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1 SAMHSA's National Helpline
› find-help › national-helpline
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2 AA Chat Room - Alcoholics Anonymous
24/7 AA Chat Room for anyone who thinks they may want to stop drinking. Chat anonymously online with members of Alcoholics Anonymous whether you are already ...
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3 AA Chat Rooms: Three Amazing Tips! - Find Addiction Rehabs
AA chat room concept. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) chats are a service designed for recovering alcoholics or those who wish to recover from alcohol abuse, ...
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4 Support Online - Sober Courage
Alcoholics Anonymous® · E-AA, online open AA meetings for anyone with a desire to quit drinking, online help for AA members, links, forums, chat room (including ...
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5 The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups of 2021
We reviewed the best online sobriety groups so that you can find the one best suited to your needs.
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6 9 of the Best Online Alcohol Support Groups - Healthline
Online sobriety support groups can provide a safe and helpful environment to aid in your recovery. These are some of the best ones.
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7 The Top 25 Sober Communities Beyond Traditional AA
› sober-communities-beyon...
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8 The surprising Internet forum some alcoholics are choosing ...
A majority of subscribers call it their most helpful tool in their fight against alcohol, more so even than counseling, rehab, or more formal ...
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9 The 7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups in 2022
When you live with alcohol or substance use disorder, joining a support group can help. Here are our top pics for sobriety and alcohol recovery support ...
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10 Alcoholics Anonymous: Have a problem with alcohol? There ...
Have a problem with alcohol? There is a solution. A.A. has a simple program that works. It's based on one alcoholic helping another.
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11 Alcohol and Drugs Chat Room - HealthfulChat
HealthfulChat recognizes that diseases such as alcohol addiction and drug abuse are illnesses that are incredibly difficult to recover from.
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12 HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol
HAMS Harm Reduction is a support and informational group for safer drinking, reduced drinking, or quitting alcohol altogether.
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13 How to stop drinking Information | Mount Sinai - New York
Join a support group. Many people have quit alcohol by talking with others who face the same challenges. · Work with an addiction counselor. Your provider can ...
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14 I want to speak to someone about my drinking right now
Get alcohol advice from our online team. If you're concerned about your drinking and are considering a reduction or even stopping, we can offer advice and ...
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15 9 Alternatives to AA For Alcohol Recovery - Ria Health
Sep 9, 2022 —
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16 Online Recovery Forums - -
Popular Online Recovery Forums · The Sober Recovery Forum · We Quit Drinking · Cyber Recovery Forums · e-AA Group · NA Chatroom.
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17 Online support for drugs and alcohol - We Are With You
Our online chat team offer free, confidential advice on drugs or alcohol. Whether you need advice for yourself or to support a friend or relative, ...
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18 Alcoholism Resources and Support Groups
A program run by individuals in recovery from an alcohol use disorder (AUD), Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) teaches you how to get and remain sober ...
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19 Recovery Chat Rooms - Agostino Guarascio Design
Alcoholics Anonymous® · E-AA, online open AA meetings for anyone with a desire to quit drinking, online help for AA members, links, forums, chat room ...
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20 Quit Drinking on the App Store
Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Quit Drinking. Download Quit Drinking and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, ...
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21 Alcohol Free Online Communities To Check Out Today
Find out more about alcohol free online communities to help you stop drinking, support recovery, and provide recovery support.
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22 Sober Chat Rooms: Find a Motivation to Sobriety - Dating Sites
There are various people online who live a sober life for a long time now or prefer supporting you to stay teetotal. You can find those ...
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23 Quitting Alcohol | Rokslide Forum
Recently came to the conclusion I want/need to stop drinking. I've seen a few guys on here say they've been sober for years.
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24 Living Sober – The friendliest place to talk honestly about your ...
Welcome to our friendly community where you can talk safely and honestly with others about your relationship with alcohol. Join the Community ...
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25 /r/stopdrinking: a support group in your pocket! - Reddit
r/stopdrinking: This subreddit is a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in by asking for …
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26 Stop Drinking as Much | Control Your Alcohol Cravings with ...
