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1 15 Reasons Your Rabbit is Losing Patches of Fur
Fur loss in rabbits is normal when it's part of their regular shedding seasons. However, it can be an indication of mites, fleas, ringworm, anxiety, ...
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2 Why is My Rabbit Losing Patches of Fur?
Your rabbit may lose fur in clumps, resulting in bald patches. In normal shedding, this should be a consistent process. However, for patchy hair ...
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3 Hair Loss in Rabbits - PetMD
Alopecia can occur because of normal shedding patterns, especially in breeds such as the Dwarf, Miniature Lop, and Angora. Diagnosis. If alopecia is apparent, ...
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4 Hair loss (alopecia) in rabbits - PDSA
Fortunately, alopecia in rabbits is often treatable and rarely permanent. · It's important to have your rabbit seen by your vet if they start losing fur, ...
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5 Why Would My Bunny Lose Its Hair? | Pets on
Hair loss can be caused by certain medical conditions. These can range from mites, fleas, ringworms, infections, disease, wounds or a nutritional deficiency ...
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6 Skin Diseases in Rabbits
Occasionally hair loss can be seen at the site of a previous bite wound or other injury.and is related to the healing process. Hair should regrow within a few ...
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7 Why is My Rabbit Losing Fur? - Causes and Solutions
Rabbits can lose hair due to many environmental factors and stress, but medical reasons are also possible causes. An infection due to a wound or ...
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8 10 Scary Reasons Your Rabbit Has Bald Spots (And What to ...
Why is my rabbit losing hair? Rabbits regularly lose hair when they molt, but abnormal hair loss can signify an underlying condition. Mites, parasites, dental ...
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9 What Causes Alopecia in Rabbits? - PBS Pet Travel
The signs of hair loss can vary from small or large bald patches to generalised hair loss seen all over the body, together with visible signs of ...
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10 Symptoms And Treatment of Hair Loss in Rabbits - YouTube
All About Pets
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11 Hair loss (alopecia) in rabbits - Medirabbit
Juvenile hairlessness is a condition where a young rabbit starts losing fur. It is a rare condition. The fur either becomes thin, or hair is lost all over the ...
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12 Moulting | Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF)
As all rabbit owners are aware, rabbits moult (often referred to as shedding) regularly. Initially when rabbits are young, their baby coat is replaced at ...
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13 Why Is My Bunny Losing Hair? - Hobby Farm Heaven
When a rabbit experiences hair loss due to a hormonal imbalance, it is said that the rabbit has Alopecia. Alopecia is a common disorder in rabbits that involves ...
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14 Safe grooming and handling techniques - HRRN
Bald spots on rabbits are quite common when they are shedding. I have one Angora rabbit for instance, that gets totally naked except for her face and feet. But, ...
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15 Hair Loss in Patches on Ears - Rabbits Online
I don't mean to overly scare you, but poor circulation can lead to fur loss and poor skin condition in the extremeties. Her toes might have ...
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16 Why your Rabbit looses fur – Jaguza Farm Support
Also known as alopecia, hair loss in rabbits is a common concern among owners. While shedding is perfectly normal in rabbits, abnormal fur ...
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17 7 Common Reasons Your Bunny Losing Hair - Jackrabbit
Like other animals, rabbits experience normal hair loss, usually referred to as shedding. During spring and when it's almost summer, ...
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18 Saw some hair loss behind my bunny's ears. Is this worth ...
Saw some hair loss behind my bunny's ears. Is this worth going to the vet for or just normal shedding? He doesn't seem to be shedding too much ...
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19 Bare Spots and Patches of Missing Fur on Rabbits
Hair loss is due to rabbit scratching itself. May also cause wounds or bloody spots from the toenails scratching the ear. Ear canker is treatable with ...
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20 The Ultimate Guide to Hamster Hair Loss - Fauna Care
Hair loss on the legs may be caused overuse of a metal hamster wheel, which often rubs up against the same spots repeatedly. There are many ...
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21 worried- rabbit losing hair on her rump - BinkyBunny
When my bunnies blow their coat (or molt) it sometimes comes out in big chunky patches. Sometimes it leaves bald spots. It leaves them looking ...
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22 Disorders and Diseases of Rabbits - All Other Pets
The hair becomes a problem only if too much is consumed or if it builds up in the stomach and causes a blockage (commonly called a hairball). If this happens, ...
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23 Health Problems in Rabbits - VCA Animal Hospitals
Previously, GI stasis was referred to as hairballs because many rabbits that died from this condition had hair in their stomachs. In fact, rabbits are very ...
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24 Determination of hair loss (alopecia) cause and effective ...
