR Kronzilla SXI Integrated Tube Amplifier · KR VA680 Stereo Power Amplifier.
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67 KR Audio PX25 vs 242 vs the rest... - AudioShark Forums
JL F112 . Audioquest K2 speaker cable. Hidiamond P4 PC. ACROLINK interconnect. Finite elemente signature rack & Amp stands.
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68 2015 RMAF Show Report – Tube Electronics
The Kronzilla SX stereo amp ($23,000) was spotted doing its thing in the Brodmann Acoustics room. Any close encounter with KR Audio's ...
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Buy KR ENTERPRISE VT 850 MK MONO BLOCK MONOBLOCK TUBE AMP AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER from Custom Guitar Builder,MONO Distributor online Service suppliers.
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70 kr-300b-balloon.pdf
KR AUDIO ELECTRONICS HI VACUUM TUBE. KR 300B. General data. Filament specifications: DC/AC Voltage ... Power Amplifier class A1. Maximum. DC Plate Voltage.
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71 KR Enterprise VT8000 IV K Vacuum Transducer monoblock ...
Based in the Czech Republic, KR ... the amp for the Audio Physic Virgos. ... KR Enterprise VT8000 MK monoblock power amplifier happy to comply. Surprise?
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72 KR Audio Stereo Power Amplifier - with Volume ... - Hi-Fi 4 Sale
Very nice KR Audio tube sound. Can be used as an integrated or power amp. Price: RM6500 or swap/topup. Can Trade-In your Amplifier CD Player/ ...
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73 KR Audio 300B |
This high power, high voltage triode delivers 6-12 Watts of pure class-A power. This KR300B is the first choice when the quality of your sound matters.
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74 Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite | Page 2706 - Head-Fi
The KR HP 300B Balloon and KR 274B HP are very very good. Consider I have Taks, WE's, Elrog's (new production and Elrog 274B) all my listening ...
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75 300B Comparison Review - JACMUSIC
What obviously complicated matters here is that, say, the KR Enterprise tubes and the more powerful Valve Art 6300B did sound better when used with an amplifier ...
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76 Tektron Audio
Each Tektron audio amplifier – be it a preamp, integrated amplifier or power amplifier – comes with a 5mm clear methacrylate tube cover.
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77 Tube Amplifiers by Power Tube - Atelier 13 Audio
A list of our Tube amplifiers organized and shown by power tube type - 300B, 2A3, ... NOS versions were also very rare, until Sophia, KR and EML decided to ...
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78 KR Audio value - AudioCircle
Yes, I like the sound and maybe that's why I still have these amps in today after all these years. I am on my second pair of the KR tube now.
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79 Woo Audio WA33 Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier- JPS ...
These High Performance (HP) KR tubes were co-developed by JPS Labs and KR Audio specifically for ABYSS headphones, providing hard hitting powerful bass with ...
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80 KR Audio - EERA
Description : Stereo integrated tube amplifier. 50+50 Watts RMS Power Tubes : 4 x KT88 Output Stage : Push-Pull Ultra-linear Class AB1
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81 REVIEW: KR Enterprise KRONZILLA T-1610 Amplifier (Tube)
Audio Asylum - SET Asylum: REVIEW: KR Enterprise KRONZILLA T-1610 Amplifier (Tube) by sayjul - Single Ended Triodes (SETs), the ultimate ...
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82 KR Audio Va 680 I - amplifier
KR Audio Va 680 I - amplifier. Legendární High-End integrovaný SET elelktronkový zesilovač s výkonem 2 x 60 W.
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83 捷克KR AUDIO 膽王 - 聲輝音響
KR AUDIO VA300 後級放大器. HK$72,000.00. Stereo tube amplifier. 12+12 Watts RMS - classic 300B tubes ** Also comes in a integrated version form Description ...
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84 KR Audio Va 680 I - amplifier -
KR Audio Va 680 I - amplifier · Referenční integrovaný zesilovač 2 x 60 W v Single-Ended (SET) zapojení s nulovou zpětnou vazbou · "... · Johannes Maier AUDIO 12/ ...
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85 Amps - Emotiva
Boost your preamp with an amplifier. Shop high-quality amps that will not affect your current sound quality. Available now with Emotiva!
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86 Allnic Audio – Tube Amp Done Right
The Allnic sound elicits all the superlatives that can be levelled at the very best vacuum tube designs but with an extra dynamism and sense ...
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87 Best Vintage Stereo Receivers of All Time - Make Life Click
The KR-7050 receiver has an output of 80 watts per channel and 8 ohms. ... The audio amplifier uses a DC coupler to guarantee a smooth ...
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88 Klipsch: Speakers, Headphones, and Premium Home Audio
Since 1946, Klipsch has been providing legendary sound through speakers, headphones & home audio. Step up your game & shop Klipsch online today.
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89 Headphones, Speakers, Wearables | Bose | Feel More Do More
Shop our wide selection of earbuds, headphones, speakers, sound bars & more available in a variety of styles such as wireless and bluetooth enabled.
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90 Forums - Super Best Audio Friends
General Audio Discussion. Discussions: 474. Messages: 29,236 ... Headphone Amplifiers and Combo (DAC/Amp) Units. Discussions: 488 ... WTB: KR PX-4 pair.
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91 soundcore Headphones & Speakers - Hear it, Feel it ...

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