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1 Car Engine Glossary: A - Z Beneath the Bonnet | Redex
A · ABS (Antilock Braking System) · AdBlue® · Air Filter · Air Pump Filter · Alternator · Automatic Transmission Fluid.
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2 Car Engine Terms - DriverSide
Glossary of Auto Terms ; Alignment · Axle · Ball Joint ; Cylinder Head · Diesel Engine · Dieseling ; Knocking · Lubrication System · Manual Transmission ; Rings
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3 Motor Terms: Confusing Car Terminology Explained
Swot up on the many mind-boggling acronyms and bamboozling phrases that litter automotive brochures, motoring mags and used car adverts.
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4 Understanding Car Terminology: A Glossary of Common Words
Understanding Car Terminology: A Glossary of Common Words · ABS · Air Conditioning · Airbags · Air filter · All Wheel Drive · Brakes (Disc and Drum).
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5 Alphabetical Glossary of Automotive Terms - Edmunds
B. B-pillar: The vertical roof support structure located between the front and rear doors on a typical vehicle. Read more. Backup assistance ...
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6 Automotive Terminology 101 |
Automotive Terminology 101 · Engine · HEMI · Horsepower · Torque · Transmission · Hydra-Matic Drive · Differential · Front-Wheel Drive (FWD).
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7 Automotive Terms Glossary - AutoNation Drive
A device that filters incoming air fed to the engine. Air filter restriction indicator. A device that indicates an obstruction to the air filter system. Air ...
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8 Glossary of Car Terminology - Suncorp
Your easy-to-understand glossary of car terms · ABS: · ACC: · AEB: · AWD: · BHP: · CVT: · DDI: · DFI:.
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9 Engine Terminology Abbreviations - Auto Glossary - Mallaky
Engine displacement does not include the total volume of the combustion chamber. Engine displacement is determined from the bore and stroke of ...
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10 Basic Definitions Used in Engine Terminology - Mech4study
Basic Definitions Used in Engine Terminology · 1. Top dead center (T.D.C.) · 2. Bottom dead center (B.D.C.) · 3. Stroke ( · 4. Bore ( · 5. Maximum or total volume of ...
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11 Automotive Terms & Terminology - CarBikeTech
Cylinder Block – An automotive engine mainly consists of three stationary parts which are cylinder head, cylinder block, and crankcase. They ...
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12 Glossary of automotive terms - Wikipedia
Glossary of automotive terms · Learn more. This article is an orphan, as no other articles link to it. · accelerator. Also gas pedal. · back-fire · caliper.
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13 Glossary of Automotive Terms | Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships
V6 A vehicle with six cylinders. · V8 A vehicle with eight cylinders. · Valve Train The valves and camshaft(s) within an engine, and any parts attached to the ...
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14 Automotive Glossary | AAA Exchange
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): A car without an internal combustion engine that is powered exclusively by electricity stored in a large onboard battery pack.
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15 12 Basic Automotive Terms You Should Know | Clearfield
Horsepower · Torque · Catalytic Converter · RPM · Suspension · Lockup · Spark Plugs · Engine Gears.
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16 Car Terms Every Car Nerd NEEDS to Know - YouTube
Jul 20, 2020
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17 25 Car Terms You Need To Know - Complex
25 Car Terms You Need To Know · Drophead · Beltline · A, B, and C Pillars · Lockup · Torque Steer · Pound-Foot (or Pound-Feet) · Brake bias · Knock.
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18 Car Terms - Parts of a Car & Auto Service Glossary -
› auto-repair › glossary
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19 Car Jargon Buster - The A-Z of Car Terminology - Inchcape
BHP – Brake horsepower. This is the standard unit measurement of the power of an engine. Usually, the higher a car's BHP is, the higher its top ...
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20 Labeled Diagram of Car Engine Terminology More ... - Pinterest
May 12, 2016 - Labeled Diagram of Car Engine Terminology More in ... Automotive Mechanic, Car Mechanic, Automotive Repair, Car Repair Service, Auto Repair,.
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21 30 Basic Parts of The Car Engine With Diagram
The different parts that make up your car's engine consist of: the engine block, combustion chamber, cylinder head, pistons, crankshaft, ...
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22 Car terms and definitions - Digital Trends
Abbreviation for pound-foot, which is a measurement of torque, or the twisting force an engine can create. LCD Display. A liquid crystal display ...
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23 A Glossary of Automotive Terminology - WhoCanFixMyCar
Carburetor - Used primarily on older internal combustion engines, it is mounted on the intake manifold and supplies fuel. Catalytic converter - A canister in ...
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24 25 Slang Terms Only Real Gearheads Will Understand
This is important because the closer the engine speed matches the road speed, the smoother your vehicle will downshift. So, the next time ...
