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1 8 - How do I get the current destination URL query parameter?
You can use path() function with '<current>' pseudo URI to generate current page relative URL. For example:
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2 drupal_get_destination | | Drupal 8.2.x
Prepares a 'destination' URL query parameter. Used to direct the user back to the referring page after completing a form. By default the current URL is returned ...
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3 get the current value of a destination field [#2904497] - Drupal
Hello, I need to compare the current value of the destination field with the value of the source field. How can I do that?
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4 Support current page language in destination redirect URL ...
Currently, after the OpenID login user gets redirected to the same URL but the user's site language doesn't persist if it's other than the ...
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5 How to add a "?destination=URL" to the request new ... - Drupal
When you want to set the current page as a destination target to redirect the user back to the current page, you can use drupal_get_destination() ...
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6 Redirect destination not working [#3231726] - Drupal
Problem/Motivation When redirecting to the current page with tag as described in the redirect destination field is not working.
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7 Explore the possiblity of using destination query parameter ...
query ?current= not work for me. ?destination= OK. D:8.7.10 So I in login_destination.module As a result, everything works ...
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8 the check if the destination path exist always use the current ...
The Drupal 10 readiness team holds meetings every Monday at 18:00 UTC in #d10readiness on Drupal Slack. Join the channel to discuss questions ...
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9 Menu Link Destination |
Either to the destination query parameter from the current page URL, if any,; Or to the current page URL if the URL contains no destination ...
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10 Store current page to redirect back to after following login link ...
There is no destination nor current parameter being added to the "Log in" menu link (e.g. making it /user/login?current=node/27 ) Nor, ...
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11 Issues for Login Destination |
› project › login_destination
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12 Create a hook to set the destination path after authentication.
Check out the Drupal 10 page to learn about all of the new features. ... There is currently not an easy to way to set the destination path ...
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13 add an option to add the current page as a query destination
This can be done by adding a 'destination' to the link URL. Comment, File, Size, Author. #11 · views_linkarea ...
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14 Forward a destination query parameter on entity add pages
Drupal 10 is expected to launch on 14 December! ... Currently, however, the destination query parameter does not make sense for entities ...
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15 getAsArray | RedirectDestinationInterface.php | Drupal 9.0.x
destination: The value of the current request's 'destination' query parameter, if present. This can be either a relative or absolute URL. However, for security, ...
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16 Support for destination query parameter [#3022086] |
Currently the openid_connect does not support the destination query parameter when used on the login page. I will provide a patch that moves the ...
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17 drupal_get_destination | | Drupal 7.x
Used to direct the user back to the referring page after completing a form. By default the current URL is returned. If a destination exists in ...
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18 Create a "setDestination" method on \Drupal\Core\Url to make ...
Problem/Motivation Currently to the set the destination to the current page,very common, you have to do: $url->setOption('query', ...
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19 RedirectDestination.php | Drupal 8.2.x
class RedirectDestination ; File. core/lib/Drupal/Core/Routing/RedirectDestination.php, line 11 ; Members · The destination used by the current request.
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20 Login Destination |
You may use PHP snippets to provide custom conditions and destinations. It is also possible to keep users on the currently visited page after ...
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21 If destination is empty, automatically return to current page
I currently create my own menu with aliased URLs to the themes I use. For example: Menu item: Blue Location: theme/blue However, ...
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22 Use destination parameter if present for redirect [#3252639]
Thank you to these Drupal contributors ... Top Drupal contributor Acquia would like to thank their partners for their contributions to Drupal.
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23 getDestinationArray | RedirectDestinationTrait.php | Drupal 8.3.x
destination: The value of the current request's 'destination' query parameter, if present. This can be either a relative or absolute URL.
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24 User Login Persistent Destination |
You redirect anonymous users to the login page, when they try to access a page they are not authorized to view and add the "destination" query ...
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25 User Login Persistent Destination in drupal - CodimTh
$destination = \Drupal::request()->query->get('destination'); if (empty($destination)) { // No destination set for current request - we can ...
