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1 The Best Quiet Mufflers for Your Exhaust - Soundproof Living
Since Walker makes some of the best performance mufflers on the market, it's only fitting to start with an example of the manufacturer's ...
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2 Quiet Performance Muffler - HomeQN
Quieter mufflers are a trade-off with performance. Less noise often means a more restrictive airflow, creating greater backpressure. The result is less noise ...
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3 Quietest Performance Muffler in 2020 - 5besto
The Walker 21544 is one of the quietest performance mufflers you can find. It features an OE-style louvered tube technology that makes the sound quiet. The ...
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4 Quiet performance mufflers - LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird ...
If you want quiet STAY AWAY FROM THE MAGNAFLOW! Make a custom exhaust with the longest high flow resonator that can fit. I replaced the resonator on my ...
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5 QP (Quiet Performance) Internal Mufflers
Quiet as Stock Mufflers* • Meets Federal and California Sound Levels • 6.2% Fuel Mileage Increase (avg.) • 3% HORSEPOWER Gain.
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6 Is there such a thing as quiet performance mufflers
An X pipe can help quiet things, running exhaust tips all the way past the rear bumper. Putting the mufflers as far back as possible will really ...
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7 Diamond Eye Performance 51" Big Dog Quiet Tone Muffler
Either way, the Diamond Eye Big Dog 51" muffler may not be for everyone, but its a great solution for many. Many people have realized the very noticeable ...
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8 Good quiet aftermarket exhaust - Ranger-Forums
Generally speaking, noise canceling mufflers are energy canceling mufflers. Higher flow usually means higher noise levels. If you want stock quietness, go a ...
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9 Quiet Core Exhaust Insert - GSE Performance
If you want the performance of the GSE Exhaust System, but a little quieter order the Quiet Core Insert! Adding the GSE Performance exhaust is as easy as ...
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10 Walker Quiet-Flow Mufflers - JEGS High Performance
Quiet-Flow Replacement Mufflers run quieter and lasts longer than OE mufflers. Made from aluminized steel that delivers exceptional durability.
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11 Most quiet aftermarket exhaust? | 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum ...
stock is quietest. But quietest aftermarket is Borla/FP Touring. It comes with a stock-like resonator. I installed the Steeda H-pipe instead and ...
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12 who makes the quietest aftermarket exhaust | GOLFMK7
the volume is great as i want my car to be as quiet as possible, the problem is i really suck at welding and cant stand knowing i have this ...
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Here's the beef. The Quiet Series silencer is just that – much quieter than any aftermarket silencer we've ever tested. At idle, through ...
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14 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler - Walker Exhaust Systems
The only broad market muffler with 100% stainless steel, Walker Quiet-Flow SS Mufflers deliver longer life expectancy versus aluminized mufflers.
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15 Walker Quiet-Flow SS Muffler 22512 | O'Reilly Auto Parts
Walker Quiet-Flow SS Muffler ; Resonator Body Finish: Aluminized ; Muffler Body Length (mm): 533mm ; Muffler Body Width (mm): 247mm ; Muffler Inlet 1 Attachment ...
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16 The Silent Rider® ATV & UTV Exhaust Silencer | 1-866 ...
The Silent Rider® is an auxiliary muffler that when attached to your stock/OEM exhaust system quiets the popping noise of your ATV/UTV's stock muffler alone. It ...
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17 Good quiet performance muffler... - Honda Civic Forum
Well, I'd generally like to just weld on a good muffler that can quiet the noise rather than replacing anything. And when I looked up that Apexi WSII, it wasn't ...
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18 Does A Quiet Performance Muffler Exist?
Magnaflow Mufflers have a deep and strong sound that many customers enjoy. A lifetime warranty makes Magnaflow an easy choice for many people.
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19 Tip On How To Quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance?
› how-to-quiet-exhaust-witho...
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20 Recommend quiet performance muffler - Honda-Tech
magnaflow is awesome. not silent, but quiet compared to others :D. ilikehonda's Avatar. ilikehonda , 03-24 ...
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21 "Quiet" performance towing muffler for 2008 Silverado 5.3
I used several aftermarket exhaust including Borla, Flowmaster, Magnaflow and various no-name mufflers. if you want quiet, ...
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22 Quiet aftermarket exhaust, does it exist?
Re: Quiet aftermarket exhaust, does it exist? ... SuperTrapp makes "sound adjustable" mufflers. They have what they describe as super quite ...
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23 Opinions on quiet aftermarket muffler/exhaust : r/GolfGTI - Reddit
Opinions on quiet aftermarket muffler/exhaust. I just joined the GTI club 2 weeks ago. Traded a 2013 BRZ and bought a 2021 GTI SE and I ...
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24 Quiet performance exhaust???
If you're looking for a Cat-back system that will give you a moderate exhaust note and be easy on the ears then take a look at the Flowmaster ...