› publication › 287478535_...
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25 How to Tell If Your Rabbit is Sick - Oxbow Animal Health
Rabbits rarely have a bad “hare” day. If you notice your kiddo's coat is losing its luster, if they are balding or shedding excessively, ...
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26 My rabbit is loosing hair on the front side of his front legs. No ...
Antibiotics and parasitic treatment may be needed. Alopecia can occur because of normal shedding patterns, especially in breeds such as the Dwarf, Miniature Lop ...
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27 How to treat my rabbit's fur loss around the mouth - Quora
As the others have said, this requires a vet visit. Some reasons I have seen fur loss in rabbits include ringworm, allergies, stress, dental issues, ...
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28 Why is my rabbit scratching? - Vet Help Direct
Ear mites can cause rabbits to scratch their ears intensely, causing hair loss around the ears and head, and thick painful crusts within the ear ...
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29 Is Your Rabbit Sick? 9 Signs the Answer May Be 'Yes' | PETA
But without proper nutrition to aid in digestion, such as a diet without enough fiber, matted hair may collect in their stomach, leading to ...
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30 Category: skin-disease-rabbits - Bishops Stortford Vets
Clinical signs of a lice infestation may include pruritus (intense scratching), bald patches within the fur or thinning of the fur. With advanced infestations, ...
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31 Rabbit Grooming: How to Groom a Shedding Bunny
Because of their constant shedding, rabbits need to be brushed at least weekly to remove loose hair. It's also important to brush your ...
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32 Help! My Rabbit's Back Legs Aren't Working - Walkerville Vet
Arthritis is the most common cause of gradual loss of hind leg use in old rabbits, usually over 9 years of age. It can occur in the joints of ...
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33 rabbit care guide - Willow River Veterinary
can provide ample space for bunny happiness! It is generally ... bunny's pen day after day will help them get used to your ... Rashes, hair loss.
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34 Rabbits should show normal behaviour patterns | nidirect
Every rabbit is an individual and some are naturally more confident than ... social stress (for example too many individuals in a small space, loss of a ...
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35 My netherland dwarf rabbit has a nickel size bald spot under ...
There are many causes for hair loss in bunnies. Probably the most common is RINGWORM.Antifungal meds are a good idea because ringworm (fungus) is often the ...
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36 Bald dwarf rabbit is born without any fur on his body and ...
Dwarf rabbit has to be covered with suncream to protect his skin after all his hair fell out because of condition that was thought to exist only ...
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37 Rabbit is losing hair on the nose and skin is getting crusty
› questions › rabbit-is-lo...
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38 Care - Rabbit Rescue
A rabbit will also release its fur from the follicles during a visit to the vet or in times/moments of stress. Spring and fall are our other two big times for ...
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39 What Causes Fur Loss in Rabbits? - Pets4Homes
Rabbits can lose hair on certain areas of their bodies for a variety of reasons which could include having suffered or are suffering from some ...
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40 GUINEA PIG Care : CottonTails Rabbit & Guinea Pig Rescue
This treatment is extremely effective, and does not need to be repeated until symptoms start appearing again (loss of weight, inability to eat properly).
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41 Hunny Bunny Hair Vitamin Biotin Gummies
Buy Hunny Bunny Hair Vitamin Biotin Gummies - Biotin Supplement with Vitamin A, C, D, E, B6 – Hair Growth, Skin, Nail Vitamins - Non GMO, Gluten Free – 60 ...
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42 Skin problems in rabbits - The Healthy Pet Club
Again, this is usually a parasitic problem and is caused by mites which burrow under the skin. If you see this problem, you are best advised to take bunny to ...
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43 Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Health Facts by Petplan
Parasites are a common problem among all breeds of rabbit. Cheyletiella mites in particular can cause itching and hair loss, but can be easily treated with anti ...
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44 4-H Rabbit Manual
Many pet stores falsely advertise their rabbits as dwarfs. ... Proteins are necessary for growth, development of glands, muscles, hide and hair.
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45 Strange bald areas with defined edges on baby rabbits
This is the mom's second litter, and the first babies never had such balding, nor do they now, and they are about 2 1/2 months old. Should I separate the babies ...
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46 Dacryocystitis in Rabbits - Veterinary Vision Center
Your veterinarian will examine your rabbit from their nose to their cute little bunny tail, paying special attention to their mouth and teeth, ...
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47 10 Common Rabbit Ailments & Illnesses & How to Treat Them
Our vets see these common rabbit ailments, illnesses and emergencies all the time ... thicker crusted lesions with surrounding hair loss.
