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1 Pre-Trial Diversion - Johnson County Prosecutors Office
Pretrial diversion (PDP) is a program created by the Indiana legislature that allows a person who makes a mistake to avoid having a criminal conviction on ...
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2 Pretrial Diversion Program - Monroe County, Indiana Prosecutor
Pursuant to Indiana Code 33-39-1-8(d), the prosecuting attorney may offer a diversion program for defendants charged with minor offenses in order to save ...
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3 Indiana Code Title 33. Courts and Court Officers § 33-39-1-8
(2) the person agrees to conditions of a pretrial diversion program offered by the prosecuting attorney;. (3) the terms of the agreement are recorded in an ...
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4 Indiana Code § 33-37-8-7. Pretrial diversion program fund
(2) states the amount of the excess funds in the certification;. the fiscal body may adopt an ordinance to appropriate the excess funds from the pretrial ...
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5 Pre-Trial Diversions In Indiana: What You Need To Know To ...
A pre-trial diversion is an agreement between the parties to a criminal case, namely the Prosecutor and the Defendant, who is usually ...
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6 What is Pre-Trial Diversion? - Suhre & Associates, LLC
Only certain cases qualify for pre-trial diversion in Indiana. In all cases, a defendant must admit responsibility for their crime to the satisfaction of the ...
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7 Pre-Trial Diversion / Greene County, Indiana
Upon being charged with a misdemeanor offense, you may be eligible to participate in a Pre-Trial Program. If you are eligible, wish to complete the program, and ...
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8 Indiana – Pre-Trial Diversion Agreements
Diversion is a statutory creation that gives the Prosecutor the ability to create a pre-trial agreement that allows a person to have their ...
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9 Pre-Trial Diversion | St. Joseph County, IN
The St. Joseph County Pre-Trial Diversion Program has been established by the Prosecutor's Office and is designed to work with those persons charged with a ...
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10 How Does Indiana's DUI Pre-Trial Diversion Program Work?
A DUI pre-trial diversion program is the creation of the Indiana legislature. It allows a person who makes a mistake to avoid having a criminal ...
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11 Delaware County, IN / Pre-Trial Diversion Program
The Diversion Program is a program solely for first-time offenders who have been charged with a misdemeanor offense and wish to avoid prosecution as a result of ...
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12 Details of the Indiana pretrial diversion program
Details of the Indiana pretrial diversion program · It's typically only an option for first time offenders who committed a non-violent crime · The ...
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13 Pretrial Diversion Program - Allen County Prosecutor's Office
The Pretrial Diversion Program fee is $334.00. A minimum payment can be made of $234.00, with payments of $20.00 for 5 months. Additional amounts can be paid ...
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14 Criminal Enforcement : Pretrial Diversion
The Howard County Pretrial Diversion Program has been established by the Prosecutor's Office This program is for people who have had little or no criminal ...
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15 The Criminal Pre-Trial Diversion Program in Indiana
Indiana statutes prohibit certain types of crimes from being eligible for diversion. These include drunk driving (OWI or OVWI), and crimes ...
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16 Pre-Trial Diversion Program - Kosciusko County
› apps › document › center
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17 Criminal Diversions in Indiana - Banks & Brower, LLC
A pre-trial diversion generally requires a defendant to complete certain items. These can be whatever the Prosecutor feels fits the situation ...
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18 diversion program Indiana | INDIANAPOLIS CRIMINAL ...
An adult diversion program, called pretrial diversion, may be offered to offenders who are deemed by the prosecution as having a likelihood ...
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19 Pretrial Diversion - Chambers Law Office
A pretrial diversion is almost always reserved for first time offenders charged with minor misdemeanors. The benefit of a diversion is that upon ...
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20 Pre-Trial Diversion Program - Vanderburgh County Prosecutor
The Pre-Trial Diversion Program offers first time offenders a rare opportunity to have their charges dismissed if they successfully meet program ...
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21 Pre-Trial Diversion - Dearborn County Prosecutor
The Pre-Trial Diversion Program was established to allow the Prosecuting Attorney to withhold prosecution on first time offenders or offenders with limited ...
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22 Pretrial Diversion from the Criminal Process
constitutional domestication of pretrial diversion would protect indi- ... 23 Indiana provides by statute: "The defendant shall not be called upon to plead.
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23 Pre-Trial Diversion - Putnam County | Indiana
The Pre-Trial Diversion Program is a program offered to people who have had little or no criminal background and who are charged with committing various ...
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24 Pretrial Diversion Program - Madison County Prosecutor Office
The goal of the Madison County Prosecutor's Office Pretrial Diversion Program is to give individuals charged with an infraction, misdemeanor, ...
