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1 Stargate (film) - Wikipedia
The film grossed $196.6 million worldwide against a production budget of $55 million.
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2 Stargate (1994) - IMDb
Budget. $55,000,000 (estimated) ; Gross US & Canada. $71,567,262 ; Opening weekend US & Canada. $16,651,018; Oct 30, 1994 ; Gross worldwide. $196,567,262.
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3 Anatomy of a hit: 'Stargate SG-1' - The Hollywood Reporter
In order to keep costs down — two-thirds of “SG-1's” $2.2 million-per-episode budget is covered by MGM, with the remainder picked up by Sci ...
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4 What is the Stargate budget? - GateWorld Forum
I read that SG1 average budget per episode is $1.7 Million; and Atlantis is $1.4 Million, i dont know where i got it from though.
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5 Adopted Budget (including uniform budget summary document)
Stargate School's Adopted Budget information is available on our Forms and Files page under the heading Stargate Financial Documents.
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6 SIP #11 - Stargate Foundation Operating Budget - Snapshot
The Stargate Foundation will be tasked with dispensing the budget. The most capital efficient funding method should be employed. All operational funds will ...
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7 Fisher (senator) | SGCommand - Stargate Wiki - Fandom
... resources should be transferred to which programs. He was very reluctant to continue to give the Stargate Program its full funding and had the budget...
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8 Anakin Stargate Hotel in Rome, Italy - Hostelworld
› ... › Rome Hostels
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9 Stargate SG-1 - Rotten Tomatoes
The TV series is based on the theatrical film "Stargate." Creators: Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright. Starring: Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, ...
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10 "Stargate" Miniature Prop Ship. A big-budget sci-fi feature
"Stargate" Miniature Prop Ship. A big-budget sci-fi feature produced by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich and released in - Available at 2006 October...
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11 Stargate fire pit - Pinterest
Stargate fire pit Stargate Sg1, Backyard Patio Designs, Fire Pit, Dial, Outdoor ... Budget Patio, Patio Diy, Ikea Patio, Small Patio Ideas On A Budget,.
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12 Stargate | Reelviews Movie Reviews
Using that distinction, Stargate is on uncertain ground. This new big-budget science fiction/fantasy offering can claim barely an original moment, ...
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13 Why it's time for a new Stargate series -
Moreover, Stargate's T.V. series have always gone for a more “boots on the ground” approach (originally because of budget limitations) and, ...
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14 Trivia / Stargate Origins - TV Tropes
No Budget: Origins had a significantly lower budget than its parent series, and it shows. Virtually none of the series' iconic technology is on display, and ...
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15 Stargate on Twitter: "Recap: - ETH, USDD, & ERC-20 ...
› stargatefinance › status
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16 Financial Transparency - Stargate Governance - Google Sites
Like all Colorado public schools and districts, Stargate is required to share specific types of financial information, including budgets and audit summaries ...
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17 Stargate SG-1 25th Anniversary: Looking Back at s Landmark ...
Why Stargate SG-1 Deserves to Be Remembered as a Landmark Sci-Fi Show ... with a bigger budget than any of us were used to playing with.”.
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18 GF219 - Stargate Pen & Pencil Gift Set - St Regis Group
Stargate P150 metal click-action ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set. Ink refill: German Dokumental Medium Point (Black).
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19 Exploring Stargate, the Biggest Sci-Fi Franchise You've ...
We all know Star Wars and Star Trek, but Stargate has been around for ... total worldwide theatrical run against a budget of $50 million.
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20 Customer reviews: Stargate: Continuum [DVD] -
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stargate: Continuum ... This was basically a two part stargate episode with a higher budget and it was ...
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21 Michael Shanks: Sumuru - Stargate SG-1 Solutions
"Fifty percent of the budget was raised in South Africa. German company Daswerk (Playground Effects) is a producing partner in post production and CGI.
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22 STARGATE - Movie Reviews for Christians - Movieguide
James Spader and Kurt Russell team up as a nerdy Egyptologist and a hawkish military colonel in STARGATE, a big-budget science fiction adventure that ...
