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1 Is the word "wotcher" British slang? What does it mean?
Theory 1: It's a contraction of "what are you up to" or "what are you doing". Basically, the last part (up to/doing) is completely dropped, and the rest is ...
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2 The saying 'Wotcher' - the meaning and origin of this word
'Wotcher' is so strongly associated with the south of England, and especially London, that it is often assumed to be Cockney Rhyming Slang. Some ...
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3 The Complete Meaning of "Wotcher" - Linguaholic
“Wotcher” (sometimes spelled “wotcha”) is a British English word that's similar in meaning to “What's up?” In other words, it's a friendly, ...
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4 Wotcher definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Wotcher definition: a British slang term of greeting (esp in the phrase wotcher cock ! ) | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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5 Wotcher - Urban Dictionary
The cool way of saying "What are you up to?" in a formal greeting, because the British have the best slang. Alternate form is "wotcha". "Wotcher?" Alice Morgan ...
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6 When Tonks says, 'Wotcher, Harry,' what does that mean and ...
'wotcher' is British slang. It's just another way of saying hello and the word gives Tonks her character. It's a casual and very informal word. Just the perfect ...
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7 Why does Nymphadora Tonks greet Harry by saying "Wotcher"?
Wotcher is slang that was somewhat common in working class London. It's not by any meals universal, and there's plenty of Britons who ...
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8 Do Brits Really Say, "Wotcher?" | Anime Superhero Forum
Once upon a time I used to dance the chat rooms of mIRC and made some friend there. One of them was a chick from England and everytime she ...
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9 What is “Wotcher”? | WordThoughts -
My husband and I have been watching the compelling but brutal English detective show “Luther,” on Netflix. We recently noticed people greeting ...
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10 WOTCHA | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
wotcha meaning: 1. used as an informal greeting, especially between ... pump someone's hand idiom ... What is the pronunciation of wotcha?
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11 British English: What Does "Wotcher" Mean? - Factual Questions
Northerners may have used 'what cheer,' but they would never say 'wotcha.' If the word originated with them, why do Cockneys say 'wotcha' and Northerners ...
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12 definition of wotcher by The Free Dictionary
a British slang term of greeting (esp in the phrase wotcher cock!) [C19: Cockney for what cheer?] Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th ...
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13 Ricky Gervais Teaches You British Slang | Vanity Fair - YouTube
May 21, 2020
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14 'You're having a giraffe!?' A starter guide to UK slang
There are lots of slang and dialect words to say something is good or cool. For example, in Wales you might hear people say 'tidy' or 'lush', ...
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15 Is Whatcha a slang word? - Dictionary
or wotcher (ˈwɒtʃə) exclamation. a British slang term of greeting. Where does Whatcha originate? Where does Mmm Whatcha' Say come from?
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16 Wotcher, Mate! Wie geht's, Liebchen? Terms of greeting in ...
compared to English, and finds that this is not so much due to lexical ... revelation, but did throw up some terms of endearment in German, with English.
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17 wotcher: meaning, synonyms - WordSense Dictionary
Abbreviation of what do you. Interjection. wotcher. (chiefly, British) what do you. Wotcher think?‎. Synonyms. whatcha, watcha, wotcha ...
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18 Meaning of "wotcher" in the English dictionary - Educalingo
The definition of wotcher in the dictionary is a slang term of greeting. ... Now the third best team in the League by some distance, I would say.
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19 British Slang - Lingvist
Learning British slang words can help you understand ... There are many things British people say differently depending on where they're ...
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20 6 British Words from Harry Potter That I Never Understood
If they had reached water-skiing budgerigars, there was nothing else worth ... I did not think it was just what everyone in the U.K. calls ...
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21 10 British Slang Expressions - Simple English Videos
Are you ready to test your British English slang? ... We say someone is jammy when something good has happened to them by chance, but they didn't make much ...
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22 Rhyming Slang for Tea + Cup of Rosie Lee
Aside from the infamous phrase Rosie Lee, here are more confusing sayings Brits may say plus what they actually mean… 1. “It's bl**dy sod's law, ...
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23 What does "wotcher" mean? (Like in English slang) - Answerbag
(mainly UK) A friendly greeting. ... (mainly UK) what do you Wotcher think? ... Also it's predominantly used by Cockney's (People from London) Other parts ...
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24 British greetings [hello, ay-up, wotcha, and others]
They are common greetings in certain areas. Wotcha is generally London and the Southeast, whereas ay-up is, I think, around Nottingham and ...
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25 Page 3 - Not One-Off Britishisms
It's just that they only started saying “it's early days” around 1980, as Ngram Viewer ... Possibly creating confusion is the existence of another British ...
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26 How to really say 'hello' in English
French people are often pretty familiar with the word “hi”, but are quite reluctant to use it. Often considered to be a direct replacement for ...
