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1 Understanding the Increase in Moral Acceptability of Polygamy
Several factors help explain why Americans are four times as likely to see polygamy as morally acceptable now compared with 14 years ago.
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2 Why do some people think polygamy is immoral? How? - Quora
Yes, it is ethical if it involves consenting adults who have equal rights and the freedom to divorce, and it is honest, meaning it isn't secret, like with ...
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3 Can Polygamy Be Ethical? - Live Science
Researcher argues that traditional forms of polygamy are inherently unequal and therefore morally objectionable.
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4 Polygamy is rare around the world - Pew Research Center
Polygamy is rare throughout most of the world. ... Central Asia as well as Southern and Eastern Europe tend to say that polygamy is immoral.
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5 The Ethics of Polygamy - Reason Magazine
Many people assume that polygamy ought to be illegal. Even the United States Supreme Court (in a notorious nineteenth-century case involving ...
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6 Why is there so much sexual immorality ... - Gentle Reformation
If polygamy and sexual immorality is so bad, why does it seem to go unchecked in so many places in the Old Testament?
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7 The Case Against Encouraging Polygamy - The Atlantic
The situation is not good for women, either, because it places them in competition with other wives and can reduce them all to satellites of the ...
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8 Understanding Those Who Practice Polygamy -
Some commentators contend that disallowing polygamy is justified, even when same-sex marriage is permitted, because polygamy is immoral, ...
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9 Can Polygamy be Egalitarian? - Philosophy - Northwestern
Polygamy may be egalitarian either if each spouse marries every other spouse or if ... Kant argues that the sexual use of another person is immoral unless.
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10 So why is polygamy considered immoral, again? : r/atheism
What makes polygamous relationships less moral than other ...
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11 Is Polygamy Inherently Unequal?* Gregg Strauss - JSTOR
In “molecular” polygamy, any spouses may marry a new spouse outside the family. These new models of polygamy ... Richard Wasserstrom, “Is Adultery Immoral?
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12 Why Polygamy Is Bad for National Security - Politico
Polygyny produces especially unstable societies because it creates competition among males looking for partners, thus undermining male ...
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13 Why did God allow polygamy / bigamy in the Bible?
The question of polygamy is an interesting one in that most people today view polygamy as immoral while the Bible nowhere explicitly ...
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14 Polygamy, Religion, and the Law
In Christianity, many sects disfavor the practice of polygamy. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church considers the practice to be an offense ...
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15 Polygamy in Christianity - Wikipedia
Polygamy was practiced by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS ... the practice of polygamy in order to further their immoral desires for ...
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16 Is Polygamy Really So Awful?
› 2012/01 › the-problem-with-polygamy
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17 Why Did God Allow Polygamy? | Desiring God
If the Bible's teachings for monogamy are so clear, why then are so many of God's Old Testament saints polygamists? The reason Scripture records ...
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18 Everything Lawyers Know About Polygamy is Wrong
Once polygamy was deemed uncivilized, immoral, and harm- ful to women by association, the nineteenth century political and legal.
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19 What Is Polygamy and Why Did God Allow It? - Christianity
› Wiki › Christian Terms
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20 CLEVELAND v. US - United States - FindLaw Caselaw
They not only believe in polygamy; unlike other Mormons,1 they practice it. ... These polygamous practices have long been branded as immoral in the law.
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21 Cleveland v. United States | The First Amendment Encyclopedia
Cleveland v. United States (1946) · Case dealt law prohibiting interstate transportation of women for immoral purposes · Court denounced polygamy · SEE ALSO.
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22 Why Not Polygamy? Natural Law and the Family (Chapter 9)
This seems to suggest that Locke took polygamy to be immoral and, therefore, a violation of natural law that a sovereign could justifiably forbid. That is ...
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23 Lessons from Islamic Polygamy: A Case for Expanding the ...
polygamy might help us assess how to best protect American women involved ... immoral, according to a Gallup poll conducted in 2003.").
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24 Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage
the Mormon Church, prohibiting polygamy in the Western territories and ... immorality of same-sex marriage already possessed all the authority it.
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25 Is Polygamy Legal In the United States? -
Enforcing Polygamy Laws · Child abuse and statutory rape. Many polygamist wives are underage. · Welfare fraud. Polygamist marriages typically ...
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26 Ethics and Religion Talk: Is polygamy really against God's ...
“The word for having more than one wife is 'polygamy' which according to the Roman Catholic Church defies moral law because 'conjugal love is ...
