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1 What type of companies & organisations use 0845 numbers?
Any company or organisation is able to make use of a 0845 number. The use of these numbers is not limited to any one type or size of business.
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2 What Is an 0845 Number - Everything You Need to Know
Generally, 0845 numbers are used when extra funding is needed. In the case of delivery tracking services and booking terminals, the excess ...
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3 What Type of Companies and Organisations Use 0845 ...
0845 numbers are non-geographic premium rate numbers. These are owned by businesses so their customers can call them regarding product ...
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4 0845 NUMBERS LIMITED overview - Companies House
0845 NUMBERS LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, ...
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5 0845 Numbers - Explained - Phone Number For
Calls to 0845 numbers are charged for two separate rates. The first is the connection fee which is payable to the phone company. The second is a service fee ...
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6 who provides my 0845 number? - SAYNOTO0870.COM
Having moved home recently I just realised that I have lost contact information for the company that provides my 0845 number.
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7 Using 0845 Numbers for Customer Service? Think Again
Any company which fails to comply with the new law and still offers a 0845 or 0870 number for their customer service line after 13th June 2014 will be ...
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8 Why do UK business have 0845 numbers? - Quora
There are numerous reasons why a company would opt to use 0845 numbers, 0845 numbers are used to give businesses a national presence, increasing credibility ...
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9 0845 phone numbers - what is the actual cost ... - The Guardian,,-202527,00.html
It does vary depending upon your phone company. Some of them now include 0845 for "free" as part of your deal. Yes, the company you are calling do make money ...
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10 Warning over new 0845 mobile phone scam - thinkmoney
This scam sees customers lose out on hundreds of pounds for calls to 0845 or 0843 numbers that they insist they never made.
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11 0845 Numbers | Service Help and Support - UK2Numbers
An 0845 number is a local call number. In January 2009 BT reduced cost of calling 0845 numbers to zero, so 0845 numbers are now free to call from most BT ...
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12 0845 Business Numbers from Switchconnect
Business numbers for business! 0845 is the UK's standard business phone number. · What is an 0845 number? · With Switchconnect 0845 numbers your incoming calls ...
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13 Why do companies use 0845/0870 numbers? - PistonHeads
a) A company/agency will take a cut of the revenue from an 0844/0845/0870 "non geographic" number, earning them money from your call. This is ...
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14 How to Get Free 0845 Numbers - Country Code
Free 0845 numbers are phone numbers that customers from all over the world can use to call your business at no cost to them. In addition to reducing your ...
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15 Say no to 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers: how ... - Lovefood
Since July 1 2015, the cost of calling an 0871 or 0844 number is made up of two parts: an access charge that goes to your phone company and a ...
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16 Act Fast! Get an 0845 Number for Your Business Now
Being one of the most popular non-geographic numbers in the UK, the 0845 number is a great asset for any company. Being able to hide your geographic ...
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17 Non-geographic telephone numbers in the United Kingdom
A non-geographic number is a type of telephone number that is not linked to any specific ... the first new use of numbers starting 084 was in 1996 when 0845 numbers ...
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18 Missed calls from 0845 and 0843 numbers | Account and Billing
Why am I getting a credit for calls to 0845 or 0843 numbers? Ofcom are investigating some companies who supply 0845 and 0843 numbers (known as ...
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19 What Is a Toll-Free Number and How Does it Work?
Toll-free numbers are telephone numbers with distinct three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the call.
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20 0845 Non-Geographical Numbers - Telecom2
0845 numbers are available with Telecom2. They are non-geographic and can be easily transferred if you move. Find out more information here.
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21 How Much Does an 0845 Number Cost? - AVOXI
A 0845 number is a UK inbound phone number. These numbers are recognized as being specific to the United Kingdom so they're a very popular option for ...
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22 How To Get Free 0845 Numbers For Your Telephone System
The actual cost of owning a local 0845 number is much less than you think and in most cases is completely free of charge. The companies that offer you these ...
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23 How to avoid making expensive calls - MoneyHelper
When you have to call a company to pay your bills, book a ticket or sort out ... The cost of calling other 0800 numbers such as 0844, 0845, ...
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24 Which Type of Number is Best for my Business?
03 numbers are perceived by customers as being cost effective to call from mobile phones which is why many businesses choose these numbers over 0845.