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27 Wot Cher! Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road - Wikipedia!_Knocked_%27em_in_the_Old_Kent_Road
Knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road" is a British music hall comedy song written in 1891 by the actor and singer Albert Chevalier. The score was by his brother and ...
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28 wotcher - definition and meaning - Wordnik
from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. interjection chiefly UK A friendly greeting . interjection chiefly UK what do you ...
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In English, if you say “John's son”, the word “son” is stressed and ... When I pronounce them in Danish, there is definitely some sort of ...
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30 What is meant by the term 'Wotcher'? - Harry Potter Wiki
"Wotcher, Harry" - Tonks Someone please explain… ... Here is a link that will help you on this Wiki: ... It means watch out I think.
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31 Luther series 5: who is Alice Morgan and what did she mean ...
In Alice's very brief appearance in series five episode one, she says just one word to the startled Luther: wotcher. It's a greeting that's been ...
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32 Questions re: British slang - narkive
Also, does "wotcher" mean anything in particular? Thanks. ... ... And a number of people in this group think that American's speak the
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33 The Victorian Episode of The Great British Baking Show ...
Mel opens the round with a hearty “Good morning bakers, or as they would say in Victorian times, 'Watch your cock, have a banana!'”.
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34 WOTCHER LIMITED people - Companies House - GOV.UK
We'd also like to use analytics cookies so we can understand how you use our services and to make improvements. Accept analytics cookies. Reject analytics ...
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35 Talk the British way and get prepped for some Brit entertainment
For example, ‘She was laughing and shouting and is generally full of beans’ DAMP SQUIB - A 'damp squib’ in British slang terms ...
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36 wotcher - Translation into Spanish - examples English
Translations in context of "wotcher" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: wotcher pronunciation in English [en] ... Wotcher. What's it say?
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37 What does Wotcher mean in Harry Potter? –
Do people say Wotcher? ... (slang, chiefly Britain) A friendly greeting. ... noun Chiefly British Informal. term of address used to a man, especially by a ...
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38 Wotcher, Harry! (@wotcherharrypodcast) • Instagram photos ...
We promise this episode isn't as NSFW as this picture (but it is ... Flying cars, magical trains,'s time to talk about magical.
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39 Fancy Learning Some British Slang?
You might hear someone say "not blooming likely" so that they don't have to swear. Bomb - If something costs a bomb it means that it is really expensive.
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40 News - Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
We can all make the world a better place by saying “Wotcher Mate” (What Cheer, it means). Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to you - from us.
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41 Ten Great British Songs Performed By Muppets | Anglophenia
This is one of those occasions where they attempted to do a British accent, which is especially fab/gear on this song, because in its ...
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42 Why do Brits say Guv? - Interview Area
The term 'guv' or 'governor' is most commonly used for a reason by manual ... Having said that, British people do sometimes use it when expressing anger…
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43 List of British words not widely used in the ... - English Gratis
(vulgar slang) the glans of the penis; a derogatory name for someone stupid, annoying, etc. berk: a mildly derogatory term for a silly person. The word is an ...
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44 reckon and figure - Separated by a Common Language
I don't think we would ever use "reckon" in a question as it is used in BrE. I never heard anybody say "Do you reckon...?" until I met British people. We would ...
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45 The Origins and Common Usage of British Swear-words - H2G2
Before WW1, people in southern English would pronounce the word 'ass', ... Cockneys appear to have both terms in mind when they say 'Wotcher ...
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46 English Slang Dictionary - 'W' - Peevish Web Design
English slang words and phrases beginning with W. First published in 1996, this extensive ... A fool, someone who behaves in a stupid way and is a generally ...
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47 Danny La Rue – Wotcher mates! - The Downstairs Lounge
For all our younger readers (ie those under 60) who might be wondering who on earth Danny La Rue was, I think it is fair to say that he made ...
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48 Getting to Know Guernsey
to think about where you're going to live. Whether ... The high street banks in Guernsey are Barclays, HSBC, ... are similar to some areas of the UK.
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49 Mao meets Oakeshott: Britain's new class divide
Because this is the feeling you get about British public life, ... Mount's Uppers do, broadly speaking, think that they have all the things ...
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50 Talk Like a Brit With Our Favorite British Slang Words
£5 for a cuppa? That can't be right. 2. Bloody. Next up is a British slang word that most people around the world would have ...
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51 Wotcher, Mate! This Actress Has Bug Eyes But Isn't British
We learned some intel on this babe that has left us throwing a ... If you still think this is a load of tosh, here's a quote from the bird ...
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52 Top 100 Most Beautiful British Slang Words and Phrases
I am trying to learn British English, as I already know American English but the correct way is how the British say it. “U” “eu” they are all proper and I want ...