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25 Glossary of Automotive Terms - Auto Care Association
Body Shops: Firms whose primary activity is motor vehicle collision repair. Buying Group: A group of businesses that buy together in large quantities to get ...
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26 Engine Terminology: Don't Get Lost in Translation
Engine Size/Capacity. Engine size is typically measured in terms of the volume of its cylinders. · Turbochargers. A turbocharger increases the power of an engine ...
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27 Automotive terminology glossary|| Fasest inspection - Inspection ...
The diesel engine is similar to a petrol engine in the sense that both are internal combustion engines. A diesel engine works when gas is compressed by the ...
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28 Gearhead 101: Understanding How Your Car's Engine Works
Gearhead 101: Understanding How Your Car's Engine Works · Engine Block (Cylinder Block). The engine block is the foundation of an engine.
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29 Car Terminology | A-Z Glossary of Automotive Terms
A computerized system that mixes the fuel and air before it passes into the engine for combustion. Such a system is more efficient than a standard carburettor.
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An engine cooled by air instead of water. Most lawn mow- er motors and many Porsche engines are air cooled. airflow sensor. An instrument which measures ...
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31 internal combustion engine terminology and abbreviations
At least one automobile model even adjusts this process for transmission fluid temperature to assure smooth shifting at cold startup. Air-Fuel Ratio (AF) Ratio ...
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32 6 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Their Car Engine
With an Inline engine, all cylinders are arranged in a line facing upward. The 4-cylinder inline engine is the most popular type of engine used ...
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33 Components and Terminology of Engine External Parts
A device connected to a car's engine cylinder head(s), via which gasoline is injected into each one at the appropriate time during its four- ...
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34 Glossary of Automotive Terms - Shift
Horsepower: Horsepower is a unit of measurement describing engine power. Independent Suspension: Independent suspension involves the camber of a wheel that isn' ...
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35 Auto Parts 101: Car Component Functions & Terminology
How does it work? They are a forced induction system that compresses the air going into the engine. When the air is compressed it allows the ...
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36 Car specs explained: Common automotive terms and ... - CNET
Car specs explained: Common automotive terms and what they mean · 0-60: The holy grail of performance specs. · 12V/120V/5V: The three kinds of ...
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37 How to Speak Muscle Car: a Glossary From AAR to Z/28
Glossary of muscle car terminology. ... Big-block Boss 429 engine was put in Mustangs to homologate them for use in NASCAR.
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38 Glossary Of Engine Internal Parts -
Terminology Of Engine Components · Balance Shaft · Bearing · Bearing Cap · Camshaft · Camshaft Follower · Camshaft Plug · Compression Ring · Connecting ...
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39 Engine Components and Terminology Explained - saVRee
Engine Components (Summary) · Rocker Arm · Tappet Clearance · Valve Spring · Fuel Injector · Fuel Inlet Pipe · Suction Valve · Exhaust Valve · Fuel Injector Nozzle ...
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40 Car glossary: Definitions of automotive terms - Carbuyer
Chassis: The part that forms the central structure of a car that major components such as the suspension and engine are attached to. Daytime running lights: ...
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41 Automotive terminology glossary: What means what! -
It is the capacity of the engine which is the max amount of air that the engine can displace when the piston completes the four stroke cycle ...
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42 Classic Auto Glossary of Terms - Midlife Classics
Fuel System: All components related to providing the appropriate fuel supply to the engine. These components include: Fuel tank; Fuel pump; Fuel filter(s) ...
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43 Glossary of Car Terminology - Driving Test Success
The greater the space the greater the amounts of fuel-air mix which ultimately means more power. One cylinder may have a space of 0.5 litres however the engine ...
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44 Auto Glossary - terms starting with "C" - AutoEvolution
A steel, aluminium or other similar material which connects the piston to the crankshaft in a combustion engine. CONTROL TRAC. Control Trac is the marking name ...
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45 Cars Basics, Terminology or Jargon in US [2020] - RedBus2US
V6 or V4 ( I4 or I6): It refers to the number of cylinders in the engine. V6 means 6 cylinder, V4 means 4 cylinder. V6 has more power or ...
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46 Engine oil glossary – Racing Additives
For Passenger Cars: · FFV - Flex Fuel Vehicle - A vehicle capable of running on a multiplicity of gasoline based fuels ranging from 100% gasoline to E85.
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47 Automotive Terms Glossary for Drivers -
The horn in a motor vehicle is a sound-making device that's typically installed into the steering wheel. Its purpose is to allow drivers to get ...
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48 ELI5: Car engine terms : r/explainlikeimfive - Reddit
Horsepower is the power output of the motor. Brake horsepower IMO is a misnomer. It's actually the horsepower of the engine by itself, iirc. Car manufacturers ...
