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1 CL-33-M - Mosley Electronics | Communication Antennas
The CLASSIC antennas are heavy duty beams for 10, 15, 20 Meters! Built in the MOSLEY tradition providing DECADES of great performance! The Mosley "Classic" ...
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2 Ham Radio / Mosley CL-33 Triband Beam Antenna - $350,49,179518,Ham-Radio---Mosley-CL-33-Triband-Beam-Antenna----350.htm
The CL-33-M is a heavy duty 3 element beam for 10, 15, 20 Meters! This beam is built in the MOSLEY tradition and will give you YEARS of great performance!The ...
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3 cl-33.manual.pdf - PJ2T
For more information on the Classic feed system please see our FAQ section. As with all Mosley antennas, your elements and boom pieces are all ...
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4 Mosley Amateur Radio Antennas | Facebook
Today my Mosley classic 36; just got a new rotator, so am ready to chase DX,again. Looking forward to meeting you on the bands soon, 7-3 for now. Kc7cnn.
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5 MOSLEY Trap Master MODEL TA-33-M
The high performance of your MOSLEY Antenna can only be achieved if the antenna is assembled in accordance with the instructions supplied. Substitution of ...
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6 Mosley Antennas - Andrews Communications
We are happy to send you a few quotes... Updated 19-09-22. Type. HF MULTIBAND BEAMS --> HIGH RF POWER RATED. CLASSIC ...
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7 cushcraft a3s or mosley ta-33? - Google Groups
I'm looking around at some smaller sized tribanders. I was wondering > if anyone out there has any thoughts on the cushcraft a3s beam or the > mosley ta-33.
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8 Mosley TA-36 Triband beam - VK8BN
Mosley TA-36 Triband beam ... Assembly Handbook and Coax Transformer construction details for the Mosley TA-36 Tri-band beam antenna.
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9 Amateur Radio Feedback & Company News - Mosley Antennas
This CL-203 antenna weighs in at about 65 pounds assembled according to my scales? Assembly was straight forward and went up with no problems at all! Hams all ...
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10 Mosley ta33 antenna manual - Peatix
For Environmental, Home - The Street Vendor Project, Google, Mosley Ta 33 ... After antenna Mosley, Classic Series, CL-33-M, 6.000, Heavy duty tribander 20 ...
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11 Mosley TA-33M 3 Band Beam, 3 El. - WiMo
› ... › Mosley
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12 Mosley Trapmaster beams - Dolstra
MOSLEY TA-63N: 6-10-12-15-17-20 Meter 4-Element Beam ... A full 4 element tribander. ... MOSLEY TA-33M: 10-15-20 Meter TRAP MASTER 3 Element Beam.
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13 My Ham Radio Tower & Antenna Project - YouTube
A video detailing the installation of my Ham Radio Tower, a Mosley 33 Classic Tri-Bander, Cushcraft 13B2 2m Beam, and a 2m/440mhz dual band ...
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14 Mosley mini 32a 2 element tri band yagi - P1 Assembly
Nov 30, 2016
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15 February 2009 Amateur Antenna Catalog -
Mosley TA-33-JR-N. "The Original Light Weight Tri-Bander". 10-15-20 Meter, 3 Element Beam. Forward Gain: Specification and Performance Data. 10 Meter.
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16 QTH.COM Ham Radio Classified Ads: SEARCH RESULTS ...
ANTHF - Mosley CL-33-M HF 3 EL 10/15/20: Mosley CL-33 for sale. ... ANTHF - multiple antennas- part 1 -pickup only: MOSELY MINI-33A TRIBAND BEAM -----2-YRS ...
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17 Mosley TA-33-M 3 Element Beam Antenna MSP - Radioworld
Mosley TA-33-M is a HF 3 element beam antenna able to operate on 10m-15m-20m with a max power rating of 2.5kW. SSB mode and boom length of 14' with the ...
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18 Ham Radio - Gingerbread Hill
Mosley Classic 33 Triband yagi. Cushcraft A50-3 6m yagi. Hustler 6-BTV vertical, 80M-10M Hy-Gain rotator mounted inside tower; plus control box and 200' of ...
