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1 Why is the installed theme not showing on my WordPress site?
If your new uploaded theme is not showing up, you should first make sure that you have uploaded it in the right location which is wp-content/themes in your ...
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2 My WordPress theme is not showing - SiteGround KB
If your new uploaded theme is not showing up, make sure that you have uploaded it in the right location which is wp-content/themes in your WordPress instal.
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3 10 Common WordPress Theme Issues & How To Fix Them
I would recommend first de-activating all themes and plugins and see if you still have the issue. If you do go to Dashboard > Updates and click ...
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4 Installed and activated themes not showing -
I have activated some of the free author landing page themes on e.g. 'Remembering His Name' and 'Into the Wild' but they are not showing.
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5 wordpress custom theme not appearing in dashboard
Just use style.css and the basic files until you can see it. While troubleshooting - just use the index.php and the style.css - and keep things ...
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6 Why Doesn't My WordPress Theme Look Like The Demo ...
If your WordPress theme is not displaying correctly, what can you do? If it doesn't look like the demo theme, here's how to fix it.
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7 WordPress Theme Not Displaying Correctly? Here Is How To ...
How to Fix a WordPress Theme Not Displaying Correctly? · Before you install a theme, make sure that it is from a reputable source. · If your site is still ...
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8 How to Fix Missing Theme Customizer in WordPress Admin
1. Manually Enter the Theme Customizer URL in Your Browser · 2. Switch Your WordPress Theme to Fix Missing Theme Customizer · 3. Use a WordPress ...
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9 Topic: Theme Options not working | Forums
Is this when you're accessing your site via SFTP? All themes on your site should be listed in the /wp-content/themes folder. If that's not what ...
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10 Theme not showing up - WordPress Stack Exchange
Please learn how to template for WordPress first, before proceeding further. It will help you understand how you are proceeding and what you are achieving. ...
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11 Theme Customizer not working in WordPress | Support Center
In most cases you can solve issues with the theme customizer by disabling your plugins in the WordPress dashboard. You could try deactivating your plugins one ...
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12 How to Fix WordPress Customizer Not Working - PPWP Pro
There are a few reasons why your WordPress Customizer doesn't work. It could be due to plugin conflicts (conflict between 2 plugins), plugin ...
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13 WordPress Changes Not Showing? Here's How to Fix ... - Kinsta
Most of the time, problems related to WordPress changes not showing on your site have to do with caching issues (browser caching, page caching, ...
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14 WordPress Customizer Not Working - 7 Easy Ways to Fix
Some themes and plugins require the latest version of WordPress to function properly. If your WordPress site isn't up to date, your theme ...
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15 WordPress Changes Not Showing? 3 Methods to Fix It Right ...
Why Is My Featured Image Not Showing Up in WordPress? · An HTTP error caused by the WordPress memory limit. · WordPress theme or plugin conflicts. · A lazy loading ...
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16 How to Create a WordPress Child Theme: A Step-by-Step Guide
WordPress Child Theme Not Working. Is your child theme not working? Here are some things to check for. 1. Double-check your functions.php file.
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17 How to Fix an Installed, but Broken WordPress Theme
Click “Install Themes” from the top of the page, search for the name of the theme and reinstall it from the WordPress library to reset the theme. References.
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18 7 Way To Fix WordPress Theme Not Saving Changes
2. The Browser Cache · 3. Plugin Cache · 4. CDN Cache · 5. Coding Typo/Mistakes · 6. Working in wrong directory/file · 7. DNS Resolution Delay.
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19 Enfold theme not visible - Support -
Enfold theme not visible · Install and activate ” Temporary Login Without Password “. · Go to ” Users > Temporary Logins ” on the left-side menu.
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20 Oopsie! WordPress Images Not Displaying So Let's Fix That
Plugins And Themes Issues · 1. Go to the WordPress dashboard. · 2. On the main menu on the left, select Plugins. · 3. Click on Installed Plugins.
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21 How to Fix WordPress Search Not Working (3+ Issues Fixed)
Compatibility issues with your theme or plugins. Even when you add a search widget to your site manually, you may still experience some issues.
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22 Child theme not showing up under my wordpress themes
Remove everything from the child theme folder and make sure this is in your style.css inside that folder. /* Theme Name: Twenty Thirteen Child ...
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23 A plugin or theme has stopped working. What should I do?
