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1 puppetlabs/apache - Puppet Forge
The Apache module allows you to set up virtual hosts and manage web services with minimal effort. ... Apache is a widely-used web server, and this module provides ...
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2 Puppet Class: apache — Documentation for simp/puppetlabs ...
The apache module allows a lot of flexibility in the setup and configuration of virtual hosts. ... Determines whether Puppet manages the docroot directory.
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3 Creating Apache virtual hosts | Puppet 3 Cookbook
Apache virtual hosts are an ideal place to use Puppet templates, because they generally consist of boilerplate code with just a few different bits of ...
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4 Managing Apache servers - Puppet Cookbook - O'Reilly
We'll install and use the puppetlabs-apache module to install and start Apache. This time, when we run puppet module install , we'll use the -i option to ...
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5 How can I disable apache mods using puppet apache module
Can you explain your scenario a bit? the puppetlabs apache module contains a convenience class for enabling the rewrite module. include apache:: ...
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6 Module Index - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4
core: Core Apache HTTP Server features that are always available ... of directives that are implemented by more than one multi-processing module (MPM) ...
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7 recipe -
I did a quick google to see if anyone had any recipes published. On the puppet wiki there is a recipe for Apache on Etch, but their module portion installs ...
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8 Puppet with Amazon AWS on CentOS 7 (II) - 2020
[centos@puppet:environments]$ sudo /usr/local/bin/passenger-install-apache2-module Welcome to the Phusion Passenger Apache 2 module installer, v5.0.18.
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9 Getting Started With Puppet Code: Manifests and Modules
Now let's edit our main manifest so it uses the new modules to install our LAMP stack. ... The apache module can be passed parameters that ...
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10 Puppet Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka | DevOps Rewind - 2
Sep 16, 2021
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11 Configure puppet to install particular Apache version from PPA
Don't add Package['apache2'] to your apt module, that doesn't make any sense. It should be in a apache2 module.
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12 Setup Recipes - AWS OpsWorks
The apache2 recipe (which is shorthand for apache2::default ) is an AWS OpsWorks Stacks built-in recipe that installs and configures an Apache server.
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13 Chef vs. Puppet: Methodologies, Concepts, and Support
In Puppet, you create manifests and modules, while in Chef you deal with recipes and cookbooks. Manifests and recipes usually describe single ...
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14 Dependency cycles, please help. - Google Groups
to Hi, I'm having trouble writing a recipe to handle apache/passenger. First, here is my apache2 class, ...
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15 Recipe for Apache2 on Debian (Etch)
Hi Tim, *! Thank you for posting your nice apache2 recipe to the wiki! It's really good to see how others make things happen and a good example for others.
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16 Running Recipe for Puppet on Ubuntu 11.04 - Stack Overflow
I want to write a recipe to install Apache2 on my client. Can anybody tell me the link or a step by step creation process of a puppet recipe to install ...
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17 APACHE: override default vhost and default-ssl vhost
::apache::vhost 'default-ssl' and 'default' recipes so I could define ... in file /etc/puppetlabs/code/modules/apache/manifests/init.pp:398; ...
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18 Deploying a Python App with Puppet - USENIX
This recipe of Puppet code easily can be converted to your automatic deployment needs. ... puppet module install puppetlabs/apache. $ puppet module install ...
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19 Configure Apache Server and Deploy WordPress with Puppet
Puppet Modules · Firewall Configuration · SELinux Booleans · Configure NFS Client · Install Apache · Install WordPress from Our Custom Tarball.
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20 Apache Web Server on Debian 8 (Jessie) - Linode
List available Apache modules: sudo apt-cache search libapache2* · Install any desired modules: sudo apt-get install [module-name] · All mods are ...
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21 Typo in apache2-maintscript-helper causes MPM check to ...
This appears to trip up the Puppet apache module since it creates a prefork module (rather than mpm_prefork), which results in the above query ...
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22 Non-interactive, automatic, headless installs or upgrades
This is perfect in automated scenarios, e.g. when using Chef or Puppet, ... running an installer ( passenger-install-apache2-module ) which is interactive.
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23 Docs: Learning — Modules 1 - Puppet Labs - Huihoo
Exercise: Build an Apache2 module and class, which ensures Apache is installed and running and manages its config file. While you're at it, make Puppet ...
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24 Restart a service when a file changes - Puppet Cookbook
› posts › restart-a-se...