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19 Re: [TowerTalk] Mosley.. A bill of goods.
That TA33 Jr replaced a triband Gem Quad that was a bitch to tune ... CL-33-M. 3 el ...
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20 MOSLEY TA-33M Manual - WA8DBW
MOSLEY THREE ELEMENT. TRI-BAND BEAM ANTENNA. TRAP MASTER MODEL TA-33. The high performance of your MOSLEY Antenna can only be achieved if the antenna.
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21 Mosley pro 67-3 | WorldwideDX Radio Forum
These all come into place when purchasing a used beam antenna. OK personally i would rather have a nice tri-bander (I had a Classic 33 Mosley) ...
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22 Antennas – Temple University Amateur Radio Club K3TU
A 20, 15 and 10 meter Mosley CL-33-M triband Yagi antenna and a 160, 80, 40 and 30 meter Alpha Delta DX-B wire antenna are mounted on the east side tower.
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23 W1QC - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio
Refurbished Mosley Classic-33 tribander ... and nostolgia and to get on the Vintage Sideband Net, Saturdays at 0845 Central Time on 3842.
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24 Sell - Trade
Mosley Classic 36 Tri-bander with new in box matching unit for the Driven Element on ... REAL CUSHCRAFT --NOT mfj junk A4 Tribander on the ground New Cost
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25 Chirp and Splatter - University of Michigan
old) Mosley CL-33 tribander on a Tailtwister rotor and a 40m inverted-V. We racked up over 250 contacts, contributing to the most.
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26 Force 12 C-4SXL Rebuild - Pro Audio Engineering
... and Steve Morris, K7LXC titled 'HF Tribander Performance – Test Methods ... in fact the last triband Yagi I owned was a Moseley CL-33, and I had trap ...
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27 hamradio_aa4batower04
With my G5RV I have worked all over the world with 100 watts. This is an amazing antenna considering price. Also, I installed a Mosley Classic 33 triband Yagi ...
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28 2011 | PDF | Antenna (Radio) | Coaxial Cable - Scribd
Welcome to Mosley Facts & Feeds "Classic"* Series Multi Band Antennas Mini Series HF Antennas PRO Series HF ... The Best Performing Tri Bander In Its Size!
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29 Club Antennas - GB2GM
HF Triband Mosley CL-33-M 7). Marconi Centre. 8). Disabled parking. 9). Club visitors carpark. 10). The Poldhu Hotel; now a residential home ...
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30 you need to know about tribander antennas & traps - TLARC
Traps are typically known to shorten “electrical” antenna length, but are lossy. Tribander: Mosely TA-53 Five-band Antenna (bottom antenna).
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31 SteppIR 3-element yagi -
... frustration with the Mosley Classic-33 (PDF) trapped triband beam, on March 31, ... The CL-33 was a great antenna for a new contester.
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32 Mosley... ANTENNA. for YOU WAY ABOVE THE REST ...
CL-6-M 1, 15, Meter The Best Perforing Tri Bander In Its Size! 6 Eleent No easuring Pre-drilled Color coded Stainless Steel Hardware Forward Gain, ...
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33 mosley electronics ta-36 six element tri-band beam antenna sm
MOSLEY TA-36 ELEMENT TRIBAND BEAM ANTENNA TA36 SIX TA 36 TRI BAND TRI-BAND. If you have any question about repairing write your question to the Message ...
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34 2019 ARRL Straight Key Night
I was not using a vintage rig this year which has been my custom ... an SPE Expert 1.5K FA amp at 1 KW into a Mosley Classic 33 tribander at ...
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35 C3S TriBander Yagi 12 Ft Boom - JK Antennas
Re-Designed, Optimized & Improved from the Classic Force 12 design. The C3S-JK (Tribander) has been re-designed, optimized & Improved from the very popular ...
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36 Soapbox QRM Comments - CQ WW RTTY
5 W, Mosley Tribander, Trap Dipole ... OH8F, SA LP 20M, 14 qsos 80/40/15m, can use check. rookie or classic no valid because I'm using dx-cluster.
