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1 § 20-124.2. Court-ordered custody and visitation arrangements
The court shall give due regard to the primacy of the parent-child relationship but may upon a showing by clear and convincing evidence that the best interest ...
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2 Virginia Child Custody Laws - DivorceNet
Virginia custody law requires judges to ensure that children have "frequent and continuing contact with both parents," when that's appropriate. (Va. Code § 20- ...
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3 Virginia Parenting Time Schedule Guidelines (VA Visitation)
In the 3-4-4-3 schedule, children spend three days with one parent and then four days with the other. Then, it switches so children spend four days with the ...
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4 Child Custody and Child Visitation - Virginia Legal Aid
› resource › child-custody-and...
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5 Virginia Child Custody Questions
Virginia favors custody and visitation arrangements that keep both parents involved in the lives of their children. However, supervised visitation may be ...
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6 Visitation Rights in Virginia - FindLaw
Virginia courts have held that the child's parents or legal guardians -- as long as they're deemed fit -- have final say over whether ...
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7 Child Custody and Visitation - Fairfax County
NEW Custody and Visitation cases are generally filed in the county/state where the child has lived for the previous six months · To file for Custody and/or ...
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8 Virginia Child Visitation Laws - MaritalLaws
Under Virginia law, legal provisions do exist to grant child visitation rights to step-parents under certain circumstances, so visitation can be readily applied ...
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9 Visitation Laws In Virginia | The Daugherty Law Firm
Visitation rights are not absolute. A noncustodial parent has a right to visit and spend time with his or her child, unless visitation is deemed to be not in ...
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10 Custody and Visitation Law in Virginia - Divorce Forms
Custody and visitation are the legal terms in court ordered determinations of which parent the child lives with and the conditions for the child to visit the ...
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11 The Ins and Outs of Supervised Visitation in Virginia
Supervised visitation is when a parent who is visiting with their child has another individual (a.k.a. "the supervisor") in their presence to ensure that the ...
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12 Guide to Virginia Child Custody laws - Smith Strong, PLC
The Code of Virginia § 20-124.1 defines both legal and physical custody. Legal custody is the authority to make decisions relating to the care and control of ...
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13 Suffolk Child Custody Attorney | VA - Bush & Taylor, P.C.
Visitation Rights in Virginia · Unsupervised visitation is the most common form of visitation, and it is when a non-custodial parent can take the child to his or ...
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14 Understanding Virginia Child Custody Laws - Survive Divorce
Determining Child Custody in Virginia ... The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Virginia establishes custody. From this, judges must use a ...
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15 How to Take a Child Custody or Visitation Case to Court
Virginia law gives no preference to either the mother or the father. A court can order child custody and visitation.
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16 Custody, Visitation and Support | Chesterfield County, VA
Walk through the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court's process for child custody, visitation, and support.
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17 Forms of Child Custody in Virginia | Joint, Sole, & Split Custody
Joint custody in Virginia refers to legal custody, meaning that both parents have equal ability to make decisions for the children. The impact of that is that ...
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18 Supervised Visitation in Virginia - Ferguson Rawls & Raines
Each visit typically lasts 90 minutes, and they usually happen once per week. Supervised visits almost always take place on evenings or weekends. When the ...
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The issues surrounding child custody, visitation, and support can be complex. This pamphlet provides general information on Virginia laws, but is NOT a ...
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20 How Virginia law dictates matters of child custody and visitation
Virginia public policy ... Virginia statute enshrines the primary guiding principle of any custody decision: the best interest of the child. ... Neither parent is ...
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21 Child Visitation in Virginia - Virginia Collaborative Professionals
When parents divorce, the family law courts in Virginia prefer to rule in favor of a parenting plan that you create which enables both parents to spend as much ...
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22 Child Custody And Relocation Under Virginia Family Law
In relocation cases, courts cannot prevent a parent from relocating-the Court can only prevent the moving parent from taking a child along.
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23 Child Custody & Visitation Information - Prince William County
If you still have questions regarding the information needed to file a custody petition, or the process, call 703-792-6210 for the Manassas Intake Office or 703 ...
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24 Full Custody of a Child in Virginia: How To Get It -
If a parent is awarded full custody of child by the Virginia court of law, then they are allowed to make all serious decisions in their child's life because ...