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25 Buy 0845 Business Phone Numbers UK
At Cleartone Communications, we provide 0845 telephone numbers to all sorts of businesses so that they can maintain a national presence with their ...
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26 Different types of telephone numbers and how they work
0844 numbers and 0845 numbers are not local rate numbers. They are charged in two ways, which results in a higher rate than local landline ...
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27 0845 Local Rate Numbers - Invoco Telecom
0845 numbers are numbers which aren't connected to a landline. Not being tied to a landline gives virtual numbers great flexibility for you to control how and ...
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28 Contacting 08 and 03 numbers | nidirect
Calls to 080 numbers are free-to-caller from landlines and from mobiles when called from the UK. How much calls to 084 and 087 numbers cost. Call costs for 084 ...
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29 0845 numbers - YouTube
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30 0845 Phone Numbers | Order an 0845 Number for Business
And because a Lo-Call 0845 number is non-geographic, it allows your company to project a professional image, no matter what size your business is or where you ...
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31 S4B not able to dial 0845 numbers even with E5 licence
HI any advice on this Why can't we call 0845 numbers any longer? Moved from Skype/Calling/Skype to phone/ Skype for Windows 10.
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32 What phone number is best for your business? |
A thorough guide to business phone numbers for your company. Adopting a non-geographic phone number for your business is ... How does an 0845 number work?
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33 Phone numbers beginning 0845 - UKPhoneInfo
When an 0845 number is called, the call recipient receives a small share of the call cost. Many telecoms companies now include calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers in ...
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34 Financial Sector Banned from Using 0845 Numbers for ...
The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have announced their UK-wide ban on premium rate numbers and other non-standard numbers for financial services firms. Some ...
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35 How to call premium rate phone numbers for free
... to premium rate numbers, like ones that start with 0844, 0845, ... If you need to call customer service or a helpline, the company ...
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36 Memorable 0845 Numbers
Memorable 0845 numbers are non-geographic and can give your business a national presence. Your 0845 number can be attached to any UK landline and redirected ...
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37 0345 replaces 0845: change to phone numbers
Total has, with immediate effect, adopted 0345 'low-call' numbers. Existing 0845 numbers have all become 0345 numbers, and it is urging its ...
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38 Changes to the law around 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers
For example, 0845 becomes 0345. As part of your contract with your existing provider, you should already own the 03 version of your current 08 ...
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39 Say no to 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers ... - Lovemoney
Believe it or not, some companies now block these numbers if you're calling them from a UK landline or mobile. Alternatively, you could call a company's sales ...
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40 Non-Geographic Numbers: Overview, Benefits & FAQs
0845 numbers: This is a premium-rate number that can also be used anywhere in the UK. These numbers are easy for customers to remember and have the benefit ...
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41 UK numbers explained - The UK Telephone Company
0845 is the traditional business number, is usually cheaper to call than 0844 numbers and is now included in many free call bundles, including BT. · 0870 numbers ...
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42 Firms deter complaints by using costly 0845 numbers
› news › article-2413432
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43 A Quick Guide to the 0845 and 0870 number changes
Companies will still be able to use 0845 numbers for non-customer advice services such as paid for technical advice, so long as the charges ...
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44 Ready for the changes to 0845, 0870 and 0800 numbers? | DMA
The changes to 0845 and other non-geographical numbers, which are part of the Consumer Rights Directive, were implemented into UK law in ...
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45 Call charges and phone numbers - GOV.UK
Call costs for 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and other phone numbers from UK ... up to £3.60 and your phone company's access charge, plus 5p to £6 per call ...
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46 Check how much a call will cost - Citizens Advice
If you're charged for these calls. Calls to 0845 numbers can be quite expensive - this is because the cost is made up of: a service charge, which is up to 7p a ...
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47 Just 0845 Numbers - Overview, News & Competitors - ZoomInfo
*Rest assured, if your business relocates your 0845 numbers relocate with you, saving you money on your company stationery and giving your customers ...
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48 How to Block Phone Numbers on a Landline Phone
Blocking numbers on your landline phone can help prevent unwanted calls. ... Robocalls are an unfortunate part of owning a phone, ...
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49 0845 Service Provider Sale - Brayford Numbers
› 0845-phone-nu...