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25 2020 Grom quiet aftermarket exhaust
I have both the zero and megaphone from webike and they are both pretty quiet. Almost the same when listening. They both don't have the cats. I ...
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26 Best quiet performance muffler? | GMC Yukon Forum
Vibrant ultra quiets are awesome. Flopro also makes giant quiet mufflers. I have one on my Tahoe and it's almost stock quiet even with long tube ...
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27 Quiet Aftermarket Muffler | MR2 SpyderChat
Good lord! In that case my setup is EXTREMELY quiet. As long as its below 3000 its nearly passenger car quiet. When the wastage opens though I ...
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28 Empire Quiet Series Slip on Exhaust for Can Am Outlander-On ...
Empire Quiet Series Slip on Exhaust for Outlander offers great performance you expect from Empire Industries with a lighter exhaust note.
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29 QUIET BAFFLES - Freedom Performance Exhaust
An acoustically tuned metallic chamber. Freedom Performance exhaust quiet baffles cancel out louder sounds emanating from the exhaust while still allowing ...
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30 P1000 - Most Quiet Muffler | HONDASXS
I just bought a slightly used 2020 Pioneer 1000-5. It's much louder than I had expected. It looks like it has an aftermarket Muffler on it ...
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31 Quiet aftermarket exhaust - Kawasaki Forums
As far as I know, the FMF Q4 with the mega bomb header is the quietest setup you can get. The expansion chamber on the mega bomb acts like a little muffler and ...
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32 Aftermarket Muffler Buying Guide | MagnaFlow
Our MagnaFlow straight through mufflers feature a design which allows for comfortable cruising at low throttle positions while providing an ...
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33 Looking for QUIET muffler suggestions - Corvette Forum
Most car guys want better performance (louder) mufflers, so the "brand" name mufflers are likely going to be louder than you want. In my opinion ...
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34 How to quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance - Sellaband
How to quiet Exhaust Without Losing Performance · 1. Fix the Leakage: · 2. Upgrade to a new Muffler: · 3. Sound Proofing the Muffler: · 4. A Muffler ...
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35 Looking for a fairly quiet exhaust | Infiniti Q50 Forum
Generally speaking, the longer the muffler casing, the quieter it will. Similarly, the smaller the exhaust tubing (say 2.5" vs. 3"), the quieter ...
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36 Does anyone know what aftermarket full exhaust system is the ...
Depending how much quieter you want it, Bassani makes a quiet baffle, it's 2 1/4 instead of 2 1/2. Save Share. Reply Quote.
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37 Who has the quietest performance muffler
Spintech has several versions of their street mufflers that are now & quiet w/ great flow... RexSeven SuperDork 12/7/11 4:42 p.m.. If you have ...
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38 quiet performance exhaust ? | Chevrolet Cruze Forums
my question: is there such a thing as a relatively quiet performance exhaust ? reason i ask, i do love a loud exhaust on 4 banger, but not on ...
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39 Quiet aftermarket exhaust? - Jeep JK Wrangler - JK-Forum
Modified JK Tech - Quiet aftermarket exhaust? - I'd like to do AM exhaust. Not a huge fan of the louder ones anymore though. Looking for more of a sleeper.
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40 Walker Quiet-Flow Muffler | 1359929 - Pep Boys
Walker is the only aftermarket exhaust manufacturer in North America with the capability to combine industry-leading coverage with a direct fit OE-style ...
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41 How to Quiet ATV Exhaust Noise – Your 12 Best Options
Adding an aftermarket silencer muffler is a simple and effective way to get a noticeable quieter exhaust sound.
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42 Quiet Performance Exhaust? | Pontiac G8 Forum
If you want quiet and performance go with Kooks 1 7/8" LTs with kooks high flow cats + kooks midpipe and stock GT axlebacks. The system flows ...
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43 Walker 22100 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Oval Aluminized ...
Quiet-Flow™ Stainless Steel Oval Aluminized Exhaust Muffler (22100) by Walker®. Direct OE Replacement. Together with delivering OE-style sound, ...
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44 FMF Q4 (QUIET 4 STROKE) MUFFLER - Taco Moto Co.
FMF is the leader in high performance quiet technology and our Q4 (QUITE 4 STROKE) HEX is the next evolution in off road exhaust. The Q4 (QUITE 4 STROKE) ...
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45 Parts - Vortex Quiet Insert - 2" Long – biggunexhaust
The aftermarket exhaust is designed to allow more airflow to pass by significantly less restricted than the stock muffler does. Also, generally the mid pipe and ...
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46 Dirt IDS2 Quiet & Racing Series - Motorcycle - SuperTrapp
Our IDS2 Quiet & Racing Series Slip-Ons are arguably the most popular, tunable, lightweight Aluminum aftermarket exhaust for Dual Sport / Dirt bikes.
