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1 How to Treat the 5 Most Common Guinea Pig Diseases
If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately. For health-related questions, always consult your veterinarian, as they have ...
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2 Health Problems in Guinea Pigs - VCA Animal Hospitals
Sick guinea pigs may require hospitalization and supportive care, including intravenous fluids and syringe feeding, as well as surgery to remove the stones.
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3 How to Look After Your Sick Guinea Pig - wikiHow
› ... › Guinea Pig Health
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4 How do I know when a guinea pig is unwell? - Vet Help Direct
As guinea pigs are a prey species signs of ill health might be subtle at first. · Reduced appetite · Drooling · Discharge from the eyes or nose ...
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5 Common Diseases in Guinea Pigs - Petco
Some of the more common problems guinea pigs develop include respiratory infections, diarrhea, scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), tumors, abscesses ...
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6 What do I need to know about my guinea pigs' health?
› ... › Other Pets › Guinea Pigs
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7 Disorders and Diseases of Guinea Pigs - All Other Pets
› ... › Guinea Pigs
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8 How to Help a Sick Guinea Pig - Recommended Tips
Guinea pigs are master at hiding their illness. Waiting a day or two before going to the vet allows the infection/illness to have a stronger ...
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9 Emergency Help - Guinea Pig Stuff
The vet will do these checks as well as checking the guinea pigs temperature. Once your guinea pig is on antibiotics, you need to ensure they are comfortable.
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10 Guinea Pig Illness Warning Signs - Petfinder
To help monitor health, be sure to weigh your cavy weekly. A two- or three-ounce loss may indicate the onset of a problem. If your cavy has lost four or more ...
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11 Emergency Medical Guide - Guinea Lynx
Guinea pigs require vitamin C in their diets daily. They can develop scurvy if they are deficient in this necessary vitamin. Scurvy is characterized by ...
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12 Common Guinea Pig Health Problems - My Family Vets
It's wise to keep a safe distance from your pet if you have the snuffles, as guinea pigs can catch colds from humans. If your guinea pig shows any signs of a ...
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13 Guinea Pig Essential Care Guide
The best way to handle a sick guinea pig is to keep it calm and comfortable. Do not move it around too much, and make sure that you do not disturb its rest. If ...
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14 Diarrhea in Guinea Pigs - PetMD
In more severe cases, hospitalization might be recommended for continuous monitoring and support. In addition, your guinea pig might need more ...
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15 Guinea pig health - PDSA
Symptoms of illness in guinea pigs · Eating less or not eating · Signs of pain for example grinding their teeth, not wanting to be touched or squeaking loudly ...
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16 How to care for your pet guinea pig - UF Small Animal Hospital
Without enough vitamin C, guinea pigs can become severely ill. The amount of vitamin C required varies around 10-30 mg/day. Offer your guinea pig vegetables ...
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17 Guinea Pig Health
Why weigh your guinea pigs? Weighing your guinea pigs helps spot illness. Sometimes the only symptom of illness may be a gradual loss of weight over a few weeks ...
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18 FIRST AID | wheekcare - Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue
Please take this information seriously. If you suspect your pig is sick, it is always best to seek veterinary treatment. Your guinea pig may have been ill for ...
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19 Illness | scottysanimals
the illness is caught early, they're treated by a vet who has experience diagnosing guinea pig illnesses and the equipment and remedies required. This video ...
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20 Assist Feeding | Arizona Exotics | -Guinea Pigs Resources
It is much easier to help a sick guinea pig that has been assist fed until you are able to have it seen by a doctor than it is to help one that has been ...
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21 Guinea Pig Care Guide | Long Island Avian and Exotic Vet Clinic
But remember that treats are just that—treats! They should be given in small quantities and in moderation. A fun way to help your guinea pig maintain ...
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22 How to Take Care Of Your Guinea Pig - PetSmart
Guinea pigs cannot store or manufacture their own vitamin C so in addition to their pelleted food you should offer a Vitamin C fortified treat to help them ...
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23 Guinea Pig Health & Welfare Tips - RSPCA
Stressed guinea pigs are more likely to become ill. Ask your vet immediately if you suspect they're in pain, ill or injured. Finally, it's a good idea to take ...
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24 How to NURSE Your SICK GUINEA PIG at Home
› Animals › Pets
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25 Be on the Lookout for Your Guinea Pig
However, guinea pigs are good at hiding illness and pain. If you suspect your guinea pig may be feeling unwell – their eating habits have ...
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26 Everything Exotic: Caring for Guinea Pig Patients - VetFolio
Force-feeding may be necessary to provide nutritional support. If so, it is important to handle the animal as gently as possible. A mixture of one part protein ...