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48 Alopecia Hamster Hair Loss: Signs, Causes and Cures
Typically hair loss in hamsters comes with age. Older hamsters can lose their hair due to a lack of protein (less than 16%) or iron in their diet. Other hamster ...
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49 Zoonoses Associated with Rabbits | Institutional Animal Care ...
Symptoms in both rabbits and people are moderate hair loss and scaly skin. Other possible external parasites such as fleas, ticks and lice are occasionally ...
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50 Common Mites of Your Rabbit and Small Animal Part I: Fur Mites
› ...
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51 Cutaneous Histiocytic Sarcoma with Regional Lymph Node ...
A 10-year-old male Netherland dwarf rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) was presented with a red nodular mass (1 cm in diameter) with ulceration and hair loss in ...
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52 Fur Mites - Edelweiss Ranch
Longer-haired rabbits are also at higher risk of fur mites. These mites can also infect dogs and cats. Infested rabbits may show no obvious signs of a fur mite ...
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53 What to Do If Your Pet Rabbit Stops Eating - The Spruce Pets
Discover the causes, possible dangers, and how to help your bunny feel better. ... Loss of Appetite in Pet Rabbits.
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54 Floppy Bunny Syndrome (Causes & Treatment Options)
Floppy Bunny Syndrome is a condition that usually presents with acute onset of generalised weakness or flaccid paralysis of the body, ...
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55 Bunny blues: urine scald in rabbits - Brandon Park Vet
Eventually this may lead to hair loss, inflamed skin, and even burn-like sores or fly strike if severe enough. As you can imagine this is ...
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56 How to Tell If a Rabbit is Sick
behavior you are seeing from a rabbit is abnormal or cause for a vet check. Loss of appetite: Rabbits have a very special digestive tract that requires they ...
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› the-balding-g...
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58 Rabbits molting behavior: Take Care, Danger
Rabbit moult can also cause a change in color and a significant loss of hairs resulting in holes in the coat in view of the difference in length ...
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59 Molting patterns: normal and abnormal | rabbits - Vetstream
In the normal molt the hairs are lost in a predictable pattern: Molting starts at the tip of the nose · During a molt a rabbit removes the old loose hair: From ...
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60 Rabbit Grooming Basics
How often to brush a rabbit: Rabbits need to be brushed at least every three days. In addition to removing any loose hair, these brushing sessions help prepare ...
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61 Rabbit losing fur on front feet | BackYardHerds
I thought he might be pulling it off because he does not have sign of hair loss anywhere else. We do not have a vet in the area that sees ...
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62 Hair loss on rabbit's ears | Homesteading Forum
Most all rabbits lose hair on their ears during the summer. The ears are the main place that heat escapes the body on the rabbits, so the lack ...
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63 11 Injuries That Can Send Your Rabbit To The Vet - BeChewy
I have known rabbits that have experienced falls and remain uninjured, but always watch a rabbit closely if he experiences a fall. Any bleeding, ...
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64 Bald patches - moulting or mites - Rabbits United Forum
Some breeds of rabbit with fluffy coats, notably Dwarf lops and minilops, develop hairless patches of skin during moulting. The alopecic areas ...
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65 Fleas and Your Rabbit | Signs & Prevention - Vets4Pets
This can look like weakness, and pale gums. Hair loss and scaling. Patches of hair loss, and dandruff-like skin scaling may be seen on your rabbit, giving them ...
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66 Determination of hair loss (alopecia ... - Archives of Razi Institute
and crude fiber cause hair loss in rabbits, accurate balancing the diet and the addition of protein, ... in breeds such as the Dwarf, miniature Lop and.
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67 skin disease - rabbits - Jonathan Wood Veterinary Surgeons
What causes alopecia? · In rare cases, rabbits are born with a hereditary condition causing alopecia. · Autoimmune disorders, nutritional ...
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68 Hair cut damaged coats - Rabbit Grooming | Toronto
Damaged coats when left untreated can cause severe skin infections and hair loss! Starting at $45.00 per hour Please note these services ar.
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69 Hair Loss Around Front Toes - Meat Rabbit & Farming Forum
The other front foot. 3qoCMMM.png. Otherwise healthy bunny? tOzB82o.png. Height and living conditions of her ...
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70 SweetBunny® Hair Vitamins: Stronger & Healthier Hair
The original vegan SweetBunny® Hair Vitamins. Get your hair problems solved ... Support hair growth for longer and full hair ... Sweet Bunny Hair Vitamins ...
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71 Poopy Butt in Rabbits: Causes and Treatment
So if a change to a more fibrous diet does not stop the poopy butt from occurring, take your bunny to a rabbit-savvy vet to check for molar spurs, digestive ...
