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1 Visitor Interpretation, Key Concepts in Tourism - ResearchGate
“Interpretation is an educational activity which aims to reveal meanings and relationships ; However, since the 1970's, cognitive psychology, ...
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2 Tourism Interpretation: How Interpreting is Important to ...
Interpreting plays a huge role in how visitors perceive a country's people, traditions, and everything regarding their culture.
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3 (PDF) Visitor Interpretation, Key Concepts in Tourism
The purpose of visitor interpretation is informal education and first-hand participatory learning, often about heritage (Moscardo, 1996) or natural ...
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4 Why the key to successful interpretation is knowing your visitors
Central to successful interpretation is knowing your visitor. Visitor research allows you to understand your audience and cater to their wants and needs. It ...
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5 Interpretation in tourism - SlideShare
Benefits for a visitor <ul><li>Interpretation enhances visitor experiences by: Benefits for operators <ul><li>Interpretation may enhance experiences, which ...
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6 Interpreters' Role Developing A Sustainable Tourism Industry
Interpreters in tourist attractions also help visitors understand more the place that they visit. They will understand the culture better and ...
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7 Study of the Interpreting Techniques used by the Tourist ...
It seeks the types and the capabilities of tour guides in interpretation of the meanings of heritage of tourist ... function of local heritage preservation.
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8 The Role of Interpretation in Wildlife Tourism
Interpretation broadly refers to educational activities used in places like zoos, museums, heritage sites and national parks, to tell visitors about the ...
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9 Interpretation centre - Wikipedia
Heritage interpretation refers to all the ways in which information is communicated to visitors to an educational, natural or recreational site, such as a ...
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Education is the most important overarching role of interpretation in the cultural heritage setting with the aim of getting visitors to understand and ...
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11 A Manual for Interpreting Community Heritage for Tourism
Thoughtful interpretive programs offer the visitor a more meaningful experience than sim- ... Women's issues, changing roles and responsibilities.
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12 Types of Visitor Service - Orientation, Information and ...
And it is the role of the visitor to determine which bridges will be crossed. Page 7. NPS⎯Interpretive Development Program—3/1/07. Professional Standards for ...
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13 Functioning tourism interpretation on ... - Emerald Insight
According to Leiper's (1979) tourism system, marketing communications in tourist-generating regions (TGR) promote a positive image of tourist ...
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14 Creating new visitor interpretation? Then it's time for an ...
Creating interpretation for visitors, be it exhibitions, publications, events or educational resources, often happens on an ad hoc basis, ...
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15 How important is interpretation to the success of a visitor ...
Itis very important for the attraction as they want their visitors to gain an understanding and the purpose of the visit. Having a better ...
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16 Exploring Relations between Heritage Interpretation, Visitors ...
Precisely, this is where tourism and the heritage interpretation play a fundamental role as a dissemination opportunity for all visitors. An important challenge ...
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17 Using interpretation to improve the visitors' experience at herit
Some things to remember about producing visitor-friendly interpretation .... 23. Purpose – Why Are You Doing This?
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18 The Role of Interpretation in Destination Development
Increase visitation. Increase repeat visitation. Increase spending per visitor. Increase length of stay. Decrease environmental damage, litter, vandalism.
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19 Sustainability of Visitor Attractions and Heritage Interpretation
Interpretation plays two key roles in visitor attractions: It enhances visitor experiences, and it is a valuable tool in supporting the sustainability of ...
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20 Planning for Interpretation and Visitor Experience - NPS History
Goal-Driven Planning. 8. Purpose. 9. Significance. 11. Interpretive Themes. 13. Visitor Experience. 16. Goals and Objectives. 20. Visitors. 23. Resources.
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21 Engaging your visitors - Interpret Europe
Engaging your visitors: Guidelines for achieving excellence in heritage interpretation ... and its role in interpreting the heritage of your site.
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22 The role of visitor centres in UNESCO designated sites, 6-8 ...
Accordingly, this report offers insights into the Visitor Centres' functions and experience with regards to heritage interpretation as well as a set of ...
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23 Enhancing visitor experience through interpretation
The promotion and expansion of the tourism function of parks has further emphasised the role of interpretation in contributing to visitor experiences.
