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1 Latest Cloud Computing White Papers - Technical Case Study
Cloud Computing White Papers - Find the latest Cloud Computing whitepapers or resource for in-depth on technology research and solutions, business technical ...
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2 Google Cloud Whitepapers
In-depth whitepapers covering Google Cloud's history and practical ... IDC Whitepaper: Deploy Faster and Reduce Costs for MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases.
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3 Cloud Computing White Papers - The Open Group
These White Papers are: Building Return on Investment from Cloud Computing; Strengthening your Business Case for Using Cloud; Cloud Buyers' Decision Tree; Cloud ...
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4 Hosting White Papers - The Liquid Web Content Hub
Explore the latest hosting solutions and optimization strategies for your hosting infrastructure with these in-depth White Papers.
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5 DYNAMIC WHITE PAPER Best Practices for Cloud Computing ...
IDC Dynamic White Paper: Best Practices for Cloud Computing Adoption. Created for IBM Korea on September 10, 2014. ©2014 IDC. 2. SITUATION OVERVIEW.
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6 Whitepaper: Choosing the best cloud computing model
Computing in the cloud can position your organization for agile growth and success. In this whitepaper, we share how and what you should look for.
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7 Whitepaper - Cloud Academy
Enterprise technology topics and training best practices around all things cloud computing. · A New Paradigm for Cloud Training · Architecting 'Security-First' ...
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8 Whitepapers on Accounting & Cloud Technology
Hosted VDI or DaaS is becoming an imperial part of every business strategy as it reduces CapEx costs. This whitepaper sheds light on everything you need to know ...
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9 Alvaria Cloud Hosting White Paper
WHITE PAPER. Alvaria™ Cloud Hosting. Our patented architecture, based on over ten years of cloud innovation, not only delivers proven.
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10 Cloud Computing White Papers | Linode
White papers on popular cloud computing topics from Linode.
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11 WHITE PAPER: Moving to the Cloud - SME Solutions Group
In cloud computing, your data, infrastructure and services are likely spread over multiple servers, in different regions, and undergo updates, compliance ...
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12 Cloud Computing Reports - Bitpipe
WHITE PAPER: Why are businesses moving to the cloud? For some, it's to reduce operations costs. For others, it's a disaster recovery ...
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13 Cloud Computing Whitepapers - Hosting Controller
This whitepaper discusses how Cloud Computing is a big opportunity for Service Providers, the sort of challenges it comes with and how these technological ...
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14 Four Keys for Monitoring Cloud Services WhitePaper
Public cloud computing services are hosted by third-party service providers, such as Amazon, Google, GoGrid, and VMWare and allow organizations to use ...
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15 White Papers | Cloud | Data Protection | HIPAA | PCI - OTAVA
With our white papers, you get comprehensive info about secure and compliant hosting, cloud computing, disaster recovery, compliance & more.
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16 Your Guide to the Multi Cloud Network -
About this whitepaper ... Some of the negative aspects of multi-cloud computing include more complicated security, needing multiple kinds of expertise on cloud ...
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17 White Paper - IONOS Cloud
Cloud computing white papers. The white papers of IONOS show you the benefits of the public cloud for your IT operations. People working together in front ...
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18 Cloud Governance: A white paper on the necessary elements ...
Cloud Governance: A white paper on the necessary elements for monitoring, securing and assessing cloud usage ... Get a handle on data security & compliance by ...
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19 Introduction to Cloud Computing - Dialogic
This white paper introduces internet-based cloud computing, exploring the characteristics, service models, and deployment models.
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20 White Papers - Cisco CloudCenter
Cisco CloudCenter Solution: Multitenancy White Paper · EMA Research Report: Ten Priorities for Hybrid Cloud, Containers, and DevOps in 2017 · IDC Technology ...
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21 White Paper: Extending edge-to-cloud service - Intel
This white paper addresses a broad set of areas—including cloud, ... support multi-access edge computing (MEC) nodes. MEC nodes bring much of the management ...
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22 Whitepaper on cloud and call center services
This whitepaper includes all the relevant topics that are necessary to understand while developing a cloud architecture. It also includes explanation of ...
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23 Overview of Amazon Web Services - AWS Whitepaper
Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. A cloud ...