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23 Stargate Budget 2013-2014 - Google Docs
{"id": "", "title": "Stargate Budget 2013-2014", "mimeType": "application\/pdf"}. Page 1 of 9. Page 1 of 9. Page 2 of 9. Page 2 of 9. Page 3 of 9.
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24 Top 5 Things to do on a budget around Tucson this Fall
Don't break the budget this fall with our list of free or student ... Stargate Apartments top 5 things to do in fall tuscon museum free.
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25 Stargate Finance (stg) Price, Market Cap, Live Charts, Research
Stargate Finance (stg) is currently trading at $0.43, down -0.40% in the last 24 hours. ... Stargate Foundation Operating Budget Proposal (SIP 11).
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26 Episode 333 (Stargate, Sand, and Kurt Russell) Movies, Films ...
Directed by Roland Emmerich, and starring James Spader and Kurt Russell, this big budget action film focuses on a group of soldiers battling an ancient ...
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27 Stargate Charter School (1519)
The Budget Stabilization Factor has had a substantial impact on all of Colorado's school districts. In the Five Star District it's resulted in more than $448 ...
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28 Stargate SG-1 Feature Articles - Richard Dean Anderson
An Interview with Stargate's Executive Producer, Robert C. Cooper July 18, 2002. N. John Smith ABOVE THE LINE, AND UNDER BUDGET An Interview with Stargate's ...
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29 Stargate Wework - How to untitled task name - Iorad
The first step is to open 135 E 57th - P6 - Project Schedule - Stargate and click Budget. That's it. You're done.
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30 Stargate International FilmFest - FilmFreeway
Stargate International Film Festival is for Major Motion Pictures, Ultra Low Budget and Micro-Budget film projects. Film investors will be viewing.
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31 Stargate Is Becoming A Forgotten Sci-Fi Franchise?
Grossing over $196 million against a budget of $55 million upon its release, Stargate launched a media empire that has included several ...
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32 Stargate School - Netgear
Founded in 1994, Stargate School is a parent-run charter school for intellectually gifted ... system that would fit their needs, as well as their budget.
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33 stargate p90 | TikTok Search
Discover short videos related to stargate p90 on TikTok. ... Stargate SG1 on a budget #stargate #SG1 #stargatesg1 #p90 #specialeffects · biscuits.n.gravy.
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34 10 Things You Learn Rewatching Stargate SG-1
There are two hundred and fourteen episodes of Stargate SG-1, ... two movie stars come and do a low-budget TV series based on their movie.
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35 Siskel & Ebert & the Movies -
Gene Siskel: [reviewing "Stargate"] Do you know that the budget, supposedly, of this picture was fifty-five million dollars? Roger Ebert:
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36 Stargate (movie) - Wikiwand
Stargate is a 1994 science fiction movie, starring Kurt Russell as Colonel Jonathan ... which was nearly four times higher than its budget of $55 million.
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37 Film review: Stargate - Deseret News
Essentially a big-budget B-movie, "Stargate" has the distinction of being the first sci-fi biblical epic.
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38 The Untold Truth Of Stargate SG-1 - Looper
At the time, "Stargate" was also the largest October opening film, and with a production budget of $55 million, the movie profited nicely ...
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39 Stargate SG-1: Season 1, Vol. 1 [DVD] - Best Buy
The budget limitations of the television show are apparent in the DVD transfers -- the production has a definite lack of gloss, to the point of looking a bit ...
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40 Through a Gate to the Far Side of the Universe: A TV Series
Will Joyner reviews new television program Stargate SG-1, ... A television series, with a lower budget, can't be expected to achieve its ...
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41 Episode Review of "Stargate SG-1" Season 9: "The Ties That ...
General Landry is trying to keep the Appropriations Committee from drastically lowering the SGC's budget in favor of funding Atlantis ...
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42 Q: What was the budget of "Stargate: Continuum"? - Theiapolis
Let's compare this budget to those of other films over time: Well, "Stargate: Continuum" was released 14 ago. So, if we take into consideration inflation, $7.0 ...
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43 Stargate SG-1 season 8 | Manifesto Multilinko 2
In fairness to the cast and crew as well, in this season they not only have a reduced budget and changed character mix, but they're also ...