Take control of your drinking today at home using clinically-proven medication to stop cravings. Substance abuse and drug and alcohol treatment for all.
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27 Hello Sunday Morning | Change Your Relationship with Alcohol
Hello Sunday Morning is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people who want to change their relationship with alcohol.
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28 Five Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous
One of the most popular forms of alcohol addiction management and recovery support is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a 12-Step program. AA has more than 2 million ...
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29 How to stop drinking alcohol completely | Drinkaware
One in seven (14%) adults in the UK never drink alcohol, and more than half of them (52%) say they did previously drink.1. This guide has lots of practical tips ...
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30 Get help now | Alcohol Change UK
If you're worried that you're drinking too much, there's support available. Find out about your options.
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31 Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain

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32 It's been 2 years of "trying" what does it take at this point?
› questions › 51949-it-s-been-2-...
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33 Non 12-Step Rehabs Near You: Alternatives to AA and 12 ...
› therapy-treatment
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34 Monument: Online Alcohol Counseling & Treatment
Monument connects you with expert care and community support to help you stop drinking on your own terms.
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35 Chat to others - Adfam
Adfam forum guidelines. We know that if you are affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use you might feel alone, or as if nobody understands what you ...
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36 Support Services - DrinkWise.
ADIS counsellors recognise the importance of finding appropriate drug and alcohol treatment and use their knowledge and experience to assist callers. ADIS also ...
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37 How to Stop Drinking - 6 Tips to Quit Drinking Alcohol
Allen Carr's Easyway have helped over 30 million people to stop without willpower. Read tips on how to stop drinking alcohol, control alcohol & avoid ...
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38 Alcohol Abuse Hotline - Talk to Someone 24/7
National Alcohol Hotlines. The following is a list of addiction crisis hotline numbers that provide assistance with various addictions, emergencies, ...
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39 8 best alcohol support groups of 2022 - Medical News Today
› articles › alcohol-...
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40 Make a Difference: Talk to Your Child About Alcohol - Parents
That's why it is so important to help your child avoid any alcohol use. What is binge drinking? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) ...
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41 14 Ways to Quit Drinking and Live a Healthier Life in 2022
Understanding how to quit drinking alcohol is the first step on your journey. Here are 14 helpful tips from EHN Canada that can help you ...
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42 Alcohol Use Disorder: What It Is, Risks & Treatment
Alcohol use disorder (sometimes called alcoholism) is a medical condition. It involves heavy or frequent alcohol drinking even when it ...
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43 Online AA Meetings & Support Groups | Lionrock Recovery
Lionrock hosts free online AA and alternative support group Zoom meetings. Our meetings are fortified against intruders. Join an online meeting with ...
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44 Welcome to Club Soda
Club Soda helps you live well by being more mindful about drinking. Discover how to cut down, take a break from alcohol or quit for good.
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45 Alcohol support forum - Mumsnet
Want to stop drinking? Need help with an alcoholic family member or friend? Get advice and support from people in similar situations.
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46 Best Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps of 2021 - Insider
Anonymous, virtual support groups and recovery trackers can help you stay sober and make alcohol addiction recovery easier. Here are the 6 ...
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47 Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa – AA – South Africa
Drinking Problem? If you repeatedly drink more than you intend or want to, if you get into trouble, or if you have memory ...
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48 Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
Alcoholism - Do you want to quit drinking? The Alcoholism forum is an open forum for those who want to stop or who have stopped drinking.
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49 How to Stop Drinking Alcohol with AA Meetings
› how-to-stop-dri...
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50 Alcohol Abuse Is on the Rise. Here's Why Doctors Fail to Treat It.
He went through an alcohol detox program, attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and tried using willpower to stop himself from binge drinking.
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51 We Meditate To Quit Alcohol | Meditation To Help Stop ...
Cut down or quit drinking alcohol online with this guided meditation course by Rory Kinsella. Easy to follow sessions – sign up today and see how this ...
