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1 Federalism and Iraq's constitutional stalemate - Chatham House
— The key to a long-term resolution of the federalism question lies in finding a compromise formula that would satisfy the minimum requirements ...
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2 'Functioning Federalism' in Iraq: A Critical Perspective
Here, federalism offered a roadmap for how the country could salvage its territorial integrity, defeat ISIS, and bring about a sustainable ...
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There are many advantages to a federal democratic republic especially in Iraq where we can find multi-Ethnics, different religions and different opinions.
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4 Federalism in Iraq: A Liberal Idea in an Illiberal Place
The federal constitution was adopted through a referendum in 2005, in the aftermath of a devastating war and regime change that only worsened the country's ...
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5 A Federal Solution for Iraq?: What a postwar Iraqi government ...
Another Republican president, facing political pressure and the high cost of continued military involvement in Iraq, would probably do much the same. Facing ...
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6 The System and the Parallel System in Iraq
... Iraqi politicians must look inward to the corrupt parallel system that ... renewed talk about the need to adopt a presidential system, ...
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7 Decentralization and its Discontents in Iraq | Middle East Institute
Overall, decentralized asymmetrical federalism, in principle, should allow the Iraqi federal government, the KRG, and the governorates not ...
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8 The Politics of Governance and Federalism
The Iraqi Constitution adopted in 2005 remains a source of debate for ... federalism will strengthen the state and national identity or ...
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9 The implications of elections for federalism in Iraq
The adoption of a federal system for Iraq is a necessary, ... Precisely how a federation should be organized to achieve this goal is, however, ...
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10 Iraq's Federalism Quandary - JSTOR
Washington, dc. is grudgingly accepted that the Kurds in northern Iraq should be able to retain the level of autonomy acquired after the Gulf.
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11 Weak Viability: The Iraqi Federal State and the Constitutional ...
There is now little or no inherent power in the center at all, in part because there is no real center. Any new Iraqi government will hold only ...
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12 Federalism For Postwar Iraq | FindLaw
First, if Iraq were to adopt a democracy based on proportional representation, that would likely bring about a radical shift in power. The ...
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13 The Emergence and Application of Federalism in Iraq under ...
The paper concludes that the application of federalism in Iraq was not out of the need for Iraqi people, but it came as a result of the ...
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14 Constitution Building and Federal Options in Iraq: The Kurdish ...
The latter was based on the 18-governorate model, a structure that would allegedly ensure that no unit making up the federation would be ...
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15 A Bottom-up Approach to Challenging the Muhasasa
While a 'filled out' federation may not end the muhasasa, it will erode ... of the potential benefits of a fully federal system for Iraq.
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16 Federalism - Stanford Law School
what regions would exist within Iraq, and what kinds of powers the regions would have.9. Adopting a federalist system was already a departure from the ...
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17 The Implications of Elections for Federalism in Iraq - http
conclude that a federal political system is the only way that Iraq can hope to ... must adopt a federal system in order to survive as a coherent territorial.
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18 A Study of Federalism in Iraq from the View of the Micro Level ...
religious factions, Iraq, has adopted federalism as its governmental form based ... trends coali tions and groups views in Iraq; meanwhile we will examine ...
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19 Federalism - International IDEA
Federalism, especially in large or diverse countries, can also ... found, for example, in the 2005 Constitution of Iraq), then concurrent authority.
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20 5.8 Constitutional Legitimacy in Iraq: What Role Local Context?
This chapter explores how it can be that, despite the attention of international ... The manner in which Art. 110 is formulated (the federal government has ...
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21 Iraq - Government and society | Britannica
Under a provisional constitution adopted by the party in 1970, Iraq was confirmed as ... This document established Iraq as a federal state in which limited ...
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22 Federalism in the Middle East: A Collection of Essays - Lawfare
In Iraq, which did adopt a federal system, federalism's track record is dubious at best. Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan opted for ...
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23 iraq's constitutional mandate to justly distribute water: the ...§ion=33
ethnic-sectarian tensions that led Iraq to adopt a federal system of gov- ... Drawing on Islamic and human rights law, Iraq should also should.
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24 Constitution of Iraq - Wikipedia
Iraq is an independent nation. · The system of government is a democratic, federal, representative, parliamentary republic. · Islam is the state religion and a ...