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25 Custody & Visitation - Arlington County
Parents, relatives and other interested parties may file a Custody and visitation petition. Physical custody determines where the child will live most of ...
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26 Virginia Custody |
Unlike legal custody, visitation does not give a parent the right to make major decisions about the child's well-being, including education or medical matters.
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27 Virginia Child Custody and Vacations
In general, a custody and visitation agreement and/or court order will address vacation time. Under a traditional arrangement, each parent will ...
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28 Child Custody & Visitation Attorneys Fairfax Northern VA
Visitation is the time that a non-custodial parent is entitled to have with a child. Virginia law favors arrangements, both custody and visitation, that allow ...
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29 When is supervised visitation ordered in Virginia?
Supervised visitation is not ordered simply because the custodial parent requests it. It is only granted when the parent proves it is obvious that it is not in ...
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30 Fairfax Third-Party Child Custody Lawyer
While Virginia law does favor a child's biological parents over third parties, there are exceptions. The courts will examine whether or not the third party ...
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31 Grandparents Rights in Virginia: Child Visitation - SmolenPlevy
However, the court recognizes grandparents and siblings of an estranged child to petition for visitation rights, if they are deemed to be a ...
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32 Fairfax Child Visitation Attorney | Curran Moher Weis
The primary consideration in determining visitation rights under Virginia law is the “best interests of the child.” The goal of child visitation rights is ...
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33 Child Custody Laws VA Unmarried Parents VA Fairfax Lawyer
Under the law of the state of Virginia, the court gives no legal right to the father of a child such as custody and visitation if the father was never ...
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34 Child Visitation Lawyer in Virginia Beach
Virginia law is very firm about giving both parents time with their child, and a custodial parent can lose custody if they deny the noncustodial parent's ...
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35 Supervised Visitation in Virginia - WhitbeckBennett
When a parent is required to have supervised visits with their child this means that another person must be present during their visitation time ...
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36 Custody, Visitation & Support - York County, VA
The following is a result of a collaborative effort of the Commonwealth's Attorney, Bar Association, Court Service Unit, Division of Child Support ...
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37 What Age Can a Child Refuse to See a Parent in VIrginia
In Virginia, there is no specific age where a judge will automatically consider a child's opinion on custody or visitation. One court in Virginia has said ...
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38 Children's Supervised Visitation Center - YWCA Central Virginia
YWCA of Central Virginia's Children's Supervised Visitation Center works to secure the family connection safely. Our well-established program provides a safe, ...
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39 Custody, Visitation and Child Support - City of Alexandria, VA
All Alexandria residents who seek rights to custody, visitation and/or child support may file at the Alexandria Court Service Unit.
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40 What The Courts Look For When Awarding Child Custody
In Virginia, there is no set age that gives a child the legal right to choose their custodial parent. However, the court must consider the ...
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41 Interstate Child Custody Cases in Virginia -
In Virginia two laws apply to interstate child custody cases. At the federal level, the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA) establishes a few rules ...
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42 Orange County VA Child Custody | Child Visitation in Virginia
Child custody issues are one of the most important aspects of finalizing a divorce arrangement. No asset is greater than your children and you need to do ...
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43 How Is Child Visitation Determined In Virginia?
So the starting point for child visitation determinations in Virginia is this Code section. The law says that the Court has to consider these ...
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44 Virginia Child Custody Attorney - Roanoke - Slovensky Law
Virginia does not have a standard schedule of visitation for a parent without primary custody. Judges try to provide a parent with as much contact with a child ...
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45 Child Custody Lawyers in VA | Fairfax | Loudoun | MKMLaw
Visitation is often determined by the custody order but can be changed based on summer break schedules, holiday schedules, and the child's preferences. In most ...
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46 How to File a Petition for Visitation in Virginia - Law for Families
When one parent has physical custody, visitation is typically granted to the other parent as part of the custody order. However, in Virginia, visitation is not ...
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47 Virginia Child Custody, Child Support, and Parenting Time ...
When it comes to child custody in Virginia, the courts lean toward joint physical custody all things being equal. Whatever your individual situation may be, ...
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48 The 10 Factors Virginia Judges Must Consider In Child ...
The 10 Factors Virginia Judges Must Consider In Child Custody Cases · Best Interest of the Child · 10 Factors a Judge Must Consider · Children and Other ...
