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1 Cloud service selection using cloud service brokers
Cloud service brokerage has been identified as a key concern for future cloud technology development and research. We compare service brokerage solutions.
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2 A Broker-Based Framework for the Recommendation of Cloud ...
Researchers can use key components of the framework to support their own cloud brokering problems. In future work, the back-end Decision ...
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3 Cloud Services Brokerage: A Survey and Research Roadmap
Our survey of existing CSB technologies has been broken down into four key categories. Firstly CSBs for perfor- mance, addresses issues of cloud performance ...
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4 Survey on Important Cloud Service Provider Attributes Using ...
In order to avoid this problem becoming an obstacle for users to migrate to cloud computing, cloud brokers have emerged as a third party to provide more ...
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5 Cloud Service Brokerage | thisiswhatgoodlookslike
There is confusion about why the term “cloud services brokerage” is needed when traditional IT services firms already embrace an array of cloud ...
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6 Cloud Computing in the Securities Industry1 - finra
cloud computing is increasingly seen by many firms as an important ... Within the securities industry, broker-dealers are adopting or exploring the adoption.
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7 The cloud service broker – a necessary role? - IT World Canada
“As cloud computing evolves, the integration of cloud services can be too complex for cloud consumers to manage. A cloud consumer may request ...
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8 Cloud Service Brokerage: - IGI Global
NIST, 2011), have identified Cloud service broker- age as a key concern for future Cloud technology research and development. Cloud service broker-.
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9 FullArmor AppPortal Marketplace™ Provides Turn-Key Cloud ...
FullArmor AppPortal Marketplace is a cloud service that enables ... 1 Gartner Inc., “Key Issues for Cloud Services Brokerages, 2011” by Benoit J. Lheureux, ...
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10 Cloud Brokerage and the Future of the IT Utility - 6Fusion
To be clear, I believe the role of what I am calling the “infrastructure broker” will be the most significant movement in the computing industry since the ...
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11 Cloud Brokerage: A Systematic Survey - Lancaster EPrints
Additional Key Words and Phrases: Cloud computing; Cloud brokerage; ... section 8 concludes the article and identifies future areas of research. ACM Comput.
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12 5 Reasons You Should Be Launching Your Cloud Service ...
2012 will be the year we witness the rise of the cloud service marketplace. ... 4 Gartner Inc., "Key Issues for Cloud Services Brokerages, 2011" by Benoit ...
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13 Cloud Service Brokers: An Emerging Trend in Cloud Adoption ...
There are many cloud brokers who doing brokering services with different features and methods. This paper aims at comparing the features of ...
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14 Adding the Right Value: Building Cloud Brokerages That Enable
Info-Tech Insights · Inability to deliver service · Disintermediation · Broken security/compliance · Loss of cost control/purchasing power ...
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15 Cloud Broker: A Systematic Mapping Study - arXiv
the most important and hottest topics in the field of cloud broker, ... Additional Key Words and Phrases: service selection, service ...
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16 Cloud Brokerage: A Systematic Survey - ACM Digital Library
Background—The proliferation of cloud services has opened a space for cloud brokerage services. Brokers intermediate between cloud customers ...
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17 Cloud brokers, the sequel - FCW
Some services have matured to the point of commoditization — for example, file sync-and-share services such as Dropbox — while other cloud ...
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18 Cloud Service Brokerages: How CSB's Fit in a Multi-Cloud World
In some cases, the broker may even develop additional features to run in the cloud as required by the organization. This function is critical to ...
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19 NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap
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20 Brokering Cloud Computing: - ICT Economics
According to (Mell & Grance, 2011) cloud computing is a model for enabling ... The key problem of the DCRR model for the broker is the decision on how many.
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21 Optimization in Provision of Autonomic Cloud Services – IJERT
Abstract Ideas and standards of cloud organization, and cloud handling, fall in the normal developmental way of the distributed computing ...
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22 tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection
In a cloud brokerage system, one of the most fundamental tasks is to provide high-quality selection services for clients. That is, a broker.
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23 A cloud brokerage architecture for efficient cloud service ...
cloud, where the cloud brokers is responsible for the service selection. ... Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in cloud Computing published by.
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Cloud providers and service consumers have the cloud brokers working as the intermediaries between them, and the confusion among the cloud computing parties ( ...
