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1 Software measurement - Wikipedia
Software measurement is a quantified attribute (see also: measurement) of a characteristic of a software product or the software process.
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2 Software Measurement Metrics - Tutorialspoint
Software metrics is a standard of measure that contains many activities which involve some degree of measurement. It can be classified into three categories: ...
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3 Measurement software - All industrial manufacturers
Easy Solutions to Challenging Tasks Measuring, evaluation and management software enables you to increase the performance of all your metrology operations.
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4 What are Software Metrics? Examples & Best Practices - Stackify
A software metric is a measure of software characteristics that are quantifiable or countable. Software metrics are important for many ...
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5 What are Software Metrics? How to Track and Measure those ...
Measuring software development teams' progress can be a crucial step toward improving efficiency and productivity. Software metrics can be ...
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6 Software Measurement Tools | FREE WHITEPAPER
Software measurement tools offer a benchmarking score for monitoring programming practices, verifying quality, early defect detection, and measuring application ...
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7 Measuring software development productivity - Swarmia
The software world gave up too soon on measuring development productivity, deeming it impossible. A few years ago a new wave of research ...
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8 Digital Blueprint Takeoff & Measuring Software - eTakeoff
eTakeoff's PDF takeoff software & digital blueprint measuring software can make takeoff more efficient for all applications. Easily scale and measure with ...
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9 Identifying and Measuring Requirements Quality
Jama Software has partnered with Karl Wiegers to share licensed content from his books and articles. Karl Wiegers is an independent consultant and not an ...
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10 Measurement software systems for CNC machine tools
BLUM measurement software: User-friendly software pairs perfectly with BLUM measuring systems: ✓ maximum precision & ✓ worldwide support.
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11 A new framework of measuring software development processes
The paper proposes a new framework of measuring software development processes and validates its effectiveness by examples. The key idea of this proposed ...
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12 Measuring Software Process: A Systematic Mapping Study
Context: Measurement is essential to reach predictable performance and high ... Object-oriented software engineering: Measuring and controlling the ...
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13 Software Quality Metrics: How to Measure Testing Efforts
The CISQ Software Quality Model; Additional Aspects and Factors. How to Measure Software Quality; Closing Thoughts. Reading time: 6 minutes.
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14 OGP Software | 3D Metrology System - Optical Gaging Products
OGP Software is the way users interact with OGP measurement systems. Controlling, monitoring, displaying, and reporting every aspect of the measuring ...
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15 (PDF) What makes measuring software so hard?
PDF | We often hear that it is difficult to get software measurement into practice. Traditional measurement addresses the decisions that ...
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16 Software for Measuring Devices - Hilti USA
Hilti PROFIS software helps you with your measuring tasks, from design and data management to jobsite layout and concrete scan analysis.
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17 Important Software Test Metrics and Measurements
Metrics can be defined as “STANDARDS OF MEASUREMENT”. Software Metrics are used to measure the quality of the project. Simply, a Metric is a ...
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18 Statistical Process Control for Software Process Improvement
This book, drawing on work done at the Software Engineering Institute and other organizations, shows how to use measurements to manage and improve software ...
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19 Quantities and Units for Software Product Measurements
Key words. Measurement; metrics; quantities; software; units. ... Providing a tutorial on computer science, software measurement, or metrology;.
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20 Measuring Center for Windows - Spl-Lab
Multifunctional Measuring Center for Windows for sound spectral analysis◇The software includes profiles for work with each of Spl-Lab devices and supplied ...
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21 Body Measurement Software: Who Benefits And How - 3DLOOK
Taking body measurements with 3D body scanning software is an emerging trend that aims to solve the problem of poor fitting clothing by capturing more body data ...
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22 Measuring Reliability of Software Products - Microsoft
For measuring the failure rate of a software product, we can have N installations of the software under observation. If the total number of failures in all the ...
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23 Measuring at a glance - MVTec Software
1D Measuring. The powerful algorithms of MVTec's software measure between edges along lines or arc segments performing subpixel-accurate measurements in ...