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49 Father's Rights in Virginia 101: Your Entitlements as a Dad in VA
Determining the Best Interest of the Child ... In Virginia, there is no presumption in favor of mothers in custody and visitation cases. In fact, ...
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50 Child Visitation Attorneys Serving Fairfax & Manassas Virginia
If one parent is the primary custodian, the other parent is usually awarded a visitation or custodial time schedule, but the schedule can vary ...
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51 Northern Virginia Child Custody Attorney - ShounBach
In Virginia child custody cases, the court makes a decision regarding parenting decisions and a schedule for the children based on the best interests of the ...
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52 The Impact of Moving – Child Custody and Leaving Virginia
The Impact of Moving – Child Custody and Leaving Virginia · Either parent can move away and take the child with them as long as there is no injunction or other ...
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53 Can a family member file for custody or visitation of a child in ...
Visitation has a Different Standard in Virginia ... A different standard applies in third-party visitation cases. The court will recognize a ...
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54 How Child Custody Is Determined in Virginia - Nichols Zauzig
In the Virginia, any legal parent of a child may petition the court for custody of a child regardless of the marital status of the parents, although a father ...
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55 Child Custody Attorney | The Law Offices of John W. Lee, P.C.
Virginia does not have a standard schedule of visitation for a parent with whom a child is not residing. Judges try to provide a parent with as much contact ...
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56 Child Custody in Virginia - Divorce Source
Virginia courts have jurisdiction over custody cases if the child lives in the state and at least one parent lives or works in the state, or if the child ...
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57 Interference with Custody or Visitation in a Virginia Divorce
If it's because of employment responsibilities or caring for other children, maybe you simply need to make some changes to your current schedule. If you discuss ...
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58 Visitation Rights Lawyer | Child Custody Lawyer Virginia Beach
In Virginia, grandparents, like parents, are also persons who possess a legitimate interest in a child's custody and visitation, and grandparents can ask the ...
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59 Child Custody & Timesharing/Visitation - Reese Law Office
There is no such thing as "standard" timesharing/visitation to determine physical custody. The arrangements that work for one family won't necessarily meet your ...
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60 Child Custody and Visitation in Virginia
› virginia-divorce › custo...
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61 Modification of Custody and Visitation Lawyer in Virginia
The answer is, that depending on circumstances, you can ask for a change in your custody and visitation order. Custody of minor children is based on what's in ...
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62 How VA Courts Decide on Custody and Visitation in Divorce
How Do Virginia Courts Determine Custody? · Ages of both child and parents · Mental health of child and parents · Relationships between each parent and child ...
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In Williams, the child's grandparents obtained court-ordered visitation over the parents' united opposition. The trial court determined that the child would ...
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64 Child Custody & Visitation in Loudoun County, VA
In Virginia, there are two types of physical custody, Shared Physical Custody and Primary Physical Custody. The distinction is particularly important because ...
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65 Parental Rights | Visitation Rights | Virginia Beach, VA
In Virginia, courts are required to maintain the frequent and continuing contact between a parent and child when it is appropriate. Visitation plans that both ...
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66 Chesapeake VA Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Child Custody
Visitation preserves the child-parent relationship, ensuring that a non-custodial parent spends adequate and meaningful bonding time with the child. Under ...
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67 Child Custody | McClenney Law Group | Virginia Beach, VA
Under the Virginia family law, the issues involving child visitation, support, and custody are very diverse, complicated and always changing. In general, such ...
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68 Do I Pay Child Support in Virginia With 50/50 Custody?
Child Custody in Virginia. Under Virginia Code § 20-124.2, Circuit Court judges can determine both legal and physical custody in the best ...
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69 Virginia Child Custody Guide - eDivorce
In Virginia there are two parts of child custody. One is physical custody and the other is legal custody. Physical custody deals with who the ...
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70 Child Custody and Visitation - Raheen Family Law, P.C.
There are two types of custody in Virginia, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody involves major decision making concerning the child, such as ...
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71 Displaying Supervised Visitation Providers for Virginia
A national directory of supervised visitation resources ; Building Healthy Connections, Inc. · Kids First Services of Virginia · Comprehensive Counseling Group,LLC ...
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72 Child Custody & Visitation Attorneys - Dusty Sparrow Reed
According to Virginia law, the court is required to give primary consideration to the best interest of the child when making a custody determination and, ...