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25 Pre-Trial Diversion Program / Huntington County, Indiana
Pre-Trial Diversion is a six-month or one-year program that, if successfully completed, the charges will be dismissed. The fee for the six month program is ...
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26 Deurloo v. State, 690 N.E.2d 1210 | Casetext Search + Citator
The pre-trial diversion agreement program is somewhat analogous to the program for treatment of drug abusers and alcoholics as an alternative to prosecution.
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27 Pre-Trial Diversion | Elkhart County Prosecutors Office
The program's duration is 12 months. If the participant pays the program fees and completes the program requirements, upon the 12-month anniversary of the ...
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28 Pretrial Diversion Program - Hendricks County, Indiana
Pretrial Diversion Program ... At times, the Prosecutor's office offers diversions on a criminal case. Diversions are only offered in a few situations or ...
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29 MCPO Felony Diversion Program - Criminal Justice News
The Marion County Felony Diversion Program began operation in December 2017 and provides evidence based programming designed to improve an ...
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30 Criminal / Monroe County, IN
Citizens of Indiana have access to case filings not precluded by Rules on ... The Pretrial Diversion Program (PDP) is offered at the discretion of the ...
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31 Terre Haute Pretrial Diversion Lawyer - Rowdy Williams
In order to qualify for a pretrial diversion program in Indiana, the charges brought against you will likely need to be non-violent or misdemeanors.
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32 Diversion Programs through the Marion County Prosecutor's ...
Misdemeanor Diversions; Felony Diversions; Driver's License Suspension Diversion Program. As part of a Diversion agreement, an individual may be required to ...
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33 Pre-Trial Diversion - Decatur County Prosecutor's Office
The Misdemeanor Diversion Program was created to give citizens a chance to have their misdemeanor offense dismissed upon the completion of program ...
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34 Indianapolis Pretrial Options for Drug Charges - Hessler Law
Pretrial Diversion Program Rules · Reporting to a probation officer · Submitting to drug or alcohol testing · GPS monitoring via house arrest ...
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35 Supreme Court launches pretrial diversion pilot program
The Indiana Supreme Court on Wednesday announced the creation of a pretrial diversion pilot program, which will run through June 30.
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36 Pre-Trial Diversion - Putnam County Prosecutor's
committing various misdemeanor offenses. This program is supervised by the Prosecutor's Office. The diversion will last for twelve months depending on your ...
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37 2017-11 WC Commissio.. - Warrick County
WHEREAS, the Warrick County Prosecutor's Office administers a Pretrial Diversion. Program and an Infraction Deferral Program pursuant to the Indiana Code; ...
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38 Judge approves pre-trial diversion program for Greene
The pre-trial diversion program, created by the Indiana legislature, allows citizens to avoid a criminal conviction through pretrial probation under certain ...
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39 Indiana Criminal Defense Lawyers - Duepner Law
Diversion is a program that allows essentially a deferral of prosecution of criminal charges over a period of time (typically one (1) year), and at the ...
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40 ordinance no. - Clark County Indiana
WHEREAS, this Board of Commissioners of Clark County, Indiana (this ... Prosecuting Attorney Pretrial Diversion Program Non-Reverting Fund (“Pretrial.
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41 Pretrial Services - Whitley County, Indiana
Indiana's pretrial system strives to achieve the "3 M's" – maximizing public safety, maximizing court appearance, and maximizing pretrial release. Additionally, ...
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42 Does the statute of limitations still apply on a misdemeanor ...
Does the statute of limitations still apply on a misdemeanor upon failure of a pretrial diversion in Indiana?
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43 Infraction Deferral and Misdemeanor Diversion Program
The Pretrial Diversion Program has been established by the Prosecutor's Office. This program is for people who have had little or no criminal background and who ...
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44 Pretrial Diversion Program - What is it & how does it work?
A pretrial diversion program is an alternative resolution of a criminal case by which the defendant can avoid jail and a criminal conviction ...
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45 Class A Misdemeanors In Indiana - A Quick Guide - Avnet Law
Each county usually has its own pretrial diversion program, with its own requirements. While it is not as formal as probation, depending on ...
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UNDERSTANDING INDIANA'S EXPUNGEMENT LAW (Indiana Code § 35-38-9) ... pretrial diversion program. 1. No pending criminal charges in any state.
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47 Pre-Trial Deferral - Jasper County, Indiana
The Jasper County Prosecutor's Office offers a Pre-Trial Deferral to certain drivers who qualify. The purpose of the deferral program is to keep a moving ...