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25 Iraq Country Report 2022 - BTI Transformation Index
KRG and the federal government in Baghdad reached a security agreement on ... From this perspective, it would appear that democracy in Iraq is deadlocked.
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26 Iraq's Transitional Law - GovInfo
The National Assembly will draft a permanent constitution for the Iraqi people's ... To prevent the concentration of power in the federal government, ...
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27 Weak Viability: The Iraqi Federal State and the Constitutional ...
The “amendment process” will not lead to many real constitu- tional amendments, but it can be used creatively, to work in concert with interparty peace.
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28 Iraq's Constitutional Process Plunges Ahead
delay would add to the impression that Iraq has sunk into a political morass. Leading ... constitution drafting committee: Will a federal system be adopted; ...
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29 Breaking Out of Fragility - Open Knowledge Repository
All queries on rights and licenses should be addressed to World Bank ... of the legal and institutional framework of Iraq's federal system and impede.
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30 Iraq's Constitutional Mandate to Justly Distribute Water: The ...
In 2005, Iraq adopted a new Constitution with a federal structure that ... Drawing on Islamic and human rights law, Iraq should also should ...
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31 Application of Federalism in Iraq from the Legal Jurisprudence ...
application of federalism in Iraq under constitution of 2005. After the fall of political regime in 2003, Iraq adopted federalism under the Constitution of ...
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32 How to Build a Democratic Iraq - The New York Times
For that reason, democratic Iraq must have a federal system of government. Already, the Kurds -- who have enjoyed freedom from Baghdad's ...
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33 Afghanistan as a Federal System with Autonomous Regions
The author recommends that Afghanistan alter its governments current design and adopt a federal system with strong autonomous regions.
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34 Iraq - 1325 National Action Plans - PeaceWomen
Iraq adopted its first National Action Plan (NAP) in 2014 for the period ... The NAP was developed by the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan ...
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35 Iraq: Politics and Governance
U.S. officials assert that the Iraqi government must work to gain the ... constitution, which was adopted in a public referendum of October ...
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36 Are Federal Systems Better than Unitary Systems? ABSTRACT
Should democratic regimes adopt federal or unitary systems of ... station towards a unitary state—as in Iraq or the European Union in the near future ...
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37 GAO-07-1195, Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq: Iraqi ...
The Iraqi government has met one of eight legislative benchmarks: the rights ... the Congress would be enhanced with adoption of the recommendations we make ...
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38 Federalism in Asia and Africa Beyond India - SAGE Journals
have adopted some kinds of federal or quasi-federal forms of government. In Africa, it is even more unpopular. Of fifty-four African states, only five can ...
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39 Influences of Ambiguity of Constitutional Provisions on the ...
shape that the Republic of Iraq should adopt: the simple or the fed- eral shape. Although the Iraqi Constitution has adopted a binary system.
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40 Constitution - University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
{ Adopted on: 8 March 2004 } ... The system of government in Iraq shall be republican, federal, democratic, and pluralistic, and powers shall be shared ...
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41 Remarks at the UN Security Council Briefing on Iraq
And there are pressing economic and climate matters at hand as well. The Iraqi government will need to bolster electricity delivery, promote ...
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42 Iraq's Constitutional Process: Challenges and the Road Ahead
violence and will facilitate the disintegration of the Iraqi state. ... The Constitution also establishes a loose federal structure that.
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43 Fact Sheet: Democracy in Iraq
This new government will face many tough decisions on issues such as security, reconstruction, and economic reform. Iraqi leaders will also have ...
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44 Why DC loves Biden's terrible plan to divide Iraq - Vox
It would hold Iraq together by bringing to life the federal system enshrined in its constitution. A federal Iraq is a united Iraq but one in ...
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45 A Review of the Constitution of Iraq
The successful adoption of the constitution was seen as an important step towards ... Those who oppose federalism fear that it would lead.
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46 Iraq | OHCHR
One Expert said it could be adopted on an experimental basis. ... The federal state of Iraq was made up of the capital and regions.
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47 The Making and Breaking of Federalism in Iraq - 1. Allgemeines
the historical background to the adoption of Iraq's new constitution (infra 1.1). Secondly, it will try to explain why a federal structure was chosen for ...
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48 Why Federalism Matters - Brookings Institution
Iraq seems headed for the same fate. The Sunni minority there is resisting a draft constitution that would grant regional autonomy not only to ...
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49 Iraq 2005 - Constitute Project
The Republic of Iraq is a single federal, independent and fully sovereign state in which the system of government is republican, representative, parliamentary, ...