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25 Towards Secure Cloud Bursting, Brokerage and Aggregation
Many technical and business aspects of cloud computing need to mature before it is widely adopted for corporate use. For example, the inability to seamlessly ...
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26 [PDF] Quality Based Cloud Service Broker for Optimal Cloud ...
Quality Based Cloud Service Broker framework QCSB will not only help CC to select optimal CSP but also rank candidate CSPs according to user preferences ...
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27 Cloud service brokerage explained - SlideShare
Optimal Clouds workload patterns <br />/ Cloud Service Brokerage<br />. What analysts say<br />“Cloud computing revenue will soar faster than expected. Cloud ...
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28 Build a hybrid cloud using brokerage solutions - IBM
Note: Over the next two weeks, we'll be posting one blog per day from our top 10 “greatest hits” from Thoughts on Cloud since we launched in ...
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29 Service Quality Assurance in Multi-Clouds
on top of cloud services (like the response time, processing time, ... ensure prevention, correction, and control remain key issues to properly solve the ...
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30 Research Hype Cycle for Cloud Computing, 2011
cloud computing and the many issues facing enterprises today. ... adoption, it is important to dig beyond the main cloud term to the actual ideas and ...
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31 a cloud brokerage system for service selection, accountability ...
2.1 Work related to Cloud Brokerage and Service Selection . ... Cloud computing raises a range of important privacy issues as acknowledged by a.
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32 Touching the Cloud - Canadian Underwriter
“At a fundamental level, cloud computing can enable insurers to re-use IT resources more efficiently, whether these are purchased up-front or rented without any ...
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33 Q&A: Interview with Jamcracker, Talking Industry Trends in the ...
And one of the key factors contributing to this market growth is the increasing issues in vendor management. The Global Cloud Services Brokerage ...
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34 Cloud broker service‐oriented resource management model
In user's perspective, fairness is a key concern in resource allocation and pricing. Current pay-as-you-go billing mechanisms typically charge ...
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35 Companies eyeing cloud brokers to manage multiple cloud ...
Instead of buying new servers, they're looking at Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); rather than renewing expensive software licenses, they're ...
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36 Cloud Computing Brokering Service: A Trust Framework
report in 2011 [2] indicated that cloud brokering services in the cloud service marketplace is ... managerial perspective to the issue of how cloud brokers.
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In this paper, we describe the functionalities of a cloud brokerage tool that assist cloud brokers to ensure an optimized cloud service selection both during ...
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38 Case Study: Mohawk Fine Papers Uses a CSB to ... - Bitpipe
Key Findings. Having one cloud services provider relationship (e.g., with a CSB) can make the ... "Key Issues for Cloud Services Brokerages, 2011".
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39 Cloud Brokering: Current Practices and Upcoming Challenges
brokering, in which cloud service brokers act as intermediaries between cloud service providers and customers. he International Organization for.
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40 Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB):Top 8 Use Cases for ...
Even in 2019, a McAfee survey found that the average IT professional thought their business utilized around 30 cloud services, whereas the true ...
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41 A Service Brokering and Recommendation Mechanism for ...
How to choose the best cloud services for specific applications is very challenging. Addressing this challenge requires balancing multiple ...
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42 New Breed of Brokers Could Jump-Start Federal Cloud Migration | E ...
The cloud service broker (CSB) concept — and the enterprises to support the ... and enforcement of SLAs are key issues in cloud computing in the government.
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43 PuLSaR: preference-based cloud service selection for cloud ...
becomes increasingly important. Technology analysts such as Gartner [2] and Forrester [3] foresee an in- creasing role for cloud service brokers, ...
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44 Guest Post: How can CSPs become Cloud Services Brokers?
While monetizing the network assets is an important part of a CSP revenue strategy, it is not a strong growth strategy because network connectivity is being ...
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45 Top 200 Cloud Computing Executives and Experts List, A-E
During Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2011, Bova told VARs and MSPs that we've reached the cloud computing inflection point. The hype around cloud ...
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46 (PDF) Cloud Governance -The Relevance of Cloud Brokers
Authors assume that – in the context of the seismic changes in IT provisioning and usage that current trends such as Cloud Computing and Hybrid Computing ...
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47 Quality Based Cloud Service Broker for Optimal Cloud Service ...