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25 Vagrant Provisioning with Puppet - Joaquín Menchaca (智裕)
In this part, we're going to create a Puppet module called hello_web that will install an Apache web server and copy over HTML content on Ubuntu system.
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26 Setting Up Open Source Puppet Master on CentOS 7
The Apache 2 module will be installed for you. 2. You'll learn how to configure Apache. 3. You'll learn how to deploy a Ruby on Rails ...
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27 Bug #13405: Passenger doesn't start with missing ... - Foreman
as given to you by 'passenger-install-apache2-module'. ... Refs #13405: Pin puppetlabs/apache module to 1.8.x.
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28 Vagrant | Programmatic Ponderings
I chose the puppetlabs-haproxy HAProxy module and the puppetlabs-apache Apache modules. Both modules were authored by Puppet Labs, and are available on ...
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29 Using Puppet to Manage NetApp Storage Infrastructure
developed an Apache 2–licensed Puppet module for managing the configuration of storage systems based on NetApp clustered Data ONTAP. This module is hosted ...
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30 Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- apache2 2.4.41§ion=all&arch=any&keywords=apache2+2.4.41&searchon=all
bionic (18.04LTS) (web): apache2 module for Kerberos authentication [universe] ... 5.5.0-2: all; jammy (22.04LTS) (admin): Puppet module for Apache [universe]
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31 Building manageable server infrastructures with Puppet: Part 3
A fully featured apache2 Puppet module has to take care of several aspects: it must ensure that certain software packages are installed, ...
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32 Deploying a Puppet Master Server on CentOS 6 - Serverlab
Disabling SELinux · Install the Puppet Repo · Install the Puppet Master · Install a Web Server for Puppet Agent Access · Prepare Puppet's Apache ...
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33 978-1-4302-6041-7.pdf - Springer
Apache virtual hosts, and their websites. We start with our module layout: root@pro-puppet4:/etc/puppet/modules# puppet module generate ...
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34 How to install mod_status on your Apache servers and enable ...
mod_status is an Apache module that helps to monitor web server load and current httpd connections with an HTML interface that can be ...
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35 Config manager plugins — Occopus v1.10 documentation
apache2 community recipe (available at Chef Supermarket) and its ... using server-free Puppet as a configuration management tool to deploy services.
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36 Configure modules | Filebeat Reference [8.5] - Elastic
yml config file, add entries to the filebeat.modules list. Each entry in the list begins with a dash (-) and is followed by settings for that module. The ...
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37 Learning Puppet - Super-Visions
Manifests — Start controlling your system by writing actual Puppet code. ... Exercise: Write and apply a manifest that will install the Apache package ...
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38 Apache JK module for connecting to Tomcat using AJP1X
› www › mod_jk
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39 tweet - Unixmen
Install Puppet Server CentOS 6.5/6.4 · Puppet · Add Puppet repository to your Centos Machine · Install the Puppet Master: · # Start Puppet-Server · # Download apache ...
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40 Puppet Cookbook | theassyrianblog -
The site.pp pulls in all of the puppet recipes ... If none match then the variable is set to the default value (apache2 in this case).
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41 Cooking your own configuration in the cloud - Abiquo
... such as Opscode Chef or Puppet, but a minimal infrastructure is usually ... cookbook definitions and install the Apache2 recipe on the deployed node.
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42 Puppet Cheat Sheet -
Install NTP · Install Puppet Master · Download apache (or other web server) and necessary dependencies · Install Rack/Passenger · passenger-install-apache2-module.
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43 Proper way of importing many manifest files with vhost ...
From the link you posted, the recommended way is to define the vhosts in classes and include those (in the node manifest or through an ENC), or manually ...
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44 Apache web server discovery - ServiceNow Docs
Discovery identifies and classifies information about Apache web servers on both Windows and Linux ... Add the must_sudo parameter to the Puppet probe.
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45 Reverse proxy - Apache - Jenkins
mod_proxy works by making Apache perform "reverse proxy" — when a request ... The Apache mod_rewrite module can be used to configure an Apache reverse proxy ...
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46 Chef Apply - Provisioning | Vagrant - HashiCorp Developer
This causes Vagrant to run Chef Apply with the given recipe contents. If you are familiar with Chef, you know this will install the apache2 package from the ...
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47 Historical errata for Deploying Rails - Pragmatic Bookshelf
› cms › errata › cbdepra-errata
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48 Category Archives: Puppet - 42
The reason for this package, is that when trying to compile the passenger apache module (passenger-install-apache2-module), the script will ...