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26 User Default Page or Login Destination for login redirects in ...
The Drupal modules User Default Page and Login Destination allow you to customize the destination that a user is redirected to after logging ...
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27 drupal_get_destination | | Drupal 9.x | Hostdog docs
Used to direct the user back to the referring page after completing a form. By default the current URL is returned. If a destination exists in the previous ...
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28 Get the current page URI programmatically on Drupal 8?
current')->getPath(); $result = \Drupal::service('path_alias.manager')->getAliasByPath($current_path); //Get the url of the request for ...
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29 How do you get the current destination URL query parameter ...
Roel Van de Paar
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30 Rendering a Drupal 8 Link with Anchor and Destination
* Add edit link with a destination of the current page with a node id anchor. *. * @DsField(. * id = "mymodule_edit_destination_node_id_anchor",.
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31 How to redirect after login in drupal 9 without any module?
You can change the url by adding the destination-parameter to your login-url: And maybe you ...
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32 Drupal 8: Redirect to page from Event Subscriber with ...
Redirect using URL::fromRoute with destination query ... $current_path = \Drupal::service('path.current')->getPath(); $url = \Drupal\Core\Url:: ...
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33 Drupal migrations reference: List of configuration options for ...
For each migrate destination plugin we will present: the module that provides it, the class that defines it, the class that the plugin extends, ...
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34 Smart Login/Logout Links | UCSF Drupal Web Hosting
Smart links automatically append “?destination=current/drupal/path” to your links in an attempt to return the user to the same page they're currently on.
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35 Redirect Users After Login to the Page They Were Viewing in ...
It a very small module that just does one thing and it does it well: it appends destination=/current/page to all the links pointing to ...
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36 How to redirect a user after login in Drupal the proper way
Automatically redirecting a user after logging into your Drupal website is a common requirement. In Drupal 7, you would probably have used ...
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37 Drupal 9: Programmatically Creating And Using URLs And Links
This object is an important starting point when looking for URL information as it's a good way of getting the current path, host, or other ...
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38 Login Destination module Drupal 8 port - GitHub
Note that if you provide your own login/logout links you have to add the 'current' GET parameter to them so Login Destination knows where your users come from.
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39 Drupal 9 Migration Challenges: Tales from the Drupal 8 Crypt
... module has source plugins for the current version of Drupal but these are only used for reading data from the destination site.
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40 Destination - Drupal Migrate
Destination plugin that loads an entity and adds a new value for the selected field then saves the entity. It is useful when your migration want to modify ...
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41 Link to/within a page | UVM Drupal Web Guide
Anchors in Drupal · Identify the destination by using the anchor button . Give it a simple name, ie: "link_info1" · Identify the content you will link from and ...
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42 How to prefill a webform field based on the node/URL being ...
When a visitor would fill in the form the destination would have to be ... Drupal will now look for an ID from the unaliased URL (such as /node/87) and use ...
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43 Taking control of your Drupal site's login destination - InterWorks
Don't do it. With the current release of Login Destination (6.x-2.3 at the time of writing), it doesn't function as you'd expect. In my ...
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44 Drupal 9 Migration Checklist - TheDropTimes
Only migrations of modules installed on both the source and destination site will be executed. So, ensure that you first enable all core and ...
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45 Drupal Enterprise: Moving to Drupal: Content Audit | IT@UMN
Current URL: This is the path to this page on the current website. Owner: This is the person within your organization who will take or be assigned ...
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46 Core drush commands
--destination Specify where the Drupal site should be expanded, including the docroot. Defaults to the current working directory. --overwrite Allow drush to ...
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47 How to redirect after a Drupal form by the way you link to the ...
Thanks for sharing this snippet on building login/register links in the Drupal way to include current path as destination! reply. Post new ...
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48 drupal_redirect_form | | Drupal 7.x - API
This function figures out what that destination should be, ... or the current path if it is not. drupal_goto() preferentially uses the value of ...
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Make sure to use the sql-drop command to drop the current database first and then run the sql-cli command to import data to Drupal's current database.