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24 Visitor management in tourism destinations. - CABI
Critical reflections on the role of interpretation in visitor management. This chapter begins with a review of definitions of interpretation, noting its ...
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25 Nature Interpretation and Visitor Management Objectives - MDPI
nature interpretation as a visitor management strategy. ... function of high visitor numbers, but always been part of any destination or ...
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26 Interpretation and Attractions - Taylor & Francis eBooks
of interpretation. Interpretation plays two critical roles in visitor attractions: it helps in the creation of visitor experiences and it is a valuable tool ...
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27 614 FW 5, Interpreting Cultural, Archaeological, and ...
5.1 What is the purpose of this chapter? ... B. Ensure a high quality visitor experience and enjoyment of these resources on our lands ...
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28 Visitors' Preferences for Interpretation at Heritage ... - CiteSeerX
Research on interpretation at heritage settings commonly centers on the display. ... role of heritage tourist attractions as a source of income.
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29 Basic Interpretation Learning System - California State Parks
correctly, interpretation functions as the preferred management tool to help increase the visitors' enjoyment and protect the park resources.
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30 The role of tourist guides in interpretation: a survey of ...
Keywords: Tour guiding, roles of tourist guides, interpretation, visitor satisfaction. Introduction. Tourism industry bodies perceive a tourist guide's role ...
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31 Creating More Meaningful Visitor Experiences: Planning for ...
creating exemplary visitor experiences at Reclamation areas and those of its ... A Planning Handbook for Interpretation and Education. Situation. Purpose.
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32 The role of interpretation in wildlife tourism - Semantic Scholar
[Extract] Interpretation aims to stimulate interest, promote learning, guide visitors in appropriate behaviour for sustainable tourism and encourage ...
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33 Interpretation vs Visitor Experience.pages -
The Visitor Experience Revolution. Has it passed you by? By Don Enright. I have been in the interpretation business for a long time.
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34 Why Heritage Sites Need Interp. - John Veverka & Associates
Interpretation is the most powerful communication process any historic or heritage site has available to communicate its message(s) to visitors ; bullet ...
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35 Evaluating visitor experience of digital interpretation and ...
Consequently, planning interpretation and presentation that effectively communicate heritage information and value and that provide visitors ...
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36 Presentation of Gaelic in Visitor Interpretation - Bòrd na Gàidhlig
Many visitor attractions play an important educational role, and their language practices through visitor interpretation are therefore of some.
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37 [VIDEO] Interpretation Tips for Tour Guides - Be a Better Guide
In this instance, we mean the interpretation of culture, the environment or history as done by an educator, park ranger or tour guide. Or in other words, think ...
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38 The role of interpretation during a short-term nature excursion
visitors. Is it primarily a learning process? What role does the guide play, and how does the process of interpretation affect the visitor experience?
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39 Visitors' perceived impacts of interpretation on knowledge ...
Interpretation in protected areas can help reach conservation goals and inspire a new ... et al., 2009) and can play a key role in shaping visitor.
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40 Chapter Four A Strategy for Interpretation -
and interpretive focus from the National Wildlife Visitor Center to ... istration, conceived in the 1930s for the purpose of addressing the na-.
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41 Introduction: What is Interpretation?
Introduction: What is Interpretation? · To spark an interest, interpreters must relate the subject to the lives of visitors. · The purpose of interpretation goes ...
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42 The Roles of Interpretation in the Management of National ...
Interpretation is mooted as a possible solution to strive toward this balance. Through interpretation knowledge is instilled in visitors, ...
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43 Visitors' Preferences for Interpretation at Heritage Sites
Research on interpretation at heritage settings commonly centers on the display. The current study highlights visitor preferences for on-site interpretation ...
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44 Professional Development in Heritage Interpretation - ICTOP
and its role within adult education/lifelong learning in. Europe. ... The idea not to reduce heritage interpretation to visitor services.
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45 Role Description Visitor & Interpretation Officer
Role Description. Visitor & Interpretation Officer. 1. Cluster. Enterprise, Investment & Trade. Agency. Sydney Living Museums. Division/Branch/Unit.
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46 Healy_et_al_2016.pdf - Carena Van Riper
visitor centers and high-tech interpretive approaches now fulfill functions that are more revenue-generating than experience- oriented (Silberman, 2005).