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44 Stargate - SFE - SF Encyclopedia
Entertaining, spectacular, big-budget ($55 million, 1900 extras) Science-Fantasy epic, designed to appeal to a similar audience to those of Steven ...
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45 Stargate Atlantis Novels by Martha Wells - Reviews
Reliquary feels like a particularly well-written episode of Stargate: Atlantis, produced with a planet-sized special effects budget, and yet I think the ...
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46 andromeda budget | Science Fiction & Fantasy forum
A little more than B5, less than Hercules or Xena or Stargate. Far, far less than Voyager or DS9. Not even in the same zipcode as ER. But in today's syndie ...
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47 20 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Stargate
Even a big budget movie needs to save money where it can, and who needs extras when you can use mannequins?! Many of the crowd scenes featured ...
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48 stargate charter school - financial statements - Amazon S3
Stargate School adopts an annual budget for the general fund. A budgetary comparison has been provided to demonstrate compliance with the ...
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49 Joe Flanigan tried to buy the Stargate franchise
I always liked the television Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. ... China will raise defense budget by about 7% in 2017 with official ...
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50 David Hewlett and Brad Wright Talk Stargate Atlantis and the ...
In it, the co-creator of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe reveals details of an unmade Stargate movie that would have ...
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51 Stargate Manor Arboretum-Executive Director of Horticulture ...
Develops Department Budgets - Responsible for developing one or more departmental budget(s). Estimated amount of budgetary responsibility ...
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52 Stargate Universe: Producer Joseph Mallozzi on storytelling
And to me, getting off the ship is easier said than done. Even though the Universe budget was healthier than Atlantis or SG-1, you would eat up ...
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53 stargate - definition and meaning - Wordnik
› words › stargate
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54 Dean Devlin Cut Ties with Independence Day & Stargate
Independence Day and Stargate movie screenwriter/producer Dean Devlin ... multiple TV series spinoffs for Stargate, and a big-budget movie ...
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55 Stargate - Where to Watch and Stream - TV Guide
Find out how to watch Stargate. Stream Stargate, watch trailers, see the cast, and more at TV Guide.
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56 Stargate Sg1 - AliExpress
With a wide range to choose from, you can find the good stargate to suit your budget. You can find good quality brands of stargate in AliExpress.
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57 Director of Finance - Stargate Charter School - Paylocity
The job responsibilities include directing and managing all finance functions involved with: accounting, budgeting, grants management, payroll, purchasing, risk ...
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58 Home — Stargate
Stargate is an ambitious project selected by the European Commission to prove that a more ... resulting in a total budget of just over 31 million euros.
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59 September 12, 2013: Whither Stargate?
The Lone Ranger ($215 million dollar production budget), ... Big budgets aside, the Stargate franchise is much like Star Trek in that it has ...
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60 Episode 24 - Hey Lois, Remember When We Were On Stargate?
... let's go, it's time for a budget audit by a very grumpy Republican senator arguing in bad faith and trying to get the SGC shut down.
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61 Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
One of the nice things about sci-fi table-top roleplaying games is that your experience has an infinite budget.
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62 Stargate's Staying Power… or 25 Years of Kawoosh
On this date in 1997, the TV show Stargate SG-1 premiered. ... and found it to be a perfectly adequate “Doctor Who story with a budget”).
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63 Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] - eBay
The cast is amazing and the writing and special effects are on par with the very best high budget movie work and this is only a TV series. It was a very sad day ...
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64 25 years later, 'Stargate' is still worth stepping into | Datebook
James Spader (left) and Kurt Russell in the film “Stargate. ... proceedings a scope that belies the relatively meager $55 million budget, ...
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65 Stargate SG-1 - TV Show Reviews - Metacritic
Metacritic TV Reviews, Stargate SG-1, This sequel to the 1994 feature film ... budget, can't be expected to achieve its impact in that way, but Stargate ...
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66 EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. Introduces StarGate Dispatch ...
And, StarGate provides a graceful migration path from analog to P25 that fits customer budgets and provides uninterrupted operations.
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67 Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series | PopMatters
The actors were mostly unknowns, which effectively dispelled any preconceived notions about the roles. With a $5 million budget, the action-packed debut used ...