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50 Drupal 8 - Migrate Content from D6 - KEBOCA
... then transforms the given data to load it into a destination: ... to restore Drupal 6 database into the same server where the current Drupal 8 database ...
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51 Five ways of using the path twig function for route links in ...
Five ways of using the path twig function for route links in drupal 8, 9 or 10 ... {{ 'View node page'|t }}</a> {# Add a destination query parameter.
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52 drupal 8 get current url with parameters - Remax App
This path will be the Drupal path of the current page (the equivalent of ... nid of the node. html. current') Prepares a 'destination' URL query parameter ...
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53 Migrating Drupal 7 Files into Drupal 8 / 9 Media entities
› articles › migrating...
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54 Recipe to migrate Drupal 7 Organic Groups to Drupal 9 Group
After importing everything from a standard drupal migration from ... $destination_property * The destination property currently worked on.
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55 drupal 8 get current url with parameters -
2022 г. twig {# /** * @file * Get the current URL path via Drupal 8 route name ... via the destination query string or, if not available, the current path.
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56 Drupal 8: Form redirection on submit. How to ... - Pixelthis
› content › drupal-8-form-redirectio...
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57 Drupal_get_destination - Drupal 8 - W3cubDocs
Prepares a 'destination' URL query parameter. Used to direct the user back to the referring page after completing a form. By default the current URL is ...
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58 How to generate Drupal 8/9 URL path by route name in twig
<a href="{{ path('user.login', {}, {'query': {'destination': path('<current>') }}) }}">{{ 'View node page'|t }}</a>.
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59 Introduction to Migrations with Drupal | Drupal 8, Drupal 9
We use the word "migration" as a generic term for any process that seeks to take data from some source external to the current Drupal site ...
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60 Drush: Introduction
A command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.
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61 How Drupal's Preview Works - Brian Perry
Surprise number two was that the form state of the current node edit form is what is stored in the tempstore, not the node entity itself. As we' ...
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62 Redirecting (destination after submit) from a system settings ...
return l(t('My link'), 'admin/config/my_form', array('query' => array('destination' => 'my/destination/url));. None of them works. Drupal just rebuilds the form ...
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63 About Drupal - South Dakota State University
The process included evaluating the current content management system (CMS) by developing key criteria for a quality website, evaluating usability test results ...
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64 After login redirect to previous page in drupal
drupal_goto( 'user/login',drupal_get_destination() ); if you want to set destination from url than set destination of current page $dest= ...
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65 How to Migrate to Drupal 8 from a SQL source in 6 Simple Steps
1. Create a custom module for the migration. 2. Reference the source database. 3. Define the migration YML and map the identified Drupal fields.
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66 How to Upgrade Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 - Cloudways
First of all, make a list of all the contributed modules on your current website. Next, check whether these modules have a Drupal 8 ...
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67 Picking The Right Drupal Migration Strategy - Axelerant
If such a field is not present in the source, we could devise another such field as long as it indicates (linearly) that a source content has ...
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68 Port your sites to Drupal 9 - Softescu
See ( ... \Drupal::service('file_system'); // Build a destination URI if ...
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69 Using MigratePostRowSave Event to append data to a ...
The migrate system in Drupal 8 is very powerful. ... The migration yaml only processes 1 source to 1 destination for an entity.
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70 How to add multiple modal links to one table cell | Change(b)log
... Redirect back to current page after submitting the modal form. 'query' => [; 'destination' => \Drupal::service('path.current')->getPath(),; ] ...
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71 How to build a new source for Drupal Migrate 8
JSON? Direct connection to a custom DB?), then one of the classes for the destination (is it a content type? Taxonomy term?). Then you add ...
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72 A preview of the breaking changes in Drupal 9 - QED42
Following is a list of major APIs which were deprecated in Drupal 8 and will be removed in Drupal 9.0.0. That means if your code contains any of ...
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They look like any other migration definition, with their destination as ... Helper method to check if the current migration has redirects in its source.
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74 Sample Content for Local Dev and Testing With Drupal 8 Core ...