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49 German Automobile and Driving Glossary - ThoughtCo
The German Vocabulary to know related to driving and cars in German Europe. ... diesel engine/motor (n): r Dieselmotor.
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50 glossary-auto.pdf - Babel Linguistics
BABEL LINGUISTICS Inc. Glossary Contribution. AUTOMOTIVE GLOSSARY (Glossary of car parts) ... Arranques del motor. Starter drives.
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51 The Ten Most Suggestive Automotive Terms - Jalopnik
Or maybe it's just because the internal combustion engine works in a very suggestive way. Whatever the cause, Jalopnik readers have dirty ...
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52 Vehicle Tuning and Remapping Glossary - BenchForce
The accelerator pedal map is a part of the engine control unit (ECU) map that shows the pedal opening percentage and throttle butterfly valve angle. Essentially ...
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53 Common Car Spec Sheet Terms Simplified and Explained
In physical terms, the engine displacement simply refers to the total available volume in the engine cylinders. It is the summation of the individual air volume ...
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54 Car: parts of a car Word Lists - Collins Dictionary
Car: parts of a car: accelerator, air bag, alternator, ammeter, ... of a motor vehicle body that provides access to the engine, or to the luggage space in a ...
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55 Automotive Engineering Terminology List
Cylinder configuration –Cylinder configuration in an automobile describes the location and orientation of the pistons within the engine. Vertical configuration ...
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56 Hot Rod Glossary of Terms - Cambra Speed Shop
HOT ROD: Post-WWII (after 1945) term for a car with a modified engine. Traditionally, an older vehicle with “low-buck” performance modifications. JIGGLER: An ...
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57 The 5 basic terms your car mechanic wants you to know - CBAC
Your oil filter is vital to the health of your car. This important part cleans your engine oil while the oil circulates through your car's lubrication system.
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58 The Basics of Four-Stroke Engines - Open School BC
on any vehicle. The information is broken down into three major sections: “Basic Engine Parts,”. “Basic Engine Terminology” and “Basic Four-Stroke Cycle ...
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59 Car engine basics Flashcards - Quizlet
Terms in this set (24) ... 4-stroke combustion engine. Also known as the Otto cycle, this is the 4-step process that cars use to convert fuel in to motion. These ...
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60 Glossary of Classic Car Terms and Definitions - LiveAbout
Governor: A device attached to the carburetor to limit the engine's speed. · Gran Turismo (GT): An Italian term, commonly used by US ...
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61 Basic Terminology used for a Engine - CCS University
For a four-cylinder engine with a 10 cm bore dia. and 8 cm stroke length, ... The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) horse power rating is used to ...
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62 SAE International Technical Standard Provides Terminology ...
SAE International's On-Road Automated Vehicle Standards Committee ... and Definitions for Terms Related to On-Road Motor Vehicle Automated ...
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63 19 Most Common Engine Terms - Explained - MotorCrux
engine terms - Engine bay parts names · Cylinder head – this encloses the cylinder and controls the movement of air into the cylinder for compression mixed with ...
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64 F1 Glossary - A-Z List of the Top Formula 1 Terms
Brush up on your F1 slang with this comprehensive list of terminology from the ... The main part of a racing car to which the engine and suspension are ...
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65 ENGINE 101 PART 1: Engine Basics for Dummies
Most cars as we know them are powered by what is called a 4-stroke engine. A 4-stroke refers to the four strokes in the power cycle; the intake ...
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66 What are the Differences Between Motor and Engine? - Linquip
A motor is a machine, particularly one energized by electricity or internal combustion, that supports motive power for a vehicle or another ...
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67 EV Dictionary - Electric Vehicle Terminology Explained
Internal Combustion Engine –The technical name for the gas-powered engine in most cars, SUVs, and trucks. It generates power by igniting an air-fuel mixture ...
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68 Best definition and types of engine with examples
(2) Petrol engine These engines use petrol as fuel. These are used in bikes, sports cars, luxury cars, etc. (3)Gas engine: These engines use CNG ...
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69 1.5: Definition of terms used in motor vehicle engines
1.5 Definition of terms used in motor vehicle engines ; Valve lead. The amount in crankshaft degrees the valves open before TDC or BDC ; Valve lag. The amount in ...
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70 What Is A Remanufactured Engine? - NAPA Know How Blog
Know-How Notes: All About Remanufactured Engine Terminology ... a reman engine is a simple process, and either your local NAPA AUTO PARTS ...
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71 Dictionary of Automotive Terms A-Z - Motor Era
DICTIONARY OF AUTOMOTIVE TERMS. Illustrated glossary for automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and motors. Search for the meaning of over 20,000 expressions ...