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49 Puppet: managing (lots of) Apache VirtualHosts
apache-2.2configuration-managementpuppetvirtualhost ... config in puppet but it shouldn't be a problem, there are many examples and recipes out there.
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50 Puppet 3.7 install tutorial on CentOS 7
[root@puppetserver]# passenger-install-apache2-module. [root@puppetserver]# mkdir -p /usr/share/puppet/rack/puppetmasterd.
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51 salt.modules.apache - Salt Project Documentation
The functions in here are generic functions designed to work with all implementations of Apache. Debian-specific functions have been moved into ...
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52 General questions about provision/kickstart! - Chef Questions
I would look at cobbler vs. foreman for provisioning and Chef vs. puppet for CM. ... example, it makes sense for an Apache cookbook (
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53 Using Chef to Automatically Configure New EC2 Instances
This is a follow up post to my post about using Puppet to get the same ... like installing apache) and roles (which map recipes to nodes), ...
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54 Chef vs Puppet - UpGuard
Chef Features and Highlights · Chef Server: the main hub where Chef propagates and stores system configuration information and policies (i.e., recipes and ...
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55 Licensing - Software Heritage Wiki
... puppet: Apache License, version 2 (Apache2) for Puppet recipes. See the license of specific software modules for details.
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56 Agenda:- DevOps Tools Chef Jenkins Puppet Apache Ant ...
4 Chef Chef is an extremely popular tool among DevOps engineers. From IT automation to configuration management, Chef relies on recipes and resources so you can ...
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57 Puppet Tutorial for Beginners: What is Puppet & How to Use?
It is available directly from Puppet's website and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 system. Puppet Enterprise: Commercial version that offers ...
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58 CentOS 6 + Puppet 2.7 + mCollective + Foreman + RabbitMQ ...
CentOS 6 + Puppet 2.7 + mCollective + Foreman + RabbitMQ + Apache + ... Install Apache Passenger module; passenger-install-apache2-module - ...
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59 Filebeat and Apache Module
I have followed the guide here, and have got the Apache2 filebeat module up and ... Beginning with filebeat. filebeat can be installed with puppet module ...
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60 Hosting with Puppet - Design | Unknown and partly hidden
Two years ago I was a small time Cfengine user moving to Puppet on a ... not a good reason to bundle PHP management into the apache2 module.
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61 Automating the Virtual host creation process
Here the recipe involves using sed to replace a variable of the form ... example of using Puppet, with the PuppetLabs Apache module, ...
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62 Deploying sudo rules via puppet, the Kumina way « Kumina | Blog
... own services on their development environment. To be able to do this we made a puppet module. ... %devs ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
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63 apache – home@dennis
For whatever reason, this is neither supported in the fairly official Apache module nor via a puppet user resource – or it isn't documented well.
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64 Mezuro / Colab | GitLab - Software Público
+Basic module for configuring nginx via puppet. 7, +. 8, +Based in part on apache2 module code by Sam Quigley <sq@wesabe.
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65 Refactoring Your Recipe for Cross-Distribution - Cloud Academy
We will make the cookbook capable of running on either a Redhat or Debian based Linux distribution. We will also add code to ensure that the Apache service ...
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66 puppet | Keymon's snippets and brushstrokes -
Setting puppetmaster and puppet-dashboard with passenger in a Debian Apache server using 'puppet' user. · Using a custom or different user, not www-data and root ...
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67 Issues Puppet - Zenodo
After investigation, we found the following log message in /var/log/httpd/error_log mpm_prefox is configured by the puppet-apache module with the following ...
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68 Apache mod expires and Puppet Syntax - TeamJuchems
mod_expires must not be used that much, although it seems essential to me, because even in the modules README file in the pulled down module ...
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69 puppet | Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice
Posts about puppet written by mestachs. ... /Rvm ::Passenger::Apache::Ubuntu::Post /Exec [passenger- install -apache2-module]: Evaluated in 43.45 seconds.
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70 Puppet
Puppet configuration management and changes control system ... Manifest are recipes that Puppet uses to build ... apache2 is not installed yet.
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71 Red Hat Satellite 5 and 6 Puppet Guide
Installation of Puppet Master Apache Rack Application ... There is 4 distinct locations that you can enable a puppet module (class) within ...
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72 Detecting Missing Dependencies and Notifiers in Puppet ...