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48 Diversion Application - Grant County, Indiana
Diversion Application. Date of Application. Applicant's Name. Applicant's DOB. Applicant DLN/State. SSN. Mailing Address. Phone. Initial Hearing Date.
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49 Pretrial Diversion & the Law
They will be screened by a pretrial diversion program and a ... Daniel Lamont was arrested in Steuben County, Indiana on charges of driving while ...
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(A) The County Prosecuting Attorney Misdemeanor Diversion Program ... guidelines adopted by the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council under I.C. 33-39-8-5, ...
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51 Pretrial Service - Daviess County, Indiana Homepage
PRETRIAL SERVICES is a program that provides intensive supervision for individuals alleged to have committed a criminal offense and who are pending further ...
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52 Indiana Law Review
Indiana Code section 33-37-4-1(c) provides that the clerk shall collect a pretrial diversion program fee if the prosecuting attorney and the accused person ...
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53 Criminal & Traffic Cases / Fountain County, Indiana
The Fountain County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has a Pretrial Diversion Program for offenders charged with misdemeanor offenses who are EIGHTEEN (18) ...
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54 ARD Application | Indiana County Pennsylvania
Have you ever been arrested, convicted or placed on a pretrial (ARD) diversion type program, besides the current offense? If yes, date of arrest (month and year):.
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55 Pretrial Services - Community Corrections Center
Maximizing public safety, Maximizing court appearance, Maximizing pretrial release. Additionally, Indiana's pretrial system follows these guiding principles:
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56 Prosecutor | Porter County, IN - Official Website
The prosecuting attorney, and all deputy prosecutors of the prosecuting attorney, are law enforcement officers under Indiana law. While Indiana statutes ...
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57 Pre-Trial Diversion - Hancock County Prosecutor's Office
Pre-trial Diversion allows a defendant to avoid a criminal conviction on their record, by completing specified requirements. Upon completion, ...
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58 Madison County Indiana Pretrial Diversion Program
Madison County Indiana Pretrial Diversion Program. National District Attorneys Association 1400 Crystal Drive, Suite 330. Arlington, VA 22202.
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59 Indiana Misdemeanor Crimes by Class and Sentences
Indiana's law allows prosecutors to hold off on pursuing misdemeanor charges if the defendant agrees to participate in a pretrial diversion program.
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60 Lake Superior Court defendants to be offered pretrial ...
... Indiana counties designed to conserve judicial resources by offering criminal defendants access to a pretrial diversion program sooner.
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61 State Diversion Option: New Idea in Indiana for Traffic ...
A diversion program is basically a probation program for traffic offenders. If you are cited for speeding or some other traffic infraction, and you have a ...
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62 Pretrial Diversion, Pretrial Release, Overcrowded Jails, JRAC
Pretrial Diversion, Pretrial Release, ... Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys. Council ... Program fees and costs, reasonably related to.
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63 2022 Indiana Senate Bill No. 182, Indiana One Hundred ...
Authorizes a person participating in a pretrial diversion program to file a petition for expungement with the authorization of the prosecuting attorney.
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64 Indiana DUI/DWI (OWI) Laws and Penalties
Indiana has diversion programs for eligible first-time offenders. The program will vary based on the court hearing the case but will likely involve a ...
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65 Diversion Program | Johnson County District Attorney
The diversion program is intended to give a "second chance" to offenders who commit a relatively minor criminal offense. Diversion is a privilege and not a ...
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66 12 Financial Article 37 Pretrial Diversion Fund - Allen County
Prosecuting Attorney in accordance with Indiana Code I.C. 33-14-1-7, deposited in ... associated with the Pre-Trial Diversion Program.
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67 Pretrial Services - DeKalb County Indiana
Pretrial Program is set up to help minimize the jail population by determining who is not able to post bond and if they are eligible for supervision by DeKalb ...
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68 Diversion Programs - State Attorney's Office
​The PreTrial Diversion Program is a deferred prosecution program for certain felony, misdemeanor, and misdemeanor DUI offenders, offered by the Office of the ...
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69 Criminal Law - Indiana Paralegal Association, Inc.
Updates the definition of "community corrections program". Specifies that a court may suspend any portion of a sentence and order a person to be placed in a ...
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71 What is Pretrial Diversion? - LegalMatch
Who is Eligible for Pretrial Diversion? · The person is a first-time offender. · The crime was a misdemeanor (some states allow non-violent ...
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72 9-22.000 - Pretrial Diversion Program - Department of Justice
Pretrial diversion (PTD) is an alternative to prosecution which seeks to divert certain offenders from traditional criminal justice ...