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24 White Papers on Cloud Computing & Virtualization
Sify Cloud services takes the advantage of cloud computing technologies with high availability and flexibility in terms of resizing the network, compute and ...
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25 Technology White Papers, IT Resources, Cloud White Papers
Technology white papers assess technology trends and their affect on IT asset management. Find cloud white papers and other IT resources here.
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26 White Papers - Secure Infrastructure & Services
Thanks to advancements in cloud computing and disaster recovery software, there are more choices than ever before for more simplified, cost effective datacenter ...
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27 Cloud Computing Industry White Papers - All About Circuits
This white paper evaluates the necessity and value of EDA in the cloud while providing a cost-benefit breakdown. Additionally, explore how companies can ...
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28 White Papers Produced By Atlantic.Net
Whitepapers · In The News · Atlantic.Net White Papers, eBooks, and Guides. · HIPAA IT Infrastructure Guide · Cloud & Managed Hosting for Healthcare Professionals ...
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29 Technical White Papers (Download for Free) | TechRepublic
... of free vendor-supplied technical content. Take advantage of the library's white papers on an array of topics, from Big Data to cloud computing, ...
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30 Technical White Paper: Cloud Versus On Premises - Jamf
Depending on scale, business goals and long-term planning, your organization may have better success hosting Jamf Pro in Jamf Cloud — even if you've been ...
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31 White Papers Multi Cloud | Scaleway
The cloud has evolved a great deal over the last decade, and the once binary choice of “on premise, using self-managed servers” versus “public cloud with ...
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32 White Papers - Volico Explains Hosting Industry Services
White Paper: Why Cloud Security is a Necessity · White Paper: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions · White Paper: Colocation, Dedicated Hosting, ...
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33 White papers - Wibu-Systems
“Cloud computing” has become ubiquitous, but what are the issues when applied to cloud-based licensing? Security is always a question mark when it comes to ...
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34 An Essential Guide to Possibilities and Risks of Cloud ...
This White Paper contains useful information even if your company (either private company or public organization) has already decided not to use Cloud Computing ...
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35 White paper Reaping Business Value from a Hybrid Cloud ...
Many organizations are now taking major steps towards cloud computing. Rather than maintaining their own capital- intensive IT infrastructure, companies are ...
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36 HUB4CLOUD releases three white papers to address ...
HUB4CLOUD releases three white papers to address challenges of European Cloud Computing · Towards a vibrant European Cloud Computing ecosystem · Recommendations ...
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37 Introducing the Hosting Reliable Applications on VMware ...
Introducing the Hosting Reliable Applications on VMware Cloud Whitepaper ... As organizations begin their journey toward modernizing their ...
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38 Controlling the Cloud: Requirements for Cloud Computing
F5 Networks' perspective on cloud computing: definition, ... F5 White Paper ... no single definition of cloud computing exists or is being talked about, ...
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39 White Papers - Antsle: The #1 software for on-premise, private ...
White Papers. Below you can download/view all available antsle publications: Hillary 101: The Pros and Cons of running a Home Server.
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40 IT White Papers | Connected Social Media
The rapid expansion of cloud-native environments presents mounting challenges for today's large digital enterprises, especially in the development, [See the ...
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41 Print Management in the Private Cloud - PaperCut
“Public Cloud” servers and services may share infrastructure between ... paper we will explore some of the key technical issues and explain some best.
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42 Locking down private security - Rackspace
This white paper compiles industry data and expert insights to discuss the opportunity to leverage private cloud while maintaining — or exceeding —.
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43 Cloud Communications Industry White Papers - Fusion Connect
This white paper explains how a dedicated connection to a single source for the cloud ultimately provides what all IT teams desire: security, reliability, and ...
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44 Cloud Networking & Communications Tools White Papers - TPx
TPx is a cloud provider with expertise in a variety of services, including managed IT, hosted UCx, and collaboration solutions. Browse our white papers.
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45 WHITE PAPER Cloud Computing Drives Breakthrough ...
WHITE PAPER. Cloud Computing Drives Breakthrough Improvements in IT. Service Delivery, Speed, and Costs. Sponsored by: IBM. Mary Johnston Turner. Frank Gens.
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46 White Paper – 7 aspects to assess Cloud Readiness
More and more organizations are using the opportunities that cloud computing offers them. Both business and IT professionals have often considered the ...