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27 Essentials You NEED in Your Guinea Pig Health Kit
A guinea pig health kit is not meant to replace taking your guinea pigs to the vet if they are sick or injured. The items in your health kit ...
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28 Common Illnesses - Guinea Pigs - Omlet
Diarrhoea can be a symptom of a serious guinea pig illness such as Enteritis. Whilst mild diarrhoea can be treated by a hay and water only diet for four or five ...
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29 Can Guinea Pigs Get COVID-19? - GuineaDad
However, there is some information you should be aware of as well as general health practices you can use to help keep your guinea pig ...
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30 Wellness Tips and Signs of Illness: Guinea Pigs | Manhattan
› wellness-tips-and...
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31 Stubborn Guinea Pig Respiratory Infection? - Small Pet Select
This prevents the whole herd from getting sick. Also, putting your guinea pig in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower can help her ...
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Being prey species in the wild, guinea pigs are adept at hiding illness, and routine evaluations by a qualified veterinarian may help in detecting ...
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33 Guinea pig housing | The Humane Society of the United States
Most cages marketed for guinea pigs are way too small. ... to serve as guidelines to help you determine how much space you need for your guinea pig(s).
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34 Guinea Pigs | Supreme Petfoods
From time to time, your vet may make a specific dietary recommendation to help support your guinea pig if they are ill or lethargic.
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35 How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live as Pets? - Pet's WebMD
Learn about the average lifespan, and how to help your guinea pig live ... Just like any other animal, guinea pigs can get sick or injured.
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36 How Can You Help Your Dying Guinea Pig and Prevent Pain?
While guinea pigs do get sick from time to time, it is essential to provide basic care by bringing them to a professional to address any potential illness or ...
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37 How to Know if You Need a Guinea Pig Veterinarian
Knowing the signs of illness in guinea pigs will help you figure out if you need help from a qualified guinea pig veterinarian. Here's how.
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38 Guinea Pigs – Their Most Common Illnesses - Four Paws
Illness may break out if triggered by negative factors such as insufficient feeding, incorrect keeping or stress caused by the presence of too ...
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39 How to help a guinea pig get better from a cold - Quora
Get your pig to a vet ASAP. GP's are usually quite hardcore and hardy. But by the time that they start showing an illness it's usually too late. You might be ...
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40 Beginners guide to keeping your guinea pigs health in check
Even though feeding your guinea pigs the correct diet can help prevent many dental problems, you must have a regular dental routine for checking ...
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41 Is My Guinea Pig Dying? Know the Common Signs
A sick and dying Guinea pig will have a very poor coat, which can look dull, show thinning, or appear to be rough. They may also have patches of hair loss and ...
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42 Guinea Pig Husbandry | I-20 Animal Medical Center
New pet guinea pigs should be examined within the first week to look for any signs of illness and intestinal parasites. Bring your guinea pig in a carrier or ...
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43 Guinea pig Size-O-Meter - UNC Research
Underbelly touching floor when Guinea-pig is in ... Guinea pig Size-O-Meter will help, it may be difficult to judge your pet's body ... or illness. • Guinea ...
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44 4 Common Health Problems in Guinea Pigs - Petful
So start your young guinea pig off with a high-quality pellet, a good source of hay and vegetables. Vitamin C is essential for guinea pigs.
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45 Guinea Pig Care – Wellesley Exotic Pet Vet | Richmond VA
When should I bring my sick guinea pig to the vet? · Odd behavior · Blood in the urine or straining to urinate · Sneezing or wheezing · Difficulty breathing ...
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46 HEALTH ISSUES Guinea pigs very seldom get over an illness ...
Fortunately, guinea pigs are not often sick, but when they are, it is almost always severe. In fact, guinea pigs that get sick go downhill very fast and most ...
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47 Guinea Pigs: Why They're Not Starter Pets - PETA
Animals can become sick, get injured, and even die when children aren't able ... Elizabeth has found that a guinea pig laundry bag (or two) helps keep her ...
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48 Guinea Pigs Not Eating Well - Yarmouth Veterinary Center
While syringe feeding formulas, pellets, and some foods are good sources of vitamin C we do not rely exclusively on them when a gp is ill. Instead, we start ...
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49 Busting Common Guinea Pig Myths - Oxbow Animal Health
While some health issues can be prevented by a healthy daily diet, guinea pigs are prey species—this means that they will “mask” their illness, ...
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50 Care of Guinea Pigs - Purdue University
Usually the first signs of illness in your guinea pig are lack of appetite and lethargy. Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals. It is normal for herbivorous ...