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50 Iraq's Constitutional Moments and the Institutionalization of ...
incredibly vocal in its rejection of Iraq's current state.5 But this is ... structure, which would be, among many other things, a federal ...
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51 2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Iraq
Under the federal constitution, the Kurdistan Regional Government has the right to maintain internal security forces, but the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and ...
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52 Iraq-Related Sanctions | U.S. Department of the Treasury
Applying for a Specific OFAC License. It may be in your and the U.S. government's interest to authorize particular economic activity related to Iraq. Certain ...
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53 The Iraqi Constitution: A Scapegoat for Corruption
Iraq faced many challenges, mainly security, but politically the Shia, the Kurds, and some Sunni reached a consensus and drafted a constitution ...
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54 an alternative model for solving oil and gas disputes in Iraq
Since adopting federalism as a new model of governance in the current Constitution of 2005, the distribution of power and wealth has become ...
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55 The Iraqi Constitution: Analysis of the Controversial Articles
Iraq's judicial sector, to its electoral system, to the federal system of ... The final draft should be adopted through a public referendum.
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56 Federalism in the Middle East and Europe - Scholarly Commons
By addressing the topic of federalism in the Middle East, we could be ... constitutions in the European Union 2003, Afghanistan 2003 and Iraq 2004), ...
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57 Council conclusions on Iraq -
The EU commends the Iraqi people, their Government and their ... challenges, the EU will work towards all its strategic objectives in Iraq ...
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58 Debating Devolution in Iraq - MERIP
April 2008 is the month when the law for implementing federalism—adopted by the Iraqi parliament in October 2006—comes into effect.
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59 Adopt Policies to Accept the Reality of Iraq's Fragmentation
The United States should mitigate the increasingly violent fragmentation in Iraq by ceasing the unconditional arming and training of Iraq's ...
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60 Why Federalism Is a Bad Idea for Syria
What kind of government will be created and implemented in post-civil war Syria will be very important; it can also be the key to the solution of the crisis in ...
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61 Who Can Adopt? - U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Iraq
The federal agency that makes this determination is U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the Department of Homeland Security. You may not ...
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62 Iraq - Constitutional history of - ConstitutionNet
The 2005 Iraqi constitution was greatly influenced not only by its political history, but also by fears of Islamic extremism and greater federalism leading ...
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63 Democracy in Iraq - Air University
middle class, will embrace the tenets of liberalism and subsequently the concept of a democratic government. (Of course, in the Middle East, this education ...
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64 Gender Profile – Iraq - Oxfam Digital Repository
conflict and recommended that the state party adopt, as a matter of urgency, ... The Constitution establishes a federal system in the Republic of Iraq made ...
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65 Federalism and Peace Mediation - UN Peacemaker
The mediator should expect that the use of the word federalism will ... state organisation adopted is as significant as whether federalism is introduced.
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66 Living conditions in Iraq: 10 years after the US-led invasion
The health system in Iraq has been dissected and reviewed repeatedly, ... We adopted various approaches to objectively collect and analyse data on the ...
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67 Could Federalism Work for the Syrian Crisis After Years of ...
They argue that in a federal regime, security could be rapidly restored and the sectarian and ethnic problems that have been drowning the ...
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68 Constitution of Iraq: UNAMI English Translation - Refworld
The Republic of Iraq is a single federal, independent and fully sovereign state ... E- The Iraqi Government shall respect and implement Iraq's international.
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69 The Iraqi Federation: Origin, Operation and Significance
Political instability has characterised the modern history of Iraq, which has proven itself as a complex state to govern. However, the creation of a federal ...
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70 Geopolitics, Borders, and Federalism: Challenges for Post ...
Iraq could adopt a model of Federalism similar to the Swiss regional government structure, with three key regions whose borders would be defined.
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71 Solving Iraq's federal dilemma || AW - The Arab Weekly
This region shall include all the provinces of Iraq, except the Kurdistan Region of course, and shall have its own government that manages all ...
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72 Iraq's Pressing Need to Adopt Unified Conceptual and Procedural ...
Iraq's Pressing Need to Adopt Unified Conceptual and Procedural Models for ... the national policies adopted by federal or central government offices.
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73 The Voter's Self Defense System - Vote Smart
S Amdt 2997 - Expressing the Sense of Congress Regarding Federalism in Iraq - National Key Vote ... Senate Amendment Adopted; Sept.