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53 What is the translation of "wotcher" in Italian? -
Translation for 'wotcher' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian ... wotcher (also: hello, hey, say, wotcha, hallo, heigh) ...
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54 How To Say Hello In Cockney Rhyming Slang
One of the first questions people ask about Cockney Rhyming Slang is how to say "Hello". Here's your answer!
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55 Wotcher My Old Brown Son - Harry Champion - Monologues
Chorus: 'Wotcher my old Brown son, How are yer? 'Wotcher my old Brown ... Someone's sure to come and slap me on the back and say. Chorus: 'Wotcher my old ...
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56 Londoner' Slang Terms - To Learn English
In reality there are very few people who use Rhyming Slang in it's ... Can be used in an agressive manner as if to say 'stop doing that, ...
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57 Does anyone know why in the books Tonks always says ...
I figured it was some sort of greeting but I wanted to check. ... Although we spell it 'Wotcha' over here, but I think this is another of those book ...
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58 Slang for "british handjob" (Related Terms) - Urban Thesaurus
There are 1362 other synonyms or words related to british handjob listed above. Note that due to the nature of the algorithm, some results returned by your ...
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59 When Me and My Girl Opened the Marquis Theatre in 1986
At the heart of this nostalgic singalong is one very simple idea, ... funny pork-pie hat saying 'Wotcher, me old China,' and they loved it.
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60 Fanfic: Wotcher, Harry Potter - FanFiction
Nymphadora Tonks was always the one to say 'Wotcher' and that was just ... people can identify it to be hers… but she didn't want it to be.
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61 The Witcher (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb
... his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. ... Feel bad for Mister Cavill, especially after him saying this is his dream ...
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62 Oop North - TV Tropes
To some Londoners, this is more or less anywhere north of the M25, the motorway ... especially concerning trade unions (think of all those coal mines, ...
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63 The police shouldn't be expected to clamp down on wolf ...
Possibly it's because their English isn't good enough for Wotcher, darling, but they don't wolf whistle either, which I assume is a lingua ...
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64 History of Wotcha/wotcher - Idiom Origins
Wotcha/wotcher Origin and History - The British slang phrase 'wotcha cock' is actually short for the very dated 'wotcha cock sparrow/sparrer'.
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65 TV licence evasion convictions in Scotland - WhatDoTheyKnow
T Wotcher made this Freedom of Information request to British Broadcasting ... Can you kindly tell me (since 1.1.2016 until now):.
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66 D&D Character Sheets | Dungeons & Dragons
Plus, the links below provide even further D&D character sheets. These files are zipped PDFs; you may print and photocopy them for your personal use. 5th ...
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67 How to pronounce wotcher in English - Forvo
Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce wotcher in English with native pronunciation. wotcher translation and audio pronunciation.
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68 4 British Swear Words That Are Slowly Creeping Into The ...
Of the four in this list, "bloody" is by far the British swear word I hear ... British popular culture, it is truly being embraced by the people who say it.
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69 Home - Wowcher
As the saying goes; Home is where the heart is, and Wowcher is where the deals are! ... 43 others have already bought this deal today!
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70 Family Britain, 1951-1957 - Page 158 - Google Books Result
The overwhelming sense is of a deep linguistic-cum-cultural apartness ... They never say Wotcher, cock! unless there's someone stupid around to laugh.
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71 Sojourner of Thaldraszus - Achievement - World of Warcraft
Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. ... including your right to object where legitimate interest is used, or at any time in the privacy ...
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72 Abby West on Twitter: "Right. Adding "totally disco" to my ...
Adding "totally disco" to my British slang list. ... yeah...what does "wotcher" mean exactly #LuthersBack #Luther #DatLuther.
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73 Darkest England - Page 143 - Google Books Result
Someone from a place where there was not too much heat or cold. ... English Proverbs that there is a native saying here: 'There is falsehood in friendship'.
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74 British Pantomime Performance: British Pantomime Performance
The comic's first job is to encourage the audience to respond vocally when required. ... So, for example, 'whenever I say “Wotcher Kids” I want you to shout ...
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75 How to pronounce wotcher |
It is a greeting term from the British slang and the full form of the original greeting is 'what cheer with you?'. ... Learn more about the word "wotcher" , its ...
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76 Hogfather, Part 1 (Preview) Unseen Academicals - Player FM
Wotcher' Been Readin? April, 2022 25:24 ... "I should be writing" is what people say, but they rarely do it. This podcast is designed to help you get past ...
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77 What Does Wotcher Mean In Harry Potter? All Answers
What is watcher Harry Potter? Why does Tonks say Wotcher Harry? Why did Tonks hate her name? Why do Brits say Guv? See some more details on the ...
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