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52 Conquer Chat Rooms Addiction | BetterHelp Online Therapy
Feeling addicted to talking to strangers in online chat rooms? How do I know when it is becoming addiction? | BetterHelp Online Therapy.
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53 Quitting Alcohol With The Help Of Online Support Groups
If you're trying to quit alcohol, you might wish you had a supportive community to help you during your journey to sobriety, or just people you could ...
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54 Counselling Online - free drug and alcohol counselling in ...
Counselling Online supports people in Australia affected by alcohol and other drugs, for free 24/7.
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55 How to Stop Drinking Alcohol / 8 Steps to help you STOP ...
How to stop drinking alcohol: Actionable guide. Do you find yourself drinking too much? Find out how to stop drinking alcohol today with these top tips!
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56 How to Quit Drinking without Alcoholics Anonymous: 5 Steps
Many people who recognize that they have a drinking problem aren't aware that there are alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous. This article, for example, ...
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57 Sober Sidekick App | Track Sobriety & Quit Drinking
Sober Sidekick is a free sobriety app for iOS and Android to help you quit drinking, track, and maintain your sobriety by connecting with a community of ...
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58 Alcohol support services for families -
› coping-with-difficult-situations
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59 Alcohol Withdrawal And Detox - Find Treatment Today
Alcohol withdrawal is a collection of symptoms which binge drinkers or alcoholics experience when they suddenly stop drinking alcohol.
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60 5 Things That Helped Me Quit Drinking That Aren't Alcoholics ...
For my whole life I had been a binge drinker. I always wanted more than others and never seemed to have an off switch when it came to alcohol. I chalked it up ...
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61 Drug and alcohol addiction - useful contacts - Mind
Alcohol support organisations · Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) · Alcohol Change UK · FRANK · London Friend · Turning Point · We Are With You.
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62 Is your drinking OK? -
You're classed as low risk if you are having between 0 and 15 standard drinks a week. This means that your drinking comes with some health and other risks but ...
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63 My Name is Roger, and I'm an alcoholic
Most alcoholics continue to drink as long as they can. For many, that means death. Unlike drugs in most cases, alcohol allows you to continue ...
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64 Feeling Fatigue After Quitting Alcohol? A Common Symptom
› learning › fatigued-after-alcohol
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65 Sober Time - Sobriety Counter App
Sober Time tracks how long you have been sober and helps you quit drinking, drugs or any other addiction you're struggling with. Stay sober. Stay motivated!
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66 Soberistas - Giving Up Alcohol & Living Life in Control
non-judgemental people, helping one another to kick the booze and stay sober. Join us today and start YOUR alcohol-free journey to becoming a
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67 How to stop drinking: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
Deciding to quit drinking alcohol is a big step. You may have tried to quit in the past and are ready to try again.
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68 SMART Recovery Online Community
Found online at* you can use this resource for help and addiction recovery support whenever you need it, ...
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69 How to Quit Drinking Alcohol and Start Living Your Best Life
Use the following tips to stop drinking alcohol if you think you have a problem. 1. Learn the Signs of Alcohol Addiction. The CAGE questionnaire is a great ...
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70 Virtual Alcohol Rehab in Texas - Workit Health
Virtual alcohol rehab in Texas offers medication and online therapy. Moderate or quit drinking from the privacy of home with telemedicine treatment.
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71 Reddit Helps People Get Sober and Stay Sober
› Addiction Blog
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72 Got the Urge to Drink? 6 Ways to Fight Alcohol Craving
Alcohol cravings can sidetrack your sobriety. Here are six tactics you can use to fight the urge to drink, stay sober, and prevent relapse.
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73 This is Quitting - Truth Initiative
The first-of-its-kind program to help young people quit vaping, This is Quitting gives youth and young adults the motivation and support they need to ditch ...
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74 What Are the Stages of Alcoholism? - The Palm Beach Institute
Most adults can drink a moderate amount of alcohol without it becoming a drinking problem. However, there are some whose drinking gets out of control, ...
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75 Learn How To Stop Drinking Without Cravings or Silly Gimmicks
Discover the unusual way a 40 year old family learned how to stop drinking alcohol without AA, rehab or medication.