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73 Child Visitation Law | Visitation Rights | Virginia Beach VA
Relationship existing between each parent and the children giving consideration to the positive involvement with each child's life and the ability to assess and ...
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74 How Does a Protective Order Affect Child Custody and ...
Contact a Virginia Beach family law attorney at Pincus Goodman P.C. today if you have further questions about child custody disputes or any other family law ...
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75 Virginia Custody & Visitation Attorney - MichieHamlett
A court will consider all the evidence presented to it and will make its decision based on the best interests of the child. If you are resolving a child custody ...
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76 Virginia Child Custody Questions & Answers - Ask a Lawyer
We have 244 Virginia Child Custody Questions & Answers - Ask Lawyers for Free - Justia Ask a Lawyer.
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77 Child Custody Lawyers Virginia Beach VA - Atty. A. Montagna, III
If you have a child custody or visitation case and are looking for an experienced child custody or visitation lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA, contact Anthony ...
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78 When Can I Modify a Custody Agreement in Virginia?
The parent asking for a child custody agreement modification needs to file a motion to do so with the courts. In Virginia this is typically done in the same ...
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79 Virginia Custody Attorney | Melone Hatley, P.C.
Custody is separated into two parts: legal custody and physical custody. A parent with legal custody has the right to make plans and decisions for the child's ...
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80 Custody Battles | Mclean, VA| Law Office of Michael D. Kaydouh
Again shared custody and visitation can take many different forms. If one party has custody of the children or if it is joint custody and the children's primary ...
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81 Child Custody and Visitation Agreement Violations
Virginia Code § 18.2-49.1 makes it a Class 6 felony for any person to knowingly, wrongfully, and intentionally withhold a child from a parent or legal guardian ...
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82 Virginia Custody Laws - Manassas Law Group
Under Virginia custody laws, Juvenile and Domestic Relations court establishes custody. Once the court establishes a child custody order, ...
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83 Caring Child Visitation Lawyer | Chesapeake, VA
Whatever your spousal situation may be, it is imperative to continue putting your child's needs first. Our legal team believes that parents should take ...
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84 Child custody and visitation lawyer in Fairfax, VA
In Virginia, the mother and father have equal rights when it comes to child custody. Contrary to popular belief, there is no bias against fathers in favor of ...
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85 Child Custody & Visitation - Martin, Ingles & Hensley, Ltd
Your child visitation attorney in Virginia will help make sure that relationship is preserved. We know how to find the solution that meets the needs of the ...
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86 How to File for Child Custody in Virginia - Avalon Center
How to File for Child Custody in Virginia Step 1 Verify that you meet the residency laws for Virginia custody cases. The child must have ...
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87 Custody, Visitation & Support - City of Richmond
Report to file your petition(s). Pay the $25 custody/visitation filing fee, and $12 Sheriff's fee per service for spousal support or additional witnesses. If ...
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88 Fairfax Child Custody Lawyers | VA Visitation Attorneys
The parenting plan specifies how the parents will share time with the children. Custody and visitation typically work better when parents create a plan tailored ...
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89 Virginia Beach Child Custody Attorney - Edge Law
Child Custody Options ... Virginia offers two types of custody – legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the parent's right to decide the child's welfare and ...
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90 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act
Virginia, like most states, has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (“UCCJEA”). The UCCJEA is a uniform state law that determines ...
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91 Forms of Child Custody in Virginia | Visitation Agreements
Sole custody is when one parent possesses the primary responsibility for the child and has the right to make decisions for the child's care and control. With ...
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92 Child Custody Lawyers in Roanoke, VA - Lugar Law
Under Virginia law, child custody involves a wide array of tasks involved with raising the child, such as providing care, guidance, comfort, food, shelter, and ...
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93 How Domestic Violence Can Impact Child Custody ...
Under a supervised visitation scheme, an abusive parent is only allowed to visit with his or her child in the presence and supervision of a ...
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94 How Do I File for Custody in Virginia? | Tingen Law, PLLC
If the parents of the child are already in a divorce, annulment, or another similar court proceeding in Circuit Court, then custody of the child ...
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95 Virginia Child Custody Issues During COVID-19
If there are significant changes to custody and visitation, you can expect that child support must also be modified. The current order was ...
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96 Visitation and the Holidays | Manassas Virginia Law Blog
When one parent has custody of the children, the other parent almost always receives visitation rights. There are rare cases involving issues ...
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