How do I fix it? · Disable all plugins; · Activate only the plugin that is malfunctioning—or, if the error is in the theme, keep all plugins disabled; · Check ...
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24 Comments are not showing up in WordPress. Why?
Mar 18, 2020 —
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25 The Global And Local Settings Info And Troubleshooting
If you cannot see the global theme options in your WordPress admin panel, this is most likely due to the fact that you did not install the Theme Core plugin for ...
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26 My changes do not appear online, what can I do? - Elementor
For instance, the CSS of a theme which overrides the one of Elementor. To be sure that it is a theme issue, switch to a default theme of WordPress such as ...
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27 Fixing WordPress Comments Not Showing on Posts or Pages
Before starting, make sure you have the latest version of WordPress, and if it's possible, verify that your theme and all the plugins are up to ...
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28 Creating WordPress Child Theme: Manually or Using Plugin
You might not have placed your child's theme files in the correct location. The folder path for a child theme should be: public_html > wp- ...
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29 How to Fix the WordPress Theme Customizer Not Working Error
There could be a problem with your current theme that is interfering with the loading of the theme customizer. To rule out this possibility, try ...
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30 Menu not showing on all pages. - Premium Theme Support
I guess the header part is not written in the header.php file on your current theme. Event single.php file has the get_header() part at the ...
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31 Topic: Translating WordPress Theme not working - Themeco
› archive › forums › translating-wordp...
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32 Cover area is missing or not working in Vlog theme - Meks
The reason for this could be related to the fact that once you install the theme, you need to set up the Home page that will be assigned as a static page. Cover ...
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33 Can't Upload Images to WordPress Media Library? - WP Engine
If your Media Library is loading but not showing images, there are two primary causes: an incompatible plugin, and improper file permissions.
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34 Images not showing in wordpress themes - Web Hosting Hub
The template images are not showing up in most Wordpress themes that I am viewing/installing (including the Wordpress default themes).
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35 WordPress Widgets Not Showing — Here's Why - Maschituts
Like the WordPress widgets not showing, your Google Analytics stops working, or your upload buttons for themes and plugins vanish.
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36 How to deactivate a WordPress theme for troubleshooting
The front-end of your site may not display content, but you should be able to open wp-admin which can now be accessed to install/activate a theme for the ...
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37 Change your WordPress theme from the database
Step 1 - Open your database in phpMyAdmin · Step 2 - Click "_options" · Step 3 - Locate the theme in the table · Step 4 - Replace the current theme with a default ...
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38 How to Fix a Missing Sidebar in WordPress - Elegant Themes
Make sure you haven't missed an update. WordPress and themes are the most important for this issue. Sometimes you might have to reinstall ...
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39 WordPress Theme editor missing: How to Fix It - WP Full Care
Clear browser caches · Is your theme editor not showing in WordPress? Then deactivate all plugins! · Changing settings in wp-config. · The ...
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40 How to Create a WordPress Child Theme Step by Step
WordPress Child Theme Not Loading style.css; Child Theme CSS Not Overriding Parent; Child Theme functions.php Not Working; Child Theme Template File Not ...
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41 WordPress Admin Dashboard Is Not Displaying Properly CSS ...
Quick Checklist to Fix WordPress Dashboard Not Displaying Properly ; Clear cookies and cache to rule out the possibility of cookies and cache causing this ...
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42 How to Resolve Custom Fields Not Showing Up in WordPress
› tutorials › custom-fields-...
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43 Biggest Problems with WordPress Themes - Jammy Digital
› problems-wordpress-themes
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44 How to Install a New Theme from the WordPress Dashboard
If you have issues with the automatic update or do not have access to the Admin Dashboard, you can manually update your site's theme.
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45 Customizer Will Disappear for Some Block Theme Users With ...
Technically, the customizer is available via /wp-admin/customize.php . Even though no links to it are shown in the admin, any user with the ...
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46 How To Fix Mobile Menu Not Appearing - ThemeFusion
If you have purged your cache and ensured that the main menu is assigned in the WordPress menu section, then you need to check for 3rd party plugin conflicts.
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47 How to Fix WordPress Changes Not Showing Up
How to Fix WordPress Changes Not Showing Up · Clear your site's cache with a plugin. If you don't use any caching plugins you can skip this step.