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47 White Papers | Dell Technologies Info Hub
This white paper focuses on Dell APEX Backup Services that provide cloud-based data protection for SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads.
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48 White Papers - Hosting & Cloud Solutions - HIPAA Compliant
White Papers · Custom IP Reputation · The Impact Of Weak Protocols and Ciphers On Apache Servers For Healthcare.
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49 white paper - hybrid networks and cloud computing
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50 Nasuni Access Anywhere Server White Papers
White Papers · New Releases · Nasuni Access Anywhere Server Solution · Nasuni Access Anywhere Server for Media and Entertainment · Industry Solution Briefs · Vendor ...
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51 White Papers | CloudPOST
Cabling · Cloud · Consolidation · Cooling · Database · DC Monitoring · Disaster Recovery.
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52 White Papers - Brent Ozar Unlimited®
SQL Server and Cloud White Papers. SQL Server AlwaysOn – The Uneasy Button. Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 high availability and disaster recovery features can ...
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53 Whitepaper Archive | Devoteam G Cloud
Increase agility by migrating VMware workloads to the cloud · Cloud computing GCP Whitepaper · The Total Economic Impact of Anthos · Beyond Lockdown: an employers' ...
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54 HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform business white paper
Public cloud services operate very differently from traditional on-premises technology. Content is now managed on servers that are part of a global data ...
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55 Whitepapers - Nextcloud
The Nextcloud security white paper gives an overview of the security features and processes designed to keep data in Nextcloud confidential. Download · Server- ...
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56 Whitepaper: Hosted private cloud solutions- OVHcloud
Discover the potential return on investment (ROI) that companies can achieve by deploying our Hosted Private Cloud solution thanks to our whitepaper.
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57 Data Sheets and White Papers - AURO Cloud Computing
Introduction to the Enterprise Cloud · AURO Cloud Powered by OpenStack · Let AURO Power your Cloud · AURO Six Principles of an Enterprise Cloud · Simple Reliable ...
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58 CIO Whitepapers Review: White Papers /Resource Library
CIO Whitepapers Review is one of the biggest resources library helping IT leaders develop new ... including big data, cloud computing and cyber security.
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59 Free Virtualization White Papers - Veeam
Find white papers about virtual machines management, monitoring, backup and other virtualization ... securing and managing their cloud-hosted data.
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60 White Papers - Arista
The advent of Cloud Computing changes the approach to data center networks in terms of throughput, resilience, and management. Cloud computing is a compelling ...
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61 Intermedia's Cloud Server Technical White Paper
this white paper describes the technical details behind Cloud server. it offers information about Cloud server's infrastructure, virtual machines, firewalls, ...
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62 H-CLOUD publishes final version of White Paper
H-CLOUD published the final version of its White Paper “Cloud Computing in Europe: Landscape Analysis, Adoption Challenges and Future ...
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63 Ubuntu Blog
The shift is... White paper. Cloud and server. Big Data Explained, Analysed, Solved. by Alexia Emmanoulopoulou on 14 January ...
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64 White Papers: Communications, CRM, Information ... - TMCnet
Are you interested in contributing your White Paper into the TMCnet White Paper ... how new computing models, such as edge-to-cloud, bring the power and fl…
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65 White Papers -
Holochain White Paper ... We present a scalable, agent-centric distributed computing platform. We use a formalism to characterize distributed systems, show how it ...
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66 Best Practices for Cloud Cost Optimization | White paper
This white paper provides guidance and everything you need to know about cloud cost management and cloud cost optimization.
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67 WHITE PAPER Designing and Building a Datacenter Network
Server virtualization and cloud computing are changing the face of enterprise computing today. Virtualization enables more efficient use of IT resources and ...
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68 Mainframe To Cloud "Data First" White Paper
On premises and Cloud (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB and ... This white paper highlights our knowledge and insights for implementing successful Cloud.
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69 Cloud Computing Foundation White Paper v1.1
Cloud Computing Foundation White Paper v1.1. • • •. Security and Compliance Cloud Computing Challenges • 7. The demarcation line of responsibility is ...
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70 White Paper - WSO2 White Paper. Looking to the Cloud. Representing a market that Forester Research expects to top $241 billion by 2020, cloud computing.
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71 White Papers - VENYU | Tier III Data Center | Co-location
How Cloud Computing and Data Center Geo-Diversity Come into Play Data demands will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future. That's a fact we can all ...