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47 Critical reflections on the role of interpretation in ... - CAB Direct
This chapter begins with a review of definitions of interpretation, noting its relationships with other forms of communication between management and visitors.
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48 IMN Interpretive Subject Guide -
Interpretation is what happens when a visitor comes into an environment in which there are three ... Role playing (Historical presentations work well).
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49 Interpretation and Visitor Management Techniques (SCQF level
The purpose(s) and uses of interpretation. ♢ The principle behind the interpretive triangle. Outcome 3. Compare access provision with visitor data.
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50 Learning from popular culture: Interpretation, visitors and critique
Heritage interpretive strategies have concentrated on conveying information in a linear communication mode rather than taking into account the possible ...
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51 an evaluation of heritage tourism - TTU DSpace Home
offered in tourist destinations. Purpose of the Study. The purpose of this study was to evaluate tourists' satisfaction levels of interpretation services ...
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52 Visitor Panels: In-House Evaluation of Exhibit Interpretation
The Denver Art Museum used visitor panels to determine how interpretive materials were functioning in newly opened galleries, putting them into.
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53 interpretation
Special Issue: Interpretation: Making a Difference on Purpose. 3. Introduction to Special Issue. Sam H. Ham. 9. What Leads to Better Visitor Outcomes in ...
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54 The Place of Inspiration in Heritage Interpretation
People are also a typical trigger of inspiration in interpretation and we assume that visitors will be inspired by interpreters and other staff they encounter ...
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55 Interpretation at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts Policy and ...
interpretive means will be used selectively. The visitor's direct experience of the object is fundamental to the museum's purpose, and the museum staff is ...
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It also seeks to inspire visitors to gain knowledge about a heritage on their own. For this purpose, a variety of media are employed: from verbal talks, ...
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57 What is Interpretation Role of Tourist Guide | IGI Global
Full text search our database of 172,500 titles for Interpretation Role of Tourist Guide to find related research papers. Learn More About Interpretation Role ...
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58 The Role of Interpretative Strategies for Sustainable Tourism
role of its interpretation is "to make people more aware of the places ... effective interpretation of cultural heritage, visitors' expeetations must be.
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59 from Museum Supply Chains to Experience Ecologies
Despite the mushrooming of museums websites and the central role of interpretation on visitors' experiences, there is limited research on Internet's impact ...
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60 The Effectiveness Of Tour Guide's Interpretation In Creating ...
sees this function of guides in International Transcultural Tourism is oriented at interpretation. Tour guides use interpretation to convey tourist ...
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61 Interpretive Centers: The History, Design and Development of ...
This comprehensive sourcebook offers insights into the evolution of today's interpretive centers, defines functions of nature and visitor centers, ...
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62 Chinese and international visitor perceptions of interpretation
authenticity of heritage artefacts; the role of interpretation in explaining and promoting ... emotion on the visitor interpretive experience (Ballantyne, ...
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63 How Do Tourist Guides Add Value to An Ecotour? Interpreting ...
to the visitor S experience. This paper discussed the role of interpretation by guides in the State of Amazonas,. Brazil, finding in them patterns from ...
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64 enhancing visitor experience through interpretation and ...
The purpose of interpretation as part of the experience of the San Juan Islands. Scenic Byway is to: • Broaden awareness of the byway's.
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heritage, by emphasizing the principles of the interpretation, its role in the ... increasing of the numbers of visitors who desire to understand the past, ...
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66 Tourism and Travel Interpreters: Connecting With International ...
Tourism and travel interpreters provide international travelers with a greater sense of understanding in tourist destinations, in tour companies ...
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67 Heritage Interpretation Manual
Role of Interpretation in the Lancaster County Heritage and York County Heritage Programs . ... The goal of interpretation is to engage visitors' senses.
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68 Tour Guiding and Interpretation
To spark an interest, interpreters must relate the subject to the lives of visitors. 2. The purpose of interpretation goes beyond providing information to ...
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69 A survey on the influence of titles on the visitor's interpretation ...
visitors would influence the role they assign to titles in the process of interpretation. The results of this study can inform art galleries of.
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70 Does Environmental Interpretation Impact Public Ecological ...
Visitors may tend to be passive in their actual visit [18], so environmental interpretation can play an important role in creating ...