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27 Polygamy in the Bible (and What Jesus Said about It)
It must seem very strange for those polygamous families when their normal, socially acceptable lifestyle is suddenly regarded as immoral.
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28 Are polygamous or polyamorous relationships immoral? - 4B
› relationships › 2021/06/07 › ar...
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29 Why is polygamy immoral? - Great Debates - Straight Dope ...
› why-is-polygamy-immo...
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30 How Polyamorists and Polygamists Are Challenging Family ...
Joe says that getting bigamy decriminalized in the state involved a ... the South and the West were both deemed immoral, and a line was ...
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31 The FAQS: What You Should Know About Polygamy in America
Polygamy is the practice or custom of having more than one wife or ... in engaging in such sexually immoral practices will be excluded from ...
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32 Should we legalise or abolish polygamy?
reluctant to recognise polygamous marriages as legal marriages. ... The pertinent question is whether polygamy is immoral and if immoral whether it merits ...
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33 POLYGAMY: AN ETHICAL CASE STUDY,_Polygamy-An_Ethical_Case_Study.pdf
Strictly speaking, polygamy, meaning plural marriage, includes polyandry ... wives is a way for the husband to avoid sexual immorality.
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34 Immoral Purposes: Marriage and the Genus of Illicit Sex - CORE
C. The White-Slave Trade and Sexual Immorality ... bigamy, same-sex marriage, adult incest, prostitution, masturbation, ... on polygamy after Lawrence.
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35 Lifting the Veil on Polygamy - ABC News
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints banned polygamy more than a ... Because, according to many, polygamy is immoral and it damages society.
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36 Critical reflections on polygamy in the African Christian context
In almost all African societies, polygamy is an acceptable and valid form of ... polygamous cultures that once a man had more than one wife, immorality and ...
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37 The Case for Polygamous Marriage after United States v ...
vent immorality, such as prostitution, rape, fornication, adultery, and the high divorce rate found in many Western monogamous societies; and (4) polygamy ...
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38 Polygamy after Windsor: What's Religion Got to Do with It ...
gage in de facto polygamy with subsequent wives, "marrying" them in re- ... pedophiles, sexually deviant, and abusive and immoral.07 Opponents to both.
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39 Social Cohesion and the Legal Enforcement of Morals: A ...
He considered as an example the case of polygamy. Polygamous marriages are condemned in some societies as gravely immoral; in others they are tolerated or even ...
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40 Solved Discussion question philosophy 2) Many cultures
Polygamy is not adultery; neither of these cultures sanctions extramarital sex. Is polygamy immoral? Why or why not? 3) Are taxes for entitlement programs, such ...
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41 Why Is There So Much Sexual Immorality ... - ChurchLeaders
In sum, polygamy and other forms of immorality are a disgusting entrant into the kingdom of God. But here is the joy of the believer today. Now, ...
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42 Mormons hate polygamy thiiiiiiiiis much - Religion News Service
When asked whether they felt an issue was immoral, morally acceptable, or “not a moral issue,” here's a breakdown of how many Mormons declared ...
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43 A Christian Consideration of Polygamy
The exotic, "immoral" practice of polygamy, on the other hand is declared to be anathema. This judgment is partly based on biblical considerations, it is.
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44 The Problems with Polygamy | Institute for Family Studies
Whether or not it seems like the next legal step, polygamy is a much different animal from gay marriage. Tweet This · Women in polygamous ...
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45 Polygamy in Islamic Law - Wakf
No sincere Jew, Christian or Muslim would regard God's chosen Messengers as immoral persons! The Dictionary of the Bible states: Polygamy meets us as a fact: ...
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46 Is Polygamy Legal in India? How Does it impact Indian Society?
Polygamy results in property struggles arise when their Husband dies. The women might use immoral means to grab as much as possible of the ...
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47 Polygyny: Is It Fair? - Aishah Schwartz - Islam Awareness
It is one of the three forms of polygamy (plural marriage). ... Therefore, the view of polygyny as immoral is based upon a particular cultural norm that is ...
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48 Polygamists told girls of immoral outside world - NBC News
All their lives, the girls in the polygamist sect in the West Texas desert were told that the outside world was hostile and immoral.
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49 Polygamy leader says was "immoral" with sister - ロイター
U.S. polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, convicted of being an accomplice to rape, renounced his role as prophet while awaiting trial ...