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72 SAS and Cloud Computing
2012 Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011-2016, 3Q12 Update. November 2012. Page 4. 2. SAS White Paper.
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73 UniPrint Infinity | White Papers
Serverless Printing Eliminating Print Server Costs ... This white paper will address the benefits and drawbacks organizations will experience using serverless ...
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74 Creative Cloud for enterprise - Adobe
WHITE PAPER. Creative Cloud for ... This whitepaper describes the proactive approach, ... our cloud hosting operations, Adobe also employs a variety.
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75 White Papers » Tips and News about Cloud Solutions »
Is your organization keeping pace with innovation and growth? Cloud computing enables your business to access software and your data at any time ...
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76 Storj Whitepaper V3
We have designed a general framework of eight components that provides an optimal implementation of decentralized cloud storage that can massively scale and ...
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77 Server to cloud: Why make the move? - Atlassian
In this whitepaper, you'll learn: ; Checkmark. Advantages of SaaS ; Cloud server. How our cloud solutions are different from server ones ; Up to the cloud. Why ...
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78 White Papers - Lacework
Resources. Learn about Lacework's modern approach to cloud security with Blogs, Case Studies, Videos, eBooks, Webinars, and White Papers. Explore Resources ...
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79 Google Cloud Security and Compliance Whitepaper
Rather than residing on local servers, content is now managed on Google servers that are part of our global data center network. In the past, organizations felt ...
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80 Securing Cloud Infrastructure & Compliance - White Paper
This white paper looks at the factors driving the need to expand the use of cloud services, the critical security, privacy, and compliance objectives that ...
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81 White Papers | Supermicro
Supermicro X12 1U/2U Ultra Servers Verified as Intel® Select Solutions for Visual Cloud Delivery Network (VCDN). More. WHITE PAPER ...
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82 Cloud Migration White Paper
USAASC Cloud White Paper ... effectiveness, and efficiency of migrations to a cloud hosting ... may be the lack of a current Cloud Computing Security.
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83 Download IT White Papers | IT Support London Company - HTL
Leveraging cloud computing to release efficiency and competitive advantage. Read White Paper. Replicate to ...
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84 TMurgemt Technologies | White Papers - TMurgent
TMurgent White Papers are generally deep technical papers that deal with issues affecting Server Based and Hosted Application Computing.
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85 The Economics of Cloud: Why the hyperscalers will cost you ...
This white paper looks at a real-world comparison of how the iland cloud ... the right cloud provider, the true costs of cloud computing can add up fast.
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86 White Papers | StoneFly
Cloud Backup and Data Protection of VMware Environments. The rise of virtualization has enormously improved primary storage and ultimately server utilization.
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87 White paper Cloud migration - Luminis
A cloud migration provides speed and efficiency, among many other advantages. This white paper is written for professionals who want to serve the market, ...
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88 Internet Fax Service White Papers - eFax Corporate
White Papers: Internet Faxing for Businesses ... benefits of migrating your fax infrastructure to the fully hosted, cloud fax service from eFax Corporate, ...
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89 Cloud Computing Latest Whitepapers Donwloads for Free
Find the latest Cloud Computing whitepapers from leading experts. Best resource for in-depth on technology research & solutions.
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90 Oracle Unified Directory - White Paper
computing and cloud computing-based solutions. This growth results in extremely large number of objects that are managed in LDAP directories.
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91 Securing Shared Infrastructure - Cloud Security Whitepaper
Cloud computing is different from traditional on premise IT. The cloud is a shared infrastructure and when using shared infrastructures, organizations do ...
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92 Read White Papers - Agiloft
Find the latest White Papers on agile contract management software, ... and describes how they are addressed by a cloud computing infrastructure.
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93 White paper Archives - Trend Micro
It provides guidance on how to adopt and implement safeguards to enterprise servers across physical, virtual, and cloud environments leveraging Trend Micro™ ...
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94 White Paper on Cloud Computing (2022)
White Paper on Cloud Computing (2022) · (I) The cloud native technology ecosystem is being improved, providing technological guarantee for enterprises' IT ...
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95 Announcing the Refreshed Cloud Native Security Whitepaper
The whitepaper intends to provide organizations and their technical leadership with a clear understanding of cloud native security, its ...
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