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24 IC Measure - The Imaging Source
Measure on-screen lengths, angles, circles and polygons and capture images. ... IC Measure. Measure on-screen lengths, ... Need help with this software?
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25 Microscope measurement app with 0.003% accuracy - Tagarno
Using a microscope measurement software allows you to measurement samples of all shapes and sizes directly on the microscope. With the TAGARNO Measurement ...
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26 HAAKE™ RheoWin™ Measuring and Evaluation Software
Easily navigate your rheometer or viscometer operation using RheoWin Measuring and Evaluation Software.
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27 Tokyo Measuring Instruments Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Integrated measuring system of sensor and instruments designed for special purpose. ... Data Logger Use Static Measurement Software; ID243_DC7630 ...
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28 12 Key Software Development Metrics & KPIs for Measuring ...
Find out here about the key metrics and KPIs used in software development to measure productivity and quality. Learn issues that the ...
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29 Measuring Software Quality: A Practical Guide - SeaLights
How to effectively measure software quality, from the classic CISQ model to modern Agile requirements.
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30 Measuring the Software Process: Statistical Process Control ...
Measuring the Software Process: Statistical Process Control for Software Process Improvement [William A. Florac & Anita D. Carleton] on
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31 How to find the best Blueprint Takeoff Software - Kreo
Measuring software can be a great tool for anyone who needs to measure anything. From blueprints to floor plans, you can use measuring ...
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32 Measuring Software Engineering Productivity
Measuring Software Engineering Productivity. How do you measure developer productivity, how are DORA and SPACE related, ...
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33 Appendix A: Measuring Software Size - Springer Link
measuring software size is thus a key element of successful effort estimation. Failed software sizing is often the main contributor to failed effort ...
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34 Capture instant measuring software
Measure Clothes, Instantly. Capture uses modern machine learning and computer vision techniques to perform critical measurements on clothing seen in photos.
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35 Can developer productivity be measured? - Stack Overflow Blog
Defining and measuring programmer productivity is something of a great white whale in the software industry. It's the basis of enormous ...
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36 Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They Measure and ...
Software Engineering Metrics: What Do They. Measure and How Do We Know? Cem Kaner, Senior Member, IEEE, and Walter P. Bond. Abstract—Construct validity is about ...
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37 Measuring Software Quality - IT Revolution
Measuring Software Quality. By Cornelia Davis, Stephen Magill, Rosalind Radcliffe, James Wickett. A Guide to Employing Metrics in Software Development ...
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38 Leaf-GP: an open and automated software application for ...
Although the importance of measuring dynamic growth traits is widely recognised, available open software tools are limited in terms of batch ...
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39 REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software
REW is free software for room acoustic measurement, loudspeaker measurement and audio device measurement and analysis.
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40 Measuring the benefits of Enterprise Software applications
One problem of measuring quantifiable benefits of enterprise software is that there will be dozens (if not hundreds) of individual applications in use by a ...
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41 How to Measure Productivity in Software Engineering
Measuring productivity of software development teams is easy. Unless you want to do it well. In that case, it's really, really hard.
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42 Measurement Computing: Data Acquisition (DAQ)
Measurement Computing offers easy to use data acquisition (DAQ) systems and data logger hardware and software for test and measurement applications.
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43 Software Engineering | Software Metrics - Javatpoint
A software metric is a measure of software characteristics which are measurable or countable. Software metrics are valuable for many reasons, ...
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44 Metric measuring software - Kitotec
The Metric measuring software for video microscopes in 35 languages. Manual and automatic measurement functions make for powerful software.
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45 MEASURE - 3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMs
Verisurf Measure includes the Verisurf Device Interface (VDI). This powerful interface connects and controls virtually all measuring devices.
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46 Software for CNC Video Measuring Systems - Nikon
It leads to stable acquisition of measurement results under uniform illumination. [fig.] Teaching Navigation. To support those who are new to NEXIV, this ...