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71 Interpretation Strategies Used by Jordanian Tourist Guides to ...
The mediator and cultural broker functions, as suggested here, refer to the interpretive aspects of tour guiding which plays a vital role in enhancing visitors'.
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72 Museum Theatre Definitions - IMTAL
Interpretation: Any information that is presented to the visitor at a museum, in whatever form or medium, is interpretation. This includes signs, labels, ...
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73 Interpretation and sustainable tourism - Informit
Interpretation and Sustainable. Tourism: Functions, examples and principles. Gianna Moscardo. Introduction. Providing visitors with information is a common ...
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74 Contested Interpretation of Vietnam War Heritage
The tourist experience at dark tourism site encompasses awareness, education and ... plays an important role in directing and influencing the interpretation ...
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75 Interpretive Plan - USDA Forest Service
Visitor Statistics – National Visitor Use Monitoring ... Bessey Nursery Interpretation. 27. Purpose. 27. Design Concept Narrative.
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76 Museums, Tourism and Interpretation of the Heritage - Redalyc
In order for tourists to visit the museum, it has to be appealing, providing a unique and enriching experience to the visitor. For this purpose, the museum ...
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77 INTERPRETIVE PLAN - Clemson University
Purpose of an Interpretive Plan ... 3 | Clemson University Interpretive Plan ... Visitors will choose to become part of the Clemson.
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78 ICOMOS–Ename Charter for the Interpretation of Cultural ...
1.1 The primary purpose of interpretation should be to communicate the ... 1.6 The diversity of language among visitors and associated ...
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79 Interpretation…or Visitor Experience? - Nicole Deufel's Blog
Visitor experience roles will require specialist interpretive skills alongside general supportive skills that allow for a more holistic ...
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80 Environmental Interpretation's Role in Ecotourism
utilize the role that environmental interpretation can play in successful ecotourism ... The Interpreter / Ecotour Guide & their Visitor.
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81 Environmental Interpretation Manual for Protected Areas in the ...
Don Aldridge (1973): "Interpretation is the art of explaining man's place in his environment, for the purpose of enhancing visitor awareness of the ...
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82 Top 10 ways that digital interpretation can improve your visitor ...
It's affordable · It's unobtrusive · It supports the role of your volunteers and staff · It can introduce visitors to the people that work behind ...
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83 the role of visitor interpretation programmes. | Marine wildlife ...
It highlights the importance of interpretation on marine wildlife tours, using two case studies from Australia and New Zealand. A framework to ...
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84 What Does Your Visitor Experience? Making the Most of Live ...
Faced with a different experience and live interpretation in an authentic setting, they are asked to take on a role that is different from a ...
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85 reconceptualising the tour guide's communicative role
Interpretation, a term that has been a bit slower to find its way into the tourism literature, is defined as engagement with tourists/visitors in ways that ...
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86 Introduction to interpretation - Museums Galleries Scotland
These function much like a traditional guided tour, except the visitor responds to information presented to them through leaflets, site maps, floor plans, ...
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87 Sydney Hills Visitor Interpretation Centre (Dural) - Tripadvisor
Sydney Hills Visitor Interpretation Centre ... Madison Function Centre ... One of the 1800's homes that has been preserved for visitors to be taken on a ...
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88 a supply-side perspective of angkor wat temple
Interpretation plays a prominent role in visitor attractions. It is described as a vital mechanism for developing tourist sites in a.
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89 The Evaluation of Interior Design Elements in Nature ...
criteria and element interpretive in interpretation centre. Most research has focussed on the role of the physical environment of a visitor centre and the ...
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90 Exhibitions: What exactly is interpretation? - The Media Majlis
Interpretation is both an activity and a product. It refers to what museums and visitors do to make sense of exhibition content (e.g., develop ...
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91 Interpretation Plans for cultural, heritage & tourism projects
Identify your sites assets, stories and the most compelling way to deliver rich visitor experiences through an interpretation plan. Interpretation plans ...
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The roles of tour guides in national parks are clarified with specific ... interpretation involves educating visitors about the place so that their ...
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93 The Art Of Interpretation - Parks & Rec Business
Connecting with visitors will keep them coming back ... Within the world of parks and natural resources, interpretation is often thought of as an ...
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