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1 Adopt a local leash ordinance - UNC School of Government
There is no statewide leash law in North Carolina, but there are two provisions that limit dogs running at-large. One statute prohibits persons from ...
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2 Chapter 67. Dogs. Article 1. Owner's Liability. § 67-1. Liability ...
(e) If any impounded dog is not recovered by the owner within 15 days after the publication of the first notice of the impounding, the dog may be destroyed in a ...
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3 CHAPTER 3. - ANIMALS | Code of Ordinances | Raleigh, NC
An owner or custodian shall not leave an animal outdoors without human accompaniment or adequate shelter for more than fifteen (15) minutes during periods of ...
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4 VERIFY: North Carolina does not have pet custody laws - WCNC
According to North Carolina law, pets are considered property. Miller said that while many pet owners treat their furry animals like children, ...
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5 Animal laws > Char-Meck Ordinances - City of Charlotte
Animals must be contained by fencing, proper tethering or a properly sized kennel. Animals may not be left in a structure, property, or motor vehicle that can ...
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6 Who Gets the Dog in a North Carolina Divorce?
Unlike child custody cases, pets adopted before a marriage are considered the sole property of the individual who purchased them. This is called separate ...
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7 North Carolina Animal / Dog Law Questions & Answers
We have 29 North Carolina Animal / Dog Law Questions & Answers - Ask Lawyers ... You have a claim against the dog owner for negligence and strict liability.
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8 Frequently Asked Questions - Warren County, NC
Answer: NC State Law states that pets are property, by keeping this animal or finding it a new home, you are stealing someone's property. The best thing to do ...
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9 How Many Dogs Can You Have in North Carolina? - Jerry
What are the leash laws in North Carolina? · Leash their dog or have it under physical control at all times while walking through public spaces ...
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10 Dog Tethering Ordinance and the Leash Law -
Under the ordinance, a dog may not be tethered for more than three hours total in any 24-hour period. The ordinance defines tethering as a means ...
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11 Leash Laws | Craven County
North Carolina State Law requires that all dogs and cats over 4 months of age be vaccinated for rabies and wear the tag at all times. Violation of this law is a ...
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12 County Animal Ordinance
County Animal Ordinance. Effective March 1, 2016, the Board of Orange County Commissioners (BOCC) has passed a Unified Animal Ordinance ...
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13 NCDA&CS Veterinary Division Animal Welfare Section
Laws: NC Animal Welfare Act; Rules: Animal Welfare Administrative Code ... Additional Information: The 1977 North Carolina General Assembly enacted an ...
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14 Animal Welfare Complaint Form with North Carolina DOJ
Cruelty toward animals is illegal under North Carolina law. You can report animals experiencing physical harm under the care of an individual, pet shop, ...
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15 Animal Control | Guilford County, NC
Violations of the Animal Control ordinance vary with the maximum fine being $500 per incident per animal for certain ordinance violations while the most common ...
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16 Chapter 16 - Animals | Henderson County North Carolina
16-9. Confinement of female dog during estrus (heat). Any owner of a female dog during its estrus (heat) period shall confine said animal in a building or ...
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A DANGEROUS DOG that has killed or inflicted severe injury on a pet or domestic animal can have the designation removed if a) the dog and the owner successfully ...
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18 Animal Control Ordinance - Wayne County, NC
Animal Control. Ordinance. Wayne County, North Carolina. The mission of Wayne County Animal Services is to balance the health, safety and.
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19 Session Law 2013-377 Senate Bill 626
(d) During the minimum holding period, an animal shelter may place an animal it is holding into foster care by transferring possession of the animal to an ...
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20 North Carolina Dog Bite Law
The prohibition applies only to a dog more than 6 months old, running at large in the night, unaccompanied by the owner or "some member of the owner's family, ...
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21 Wilson County Animal Control Ordinance
Have the responsibility as a law enforcement agency to enforce all laws of North Carolina and all ordinances of Wilson County pertaining to animals and ...
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22 Animal Ordinance - Lincoln County, North Carolina
The purpose of this Animal Ordinance is to protect public health and safety, ... comply with the laws of North Carolina relating to animal cruelty including ...
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23 Moore County Animal Operations Ordinance
Commission means the North Carolina Health Services Commission. Confinement means restricted interaction. Domestic animal means any of various animals, ...
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24 Animal Control | Davidson County, NC
Animal Control will respond to after hours calls at the request of on scene law enforcement officers. ANIMAL CONTROL DOCUMENTS. Animal Ordinance - 12-2017 w ...