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47 M3MH: Measuring Software for Machine Tool
M3 MH: On-machine probing software. M3MH is the CAD/CAM measurement software for 5-axis machining centers that maximizes the performance of your machine tool by ...
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48 Measuring Software with Basic Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Merlin Plus Software can be installed in any PC running Windows®7 and Windows®10 operating system; it is a software solution for collecting measurement data ...
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49 Software for Non-Contact Measuring System
Software for Non-Contact Measuring the professional manufactory in the development and supply the optical measuring equipment.
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50 Measuring the Software Process: A Practical Guide to ...
Measuring the Software Process book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. For programmers and software development managers. This boo...
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51 AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. | Drones, Sensors and Software
Drones, sensors and software for automated aerial intelligence. ... Measure Ground Control. By clicking submit below, I agree to AgEagle's Terms and ...
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52 Software Measurement – an overview for CIOs - ScopeMaster
Introducing consistent software measurement for CIOs, showing why introducing COSMIC sizing of software can help CIOs manage more effectively.
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53 Omnimet Capture N Measure Software
OmniMet Capture-n-Measure edition, includes simple measurement tools (Software only, requires 64-bit workstation PC and monitor) ...
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54 Measuring Software Complexity: What Metrics to Use?
Do we need to measure complexity? With what metrics? What benefits can it brings? This is the questions we'll answer in this article.
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55 Measuring Software Quality in Software Engineering
Measuring Software Quality in Software Engineering · The aim of the software developer is to develop high-quality software within a specified time and budget.
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56 Measuring software – Mahr Fertigungsmesstechnik
Flexible use, excellent performance. The Millimar Cockpit software is an intelligent and versatile software for complex measuring tasks in the production area ...
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57 What Are Software Metrics? How Can I Measure These Metrics?
What are software efficiency metrics? Why should you track development processes? How do software metrics lack clarity? What to measure with ...
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58 Why Measure Software? - Purdue Computer Science
Software Metrics. Definition. • The measurement of the software development process and its resulting product. The software product includes the source code ...
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59 ZEISS CALYPSO - Measuring Software for geometry
Universal software for dimensional metrology applications · Control of all coordinate measuring machines and sensors from the ZEISS portfolio · Creation of ...
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60 M2 – Geometric Measuring Software for MF Microscope$catalogue/mitutoyoData/PR/63AAA456/index.xhtml;jsessionid=26F8CA61DE38054E26B88A90E166F485
Support for Clean, Intuitive Design Crosshair measuring Designed for Multi-Touch software control Graphics-based “Part View” constructions Feature Detail ...
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61 Measuring for Process Management and Improvement - DTIC
This guidebook shows how well-established principles and methods for evaluating and controlling process performance can be applied in software settings to ...
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62 FARO® CAM2® 3D Measurement Software
FARO CAM2 Software is a powerful, application-focused 3D measurement platform for quality assurance and inspection tasks.
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63 Elements Software - VIEW Micro-Metrology
CAD-to-Measure Software for Electronic Assemblies & Packages · VIEW's Elements® software is designed specifically for precision measurement of circuit board and ...
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64 MeasuringU – UX Research and Software
Mixed-methods solutions for UX research. We provide quantitative-qualitative services and software to measure the user and customer experience.
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65 Measuring Software Development's Impact -
Measuring Impact: A Fireside Chat on Engineering ROI with Github, Stripe, Jellyfish and Andela. There's no question that measuring software development ROI ...
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66 A Simple Introduction to Software Metrics - MakeUseOf
Here's how you measure the progress of your software development project.
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67 Property Measuring Solutions for Paving Contractors - Go iPave
Online property measuring tools built for asphalt maintenance contractors to measure properties for paving, striping, sealing and snow removal estimates.
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68 Automeasure | Video Metrology Software
Powerful and easy-to-use measuring and inspection software platform for Nikon NEXIV vision systems.