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72 Guide to Classic Car Terminology
Crate Engine: A factory-built, ready to run engine. Crank: Crankshaft but can also mean to go fast “Crank on It” or to simply turn the motor ...
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73 Get to Know the 7 Components of a Car Engine - Wuling
› Home › Blog › Auto Tips
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74 A conversion guide to British auto terminology - Hemmings
The British automotive industry isn't what it used to be, ... seal to the body has been replaced and the engine is (mostly) together.
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75 Terminology: Car Engine Parts - Décalage
› 2017/12/27 › terminology-car-eng...
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76 Glossary of tuning terms – Home
Auto blip: The management system's brief burst of engine revs to allow the driver to downshift under braking. CAF (Calculated AirFlow): Where the airflow ...
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77 Engine Quiz - Auto | HowStuffWorks
Modern cars use internal combustion engines, but some early models used external combustion engines. What is one example of an external combustion engine? steam ...
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78 Automotive Glossary Terms beginning with C -
A device in an internal combustion engine where fuel is vapourized and mixed with air prior to ignition. casing. Tweet Definition of casing · Like Definition of ...
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79 Diesel Fundamental Terms
Definition of Terms - Diesel Engines ... Emergency Brakes - A system that uses the service and parking brakes to stop the vehicle in an emergency.
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80 Automotive Engine Terms - ppt download
8 Intake Manifold The part of an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders. The intake manifold gasket is located between the manifold and the ...
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IC ENGINE: COMPONENTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS, TYPES AND TERMINOLOGY · It is an engine in which combustion of fuel take place inside the engine. When ...
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82 15 words and phrases that only total car nuts understand
A lot of folks understand horsepower as being a measure of how much energy an engine can output. "Torque," on the other hand, is far less well- ...
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83 Car Modification Glossary - Keith Michaels Insurance
In internal combustion engines a camshaft is used to control the opening and closing of cylinder's valves. CARBON FIBRE A material consisting of thin, strong ...
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84 Auto Parts Terminology: Spanish-English / English-Spanish
Auto terminology is it's own special little world… ... The Gasoline Engine – – English-Spanish ... El Motor de Gasolina – Spanish-English aceite = oil
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85 Labeled diagram Of Car engine Terminology - Members gallery
From the album: Engine parts. 27 images; 0 comments; 2 image comments. Photo Information for Labeled diagram Of Car engine Terminology.
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86 Glossary - Car Engineer
How Much Does a New Duramax Diesel Engine Cost. Intro The Duramax engine is a line of diesel engines produced by General Motors. The... Read More ...
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87 How Does A Car Engine Work? [2022 Guide] - Auto Chimps
The engine block is the core of the engine. Most modern engines consist of a monobloc, meaning all the cylinders share the same block. The ...
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88 Which side of the engine is the "front"?
The rear of an automotive engine is the side the power is taken off of. The side where the clutch or torque converter attach.
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89 Glossary |
Drag or resistance produced by a moving object, such as a motor vehicle, ... to run all of the vehicle's electrical components when the engine is running ...
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90 Hot Rod A-Z: The Ultimate Hot Rod Glossary (We Think)
Bonnet: the hood over the front engine. Brougham: an early motoring term signifying a closed car for two or four persons.
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91 Car Terms to Know - The Vault MS
Hemi: A high performance Chrysler engine with hemispherical heads. Hot Rod: A vehicle modified to improve the look and/or performance. Kit Car: A “kit” of ...
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92 Glossary of Terms - DieselNet
Glossary of terms related to engines, engine emissions, emission standards ... Low Emission Vehicle · National Ambient Air Quality Standards · Natural Gas ...
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93 The Car Glossary: Automotive Terms and Enthusiast In-Jokes ...
The Car Glossary: Automotive Terms and Enthusiast In-Jokes Explained ; Carburetor, Antiquated method of delivering fuel with the magic of vacuum ...
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94 Auto Parts & Engines - Apps on Google Play
Modern car brands are developing very quickly, it is hard to keep track of changes in the structure of cars. But the development of modern cars makes our ...
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95 Car Rental Glossary and Terminology
Most popular terms · Ride-hailing · Key fob · Electronic control unit (ECU) · Internal combustion engine vehicle (ICEV) · Vehicle License Fee (VLF) · Security deposit ...
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96 Here's your cheat sheet for sounding like an expert on cars
The auto industry is full of jargon and obscure terms. ... The rotating force the engine sends to turn your vehicle's wheels.
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97 General information – Car parts & mechanical terms in French
spark plugs 18 les bougies (f.) speedometer un compteur de vitesse. starter motor le démarreur. steering column la colonne de direction.
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98 Automobile or Related Car Terms - Getting English Words
1. A pedal or lever designed to control the speed of an engine by actuating the carburetor throttle valve or fuel-injection control. 2. The gas pedal ...
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