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37 Print Page - Antenna Trap problems -;topic=27160.0
I have a Mosley TA-33. ... It seems like many of these tribander type yagis turn to crap ... OR perpendicular to the tribander elements.
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38 New Beam In The Air and I'm Swinging It Like I Just Don't Care.
I kept focusing on a Hex Beam type antenna, log periodic or a 3el tri-band antenna like the Mosley TA-33jr or Cushcraft A3S.
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39 Mosley Classic36 Antenna - CII
Here is the secret to moving a partially dis-assembled Mosley Classic 36 and a 56' Delhi Tower with a Diesel Jetta and an 8 foot utility ...
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40 Equipment for portable HF operations - Astrosurf
After the Mosley MINI-33 tribander) the most interesting five-bander Mosley beam is the TA-33-JRN-WARC model. This is 4-element beam with traps completed ...
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41 RDXA's FD - Rochester Amateur Radio Association
Mosley CL-33 (still active). • Mosley CL-203 20m mono (still active) ... Cushcraft A4 Tribander (K1PY) on Mil-mast (W2BSN/AWA) fixed SW.
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42 Mosley HF beam installed and operational. MORE PICTURES ...
Here's our Mosley TA-33 10-15-20 Tribander on a 60' Rohn BX series tower. We do not have the "40 meter kit" as they do not hold up in ...
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43 C31XR-JK Tribander 10/15/20m - Re-Designed, Optimized ...
› c31xr-jk-tribander-101520m-re-d...
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44 Show Us Your Shack
The antenna farm consists of a Mosley Classic 33 tri-bander on 39 feet of Rohn 25g, dual band dipole for 80 and 40 meters, and a heavily modified Hustler ...
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45 W8EQA Amateur Radio Page -
Since getting back to radio I've enjoyed some fine vintage gear and now my ... and TL-922A with a Mosley Classic Triband beam and Cushcraft R-7 vertical).
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46 The database for radio hams - VE3TCV Callsign on QRZCQ
Transmit Antennas 10/15/20m Mosley Classic 33 3-Elemet Tri-Bander CL-33-M 12/17/30m Mosley TX-31-XL Triband Rotatable Dipole
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47 20m beam antenna - Paroles de Nouvelle Aquitaine
Mosley CL-33 three element 10, 15, 20 meter beam. ... Perfect optimized Tri-bander with full coverage: 20 m band: 14 MHz – 14.
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48 Antennas - Halifax Amateur Radio Club
the Mosley CL-33. 3-element, 3-band yagi. -Very popular, covers 10-15-20 meters. -Aircraft aluminum tubing construction. -Boom = 18'.
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49 Mosley Devant Special 5/8th wave ground plane
According to the Mosley Electronics web page the Mosley 5/8ths wave ... I have an old Mosley TA-36 6 element 10,15 and 20 meter tribander ...
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50 Antennas/Aerials - RigPix Database
CL-36-M, 10 / 15 / 20 m, 9.1 dB, Yagi, 6 elements. Camera icon, Pro-57-B, 10 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 20 m, 9.4 dB, Yagi, 7 elements. Camera icon
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51 Ham Radio Magazine 1990
The Weekender: INEXPENSIVE TRIBAND MOBILE ANTENNA ... optics and Ta is the transmissivity of the ... MOSLEY MODEL TA-33M. YOUCANCHANGEYOUR.
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52 Manufacturers of amateur radio HF antenna. - The DXZone
High Performance Lightweight Antennas. The spider beam is a full size lightweight tribander yagi for 20/15/10m, made from fiberglass and wire. It has been ...
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53 Building a Multiband Yagi | Lee Jennings
... including the classic HyGain 204BA and the HyGain TH6DXX. ... You couldn't do the same thing with a typical trap tribander as the traps ...
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54 W2AEE History - CU Amateur Radio Club - Confluence
Mounted antennas include Mosley CL-36 tribander and 2 M vertical. Rotator needs repair as does rotator cable which has broken insulation.
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55 Vincent J. 'Vince' Varnas - K7ZY
Antenna: Mosley Classic 33 triband yagi (20-15-10) at 55 feet above ground on top of a 750 foot hill (Cooper Mountain).