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50 Polyamory: taboo for religious Americans but not for the rest
Polygamy, that is marriage between more than two people, is even less acceptable, with 69% saying that polygamy is immoral and only 14% ...
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51 What's an Ethical Non Monogamist Relationship? - BetterHelp
How do you comfortably discuss the proposition of polygamy as a non-issue? ... partner may be considered cheating or unethical non monogamy.
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52 Polygamist sect leader said he was 'immoral, wicked,' in ...
ST. GEORGE, Utah — Sitting in jail awaiting trial, the leader of a polygamous sect renounced his role as a prophet and said he had been ...
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53 More Americans Than Ever Say Polygamy Is Morally Acceptable
The practice of polygamy, or having more than one spouse at the same time, is illegal in all 50 states. But the percentage of Americans who ...
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54 Polygamy
Pratt, R.B. "Massachusetts Debate on Polygamy. ... in support of polygamy argued for religious freedom and claimed that nothing about polygamy was immoral; ...
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55 The Ethics of Polygamy [BA(Hons) Philosophy Thesis]
Could polygamous marriages ever be acceptable by the moral standards of modern ... therefore, is that there is nothing immoral about polygamy per se.
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56 Polygamy, Christian Doctrine Concerning - Biblical Cyclopedia
Polygamy, Christian Doctrine Concerning from the McClintock and Strong ... not have permitted it for many ages had it been necessarily immoral or sinful.
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57 The Owner of Wants to Make Having a Second ...
Azad Chaiwala, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, reckons polygamy is the way to rid ourselves of the "immoral relationships" that he sees as ...
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58 Taxing Polygamy - ResearchGate
Overwhelmingly, Americans find polygamy distasteful, if not immoral. For some, such distaste seems almost visceral, a reaction to a barbaric ...
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59 race treason: the untold story of america's ban on polygamy ...
Dubler, Immoral Purposes: Marriage and the Genus of Illicit Sex, 115 YALE L.J. 756. (2006). 36 GORDON, supra note 16, at 19, 22, 91. 37 KATHRYN M. DAYNES, MORE ...
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60 Sexual Immorality: Promiscuity / Polyamory / Polygamy ...
› 2021/01/16 › se...
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61 The Protestant's Problem with Polyamory - Catholic Answers
And if we use the Bible alone to examine polygamy, it's easier to show that God is ... Does God give moral guidelines for immoral actions?
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62 Cleveland v. United States, 329 U.S. 14 (1946). - Loc
immoral purpose" cannot be given a narrower meahing. P. 18. 3. Polygamous practices are not excluded from the Act, have long.
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63 Mohammed Hijab on Twitter: "By arguing that mut3ah is ...
You open the door to those who say polygamy or any other practice is immoral because it has the consequence of causing harm to the first wife." / Twitter ...
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64 14. On the Morality of Biblical Polygyny -
The answer seems to be, “NO”. ... There is no provision in Deuteronomy 25:5-10 for a marital exemption. Had God considered polygyny immoral and ...
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65 What's Moral? Americans' Views Keep Changing
... Gallup found most Americans see them as immoral. Sex between teenagers (52%), pornography (58%), cloning animals (63%), polygamy (78%), ...
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66 LDS Practice of Polygamy: 1847-1911 - I Love Utah History!
People across the country claimed that the marriage practice oppressed women and/or was immoral. For many years, people across the United States worked to end ...
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67 West to Deseret, Part2
The Mormons came to be known as immoral, clannish, possibly violent, and ultimately ... Anti-Mormon cartoon depicting the presumed results of polygamy.
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68 Question: Is polygamy sexist? - FAIR - FairMormon
Given that the higher moral law would be to practice polygamy, it would actually be immoral of women to be reluctant to practice it here on earth. Given DS4, ...
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69 (Im)Morality and Polyamory | Psychology Today
One of the common arguments against polyamory is that it is immoral. While polyamory does not fit conventional morality any better than ...
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70 POLYGAMY: What The Bible Says About It
“The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord ... Why polygamy is not God's Will or intention for human sexual relationships:.
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71 Philosophy Paper on Morality and Polygamy - 2840 Words
There are many people opposed to the concept of polygamous marriages. Polygamy is legal in some countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, but illegal in ...
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72 Utah Christian Polygamists Say It's 'All About Love and Family'
He points to passages that say David, Solomon and other patriarchs had many wives. “Obviously polygamy can't be something that's immoral if God ...
