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1 What to Do When You Need Someone to Talk To
Benefits of Talking to Others · Stress Relief and Friendship Building · Friendships May Add Years to Your Life · Recap.
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2 Need Someone To Talk To? Stop Feeling Isolated - Supportiv
Do you feel alone and lost? Some of us literally have no one to vent to, but feeling alone isn't defined by how many people are physically ...
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3 I feel really depressed, can someone talk to me? - Quora
Hello there! Well, I can talk to you. I know what it feels like… to feel lonely. I'm surrounded by amazing people, much love, care and positivity, yet, ...
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4 I'm depressed and want to talk to someone now.
› search-category › im-...
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5 Helping Someone with Depression - Healthline
Watching a friend live with depression can be painful, but there are ways to help. Learn what to do, avoid, and how to recognize the signs of suicidal ...
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6 Talking to Parents About Depression (for Teens) - Kids Health
If you feel depressed, alone, or are having a problem you can't solve, you need to reach out for help and support. Talk to a parent or to another trusted ...
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7 How to Talk to Someone About Depression | Find Your Words
Talking to friends and family about your depression can be a very positive experience. Ideally, they'll respond with encouragement and support. Think about ...
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8 Who can I talk to about my depression? - MHA Screening
Depression is hard and confusing. Having to then keep that a secret from other people can be exhausting and alienating. When you are dealing with something ...
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9 I Need Someone to Talk To": 4 Ways to Get Help - ReGain
› advice › general › i-need-some...
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10 Depression: Conversation Starters - MyHealthfinder |
If a friend or loved one is depressed, talking to them about getting help can make a big difference. Share these tips to help people start ...
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11 6 ways to help a friend with depression or anxiety
Check out our tips for helping a friend with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, but remember to look after yourself, too.
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12 Help someone | Depression and Anxiety
Want to help, but not sure what to do? There are things you can do that will make a big difference to their recovery from depression or anxiety.
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13 What are the signs and symptoms of depression?
People may say that they are feeling depressed when they are feeling down, but this does not always mean that they have depression. Depression is: a mental ...
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14 If You Need to Talk to Someone, Reach Out
› articles
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15 Depression - SupportLine
Being very irritable, anxious, impatient. Feeling very negative about life. Having suicidal thoughts. If you are depressed don't bottle it up - ...
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16 How to help someone with depression - NHS
Find out what to do if you think someone is feeling depressed, including the signs to look for and how to help a person who's feeling down.
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17 Signs and symptoms of depression - Beyond Blue
Some signs and symptoms of depression include feeling sad, down or miserable most of the time or losing interest or pleasure in usual activities.
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18 Coping With Depression: A Guide to Good Treatment
Learn how to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of clinical depression and what to do to treat it with and without medication.
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19 Depression Hotline Number | 24-Hour Depression Helpline
About Depression. A depression crisis hotline can address dangerous substance abuse behaviors and any other mental health challenges that may be contributing to ...
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20 TalkLife on the App Store
Let's talk! Are you battling with your mental health, anxiety and depression? If you're finding life really hard TalkLife can help. Start ...
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21 Helping someone with depression - Mind
The support of friends and family can play a very important role in someone recovering from depression. Here are some suggestions for how you can help.
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22 I Need Someone To Talk To About My Mental Health
Sometimes it seems like an emergency when no one is there to chat or talk to when we need help with mental health. Sometimes we just someone to talk about ...
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23 Calling the Hotline - The Samaritans |
Whether you are feeling depressed, overwhelmed, experiencing a crisis or thinking about suicide, Samaritans hotline volunteers will listen, without any judgment ...
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24 What to Say to Someone who Feels Down or Depressed
Lots of people experience depression, while others just have bad days or just are feeling down on themselves.
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25 Friendship and Depression: How to Support a Friend Who's in ...
The pain of depression can cause people to withdraw but a supportive friendship can make a huge difference. Here's how to help a friend in emotional pain.
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26 How to Talk to Your Parents About Getting Help
Dealing with depression, anxiety, or other big issues is hard. It's even harder alone. Telling your parents you need help is the first step to feeling ...
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27 Depression (major depressive disorder) - Symptoms and causes
Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest and can interfere with your daily ...
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28 What to Say to Someone Who Is Depressed - Choosing Therapy
The best way to respond to someone who is struggling with depression is with support and openness. Depression is an often invisible and ...
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29 When You're Worried About a Friend Who Doesn't Want Help
› Resources
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30 Depression | Here to Help
Author: Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division. After years of working hard at your job each day, you've just been laid off. You feel sad, tired ...
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31 What Is Depression? - WebMD
Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings; Suicidal thoughts or suicide attempt. Lose pleasure in life. While these symptoms are common, not ...
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32 Depression Hotline Numbers - Get Help 24/7
If you're struggling with depression, there are hotlines available to help. Call a depression hotline when in need to address symptoms and explore helpful ...
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33 Why does depression get to the point where you want to stop ...
So, eventually you stop talking to others because that's what you think they want. Did you find this post helpful? 643 ...