The code above indicates that the apache2 package should be ... is taken from a real-world Puppet module [12], which defines.
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73 Environment creation - Grid5000
3 Creating an environment from a recipe using kameleon. 3.1 Preparing the workspace to use ... Then we create a new Puppet module apache2: ...
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74 Chef - Datadog Docs
The Datadog Chef cookbook is available to automate your Datadog Agent ... In this example, the datadog::apache recipe was added to the run list along with ...
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75 Developing with Vagrant - Part 2 - Gordon Lesti
It's better to use chef or puppet. I did use chef, but I can't say why. ... The next one is cookbooks/apache2/recipes/default.rb.
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76 Puppet: What _not_ to do - SlideShare
Walter Heck's presentation on "Puppet: what _not_ to do: An interactive ... #wordpress class shouldn't touch apache, should be a different module; 19.
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77 Configure Linux using Puppet - Middleware Snippets
We can also install modules, for example, puppet module install puppetlabs-apache that installs the module from Puppet Forge (in this case ...
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78 Chef Tutorial: Understanding Structure of a Chef Cookbook
For example, a cookbook for Apache or Nginx web server will have all the ... then you can compare chef cookbooks to puppet modules.
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79 DebianSqueezeInstallGuide - Request Tracker Wiki
Or one can use the puppet-rt module to do this work. puppetforge ... aptitude install rt4-apache2 aptitude install request-tracker4.
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80 Puppetize the creation of the puppetmaster server - Drupal
DrupalCI: Puppet Scripts (Modernizing Testbot Initiative) ... yum install openssl-devel sudo passenger-install-apache2-module sudo mkdir -p ...
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81 60 Recipes for Apache CloudStack
You can now start playing with Chef cookbooks, Puppet recipes, and Ansible playbooks, and automate the configuration of your cloud instances. I would be remiss ...
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82 Puppet, Instillation - The UNIX and Linux Forums
Can not complete the installation of a puppet server on a Linux box. Code: bash: passenger-install-apache2-module: command not found.
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83 How to Setup Open Source Puppet Server and Puppet Agent ...
[root@puppet-server ~]# passenger-install-apache2-module. At the end of the installation you will get this message. So change your puppetmaster config file ...
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84 First book to discuss: Pro Puppet - Standalone-SysAdmin
With something like puppet, you'd say “ensure apache2 => running”. ... You'll learn how to create Puppet recipes, extend Puppet, and use Facter to gather ...
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85 July | 2013 - Robin Osborne
2. Tidy it up a bit ; 1, include_recipe "apache2" ; 2, include_recipe "apache2::mod_php5" ; 3 ; 4, # call "web_app" from the apache recipe ...
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86 Using Chef to Install NGINX and NGINX Plus
DO NOT RUN NOW: example to show error ~/chef-zero/playground/cookbooks$ knife cookbook upload * Uploading apache2 [1.0.0] Uploading apt ...
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87 Puppet 5 Cookbook: Jump start your Puppet 5.x deployment ...
Installing the puppetlabs-apache module from the Forge causes both puppetlabsconcat and puppetlabs-stdlib to be installed into our modules directory.
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88 Chef Cookbook Testing Tutorial - Getting Started Guide
Let's start writing our recipes to make these test pass. open the default.rb recipe and add the apache package recipe. package "apache2" do ...
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89 Learn How to Use Chef to Configure a Vagrant Environment
Among the tools Chef and Puppet will use software existing on the node to manage ... Search for apache2 cookbook and follow the link to get ...
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90 Salt: Like Puppet, Except It Doesn't Suck - Hacker News
File '/etc/apache2/sites-available/customersite' should be the contents of this file we have on the master server.
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91 Web Development Recipes - Google Books Result
This is a handy tool for configuration files such as Apache2 configs and SSL certificates. The service block tells Puppet to check to see that a service ...
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92 Puppet 3 Cookbook - Google Books Result
Creating Apache virtu al hosts Apache virtual hosts are an ideal place to use Puppet templates, because they generally consist of boilerplate code with just ...
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93 Puppet Documentation - Index of /
Module Cheat Sheet — A one-page reference to Puppet module layout, ... web server for the Puppet master, using Passenger and Apache.
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94 Pro Puppet - Page 101 - Google Books Result
Note □ in listing 4-3 we've added another parameter to the puppet resource ... pro-puppet-master-centos ~]# passenger-install-apache2-module The output of ...
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