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50 Say no to 0870: cut call costs to these numbers - MSE
Dialling a number that starts 0870, 0845, 0871 or 0844 should ring alarm bells. They generally cost far more than a call to a normal 01, ...
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51 Telephone Numbers - The Comms Guys
0845 Numbers are low cost for your customers to call you because they are based on a local rate, no matter where they call from – this can be the difference ...
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52 Say no to 0845 and 0870 telephone numbers: how to call ...
As BT owns most of the 0845 numbers currently in use, it is unusual for a BT caller to be calling an 0845 number registered with another non- ...
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53 Calling 0845 Numbers From Spain… - BlueMoon Solutions
... numbers for a great number of UK companies, rather than searching for an alternative to a number you can just enter the name of the company that you are ...
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54 FACTBOX-How to avoid 0870 numbers - Reuters
Log on to Web sites, such as, which list many well-known companies who use 0800, 0808, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 lines and ...
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55 Business 0845 Numbers - Budget Numbers
Your FREE 0845 number can be attached to any UK landline and redirected to another at any time in the future for free. This feature can be invaluable when you ...
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56 UK 0845 Phone Numbers - GTI Telecom
A 0845 number allows your customers (and potential customers) to call you from anywhere in the UK from FREE to no more than 3.95p per minute from a BT landline, ...
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57 Call costs guide - Ofcom
The cost of calling 0843, 0844 and 0845 numbers is made up of two parts: an access charge going to your phone company, and a service charge ...
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58 Buy 0845 Numbers | Free Connection & Monthly Rebate
Using an 0845 number means that you can advertise a national presence regardless of your company size or location. 0845 numbers allow you to disguise your ...
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59 Business telephone numbers - Running a business - Duport
These are designed to attract new business and give a professional image and a national presence. 0845 numbers are charged at the local rate and ...
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60 0844 and 0871 revenue generating phone numbers
Numbers with the prefix 0871, 0872 and 0844 are shared-cost numbers, where part of the cost of the call is paid to the business receiving it and generating a ...
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61 BT Makes Business Calls to 0870 and 0845 Numbers Free,c457339
PRESS RELEASE For Immediate release 9th November 2009 BT Makes Business Calls to 0870 and 0845.
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62 Choose The Right Telephone Number For Your Business
Business telephone numbers provided from Numbers Plus, specialists in Freephone and all telephone numbers in the UK, including 03, 0845, 0844, ...
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63 0800, 0845, 01/02, 020 Telephone Numbers
I-Support Business can arranged virtual telephone numbers for you - 0800. 0845, 0844, 01 and 02 numbers - contact us today.
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64 Non-geographic telephone numbers
0845 Numbers are charged at a local call rate to the caller and can usually be registered by your business for a small one-off fee (anything of £20 and up).
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65 Telephone Lines - AT Telecommunications Limited
0845 numbers are non-geographic incoming only phone number. You cannot make outbound calls from your 0845 number at all; however, you can inform your ...
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66 About Us | 0845 Numbers Supplier | Instant Buy 0800 Numbers
Do you think you could talk to the telecoms company who owns the number and ask them to continue service? No. These companies are generally large corporate ...
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67 0845 Numbers - Are They Cost Free? - eBusiness Blog
No, 0845 numbers are service hotlines that are not free to call from any UK phone operator, including Vodafone. Thus when calling an 0845 number ...
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68 Block or unblock a phone number - Google Help
Block unknown numbers · Open your Phone app . · Tap More More . · Tap Settings and then Blocked numbers. · Turn on Unknown.
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69 Why do companies use paid 0845/0870/08 numbers ... - Reddit
For any company that gives you an 0845 or 0870 or any 08 number to ring that isn't 0800, it costs you quite a lot of money on your mobile.
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70 100 Free 0845 Numbers - Datalynk
If you are pointing your 0845 number at a UK landline number, it will not cost you anything at all to receive calls -- owning and running an 0845 number can be ...
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71 Telephone Call Charges 2022 UK - UK Rules and Regulations
In fact, 0844 call charges from mobile can be double the 0845 cost. This is because the cost of 0844 numbers is 'Fixed Rate' non geographic. The ...