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51 Guinea Pig Stops Eating Or Moving - BeChewy
What is most important is to get fluids and calories into your guinea pig until you can visit your veterinarian. Do everything you can to ...
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52 Common Problems in Guinea Pigs - VIN
A high fiber diet is recommended: guinea pig pellets, and ad lib alfalfa or grass hay. Guinea pigs have a dietary requirement for Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and ...
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53 Category: caring for your guinea pig - Bishops Stortford Vets
Many guinea pigs show few signs of illness and simply lose weight. If your guinea pig is showing any these signs then you should call your vet!
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54 Small Mammals | Healthy Pets, Healthy People - CDC
... gerbils, and guinea pigs or other small mammals like hedgehogs, ... Healthy People section to help prevent getting sick from touching, ...
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55 Guinea Pig Booklet - Gilbert AZ
I recommend providing chewable vitamin C tablets or powdered vitamin daily to all guinea pigs throughout their lives. I recommend giving a minimum of 50mg ...
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56 Guinea Pig Health Care | West Valley Animal Hospital
Most guinea pig health disorders can be prevented with appropriate housing, nutrition and daily vitamin C administration. However, should your pig become sick ...
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57 Health Problems with Guinea Pigs (Cavia porcellus)
Lice, Mites and Fleas (Oh my!) Guinea pigs can carry lice, mites or fleas. · itchy and subsequently suffer · hair loss or · skin abrasions from the itching.
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58 What to do when your guinea pig is sick - PetsRadar
How to tell if your guinea pig is sick · Change in activity level (quiet/huddled up) · Weight change – unexpected loss or gain · Changes in coat or ...
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59 My Guinea Pig Don't Look So Good… - Pets Magazine
One of the most common bacteria that causes intestinal disease in guinea pigs is Salmonella spp. In addition to diarrhoea, other common symptoms associated with ...
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60 Guinea Pigs - Everything You Need To Know About Pet ...
Some Guinea pigs have some teeth issues that require veterinary attention, but otherwise, ensuring they have unlimited access to hay will help grind down ...
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61 Guinea pig noises and their meanings - ExoticDirect
However, strange tummy noises can also be a sign of illness, such as Gut Stasis. This is a life threatening condition and occurs when the gastrointestinal tract ...
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62 How to Help Your Guinea Pig Gain Weight - PetHelpful
Vitamin C is often supplemented even with healthy guinea pigs, so if your pet is recovering from illness or needs to gain weight, extra vitamin ...
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63 Guinea Pig - Advanced Veterinary Care of San Elijo
If any of the animals appear sick, do not select an animal from that source, even if the others look healthy. Look for guinea pigs that are not too aggressive ...
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64 5 Most Common Diseases in Guinea Pigs and How To ...
By simply being aware of your guinea's normal routines and habits, you can help prevent the majority of illnesses. Knowing how much it eats, ...
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65 Is Your Bunny or Guinea Pig Not Pooping?
Your pet may need supplemental fluids to help re-hydrate the intestines and allow them to start moving. These can be administered by your veterinarian, either ...
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66 Guinea Pigs - Ark Vets
During periods of illness guinea pigs have an increased need for vitamin C, and we have found that syringe feeding them with Ribena, made to normal drinking ...
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67 Do Guinea Pigs Move Around When They Are Sick?
Besides experiencing diarrhea or constipation, sick guinea pigs might drool; stop eating and drinking; exhibit breathing difficulties; lose balance, or have an ...
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68 Guinea Pig Advice | Local Vets in Somerset
Don't make sudden changes to your guinea pigs diet as this can upset their gut making your pet ill. Any changes to your Guinea Pigs diets should be done ...
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69 Caring for Your Guinea Pig | Marin Humane
Guinea pigs can be the most endearing and wonderful ... pig) will help your pet have a healthy, long life. ... to saving the life of an ill cavy.
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70 Are Guinea Pigs The Right Pet For Me? - Kavee's cages
#4 What should you do if a guinea pig is sick? ... Due to guinea pigs being prey animals they have the natural instinct to hide illness and symptoms until it is ...
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71 Guinea Pig Health and Wellness | The Anti-Cruelty Society
Common signs of illness in a guinea pig include sneezing, crusty eyes, dirty ears, severe diarrhea, hair loss, weight loss, noticeable change in behavior, and ...
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72 Guinea Pig Care | Vetwest Animal Hospitals
Regular health check-ups are the cornerstone of a preventative health program for your Guinea Pig. A regular visit to the vet will help detect illness early and ...