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34 TalkLife - Apps on Google Play
TalkLife is all about peer support. Our community is full of people who have also felt alone, battled depression or living with anxiety and needed somewhere ...
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35 Depression - NIMH
Everyone feels sad or low sometimes, but these feelings usually pass with a little time. Depression (also called major depressive disorder or clinical ...
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36 Crisis Text Line | Text HOME To 741741 free, 24/7 Crisis ...
Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support via text message. We're here for everything: anxiety, depression, suicide, school. Text HOME to 741741.
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37 Depression Hotline - -
Find information on depression and which hotlines to call when you or someone you love is struggling with this mental health disorder.
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38 How to Tell People You Have Depression - Priory
Here, we provide advice on how you can go about talking to people about your mental health. Who Can I Talk to About Depression? Figuring out how to tell someone ...
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39 Coping with Depression -
depression. Coping with Depression. When you're depressed, you can't just will yourself to “snap out of it.” But these coping strategies can help you deal ...
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40 Contact Us - Samaritans
Chat with us online. Talk to one of our listening volunteers using our new web chat service. For now, we're running the web chat at a small scale, ...
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41 Depression – symptoms, causes and treatment | NHS inform
If the symptoms are mild, you might simply experience a persistent low mood. It's common to feel stressed, sad or anxious during difficult times in your life, ...
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42 What to say to someone who is depressed
While there is nothing that a person can say to cure the symptoms of depression in a loved one, there are ways to talk about it with them ...
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43 5 signs of depression you shouldn't ignore
Watching a friend struggle with their mental health can be painful. Here are some common symptoms of depression and ways to help a loved one who may be ...
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44 How to Help Someone With Depression - The Cut
Major depression is a mood disorder that causes someone to feel persistently sad for a long time (at least two weeks), and of the many symptoms, ...
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45 Depression | Mental Health Foundation
We all have times when we feel down, but depression is about more than feeling sad or fed up for a few days. Depression causes a low mood ...
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46 How to Support Someone With Depression - Cleveland Clinic
What do you say to a friend who is depressed? A clinical psychologist gives six do's and don'ts for supporting someone with depression.
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47 What It's Like Inside a Depressed Person's Head - GoodTherapy
Please keep in mind that I am talking about a major depressive episode—severe depression that has lasted more than two weeks. I would take a ...
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48 5 Signs You Should Talk With Your Doctor About Depression
Depression is a common mental health condition and it's worth talking about openly. See the top five signs of depression and when you should ...
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49 Talk To Someone Now - 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
› talk-to-someone-now
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50 10 Things to Say to Someone with Depression | Heads Together
Having a supportive person to talk to when you're feeling depressed can really help ease the symptoms a little. There are no magic words that will make ...
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51 Where to Go for Help With Depression - HealthCentral
Depression is the second most common mental health disorder, but many people don't know where to go for help.
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52 Best Things to Say to Someone Who's Depressed
Finding the right thing to say to someone with depression may seem complicated, but if you remember not to be judgmental, to sympathize if ...
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53 When a parent is depressed - What kids want to know - CAMH
Children have a lot of questions when someone in their family is sick. When the problem is about depression, it often becomes a secret that nobody talks ...
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54 NYC Well
with problems like stress, depression, anxiety, or drug and alcohol use. ... Speak to a counselor via phone, text, or chat and get access to mental health ...
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55 7 Behaviors That Reveal Someone Is Silently Depressed
Maybe the person suffering doesn't even know that they have a problem, which makes silent depression even more dangerous. However, some people simply don't ...
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56 Mental Health Conditions: Depression and Anxiety - CDC
The Tips From Former Smokers campaign features real people suffering as a result of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.
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57 VA Mental Health Services | Veterans Affairs
› health-needs-conditions › mental-...
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58 Get Immediate Help |
People often don't get the mental health services they need because they don't know where to start. Talk to your primary care doctor or ...
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59 Depressions & Anxiety: Symptoms & Illnesses - Age UK
We all feel a little sad or down from time to time but feeling down is not the same as feeling depressed or depression.
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60 When Someone You Love Has Depression - Hey Sigmund
The helplessness of loving someone with depression can be frustrating, exhausting and lonely. It's okay to feel angry at times, or as though you want to throw ...
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61 Depression explained - Better Health Channel
Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you doing your normal activities. · Different types of depression exist, with ...
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62 Depression and Caregiving
But we know that in an effort to provide the best possible care for a family member or friend, caregivers often sacrifice their own physical and emotional needs ...
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63 Mental health emergency - if you're in crisis or despair - NI Direct
talking about death or suicide; pre-occupation with death; depression; hopelessness; alcohol and drug misuse; low self-esteem; bereavement; relationship break- ...
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64 Do I have to be completely literal forever with my ADHD ...
My boyfriend of over four years (M 21) has been diagnosed with ADHD (ages ago though), and we both struggle with depression and anxiety (again, ...
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65 How to Tell Someone You're Depressed | Banyan Mental Health
Although it's a mental illness, depression can manifest itself both psychologically and mentally. Many people struggle with this disorder but ...