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72 Rabbit Care | Mt. Hood Pet Medical
A rabbit may swallow large amounts of hair when grooming; brush or pluck fur daily during Spring and Fall molting to minimize buildup of hair in the stomach.
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73 External Parasites in Rabbits Fleas, ticks, mites, lice, and fly ...
bunny's health and well-being. ... The medication is placed on the skin at the back of your bunny's head. Use ... skin and hair loss along a rabbit's back.
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74 My Rabbit Is Eating But Losing Weight Or Having Other Health ...
A rabbit losing weight can be a sign that they have cancer, parasites, kidney disease, an infection or more health issues.
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75 Urine Scald And Dirty Bottom | How To Keep Your Bunny's ...
Hair loss. Remove matted fur, and use rabbit safe pet wipes to clean your bunny's bottom if necessary. Bathing Your Rabbit: Yes or No?
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76 Some Common Rabbit Ailments | Rabbit Health | Guide - Omlet
There are a number of possible reasons that your rabbit is losing hair, from over-grooming to a mite infestation. Take a good look at the bald patches, ...
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77 How Moulting in Rabbits Make Them Lose Their Coat
When the moulting process starts to progress down along their body you will start to see clumps of hair randomly fall out. You will also see ...
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78 Basic healthcare in rabbits - Blue Cross
Rabbits moult twice a year in the wild, but pet rabbits may moult more frequently. The hair seems to come out in handfuls and bald patches may ...
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79 Alopecia – hair loss - Kingdom Veterinary Clinic
What causes alopecia? · In rare cases, rabbits are born with a hereditary condition causing alopecia. · Autoimmune disorders, nutritional deficiencies, tumours or ...
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80 Gastrointestinal (GI) Stasis in Rabbits
Hay also allows for passage of hair that is normally ingested by the rabbit. Without adequate fiber, hair may accumulate in the stomach ...
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81 Rabbit Dentistry | Today's Veterinary Nurse
Dental disease is one of the most common reasons pet rabbits present to veterinary ... Excessive drooling or area of wetness or hair loss under the chin.
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82 THE MOLTING CYCLE IN RABBITS | Rise and Shine Rabbitry
It looks like your rabbit is loosing hair or shedding, well it is! Molting is when a rabbit looses its coat (shedding) and grows a new coat, ...
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83 Common rabbit diseases | Vetwest Animal Hospitals
However, as rabbits cannot vomit, hair must be able to pass through the gut. If it can't then it will form an obstruction and serious complications. Hairballs ...
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84 Rabbit's woes possibly caused by ringworm - Boston Herald
The rabbit that died developed a sudden massive itchiness that led him to pulling out all of his hair, leaving him with red and balding spots ...
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85 Pet Rabbit Facts Getting a Rabbit Bunny Basics – Taking Care ...
Infection in rabbits often causes no clinical signs or partial hair loss with only mild skin inflammation. Rabies: > A viral infection of the nervous system ...
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86 Why is My Hamster Losing Hair? 5 Common Reasons
The presence of parasites can cause a lot of health problems in your hamster. And one of the most common symptoms they cause is hair loss. If ...
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87 What does Drooling/Green Chin mean? - The Bunny Bunch
Anytime you see fur around the mouth or chin of your rabbit that is staying wet it can mean a bacterial infection that turns the fur green, ...
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88 What to do if your pet rabbit is itching and scratching
You may notice hair loss around the ears and/or scabs, or the rabbit's ears may look especially dirty. A head tilt, a flopped ear, and head ...
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89 Urine Scald: Symptom of Greater Problems | ghrs
A rabbit suffering from urinary tract problems may experience loss of fur in the genital region and hindquarters. The baldness and red, irritated skin are ...
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90 Bald dwarf rabbit is born without any fur on his body and ... - star
A rabbit born with a normal amount of hair has confused doctors after it appeared to show signs of a condition that only exists in dogs. Delta- ...
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91 Vaccinations for Rabbits - Macarthur Veterinary Group
site reactions seen as swellings that can sometimes lead to irritation with patches of  ...
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92 Adopt | Wisconsin Humane Society
Domestic Medium Hair / Mix 6 years, 2 months. Milwaukee Campus ... Art Class. Neutered Netherland Dwarf / Rabbit 1 years, 1 months. Ozaukee Campus ...
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93 Dachshund - Wikipedia
The miniature dachshund was bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits. According to the American Kennel Club, the dachshund was ranked 12th in popularity among ...
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94 Muller and Kirk's Small Animal Dermatology
... in a dwarf rabbit.169 The animal was presented for evaluation of skin erythema, hair loss, and nonpainful swellings on the dorsum between the shoulders.
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