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73 Polygamy should be banned now - Kashmir Reader
The practice of polygamy has also spread immorality in our society. Free from fear of police and court, the Muslim male often indulges in ...
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74 Liberia: Does the Bible Condemn Polygamy? - Part I
If polygamy were evil or immoral or a serious sin, I believe that God would not have winked at its practice, the prophets would not have ...
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75 Monogamous vs polygamous relationships - Times of India
Monogamy is moral and polygamy is immoral, this is something too reductionist of a view. We all talk about 'to live and let live'.
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76 Taxing Polygamy: Married Filing Jointly (and Severally?)
the polygamous marriage as a series of dyad, and would split the ... communities to underscore polygamy's immorality. But critics do not.
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77 Why not do the right thing? Allow polygamy and criminalise ...
A polygamous union also affects all those mentioned above in an adulterous relationship. The difference is that a polygamous marriage provides ...
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78 International Journal of Theology & Reformed
whether the attitude of the Nigerian church towards polygamous ... conversely those things evil and immoral as African.” In other.
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79 What Does The Bible Actually Say About Polygamy? - YouTube
Oct 4, 2021
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80 Catechism of the Catholic Church | Catholic Culture
However polygamy is not in accord with the moral law. ... reported that there is immorality among you . . . for a man is living with his father's wife.
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81 Sexual immorality | The Encyclopedia of World Problems
› problem › sexual-immoral...
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82 PART 3 SECTION 2 ... - Catechism of the Catholic Church
2385 Divorce is immoral also because it introduces disorder into the family ... 180 The Christian who has previously lived in polygamy has a grave duty in ...
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83 What Does the Book of Mormon Say About Polygamy?
Jacob 2 describes how the prophet Jacob condemned materialism and sexual immorality, including unauthorized plural marriage.
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84 Polygamy - Understanding the Abrahamic Tradition
If polygamy is immoral per se, then these and other leading figures in the Biblical traditions are immoral. In this case, there would be no sanctity ...
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85 Hinduism and Polygamy -
Many educated Hindus, consider both polygamy and polyandry primitive and immoral, and remnants of an ancient world that has little resemblance to the world ...
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86 Positive & Negative Effects of Polygamy on Society - Ivypanda
Many studies about polygamy are structured on whether the practice should be recognized, banned, or punished through the law. Little has been ...
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87 Is Polygamy a Valid Restraint to Immorality?
Mbiti appears to accept this logic, saying: “Certainly [polygamists] are better in so doing than in keeping prostitutes or concubines.” This ...
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88 Immoral Bible approaches to Biblical ethics / Eryl W. Davies.
Immoral Bible approaches to Biblical ethics / Eryl W. Davies. ... stance upon slavery, polygamy and perhaps its most troublesome aspect, the sanctioning of ...
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89 Does Song of Solomon Teach Sexual Immorality?
Due to Solomon's infamy for rampant polygamy later in life, his marital state and motives for writing Song of Solomon are not just ...
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90 What Does the Bible Say About Against Polygamy?
But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. Genesis 2:24 ESV / 27 helpful votes
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91 Protestants and Polygamy | Douglas Beaumont
Does God give moral guidelines for immoral actions? King David. In 2 Samuel 12:8 God lists David's multiple wives as part of the blessings that ...
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92 Brazil's groundbreaking three-person civil union - The Week
The Catholic Church, which is quite powerful in Brazil and the rest of Latin America, is pretty clear about its condemnation of polygamy as a totally immoral ...
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93 [HIV disclosure in polygamous settings in Senegal] - PubMed
The majority of married women begin by sharing their HIV status with their mother, waiting for her to confirm that the contamination is not due to immoral ...
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94 Polygamy - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
One influential variety begins from the observation that different cultures seem to have different ethical views. Some cultures think polygamy immoral, others ...
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95 South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated
Bigamy. Any person who is married who shall marry another person shall, unless: ... any obscene, profane, indecent, vulgar, suggestive, or immoral message.
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96 Practicing Polygamy: Multicultural Right or Liberal Crime?
The issue of polygamy was clearly established as not only illegal but also immoral, ironically as the courts used religious morals to declare another set of ...
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97 ISRAEL: Perquisites for Polygamists - TIME,9171,800300,00.html
There is no civil law against polygamy in Israel. ... It is immoral to have one wife at home and a few other wives on the outside." Gluska won his point.
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