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47 Quiet muffler / exhaust system for 3rd Gen - Tacoma World
Hi everyone, I did a search without success.. I was trying to find recommendations on a QUIET aftermarket muffler or exhaust system, ...
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48 2017-2022 Can-Am Maverick X3 Quiet Trail Exhaust System
Treal Performance Full Quiet Trail 3-inch turbo back exhaust for the Maverick X3 will give you the best performance without being too loud.
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49 Quiet+performance exhaust = possible? - Ford F150 Forum
Nope, the volume of the muffler depends on the case length. Yes you can get a 5x8x14" muffler that will sound mean and loud all the way, but a ...
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50 Semi Truck Mufflers - Exhaust - Iowa 80 Chrome Shop
6"D Quiet Performance Internal Muffler ... For those who seek high performance, a semi truck high flow muffler can help reduce fuel ...
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51 Quiet exhaust ... with power? | 5thGenRams Forums
What are my options for a quiet exhaust that'll give me some better lungs? Anyone have this flowfx dual muffler? Will I get better performance ...
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52 Quiet exhaust? - Moto-Related - Vital MX,20/Quiet-exhaust,1366566
Literally any aftermarket pipe is quieter than stock kawi pipes. Ive got a PC Ti5 on mine and its pretty quiet. 2. 0. | Quote.
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53 Hi Performance QUIET exhaust - possible? -
The last piece is the catback. The stock unit is heavy and quiet. Any aftermarket exhaust will increase the volume and change the sound.
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54 Most Silent Aftermarket Muffler??? | Adventure Rider
You'll have a hard time finding any aftermarket exhaust that is quieter than the OEM unit. You may be able to take an aftermarket exhaust, ...
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55 Quietest and best performance exhaust. - NA M3 Forums
there's two quiet versions of the supersprint, street and sport. I have the sport. I couldn't tell you the weight differences between the two, ...
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56 Quiet Performance Exhaust - Raptor Forum
Anything after market it going to be louder. Less restriction = more noise. What you will want to look for is a how low or high the tone of your ...
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57 Quiet Aftermarket Exhaust? | Triumph Rat Motorcycle Forums
A little quieter would even be nice. Generally speaking, I believe that more HP means more noise, but I am forever hopeful. I have heard that ...
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58 2 Stage Quiet Mufflers | Burns Stainless
Our 2 stage mufflers are known in the industry as some of the best sound absorption mufflers available. They're famous for their tone and minimal back-pressure ...
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59 what is the most quiet exhaust? - Honda Accord Forum
RE: what is the most quiet exhaust? Apexi WS2 as mentioned and RS*R are probably the quietest as both mufflers utilize the chambered sound ...
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60 How to Quiet an Exhaust System - It Still Runs
Replace your tail pipes. Larger diameter tailpipes tend to be louder than smaller diameter tailpipes. Often larger tailpipes are added to increase performance.
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61 Good sounding quiet exhaust - MY350Z.COM
the nismo really isn't all that quiet, sure it may not be as bass-y as other exhausts, but you definitely can tell the exhaust is aftermarket.
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62 Best exhaust that is quiet. | Ford Mustang Forums -
Finishing my car up and looking for a quiet performance exhaust that doesn't "drone". I have a stroked forged short block, ported pi heads, ...
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63 Will Resonator quiet aftermarket muffler? - NASIOC
alot of times people install the resonator with the louvers facing away from the engine thinking they will get maximum flow but quiet exhaust ...
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64 Any full performance systems as quiet as stock? | Road Glide
The first thing you could do is to simply de-cat that stock pipe and just run it with the stock mufflers. ... I just put the 2-into-1 E series ...
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65 Ultra Quiet Twin Loop Exhaust - Polaris RZR XP 1000 - Titan ...
Sign Up for more Performance. Get email updates when you sign up on our newsletter for exclusive HMF exhausts and equipment built for over 300 different ATV and ...
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66 quietest aftermarket exhaust? - Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and ...
Blitz VS/VSR are quite quiet (O_o) with catless headers. Quietest exhaust will be Ace Laguna 90, but it has a center exit in place of foglight.
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67 Best Quiet Muffler - Third Generation F-Body Message Boards
Exhaust - Best Quiet Muffler - Hi everyone, My Walker Quiet Flow muffler is unravelling after twelve years of service and it is time to replace it.
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68 Quietest aftermarket exhaust? - Bimmerforums
magnaflow is in no way a quiet muffler. Quote Originally Posted by TheJordanWhitte View Post. In order of quietest IMO AA 34lbs > Borla 22lbs > ...
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69 Quiet exhaust--muffler suggestions??? - Duramax Forum
If you want it as quiet as possible though, i would go with the Diamond Eye exhaust with Quiet Tone front pipe. This system uses a resonator ...