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69 Measuring Software Maintainability with Naïve Bayes Classifier
In this research, authors measure a quality attribute (e.g., maintainability). According to IEEE standard glossary of software engineering terminology, software ...
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70 Measurement software - WALTER MASCHINENBAU GmbH
Experiencing precision. With the new measurement software WALTER METROLOGY CENTER , WALTER is now offering software that is unique in this form on the ...
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71 Murakami Measurement Software - Harvard Dataverse
This dataset contains the code used on each MLBN measurement device, copied from Github:
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72 What are Process Metrics in Software Engineering - Haystack
The history of software development metrics has shown many (flawed) attempts at measuring developer productivity. Half baked metrics can ruin teams, ...
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73 Measuring and predicting software productivity: A systematic ...
A famous quote says that “you cannot predict nor control what you cannot measure” [1]. Hence, software productivity measurement plays an important role in ...
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74 Measuring Software Development Team Performance
Measuring your software development team's performance is important to gain insights on where improvements can be made.
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75 Effectively Measuring Software Quality | Propelo DevOps Tools
Measuring Software Quality gives an indication of the output that the team is delivering. But simply measuring baseline metrics like Mean Time to Resolution ...
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76 Software & Measuring Technology | h/p/cosmos
Software & Measuring Technology. Hardware & Analysis Tools. h/p/cosmos para control® 6 · h/p/cosmos para graphics® 2.6.14 · Software h/p/cosmos para ...
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77 6 steps: How to measure software quality -
1. Define the goal of your software · 2. Determine how to measure the success of your software · 3. Identify what software quality metrics are ...
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78 How To Measure Software Productivity and Why It's Important
Measuring software productivity is a process that helps developers understand the value of their efforts. The main purpose is to judge ...
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79 Software Measurement: Key Concepts and Practices - InformIT
All successful software organizations use measurement as part of their day-to-day management and technical activities.
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80 Function Point methods to measure software sizes - Estimancy
The most reliable method for measuring software size is technique-independent and is based on the user's point of view, in “function points”.
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81 XR 4.0 Software measure X-ray - PHYWE
As a result, XR measure 4.0 software is also suitable for beginners' laboratory courses at universities and the secondary school level. Reference experiments.
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82 Measure More Properties in Less Time for Landscape Sales ...
Online property measuring tools built for landscape contractors to measure properties for landscaping, lawn care, irrigation and snow removal estimates.
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83 Measuring Changes in Software with CLOC -
In order to better control and manage software development, computer scientists work to develop better software measurements. These measures can assist in ...
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84 What makes measuring software so hard?
Implementing software measurement can be difficult if an organization's market strategy fails to align with traditional measurements. The author points out the ...
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85 9 metrics that can make a difference to today's software ...
Software metrics don't matter unless you tie them to business goals. Learn what to measure, and how to use the results to test a business value...
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86 DataAnalyst Particle Counter Software
DataAnalyst Particle Counter Software by Particle Measuring Systems PMS helps you understand the data coming from your particle monitor for an easy and ...
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87 Measuring the Cost of Open Source Software Innovation on ...
Adopting a cost estimation model from software engineering and national accounting methods for measurement of software, we develop a methodology ...
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88 Software for Measuring and Data Logging Instruments
Special ALMEMO® software programs give you complete control of the whole measuring setup and ensure convenient device handling. Once measured values have been ...
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89 [1811.11270] Challenges of measuring the impact of software
Our results reveal a little-discussed challenge of using citation data to measure the impact of software, that even within the category of ...
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90 Measuring software risk: the forgotten development constraint
If you're not starting development by measuring software risk, you're missing the one constraint most likely to blow up your project.
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91 Measuring the Flow in Lean Software Development
Measuring the Flow in Lean. Software Development. K. Petersen∗,†, C. Wohlin‡. Blekinge Institute of Technology, Box 520, SE-372 25 Ronneby, Sweden. SUMMARY.
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