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68 Stargate Jobs, Employment |
10 Stargate jobs available on Apply to Server, System Engineer, Program Analyst and more!
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69 Costumes: Designer Christine Mooney-Stargate SG-1
They sculpt and cast and create whatever our hearts desire, and budget and time will allow.BTL: What is the biggest challenge you face designing costumes ...
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70 Stargate SG-1, does it get better? - The RPF
Don't let the "bottle shows" and the alien mud village of the week put you off- What they'd do, would be make several really low budget eps, ...
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71 Stargate Universe's aliens are, well, alien | TechCrunch
The story line of SG-1 and Atlantis of course supported the creative (and budget) decision, but SGU is different.
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It didn't take long for the two to combine the stories in "Stargate," the big-budget sci-fi film starring James Spader, Kurt Russell and ...
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73 Stargate Origins: A Welcome Surprise - Three If By Space
This low-budget prequel to the Stargate story is surprisingly good with a solid story, spot-on acting, and production values that exceed the often limited ...
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74 Stargate Reboot Reportedly In Early Development
Stargate. When people think of Roland Emmerich, their minds will instantly wander to his mega budget disaster epics that pulled in massive ...
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75 Buy Stargate SG-1, Season 1 - Microsoft Store
Stargate SG-I the television series, picks up where the blockbuster film left off. Colonel Jack O'Neill (RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON) and his SG-1 team; ...
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76 Stargate Writer Dean Devlin Admits One Funny Thing He ...
Sometime it's hard to believe it's been more than 25 years since Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich found the budget to make Stargate, ...
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77 Development on a new Stargate TV series is "progressing ...
It's been ages since we've seen anything about the Stargate franchise, ... but a bigger sized production with a budget on par with Stargate ...
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Their paths cross in "StarGate," a big-budget science-fiction thriller, which opened yesterday in movie theaters.
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79 Stargate Cast Reunion With AI Version 2.0 - Exclusive Trailer
IGN Middle East
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STARGATE BUDGET · Document Type: CREST · Collection: STARGATE · Document Number (FOIA) /ESDN (CREST):. CIA-RDP96-00789R002600150011-6 · Release Decision: RIPPUB.
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81 STAR GATE [Controlled Remote Viewing]
... total contractor budget and 85% of the program's data collection. ... claims to have left Stargate in 1984 with a Legion of Merit Award ...
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82 Stargate Origins: Episodes 8-10 and #StargateRising
Connor Trinneer did great work as Dr. Langford, and his steady presence stood out against the hammy Nazis. You don't need a giant budget to make ...
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83 Opening Hyperspace Window by Euderion on DeviantArt
A first Version of my Stargate Hatak vessel from Anubis. I refitet the ship later with more details. Its made for a very low budget Stargate ...
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84 Stargate Sg-1 S06E14 Smoke & Mirrors - video Dailymotion
Stargate Sg-1
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85 Budgets und "Universe" - Stargate-Project
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86 Modern Sci-Fi Films FAQ: All That's Left to Know About ...
The studios would only pony up $55 million to budget Stargate. Accepting the challenge, Emmerich knew he would have to keep a close watch on the effects in ...
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87 Mass Producing European Cinema: Studiocanal and Its Works
... it would have to cost about $89 million to equal Stargate's budget when inflation is factored in.4 ) Stargate was thus the most ambitious project that ...
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88 Stepping Through The Stargate: Science, Archaeology And The ...
Science, Archaeology And The Military In Stargate Sg1 P. N. Elrod, ... to come to some sort of realistic number for our visual effects budget.
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89 Jason Momoa's Net Worth (2022) From Aquaman, Dune, GoT
... for his pay rate depends on the size of his role and the project's budget. ... How much did Jason Momoa make from Stargate: Atlantis?
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90 | The Largest Online Store for Cool Posters ...

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91 Stargate SG-1, Décision politique, S01E21, le vendredi 02 ...
Le gouvernement américain envoie un sénateur, chargé du budget, comme émissaire à la base Stargate, dirigée par le général Hammond. Il prévient SG-1 que, ...
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92 Stargate SG1 Compendium - Page 22 - Google Books Result
... that typically plague cities that experience tremendous growth like overcrowded roads and highways, crime, sprawl, and government budget issues.
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