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73 Criminal Divisions | St. Joseph County, IN
The Prosecuting Attorney established an Infraction Deferral Program in order to allow persons who have committed traffic violations to maintain a point free ...
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74 Prosecutor-led diversion and the legislature's new law
The Indiana Court of Appeals held that “precluding [the defendants] from participating in the Prosecutor's pretrial diversion program based ...
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If an arrestee in placed in the Pretrial Release program they are required to report to Pretrial Services within 24 hours of their release and placed at a level ...
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76 Pretrial Release | Indiana
Laws · Citation in Lieu of Arrest · Pretrial Release Eligibility · Pretrial Release Conditions · Pretrial Detention · Bail Bond Agent Licensure · Bail ...
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77 Dearborn Superior Court II Alcohol and Drug Program
courts in Dearborn County, prosecutor's pre-trial diversion program, and transfers from ... The Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions or other.
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78 an ordinance creating the henry county veterans treatment ...
Indiana Problem Solving Court Rules, the Henry County Veterans Court will require ... (b) Funds derived from a deferral program or a pretrial diversion.
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79 MATTER OF JB - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Indiana where she entered into a deferred prosecution agreement. ... The statute also provides that a pretrial diversion program "may ...
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80 Mueller v. State (Indiana) - Fines and Fees Justice Center
The two appellants were offered participation in a pretrial diversion program if they paid $230 in fees. Appellants were unable to pay, ...
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81 First Time Criminal Offenses - Keffer Hirschauer LLP
Indiana Diversion Programs: Another Sentencing Option ... In some misdemeanor and low-level felony cases, the accused may be eligible for Indiana diversion ...
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82 Indiana Self Help and Legal Research |
The Hancock County Prosecutor's Office offers information about adult protective services, the Mental Health Diversion Program, Drug Court, pre-trial ...
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83 Pretrial Diversion Program - Henry County District Attorney's ...
The Pretrial Diversion Program allows first-time, non-violent offenders an opportunity for rehabilitation by participating in various corrective programs.
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84 Pre-Trial Diversion Program, Evansville, IN, County Government
Get directions, reviews and information for Pre-Trial Diversion Program in Evansville, IN. ... United States › Indiana › Evansville › ...
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85 Information for Attorneys, Courts and other Agencies
For Copies of Program Rules & Program Information Scroll Down ... Shelby County Jail Intervention Program ... $5 Daily fee. Pre-trial ADR Treatment Program.
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86 Criminal Division Services - Allen Superior Court
ACP is a free-standing Court Alcohol and Drug Program and derives its authority to operate from IC 12-23-14 in accordance with Indiana Judicial Conference ...
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87 What is a Pretrial Conference in Indiana?
What to Expect During the Indiana Pretrial Process ... agree to a lesser charge, or attend a pretrial diversion program to have the charges ...
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88 Correction: Little 500 Arrests story - AP News
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) — In a story April 24 about a pretrial diversion program tied to a bicycle race at Indiana University, The Associated ...
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89 Two Indiana players enter pretrial diversion program
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana men's basketball players Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson have entered a pretrial diversion program related to ...
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90 filing fees by case type collected by the clerk - Miami County, IN
(2) If the criminal action is a misdemeanor and the defendant enters the pretrial diversion program. (3) The clerk shall collect this fee ...
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91 Indiana Code > Title 33 > Article 39 – Prosecuting Attorneys
Indiana Code > Title 33 > Article 39 – Prosecuting Attorneys ... for Prosecuting Attorneys; Duty to Prosecute; Special Prosecutors; Pretrial Diversion.
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92 Indiana Judiciary grows with pretrial diversion courts | News
The Indiana judicial system has more pretrial diversion courts than ever before, with more than 100 courts specializing in services for ...
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93 Adult Diversion | Clark County
The Adult Diversion Program diverts some first-time non-violent felony and misdemeanor offenders from the normal course of prosecution.
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94 Can I Expunge My Pretrial Diversion Records in Indiana?
Pretrial diversion programs are ordered by the court to a defendant facing criminal charges. It is applied as an alternative to a criminal ...
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95 Pretrial diversion for misdemeanor cases in Indiana. Do you ...
A person charged with a misdemeanor in Indiana has many options, including pleading guilty or taking the case to trial.
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96 Here's how the Indiana Second Chance Law works
The law requires a judge to grant the petition unless the individual has criminal charges pending or is still currently in a pre-trial diversion ...
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97 Diversion Programs / The City of Muncie, Indiana
The State of Indiana offers diversion on state infractions and criminal misdemeanors. If you are interested in the Infraction diversion program please ...
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