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ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE. ARTICLE I. IN GENERAL. SEC. 3-1. PURPOSE. (a) Pursuant to authority granted by the North Carolina General Assembly, this animal ...
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26 Sheriff's Office - Support Operations Division - Animal Control
Spay & neuter ordinance + unaltered pet permits · All dogs and cats ages six months or older must either be spayed or neutered, or the owner must purchase an ...
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27 2021 Animal Control Ordinance - Cherokee County, NC
Article 2- Enforcement of this Ordinance is authorized by any law enforcement officer duly sworn to enforce the laws of the State of North Carolina. Violations ...
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28 Pet Custody After a Divorce or Separation
Under North Carolina law, pets are considered property. Like other property in a divorce, it is up to the couple to decide how to divide up ownership of any ...
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29 Animal Services Ordinance - Harnett County
NORTH CAROLINA. County of Harnett. ANIMAL SERVICES ORDINANCE. Originally adopted November 16, 1993. Amended December 4, 1995. Amended January 6, 1997.
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This Ordinance is adopted pursuant to the authority vested in Madison County by the. General Statues of North Carolina, particularly G.S. 153A-121 General ...
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31 Animal Control - Wake County Government
There are five Animal Control agencies in Wake County. The City of Raleigh and the towns of ... Community Cats & TNR · Wake County Animal Control Ordinance ...
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32 Animal Laws - Johnston County North Carolina
Animal Laws. The Johnston County Animal Laws are available online in both English and Spanish. You can view the Johnston County Code of Ordinances in ...
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33 MCACAnimal Control Ordinance 2 22 2018 JB - No Edits.pdf
This Ordinance shall be known and may be cited as the Macon County Animal Control ... §153A-442 of the North Carolina General Statutes, Articles 1- 5 of ...
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34 Animal Control Ordinance - Alexander County, NC
animal indigenous to the State of North Carolina including hybrid animals that ... ordinance if it has been bitten by, or has been exposed to, any animal ...
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35 Chapter 91, Animal Services - Haywood County
91.29 North Carolina State Laws: Rabies. Impoundment. 91.40 General provisions. 91.41 Notice to owner. 91.42 Redemption by owner.
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36 Dog Bites and North Carolina Dog Laws - FindLaw
Unlike some other states that have a "one bite" rule, North Carolina holds dog owners strictly liable for bites and other injuries caused by ...
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37 Animal_Control_Ordinance.pdf - McDowell County
Exotic Animal - Refers to any living animal as set forth in Article I of this ordinance pertaining to inherently dangerous animals not native to North Carolina.
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38 Animal Services Unit - NHC Sheriff's Office
You are required by NC State law to have this done, even if your pet never goes outside. You are also required by NHC Ordinance to pay a licensing fee every ...
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to enforce all North Carolina laws and Watauga County ordinances pertaining to ... OWNER: A person having the legal property rights to an animal.
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40 Animals | Town of Chapel Hill, NC
Dogs must be leashed, in a vehicle or in an enclosure when off the dog owner's property. A dog on its owner's property must be restrained or enclosed with a ...
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(1)Animal: Any dog, cat, or other domestic household pet. (m)Day: Shall mean each work day and shall include. Saturday, Sunday and all legal holidays. (n) ...
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42 Info/Help for Pet Owners - Cumberland County
North Carolina Law - "The owner of every dog and cat over four months of age shall have the animal vaccinated against rabies." In Cumberland County, the owners ...
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43 Animal Control and Protection Ordinance - Camden County, NC
CAMDEN COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA ANIMAL CONTROL &. PROTECTION ORDINANCE ... Animal Control Department authorized to enforce this Ordinance and all state laws.
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44 Laws - Granville County
Laws. Animal Management is responsible for upholding and enforcing Granville County Animal Management Ordinances, State of North Carolina regulations, and ...
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45 Animal Control Ordinance - City of Trinity, NC
Impoundment by Animal Control Officer. Disposition of impounded dogs. Rabies control. Cats running at large. Penalties and fines. § 90.01 DEFINITIONS.
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46 Columbus County Animal Control Ordinance
(F) North Carolina General Statute 130A-192, which authorizes Animal Control Officers to determine if there are any dogs and cats not wearing valid rabies ...
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47 Animal Control - Welcome to Chowan County, N.C.
Dogs, cats, and ferrets are required by N.C law to have rabies shots at 4 months of age. To view the full Chowan County Animal Control Ordinance, please click ...