The Current State of Demo Content. (Update October 30, 2020) It has been brought to my attention that I did indeed miss a contributed module ...
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75 Migrating Drupal 7 redirects to Drupal 8 - ActiveLAMP
› blog › migrating-drupal-8-redi...
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76 Drupal 8 Composer Best Practices - Lullabot
For most cases, that would download the most recent stable version of the Devel module that is compatible with your version of Drupal and PHP.
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77 How to use Drupal 8's off-canvas dialog in your modules
To have the form redirect to the current page a destination value must be added to the query string of the link. Redirecting the form to the ...
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78 Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 migration with configuration entities
Since Drupal 8.5.0, the migrate system is stable, so this is a great time to review the ... drush config-export --destination=/tmp/migrate.
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79 Dynamic migrations using "templates" in Drupal 8
Destination plugins ( Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrateDestinationInterface ) are closely tied to the site being migrated into.
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80 Redirecting To A Specified Destination In A Drupal 8 Controller
In Drupal 7 it was quite easy to redirect a visitor to a specified destination using the destination parameter and drupal_goto() .
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81 Creating Links Within Twig Templates Using path() and url()
In Drupal 7 and versions prior, we used paths to define destinations for our content, APIs, etc. In Drupal 8, these are abstracted into routes.
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82 Drupal Tips: Redirecting after Drupal form submission using ...
So any form submission from a Drupal page with additional ... follows to use set $form_state['redirect'] with the current URL with the query ...
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83 Drupal Configuration Management for Multi-site - Evolving Web
1 - Add the Config Installer Profile $ drush dl config_installer · 2 - Create config directory for exporting your current config $ mkdir config.
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84 A Developer's Walkthrough of the Drupal 8 Migrate Module ...
migration_lookup – Looks up an entity based on an ID from a source to a destination; skip_on_empty – Skips the current field or row if the value ...
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85 Migrate your Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9 - Antistatique
The source; The destination; The fields. Let's see how we created these migrations. Migration source file.
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86 The Big Picture: Drupal 8 Migrate in Core - DrupalEasy
At the current time, the Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration is almost complete ... the source data, the "process pipeline", and the destination.
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87 Migrate Drupal WYSIWYG to Paragraphs - Redfin Solutions
How to build an automated migration that can intelligently divide ambiguous WYSIWYG content into your specific destination paragraphs.
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88 Manage URL Redirects using Redirect module in Drupal 8
The Redirect module lets you create and manage redirects using a simple user interface. Just define a source and destination and you're good to ...
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89 Scroll to destination anchors | Drupal 8 Project project Link : Scroll to destination anchors. Created : 2017-08-08. Last Update : 2017-08-08. Current Version : 8.x-1.0-alpha1
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90 Level Up Your Drupal 8 Configuration Management - Bounteous
On a recent project, I ran into a few situations where the off-the-shelf Drupal 8 configuration approach was too heavy-handed for us.
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91 Migrating to Drupal 8 -
provides a general API for all migrations · provides interfaces and base classes for all migration plugin components (source, destination, ...
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92 How to Rewrite the Output of Views Fields in Drupal
You can install the module via the Drupal admin area, or you can use Composer. ... The destination will be the files folder.
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93 Drupal Core Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-7602)
When submitting the node delete request, Drupal passes a “destination” parameter with a URL to redirect to when the deletion process ...
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94 Current Mission | Drupal - Sonejo
Where we are now: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. View Larger Map. >> NEXT DESTINATION. Share on Diaspora:.
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95 drupal 8 get current url with parameters after ? Code Example
drupal 8 get argument from url ; drupal 8 get current route name · drupal 8 get route name · drupal 8 get current route parameters · drupal 8 get page node ...
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96 CVE-2015-2749 drupal - Red Hat Bugzilla
Summary: CVE-2015-2749 drupal: several flaws in "destination" query ... to a new destination after completing an action on the current page.
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97 Drupal redirect after login
When you want to set the current page as a destination target to redirect the user back to the current page, you can use drupal_get_destination(). A good ...
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