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48 10 Common WordPress Theme Issues & How ... - Grace Themes
Oct 17, 2022 —
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49 How to Solve WordPress Website Not Loading Issues - weDevs
Connection Error; Check .htaccess; Domain Expiration; Hosting Problem; Permalink Setting; Broken Code; WordPress Version Outdated; Outdated Themes & Plugins ...
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50 My WordPress theme is not showing - WhoGoHost
If you uploaded a theme and it is not displaying, check if you have uploaded the theme in the right location which is wp-content/themes in your WordPress ...
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51 How to Fix WordPress Block Editor Not Working: Guide & Tips
Clear Your Browser Cache · Re-Install the Latest Version of WordPress · Deactivate All Plugins from Your WordPress Site · Take Your Website to Its ...
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52 How To Change Wordpress Theme Without Losing Content Or ...
If your site is brand new, or has limited content and visitors, changing a WordPress theme is not difficult. You can go into Appearances, ...
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53 How to Fix WordPress Post Excerpt Not Showing for Your Site
First, let's see if your current WordPress theme supports excerpts. Most popular WordPress themes will have settings to display custom excerpts ...
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54 Jupiter: Update theme not working - WordPress Websites For ...
Are you using the latest WordPress version? If so, that's the reason you couldn't update the theme via Control Panel, as they removed jquery support. You need ...
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55 Why is jQuery not working WordPress? - website builder
3. Your WordPress installation may be outdated. Make sure you're running the latest version of WordPress and that all plugins and themes are up ...
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56 WordPress theme not displaying correctly (Best Fix) - SiteGreat
If your WordPress theme is not displaying correctly, it might be because a plugin is having a conflict. Now you don't know which plugin is the culprit here. To ...
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57 Wordpress multisite theme not showing (help) - Reddit
You might be able to copy the theme folder from the main site to the subdomain and have it all work (in /wp-content/themes/). Otherwise it ...
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58 WordPress Visual Editor Not Working – How to Fix? - Siteefy
Faulty plugins; Outdated themes · Corrupted WordPress core files; User settings misconfiguration. ✓ Quick Solution: Switch to Gutenberg or Get ...
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59 WordPress theme editor changes not showing
WordPress theme editor changes not showing · Step 1: Clear your WordPress Cache · Step 2: Clear your browser Cache · Step 3: Disable your plugins.
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60 [SOLVED] Theme options page is not displaying or working ...
I'm having exactly the same problem. When everything worked fine, I was running an old version of Wordpress and Atahualpa (more than a year out ...
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61 WordPress Custom Page Templates Not Displaying In ...
One is like you suggest. You'd create copies of your header.php file with a different name, say header2.php. Then in your other theme files ...
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62 4 Common WordPress Theme And Plugin Errors, How to Fix ...
2. Accordions, Image hovers, Slides and Toggles Not Working Properly ... Does this sound familiar? The majority of themes make optimum use of ...
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63 I can't see my header and footer on my WordPress site
If you want to show your header and footer again, you just have to disable the 'Enable Empty Page Template' option. This will load your theme template again.
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64 WordPress Child Theme Not Loading style.css - WisdmLabs
Verify that the theme folder is created in /wp-content/themes folder · The stylesheet is named style.css · Ensure that child theme stylesheet has ...
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65 7 Reasons Why Your WordPress Plugins or ... - WPMU Dev
7 Reasons Why Your WordPress Plugin or Theme Won't Install · Uploading the Wrong File Format · Missing Files · Syntax Error · Uploading the Wrong ...
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66 I don't see the "Appearance" tab in my WordPress dashboard ...
I don't see the "Appearance" tab in my WordPress dashboard. Where do I upload the theme? ... If you do not see the Appearance tab on the left side ...
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67 Can't Access WP-Admin? 9 Solutions That Always Work
You're being blocked by your security plugin; You changed the WordPress login URL; Your WordPress memory limit is too low; There's a problem ...
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68 WordPress customizer preview not working - Futurio
Before you start doing something: · Make sure that you have updated WordPress to its latest version · Update your active theme and active plugins ...
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69 Fix the WordPress Dashboard Not Loading Issue - QuadLayers
Clear cookies and cache · Update your web browser · Check for plugins and theme conflicts · Edit the wp-config.php file · Increase memory limit ...
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70 WordPress Child Theme CSS Changes Not Working?