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48 an ordinance providing for animal control and animal welfare
This ordinance is adopted pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 153-A-121, et al ... The veterinarian shall issue the owner of the animal a vaccination ...
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Calabash animal control services may take possession.of~my animal and/or dog beli~ved to have violated Section 91.05. For this purpose, the requirement for ...
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50 Animal Care & Enforcement | Gaston County, NC
Animal Care & Enforcement · Required Responsibilities of Animal Ownership. Responsible animal ownership requires knowledge of animal-related laws and ordinances.
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the laws of the State of North Carolina with regard to animals and especially with regard to vaccination of animals against rabies and the confinement or ...
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52 Custody Over the Family Pet - Divorce Lawyer Charlotte
Unfortunately, unlike child custody, the court treats pets as property. There aren't “pet custody laws” in North Carolina. There isn't a consideration of what ...
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53 Animal Ordinance - Iredell County Government
State law reference: North Carolina Rabies Control Laws, G.S. § 130A-185. 73. 74. 75. Dangerous dog. See section 3-8 for definitions.
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North Carolina, particularly Chapter 153A-121 (General Ordinance-making Power); ... any Pitt County Animal Control Ordinance in effect at that time.
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55 Reclaim Your Pet Cabarrus County
Learn the process for reclaiming your pet. ... Fines for violation of the leash law in section 10-6 of the Animal Control Ordinances ... Concord, NC 28025
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56 Who Should Get the Family Dog? - GHMA Law
The laws of our state have not yet evolved to recognize pets and other animals as anything more than personal property with a value beyond what the animal would ...
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57 Ord. No. 2020-04 Burke County North Carolina ORDINANCE ...
Animal means any live, vertebrate creature specifically including but not limited to dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, birds, fish, livestock, and reptiles.
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58 Animal Control - Pasquotank County North Carolina
North Carolina State Law requires that ALL dogs and cats four months (16 weeks) of age and older have a valid rabies vaccination. Valid proof (consisting of a ...
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59 Animal Control Ordinance | Duplin County NC
of North Carolina for the care, confinement, return to owner, adoption, or humane ... the law or any applicable ordinance, any unlicensed animal from any ...
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60 Leash Law & Tethering Ordinance - Durham County Sheriff
It's unlawful to take a dog on a stroll through your neighborhood without a leash. No matter how friendly or well-behaved the owner believes their pet can be ...
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61 Animal Protective Services | Greenville, NC
Every person owning or keeping a domesticated animal must keep it on his/her premises. Animals are permitted off the owner's property if the animal is on a ...
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62 Graham County Animal Control Ordinance
Repealed by Session Laws 1973, c. 822, s. 6. Article 4. ...
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63 North Carolina: Yancey County Considering their First Animal ...
The proposal would establish the first animal ordinance in Yancey County and is meant to supplement state law. It provides an exemption for dogs ...
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64 Leash Laws in Raleigh Dog Bite Cases
If a person does not follow those ordinances, it is prima facie evidence that a person is negligent or at fault, it can be negligence per se. If the ordinance ...
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65 Dog Leash Laws - State-by-State Requirements
North Carolina Leash Law ... In North Carolina, dogs are not permitted to run at large at nighttime, unless they are accompanied by a member of the owner's family ...
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66 Reporting Animal Issues | Nash County, NC - Official Website
The Animal Ordinance requires all dogs and cats be vaccinated against rabies in compliance with State Law and regulates animal behavior. Animals are considered ...
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information and outreach concerning responsible pet ownership, animal ... State law means the General Statutes of North Carolina. Stray means any animal ...
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68 Animal Control | Town of River Bend, NC
Pet owners must either keep their pets contained on their own property, or properly leashed and under the owner's control. Animal feces deposited on public or ...
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69 Animal Enforcement | Rowan County
Animal Enforcement staff is active in rabies control, ... Our authority to conduct our work is granted by North Carolina law and local ordinance.
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70 Page 1 - Durham County
G.S. § 153A-123 which authorizes counties to levy fines and penalties for violation of its ordinances and ... City means the City of Durham, North Carolina.
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71 Animal Control | Town of Garner, NC
All dogs and cats are required to be on a leash when off the owner's property. Anyone who permits their dog or cat to run at large will be subject to civil ...
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72 Wake County Animal Control Ordinance
animal indigenous to the state of North Carolina including hybrid animals that are part wild. This would include but not be limited to any ...