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76 Alcohol - SupportLine
› problems › alcohol
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77 Alternatives to AA for Addiction Recovery Support
› aa-alternatives
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78 Alcohol Addiction | Facts, Addiction & Treatment
Alcohol has become one of the most addictive and commonly abused substances. Learn more about alcoholism, withdrawals, and treatment.
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79 25 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol for Good | Mountainside
Making the conscious decision to quit drinking alcohol is a great first step toward healthy sober living. Whether you've been drinking for years or a few ...
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80 South Carolina Alcohol Addiction Treatment - BriteLife Recovery
BriteLife Recovery is a top rehab in Hilton Head. Our South Carolina alcohol addiction treatment programs are customized for each client.
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81 C intents - Bakersfield Recovery Services
A recent study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that A.A. is no more successful in curbing alcoholism than behavioral or ...
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82 Am I An Alcoholic? Here's How I Quit Drinking - Crossroads
Here's How I Quit Drinking. Heather B. 8 mins. HI. MY NAME IS HEATHER, AND I'M AN ALCOHOLIC. I don't know why or when I became an alcoholic, but at 28 years ...
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83 Quitting Alcoholism | Bangkok Hospital
Have you ever considered your readiness to give up drinking alcohol? Most heavy drinkers will admit that they have tried, without success, to reduce their ...
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84 Helping an Adult Family Member or Friend with a Drug or ...
Describe your family member's substance use pattern to see whether the professional would deem it a problem. Provide details such as: type of alcohol or other ...
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85 How I Escaped the Booze Trap & What Led Me to Creating ...
Guest blogger, Lucy Rocca, tells us how she came to lead a happier, healthier alcohol-free life. Six and a half years ago, I drank my last alcoholic drink.
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86 Substance Use Treatment For Veterans
Many Veterans have problems with the use of alcohol, tobacco, street drugs, and prescription medicines. We're here to help.
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87 Shortness of Breath Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
At Morningside Recovery, we don't just treat the shortness of breath alcohol withdrawal causes, we treat it all. Call us at 855-416-8202 for ...
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88 How to stop drinking alcohol: 9 things I did that REALLY helped
Stop drinking alcohol with these tried and tested tips - plus, plenty of recommended books, films and non-alcoholic drinks.
→ Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
89 Alcohol Addiction: How to Quit Drinking for Good - Dave Asprey
Quitting drinking involves staying away from alcoholic beverages and creating a life and environment that keeps temptation to a minimum.
→ Check Latest Keyword Rankings ←
90 9 Things That Happen When You Quit Drinking - Recovery Ways
We are often worried about quitting something and leaving something behind. However we should be looking at what we gain when we stop ...
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91 How to Quit Drinking Alcohol
All professional alcohol treatment programs claim to offer the best solution for alcoholism and addiction. How can you tell which rehab program is best for you?
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92 Online Meetings - Minnesota Recovery Page
AA-Lamps is an informal gathering of members of Alcoholics Anonymous in a chat room setting. The room is open to all who have a desire to stop drinking.
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93 Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey: What You Need to Know First
When you are ready to end an alcohol addiction, you may have the urge to go cold turkey. Learn the facts about quitting alcohol cold turkey.
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94 Alcohol and Substance Use - John Andonakakis, LMFT
This is especially important when it comes to looking at our alcohol and/or drug use, as social stigma often leaves people suffering alone. Alcoholics Anonymous ...
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95 Military Substance Abuse and Addiction prevention
Identify, treat and prevent a substance use or addiction disorder with these steps: Recognize signs of alcohol and prescription drug use. A person can become ...
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96 How Can Someone Reverse the Effects of Alcohol Abuse?
Alcohol misuse cost the United States $249 billion in 2010 alone, and three-quarters of the cost relates to binge drinking. Excessive alcohol consumption causes ...
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97 Resources to Help You Explore Your Relationship with Alcohol
Recovery is akin to overcoming a series of hurdles, the first one of which is to quit alcohol. Of course, it's more than that—it's also ...
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