When the child CSS doesn't work · Check that you have activated the child theme. · Turn off any caching plugins. · Double check the style. · Try ...
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71 Fix WordPress Page Updates Not Working & Saving Changes
Jan 18, 2020 —
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72 Troubleshoot theme errors in WordPress - GoDaddy
Enable WordPress debug mode. · Visit your site and check to see if there is a PHP error. · If there is a PHP error, check to see if the themes directory is in the ...
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73 Customizer not working after WordPress Update - Catch Themes
1. Update WordPress Plugins This is the most common issue for any WordPress website issue. · 2. Update WordPress Themes · 3. WordPress Theme ...
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74 Page builder not working - Hogash Studio Dashboard
Kallyas WordPress theme - In case the page builder isn't working on your website, here's a few possible causes..
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75 WordPress Theme Not Displaying like Demo - Help Fix That
If your WordPress theme is not displaying like Demo, this can occur if the theme developer does not offer support for the free version or the ...
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76 Theme Options - The7 WordPress online user guide
Back-end editor. This mode does not display site preview, but allows to display theme settings interface in more comfortable full-width way (fig.3.1).
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77 My Map is Not Showing On My Website - WP Go Maps
Check Your Theme's footer.php File · Log in to the admin section of your WordPress site as an Administrator. · Go to WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Editor.
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78 Widget Menu not Appearing in WordPress Dashboard
The reason is that your theme doesn't have sidebar functionality added yet. It has not yet initiated the widget function. In simple words no ...
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79 3 crucial steps to take when your WordPress theme is no ...
3 crucial steps to take when your WordPress theme is no longer supported · 1. Hire a professional. · 2. Update your theme focusing on security and ...
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80 “WordPress Theme Editor Not Working” Fix
“WordPress Theme Editor Not Working” Fix · If you have any firewall plugin then deactivate it. · In most cases WordPress Firewall 2 causes the ...
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81 7 Reasons Why Your WordPress Plugins ... - DeliciousThemes
7 Reasons Why Your WordPress Plugins or Themes Won't Install · 1. Unsupported file format uploaded · 2. Memory Limit Issues · 3. Missing files in the zip file · 4.
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82 Comments not appearing since upgrading to Wordpress 5.5
Mantra theme is v3.2.0. No PHP errors. I disabled all plugins, no luck. I switched theme to TwentyTwenty and all appears to be working.
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83 WordPress toolkit theme not working properly - Plesk Forum
Hi, am Josh, I have a problem in my wordpress toolkit, when i try to upload theme, it dosent work at all, but when i upload that theme to my ...
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84 Wordpress Themes Not Showing Up After FTP (LAMP, Ubuntu ...
You need to upload to the** /var/www/html/wp-content/themes** Also, after you have uploaded, check the ownership of the files in /html, if it says www-data ...
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85 WordPress Theme from Envato Elements not working
Because some theme still not ready to go with wordpress 5 default block editor. So, install classic editor and active hope visual composer will ...
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86 Troubleshooting Customizer Issues - Total WordPress Theme
Step 1: Test another browser and/or close tabs · Step 2: Clear your Cache · Step 3: Make Sure Your Host Supports WordPress (check that your PHP ...
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87 Why My WordPress Theme Is Not Showing? - MilesWeb
In case your newly uploaded theme is not showing up, your first step is to ensure that the theme is uploaded in the correct location.
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88 How to fix the "WordPress links not working" error
Method #1: Reset the Permalink Settings · Method #2: Replace the .htaccess file · Method #3: Disable WordPress Plugins and Themes · Method #4: Fix ...
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89 Why Is My WordPress Website Not Loading: 5 Quick Fixes
4. Broken code · Unfinished or incomplete auto-updates for your WP site or WP plugins · Incompatible plugins · Poor plugin or theme coding · Plugin or theme ...
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90 WordPress search not working- How to fix in 5 minutes!
Using a search plugin to fix your WordPress search not working issue · In your left panel, you must be able to see Expertrec's WordPress plugin Click on that.
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91 How to Reinstall Your Theme - Layers Docs
Download a fresh copy of the theme (for Layers, download from · From WordPress, go to Appearance → Themes · Activate the default WordPress theme ( ...
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92 Menu Not Appearing Saasland - DroitThemes Documentations
Follow this simple trick if your Saasland - Multipurpose WordPress theme's menu is not appearing.
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