Broker, Cloud Service Broker, Quality issues of Cloud. Service Brokers, Cloud ... Cloud service broker and user were two main role players in this model.
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48 Role of Cloud Service Broker in Qualifying Teaching Skills
Cloud service broker deals with above quality issues. In this research paper, we will discuss involvement of CSB in improving the teaching ...
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49 Study of Simulation Environment of Cloud Broker and ...
The cloud in this broker is secure and seamless. Secondly, the cloud broker is introduced in 2011 with the name of the RightScale which offers a cloud ...
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50 A Classification and Comparison Framework for Cloud ... - Spiral
Cloud service management is an important building block of cloud architectures that can be extended to act as a broker service layer between consumers and ...
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51 Brokering the Cloud - Academic Cloud Brokerage Services
In 2011, top research universities in the United States got together under the umbrella of Internet2 and established the NET+ program in order ...
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52 Cloud Service Broker – Assessing Provider Attributes in a ...
Cloud Service Brokerage is one of the newest trends in the Cloud Computing. Paradigm. ... The main questions to be answered by this project are as follows:.
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53 Cetrom Ranked Among Top 100 Cloud Services Providers
Custom Cloud Solutions Provider included in 5th Annual Talkin' Cloud 100 Report of World's Top Cloud Computing Companies in the IT Channel for Fourth ...
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54 CISA Cloud Security Technical Reference Architecture
The CISA shall modernize its current cybersecurity programs, services, and ... Table 2: Technical Challenges in Cloud Migration .
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55 Pattern-driven Architecting of an Adaptable Ontology-driven ...
2 Cloud Service Brokerage Use Cases. A cloud broker is an intermediary application between a client and cloud provider service [16,10].
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56 FullArmor AppPortal Marketplace™ Provides Turn-Key Cloud ...
FullArmor Corp., a leading edge cloud services platform provider, ... 1 Gartner Inc., “Key Issues for Cloud Services Brokerages, 2011” by Benoit J. Lheureux ...
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57 The Cloud Broker Business Paradigm - Perficient Blogs
This research explores the current and future business models around cloud computing while outlining why the cloud broker paradigm ...
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58 Cloud Access Security Monitoring: To Broker or Not To Broker?
One of the key challenges enterprises are starting to face when moving to cloud is that it is extremely hard to ensure security for a variety of cloud services, ...
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59 Gravitant cloudMatrix™ CSB Platform - Cio
Gravitant is the industry leader in transformational Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) and Management enabling enterprises to overcome the challenges and risks ...
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60 Cloud Computing Reference Architecture and Its Forensic ...
(2011) defines five major cloud actors: cloud consumer, cloud provider, cloud carrier, cloud auditor and cloud broker. Each actor is an entity.
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61 A service broker for Intercloud computing
A key contribution of the thesis is the design of a multi-. Cloud service broker framework acting as a mediator between consumers and mul-.
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62 A Broker-based Framework for Multi-Cloud Workflows
these use cases a multi-Cloud workflow framework that exe- cutes workflow applications using multiple Clouds will show its advantage in terms of service ...
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63 Who will be the cloud brokers? - Information Age
Looked at individually, cloud computing services are deceptively simple. For an hourly or monthly fee, the customer can access IT resources ...
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64 CMS Cloud Computing Standards
From Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with multiple vendors, to compliance and security, a broker handles many cloud related issues for a ...
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65 RSM analysis based cloud access security broker - Europe PMC
Cloud security risks can be categorized into cloud users and cloud service providers. Some of the cloud security risks are Data leakage, Data ...
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66 Live Performance of Cloud Brokers in a Federation
real world issues plaguing the cloud brokerage framework and indicates ways to mitigate ... structure of 5 key players, three services and four deployment.
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We now have added another domain, which is Domain 14: Security as a Service. © 2011 Cloud Security Alliance. All rights reserved. You may download, store, ...
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68 Cloud Broker Definition Differential : Gartner Versus NIST and ...
Abstract. Cloud Brokering is an emerging service in the Cloud Computing Model. Cloud Brokers have been defined.
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69 Adopting a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) for Your ...
Learn how CASBs can help secure your. Amazon Web Services (AWS) footprint. Page 2. AWS Marketplace Introduction. As more organizations move to the cloud, they ...
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70 Trusted Energy-Efficient Cloud-Based Services Brokerage ...
cloud framework and highlights the key features that must be available in multi-cloud-based brokerage systems. 1. Introduction. Cloud computing (CC) has ...