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72 What is an NGN - Talk Numbers
A Memorable number allows your company to Stand out from the crowd and WILL give the ... 0845 numbers / 0844 / 0843 (What is an NGN – This is an NGN)
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73 Check charges for calls to 08, 09, 118 and 03 numbers | BT Help
Call charges ; 084 (excluding 0845 numbers). 22.84p per minute (plus service charge) on any plan - calls are not included in unlimited minutes. 34.26p per minute ...
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74 Alton Towers and Legoland among companies caught out ...
A Times Money investigation has found that several companies ask customers to call expensive 0844, 0845 or 0871 numbers for technical, ...
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75 0845 005 0640 / 08450050640 Service number - Who Called ...
Helpful notes are always welcome too - they don't take long at all (just one or two seconds) Do not keep important phone numbers for yourself; instead, ...
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76 What are 0345 numbers and how could they help my business?
Following a change to the law in June 2014, it became illegal for a business to use an 0845 number for its helpline or customer service lines.
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77 Why you still need to watch out for 0845 and 0870 numbers
You obviously want to avoid these extra charges. Here are a few ways to find an alternative. Search for another number. You can, of course, go to the company ...
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78 A Guide to Business Telephone Numbers - Which is Best for you
Using 0843, 0844 and 0845 numbers, you can earn 2.5p per minute. ... do business locally are more likely to use you than a global company.
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79 09 Premium Rate Numbers - Numeric Futures Limited
These numbers will never change even if the company re-locates anywhere in the ... Our local rate 0845 service provides your customers with opportunity to ...
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80 How to call premium numbers free from a mobile - Tech Advisor
Here's how to call 0845, 0870 and 0800 numbers free from your ... the company you're calling charges – a maximum of £7 and/or £3.60 per ...
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81 0845 Telephone Numbers for technical support lines
0845 telephone numbers are phone numbers that cover the whole of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These numbers cannot be ...
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82 What Is a 0845 Number? - Voipfone
With the advent of UK Calling, the price of calls to these numbers has changed. Callers will be charged 2p per minute (inc VAT), plus their own phone company's ...
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83 New 0845 mobile phone scam charges customers £300 ... - ITV
One theory is that criminals are buying 0845 numbers, ... those who believe they are affected to contact their phone company promptly.
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84 Detect and block spam phone calls - Apple Support
With iOS 13 and later, you can turn on Silence Unknown Callers to avoid getting calls from people you don't know. This blocks phone numbers ...
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85 Non Geographic Numbers (0800, 0844, 0845 etc)
Our Number Translation Services encourage potential customers to call you via a free or low-cost national number (e.g. 0800, 0844, 0845, 0871 etc.).
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86 What are 03 numbers and how businesses use them
03 numbers were introduced by Ofcom in 2007, as an alternative to those unpopular, expensive premium 0844, 0845 and 0870 numbers.
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87 Closure of HMRC 0845 telephone numbers
We therefore welcomed HMRC's move from 0845 numbers to 03 numbers for many of their major helplines that began in December 2011.
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88 Which UK & International Numbers Most Expensive to Call?
Cost of 0843/0844/0845 numbers from a landline (approximate): up to 7p per minute and your phone company's access charge.
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89 Non Geographical Numbers: Changes to Regulations
A 5 minute call to an 0845 number, usually to the bank, an insurance company or utility company. Frustrating!
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90 How Truecaller Can Help Avoid the 0845 Scam in U.K
You receive a call that begins with the number series 0845 or 0843. If you answer or call back the number, they typically connect to a pre- ...
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91 Call charges - AvMA
0845 calls cost between 0-7p per minute plus your phone company's access ... However, if you do not have 0845 numbers included in your mobile contract you ...
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92 Cost of Complaining - Watchdog Daily - BBC
Many retailers still use so-called “service” numbers, starting with 0844 and 0845. Charges vary, but can be up to 5p a minute on a BT landline or 76p per ...
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93 Non-Geo Numbers - Tri Telecoms
These include 0800, 0845, 0870, 0871 numbers and each has there uses ... free for the caller with the recipient company bearing the cost of the calls.
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94 The missed call scam that could cost you hundreds of pounds ...
It appears to be an industry-wide scam, and watchdog Ofcom is investigating. They appear to be linked to 0845 0843 numbers owned by claims ...
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