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74 Opinions on Iraqi Federalism: Structural Construction ...
Iraq's federal constitution also called for laws governing this process and the creation of independent councils and commissions to manage the ...
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75 No time like the present for democratic reform in Iraq
The constitution adopted in 2005 defines Iraq as a federal state in which the system of governance is a parliamentary democracy.
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76 Iraq Urgently Needs a Real Constitution — IACL-IADC Blog
The federal government with regional and provincial governments' oil ... one must read the original English text, not the officially adopted ...
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77 Iraq urgently needs a real constitution
Iraq is in dire need of a real constitution. The reasons for a failed state, and the normative miseries since the adoption of its current ...
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78 "Federalism in a Post-Modern World" [2004] BondLawRw 1
Chen, for example, states: Federalism can be defined as the mode of ... adopted a definition of federalism which specifically enshrined state sovereignty.
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79 Federal Republic- A constitutional government in which the ...
4. Monarchy- system in which king or queen leads the nation. The monarch can have supreme powers and become a dictator, or he/she can ...
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80 The Case Against Consociationalism 'Light'
This article argues that Iraq,s political problems can be traced, in part, to the ... lack of progress in adopting federal hydrocarbon and ...
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81 Early warning: How Iraq can adapt to climate change
Climate change is increasing the strain on Iraqi society and public ... in November 2021 the federal government adopted the Mesopotamia ...
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82 Iraq's Neoliberal Constitution - FPIF - Foreign Policy in Focus
All of Iraq's natural resources would be owned collectively by the Iraqi people. Everyone would have the right to work and the state would be legally bound to ...
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83 Iraqi Society and the Complexities of Federalism
A number of Iraqi and non-Iraqi researchers have made efforts to justify the introduction of the federal system in Iraq, using arguments and ...
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84 View Opportunity | GRANTS.GOV
Home · Learn Grants · Search Grants · Applicants · Grantors · System-to-System · Forms · Connect · Support · GRANTS.GOV; View Opportunity ...
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85 Decentralization in iraq - UN-Habitat
WHY DECENTRALIZATION CAN HELP IRAQ ... its economic system or degree of development. excerpts may bereproduced ... After adopting a federal system.
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86 Iraq - Forum of Federations
Federalism is a nascent political development in Iraq, and one which is intrinsically linked with its recent history of political instability, war, ...
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87 Iraqi Supreme Court casts doubt over legitimacy of Kurdistan's ...
Article 112(1) provides that "The federal government, with the producing governorates and regional governments, shall undertake the management of oil and gas ...
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88 The Limitations of the Consociational Arrangements in Iraq
Iraqi constitution and the political system lack genuine consociational practices. ... Autonomy can be territorial autonomy represented in federalism, ...
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89 Iraq's Kurds, seeking independence, call vote hoping to ease ...
25, a move that will strain Iraq's frayed federal unity and annoy ... The political developments take place as Iraqi government forces push ...
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90 The Hijacking of Democracy: The Role of Political Parties in Iraq
Apart from compromising the country's sovereignty, it produces a dysfunctional government populated by corrupt, unqualified, but party-loyal ...
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91 Consolidate the positive dynamic in Iraq - France ONU
That is why, following the elections, which strengthened the democratic process in Iraq, appointments to three of four vacant federal Government ministerial ...
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92 Federalism and Federation
However the constitution of a federal system is constructed some will insist ... Iraq's 2005 Constitution stipulates in Article 3 that it is a “country of ...
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93 Human Resources Flexibilities and Authorities in the Federal ...
These HR tools and requirements, which should be used in a strategic manner, are a critical component in ensuring that the Federal Government maintains a ...
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94 Exploring the Rationale for Decentralization in Iraq and its ...
Supporters of a strong central government claim that without a strong capital keeping the country together, Iraq will inevitably break apart ...
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95 Federal Employees' Compensation Act
(A) a civil officer or employee in any branch of the Government of the United States, ... (a) The United States shall pay compensation as specified by this ...
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best regime to be adopted anywhere and everywhere. Even the most ardent federalist would not present federalism in this manner. Federalism is all about ...
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97 The Politics of Iraqi Kurdistan: Towards Federalism or ...
Nationalism is primarily a political principle, which holds that the political and the national unit should be congruent. Nationalist sentiment is the ...
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