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66 Clinical depression - Symptoms -
› conditions › clinical-depression
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67 7 Ways To Support A Depressed Friend – Forbes Health
Act Sooner Rather than Later. Major depressive disorder, or clinical depression, is characterized by at least two weeks of loss of enthusiasm ...
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68 What You Need to Know About “Smiling Depression” - NAMI
It's a major depressive disorder with atypical symptoms, and as a result, many don't know they're depressed or don't seek help. People with ...
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69 Andrew Solomon: “Most of the people who get out of ...
To understand the role our emotions play in today's world, we spoke with writer Andrew Solomon, one of the leading figures in mental health in the United States ...
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70 How to Help Someone with Depression: Do's and Don'ts
In both cases, encourage and support your friend during the times they may want to cease all treatment, as this is a common experience for many ...
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71 Dysthymia | Johns Hopkins Medicine
It's also called persistent depressive disorder. People with this condition may also have bouts of major depression at times. Depression is a mood disorder that ...
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72 How to Get Something Done When You're Feeling Down
› 2021/10 › how-to-get-something-done...
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73 "I'm Fine" - Learning To Live With Depression | Jake Tyler
Jake is 31 and lives with Depression. Last year Jake embarked on a journey to manage his mental health in a new way, through exercise, ...
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74 Depression Test: Take a Free Online Quiz | Talkspace
Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and one of the most common mental health conditions globally. That's right: depression mood disorder ...
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75 Depression during pregnancy | March of Dimes
Depression (also called depressive disorder, major depression and clinical depression) is a medical condition that causes feelings of sadness and a loss of ...
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76 101 Depression Quotes To Not Feel Alone - Parade
These depression quotes and sayings illustrate a deep understanding of depression and offer some relief and inspiration that you're never ...
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77 Depression: Why We Find It Hard To Ask For Help
When we have depression, it can be hard to ask for help. We may feel guilty, or ashamed, or worry about the reaction. We think we should ...
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78 10 things not to say to someone with a mental illness | Aruma
If you need to talk to someone about mental illness or a crisis in your life, please consider calling Lifeline on 13 11 14. For advice and support contact ...
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79 What to Do When You're Too Depressed to Work | Real Help
Are you too depressed to work? Everyone gets sad from time to time, but the major depressive disorder (MDD) is a serious mental illness.
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80 Depression & Low Mood | Signs, Symptoms & Treatment
When a young person is feeling depressed, however, sadness and low feelings become more overwhelming, persisting over a longer period of time and making day-to- ...
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81 10 Things People With Depression Want You to Know
Young Scot, Dionne McFarlane, shares her experiences of living with depression and the stigma that comes from the illness. Read online at Young Scot.
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82 Tips for Making Friends When You're Depressed
For these reasons and others, depressed people often isolate themselves, perpetuating the feelings of sadness and loneliness. I recently ...
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83 How to Help Someone Who Is Depressed
Depression affects the depressed and their family and friends. We provide 12 tips to support someone with depression.
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84 15 Chat Apps for Depression: Connect with Real People
Having access to talk to someone when you experience mental health challenges can be difficult. Luckily, there are chat apps that let you ...
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85 To the Depressed Christian - Cru
As a Christian, depression tempted me to distrust God. I was desperately seeking the deliverance He seemed to withhold from me.
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86 Do depression rates rise during the holidays? - HealthPartners
Feeling depressed during the holidays is a very real, but treatable concern. We'll cover answers to common questions about seasonal depression, as well as how ...
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87 14 Reasons Why You May Experience Depression - Health
There are a few well-known depression triggers, but there are others that are less obvious. Here are some triggers to keep in mind, ...
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88 10 things I'm slowly learning while recovering from depression
I used to joke onstage "I'm so anxious, even my central system is nervous". My first experience of anxiety and depression was over 20 years ...
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89 How Can I Tell if I'm Depressed or Burned Out?
› Well › Mind
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90 Depression: why you shouldn't talk yourself out of getting help ...
It isn't always easy to recognise mental illness symptoms. Here are seven things you tell yourself that could be warning signs.
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91 Depression in children: 5-8 years
But childhood depression is more than just feeling sad, blue or low. Depression in children is a mental health problem that affects children's thinking, mood ...
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92 Mental health support: get help -
If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs emotional support, these resources can help.
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93 Stopping lexapro after 1 week. Re - LMC
On the days of an ECT treatment, some people experience nausea, headache, jaw pain or muscle ache. You might want to talk with your doctor because a lower ...
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94 “I don't have any friends and I'm depressed” 5 reasons why ...
We created this post about why you might be feeling depressed and no one around you is a friend. Maybe socializing was once easy and fun, but it's turned into ...
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95 How Can I Tell If I'm Depressed?
During COVID, millions of us are feeling down. Here's a doctor's advice for coping – and figuring out if you need treatment for depression.
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96 Talking to Your Doctor About Your Mental Health
About 1 in 5 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Talking with your doctor about your mental health is the first step to ...
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97 Getting Out of a Funk: How to Help Yourself Through Depression
However, the difference between sadness and depression is that sadness usually passes with a little time, while depression is a mood disorder that can appear ...
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