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70 How to Make Exhaust Quieter on a Dirt Bike -
Stock exhaust systems often emit a high-pitched noise that annoys most riders – one reason why so many grab an aftermarket exhaust soon after ...
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71 International 5" To 6" Quiet Muffler - Raney's Truck Parts
The Pittsburgh Power Muffler increases performance and fuel mileage by reducing exhaust back-pressure. Our testing shows as much as a 50 HP increase and a ...
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72 Quiet performance exhaust | 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum
› ... › Exhaust Discussion
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73 Cheap and quiet aftermarket exhaust? | Honda CBR 300 Forum
if you can make things basic db reducers are like simple perforated tubes into outlet and/or perforated discs between end midpipe and muffler..
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74 Why Did My Exhaust Get Quieter? - Car Performance Boss
Your exhaust can suddenly get quieter because components like air filters, CATs or mufflers get clogged. This significantly increases back ...
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75 Quiet Exhaust | Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum
I want a bolt-on exhaust system that will give some performance increase. The problem is that I want something pretty quiet.
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76 Quiet aftermarket exhaust system? - AcuraZine
3G TL Performance Parts & Modifications - Quiet aftermarket exhaust system? - So I am looking to finally upgrade JUST my 2 mufflers on my 06 ...
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77 Finally a quiet aftermarket exhaust !! | Polaris RZR Forum
So I wanted to put an aftermarket exhaust on that didn't break the bank, didn't make your ears bleed and didn't have a cat.
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78 Quiet aftermarket muffler for 2006 Tundra?
I was going to say you can get a spintech sportsman XL, which is just a heavy duty quiet muffler. Then I read the post from H7009 and remembered ...
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79 Is there such thing as an exhaust system that can switch from ...
I do not know what it does for your performance, but you can quiet down any engine ... Mufflers quiet the exhaust of a car engine by running the gas stream ...
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80 quiet exhaust does it exist in aftermarket? - DodgeTalk Forum
I think a 22" or 24" magnaflow is what you are looking for. Straight through design and pretty quiet at that length.
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81 Is there a quiet aftermarket exhaust for the Trail? - Wildcat Forum
My Speedwerx Q6 Series muffler is only 2 db louder than stock,I don't think you will find anything aftermarket quieter than stock.the reason ...
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82 Quiet but good flowing muffler [Archive] - MX-5 Miata Forum
For <220 whp, a used EVO 8 factory muffler will be quieter than most aftermarket miata mufflers, and cheaper too. It's got an internal spring ...
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83 most quiet exhaust - E46 Fanatics Forum
and would like to know in everyones opinion which aftermarket exhaust is the most quiet. ... 1151B East Ave. ... Turbo Charged Crotch Rockets!! Save ...
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84 10 Quiet Performance Mufflers - BeQuietest
Evil Energy Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler (2.5 inches) · Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler · Vibrant Performance 1142 Ultra Quiet Resonator.
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85 Quiet Exhaust | Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum
2006 F-250 XLT, SCT x3, Insight CTS w/EGT, OEM down pipe-4" exhuast, Flo-Pro 4" performance muffler, Diesel Site Coolant filter, Final Charge ...
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86 Who Makes the Quietest Cat-Back Exhaust? | VW Vortex
If you want quiet, then you should look at a chambered muffler. Most of the catbacks, if not all uses straight thru piping which is great for ...
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87 Anyone have a quiet aftermarket exhaust?
After reading that members are putting back on their stock exhaust because they are not happy with the high dbs of their aftermarket exhaust ...
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88 Quiet Muffler - Nissan Frontier Forum
MagnaFlow 5 X 8in. Oval Straight-Through Performance Exhaust Muffler 1 ... Fully reversible and featuring a free-flowing, straight-through ...
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89 Which Muffler is Quiet AND Flows? - Dodge Challenger Forum
Check out the Magnaflow Street Series, it's the quiet version of my Competition Series as it also has resonators. As I have grown older, I've ...
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90 What is the quietest known exhaust for F80/F82 - BMW M3 ...
Akra Slip-On is the most quiet if you want something close to stock but removes some of the inconsistencies of the Stock Exhaust.
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91 Quiet Cores, Aftermarket Off-Road - Can-Am Parts
Quiet Cores ; 2007 Stainless Insert. $35.95 ; AMA Pro Legal Noise Reduction Insert. $35.95 ; AMA-Legal Low-Volume Insert for RS-4. from $26.95 ; Exhaust Screen.
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92 Walker Quiet-Flow SS Mufflers DODGE RAM 1500
Walker Quiet-Flow SS mufflers are designed using factory-style cross-sections for a precision fit and OE sound.
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93 Best Exghaust for SBC ? Quiet Stealth SyS - Chevy Talk
From the mufflers to the bumper, it's your choice for pipe size. ... "Quiet" is a relative term to a performance muffler manufacturer.
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