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73 GUINEA PIG VET - Paws and Claws Medical Center
If nothing below is describing your pet's situation, don't hesitate to call us to see how we can help your guinea pig. Acute Illness and Injury. Guinea pigs are ...
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74 Is Your Guinea Pig Sneezing? | Home & Roost
An upper respiratory infection (URI) such as a cold or pneumonia will cause your guinea pig to sneeze. Urgent veterinary care is needed as a URI ...
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75 Common Guinea Pig Illnesses - PBS Pet Travel
Signs of Guinea Pig Illnesses · Loss of appetite · Lethargy · Audible breathing problems · Lack of urination/defecation · Diarrhoea · Hair loss ...
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76 Guinea Pig Handout - All Pets Veterinary Hospital
Spaying can prevent some medical conditions in guinea pigs, but is not as critical as it is for pet rabbits. Neutering a male will sometimes help reduce ...
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77 Senior Guinea Pigs
Choosing a lighter colour fleece can also help monitor your guinea pigs urine and fecal output to monitor signs of illness. For more information on fleece ...
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78 Guinea Pigs & Vitamin C Supplementation: What You Should ...
› guinea-pigs-vitamin-c-s...
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79 Guinea Pig Care - Tri-City Animal & Bird Clinic - Ellisville, MO
Unlike most mammals, guinea pigs cannot manufacture their own vitamin C, therefore they must receive it from an outside source. Pelleted guinea pig diets are ...
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80 Nine sick in Salmonella outbreak linked to pet guinea pigs
Anyone who has had contact with pet rodents such a guinea pigs and developed symptoms of Salmonella infection should seek medical attention and ...
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81 Guinea Pigs | BC SPCA
guinea pig care information. Hey, don't forget hay! Let your guinea pigs munch away on Timothy hay to their heart's content! Hay helps with digestion.
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82 Guinea pig care: five tips to keeping it in good health
Therefore, they rarely show it if they are unwell. If your guinea pig displays signs of illness, you can be sure that something is terribly wrong and it must go ...
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83 Seizures - convulsions/fitting - Mayne Vets
Health and welfare information about your guinea Pig from Vetlexicon ... Repeated seizures with no other sign of illness can be a ... You can help.
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84 Sick Guinea Pig - Emergency!
My guinea pig is having breathing problems, as we are experiencing a bout of pneumonia. We ...
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85 Guinea Pig Sanctuary - Rescue, Adoption, Surrender ...
We rescue and accept surrenders of guinea pigs. We also do adoptions. Help us find forever homes for these piggies. Come visit the Guinea Pig Sanctuary.
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86 12 Guinea Pig Care Mistakes And No-Nos - Lafeber Company
Hay is necessary because of its high-fiber content, which helps maintain the guinea pig digestive tract and also wears down constantly growing ...
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87 Guinea Pig Care - Cumberland Animal Hospital Fayetteville NC
I recommend giving your pig a quarter tablet of a chewable human vitamin c (500mg) tablet. Most guinea pigs take it as treat, but the first three or four times ...
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88 Guinea Pigs May Be Giving People Salmonella, the CDC Says
The CDC has identified nine people who became sick due to a strain of salmonella bacteria that can likely be traced back to contact with pet ...
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89 Guinea Pig - Safari Veterinary Care Center
Diet: Guinea pigs have an absolute dietary requirement for vitamin C, without it they may become very ill. A pelleted diet formulated specifically for ...
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90 8 Emergency Liquid Food Recipes for Guinea Pigs - Kavee
Another helpful emergency feed is to create a vegetable, pellet mixture. Cranberry juice can not only help soften the pellets, but also provide a tastier ...
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91 Hand Feeding - Guinea Pig Manual
A common syringe for hand feeding the guinea pig If your guinea pig is ill, and refuses to eat foods or drink water by itself, you will need to hand feed it ...
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92 Signs of Pain in Guinea Pigs
If you are ill, you lose your appetite; this is the same with your little friends. Healthy guinea pigs spend much of their day grazing/foraging/ ...
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93 What do I do if my guinea pig is not moving? - GeniusVets
Not moving is a big emergency so definitely get that guinea pig to a veterinarian as fast as possible. They are prey species so they hide their illnesses ...
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94 Syringe Feeding Your Guinea Pig: How Often And For How ...
If your guinea pig is sick, it is critical to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet will examine a blood sample and perform a ...
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95 Guinea pig bonding basics - Animal Humane Society
If the pigs fight, or fight after a little while, give them all a bath. You can put all three pigs in the bathtub (keep the oven mitt handy) and run about 1 ...
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