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56 Thoughts on HF verticals - HFU HF Underground
Also chared traps aren't restricted to verticals, have a few Mosley classic tribander traps here that didn't like nearby lightning strikes.
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57 Tri-Band Yagi Question (Mosley TA-33 JR) : r/amateurradio
Hi all! I have an older Mosley TA-33JR that I'll be putting on my 60 foot tower. This is a 3 element 10, 15, and 20 antenna.
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58 My Hex Beam is not very high but it works very well -
make some with friends who were running large tribanders such as a ... I have had from other qth's a Mosley Classic 33 beam which I had up
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59 FS-Mosley TA-36 5el tribander in NC - Red Wave Radio
I have a Mosley TA-36 5-element triband yagi for sale (curently assembled and on the ground, just took it down off the tower).
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60 ARRLs Vintage Radio.pdf - Index of
In ARRL 's Vintage Radio Classics, we've gathered a collection of vintage radio articles ... a Wilson System-1 triband Yagi. ... Mosley Manuals & Parts.
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61 CARHOF Welcomes New Trustees: Helen Archibald, VA1YL ...
As always, we used two antennas; a 486' circumference delta horizontal loop 48-54' above ground, and a Mosley Classic 33 tri-bander at 53'.
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62 Cushcraft A3ws
I presently have the Yaesu G-800 SA to turn a Mosley CL-33 and a Cushcraft A3WS ... A-4S, Beam, Triband, 4 element, 10,15,20M. ,A3WS 10 MHz kit for A3WSKits ...
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63 Searchable Soapbox Comments CW - CQ WW
ON5WL, SO LP 80M, My category Single OP Single band 80 m Classic Low Pow I worked also ... SO2R RIG-1= FT-950 / 100W RIG-2= IC7400 / 100W ANT-1= MOSLEY BEAM ...
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64 Practical_Antenna_Handbook_0...
and a triband Yagi for 10, 15, and 20 meters. Practical Antenna. Handbook. Joseph J. Carr. George W. Hippisley. Fifth Edition. New York ...
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65 Ham Radio and me in the '70s
I had a Mosley Classic 33 tri-band antenna: ... I put up a 90' Rohn 25 tower, guyed three times and retired the Mosley tri-bander.
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66 Mosley Mini-Beam
In addition to the large Yagi antennas, Mosley also smaller versions of the ... Mosley TA-33 Ham TriBand Beam Antenna FS - $300 (NW Marion County) Mosley ...
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67 Mosley'
This photo of my Mosley TA-33M-WARC was taken on May 01 2005, ... I thought it could...and it takes up no more space than my old tri-bander.
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68 Spiderbeam© High Performance Lightweight Antennas
The spider beam is a full size lightweight tribander yagi for 20-15-10m, ... A very detailed construction guide (classic Heathkit-style step-by-step ...
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69 VE7TUB antenna is a Mosley Classic 33 tri-band beam
liaburgess | all galleries >> Galleries >> off_to_nanaimo > VE7TUB antenna is a Mosley Classic 33 tri-band beam ...
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70 Mosley high school logo. Antenna is in very good ... - FEMACLIM
Just open a tuner shop, trying to overhaul that classic, or need to fix up your shed? ... Mosley TA-33 Ham TriBand Beam Antenna FS. Principal: Ruth Baldivia ...
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71 Mosley Classic 33 | K3RRR Kilo Three Triple R Amateur Radio Station
Turning my Mosley Classic 33 HF antenna on the tower . This was my previous setup . Video Rating: 0 / 5 HF6010 Vertical Antenna in Lubuk Beruk, Sg. Lembing, ...
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72 03 Yagi-Uda Antennas (By Larry E. Gugle K4RFE)
MOSLEY. YAGI - UDA CL-33-M. 3. 3. 8.5. -. 8.1. - ... MOSLEY. YAGI - UDA CL-36-M. 6. 3. 9.1. -. 8.6. - ... MOSLEY. YAGI - UDA TA-33-JR-N-WARC. 4. 5. 8.1. 0.0.
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