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71 First International Workshop on Cloud Service Quality ...
First International Workshop on Cloud Service Quality Measurement and Comparison (CSQMC 2011) · Service benchmarking methodologies · QoS/SLA driven resource ...
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72 A Cloud Service Broker for Cost Effective Infrastructure ...
Given this, this paper presents a cloud service broker's design ... the main elements necessary for allocating computing resources,.
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73 The Cloud-Enabled Enterprise: -
brokerage technologies provide access to large portfolios of pre-integrated cloud services and extensible integration points to enable and speed up cloud ...
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74 Cloud brokerages get popular, but are they ready for prime ...
A self-service Web portal that lets state agencies in Texas choose cloud services ... “One of the problems of cloud brokers, in my opinion, ...
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75 What are the top cloud computing trends to track in 2011?
1. Adoption. 2011 is going to be all about adoption. The economic benefits of cloud computing are crystal clear. It is less expensive for a ...
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future use case of Intercloud computing is Cloud services brokerage. In this paper, we propose a ... addresses the above interoperability issues with the.
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77 Partnering for value perfection and business sustainability in ...
Cloud services brokers (CSBs, or just brokers) are ... offerings on top of the services of cloud providers. The ... The main issue was their unreliable.
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components or units of the cloud services. This paper deals with designing criteria and issues of cloud broker, system activity of broker, ...
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79 IT Security Responsibilities Change When Moving to the Cloud
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Cloud Computing Version 3.0, 14 November 2011, ...
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80 V2I9201315.pdf
ISSN 2320–088X. IJCSMC, Vol. 2, Issue. 9, September 2013, pg.24 – 28. RESEARCH ARTICLE. Cloud Security for Computing Secure. Cloud Bursting, Brokerage and.
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81 Profit Maximization for Cloud Broker in Cloud Computing
scaling is the most fundamental aspect of cloud computing ... Security is one of the major issues which hamper the growth of cloud. [2].
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82 Advanced service brokerage capabilities as the catalyst for ...
assurance and optimization that will be critical in catalyzing the ... Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Broker, Intermediary, Platform-.
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83 The Cloud Value Chain Exposed - Cisco
Commercial Activity Channels Are Being Disrupted by Cloud Brokers ... In the short term, cloud migration services are the main opportunity.
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84 NIST Cloud Computing Security Reference Architecture
auditor, cloud broker, and cloud carrier (See Figure 1: Cloud Actors). These core individuals have key roles in the realm of cloud computing.
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85 Securing Cloud Storage Service - kth .diva
includes identity and key management mechanisms, ... 2.4 Illustration of a cloud brokerage service . ... In September 2011, the.
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86 List of Top Cloud Brokers 2022 - TrustRadius
What businesses benefit most from cloud broker software? Do cloud broker solutions work with both public and private clouds? Are there free or open source cloud ...
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87 Distributed Service Broker Policy Algorithm for Logistics over ...
have main issue is that how the logistics information system can be best utilized by using cloud ... (2011) focused on the impact of cloud computing on.
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88 Cloud Forward -
tions and capabilities offered by leading cloud service providers. ... guiding principles, critical decision points, and cloud migration approaches and ...
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89 Verecloud, Inc. 2011 8-K Current report - SEC Report
Verecloud's history as a successful integrator of carrier-grade IT systems means it is uniquely qualified to design and implement its cloud services brokerage ...
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Abstract:- In a cloud brokerage system, one of the most fundamental tasks is to provide high-quality selection services for clients.
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91 Cloud service selection using cloud service brokers
This paper reviews the recent approaches that have been introduced and used for cloud service brokerage and discusses their challenges accordingly.
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92 Cloud broker - Wikipedia
In such cases, a cloud consumer may request cloud services from a cloud broker, instead of contacting a cloud provider directly," according to NIST Cloud ...
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93 Re-Imagine IT Using Insights From Symposium's Analyst ... - Coroflot
Simplicity in IT solutions is critical for success. ... simplicity through the use of cloud services brokerages (CSBs); mobile devices, applications and.
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94 Guidance on HIPAA & Cloud Computing -
With the proliferation and widespread adoption of cloud computing solutions, HIPAA covered entities and business associates are questioning whether and how ...
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