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73 Regulation under Gaston County Animal Control Ordinance ...
town that certain Animal Control Ordinance adopted by the County Board of ... property, or (ii) is classified as a wild animal by the North Carolina.
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74 South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated
To obtain release of his dog or cat, an owner or keeper must satisfy the animal shelter personnel that the dog or cat is currently inoculated against rabies and ...
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75 Animal Control - Rockingham County North Carolina
North Carolina State Law requires all dogs and cats that are 4 months of age to have a current rabies vaccination. Animal Control deals with Domestic Pets ...
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76 FAQs • Clayton, NC • CivicEngage
Our animal control officer can contact your neighbor, make him or her aware of our barking dog ordinance and make suggestions on methods the dog owner can use ...
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77 Chapter 91A - Animals - Town of Matthews, North Carolina
(5) Enforcing the laws with regard to the vaccination of dogs and cats against rabies and enforcement of the county rabies ordinance.
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78 CHAPTER 91: ANIMALS | Franklinton, NC
(1) Enforcing and carrying out within the Town; the provisions of this chapter, any other ordinance assigning Animal Control duties, all relevant State laws, ...
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79 Vaccination Requirements and Guidelines - NC Epidemiology
Rabies vaccines administered by animal owners or others not authorized by North Carolina law are not recognized. Possession and Use of Rabies Vaccine in ...
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80 Animal Control - Pamlico County, North Carolina
Dangerous Animal Ordinance (Effective 10-3-2022) · Supporting the efforts of this department and being a responsible pet owner; · Have your pets spayed or ...
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81 North Carolina Dog Bite Laws - Owens & Miller
When a loved one is bitten by a dog in North Carolina, hire a lawyer in Raleigh. · Quarantine. Any dog that has bitten a human must be quarantined for 10 days, ...
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82 Animals Ordinance | Huntersville, NC
Animal. Any live, vertebrate creature specifically including, but not limited to dogs, cats, farm animals, birds, fish and reptiles. Animal Control Officer.
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83 Animal Control Ordinance - Indian Trail, NC
this animal control ordinance is enacted and adopted to provide for the health, ... authorized by the laws of the State of North Carolina and other ...
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84 Frequently Asked Questions - Forsyth County, North Carolina
Does my animal need a pet license? Forsyth County Code 6-10. Registration of dogs and cats required. The owner of any dog or cat must obtain a registration for ...
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85 Beaufort-County-Animal-Control-Ordinance-adopted ...
NORTH CAROLINA. BEAUFORT COUNTY. ANIMAL CONTROL ORDINANCE. Todd Taylor, Chief Animal Control Officer presented the final edits to the Animal Control.
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86 Animal Control Ordinance - Transylvania County
Enforce the laws of North Carolina and the ordinances of Transylvania County pertaining to animal control, animal cruelty or abuse, ...
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87 Animal Control | Halifax County, NC
Senate Bill 1994 became law on October 1, 1990. The Dangerous Dog Law requires the owner of a dangerous dog to take precautions against attacks by such dogs. It ...
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88 Animal Services - Montgomery County
North Carolina rabies law requires that all owned dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies by four months of age. Click here for more info.
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89 Dare County, NC Code of Ordinances - CHAPTER 91: ANIMALS
(C) It shall be unlawful for any dog owner to fail to comply with state laws relating to the control of rabies, and it shall be unlawful for any dog owner to ...
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90 Animal Control Ordinance - Village of Lake Park
This Ordinance shall be applicable within the corporate limits of the. Village of Lake Park, North Carolina. ARTICLE II. RESTRICTIONS AND PROHIBITED ACTS. A.
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91 Animal Cruelty Laws in North Carolina -
In North Carolina, it's a misdemeanor to injure, torment, overwork, or kill an animal, or not give it the food and water it needs to survive.
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92 Surry County NC Animal Welfare Ordinances.pdf
2) Supplement, not supersede, the State Rabies Control Statutes; and. 3) Insure the humane treatment of animals within the county. c. This ordinance shall not ...
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93 Chapter 4 Animal Ordinance - City of Rocky Mount
operate an animal shelter; and to carry out any ... Nash County Ordinance for the Control of Rabies ... ulation of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource ...
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94 Rules for Dogs on the Beach | Carolina Beach, NC
This container must be produced and shown, upon request, to anyone authorized to enforce this ordinance. ... Dogs are required to be on a leash from April 1st to ...
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95 Animal Control | fcso - Franklin County Sheriff's Office
... Control and Animal Sheltering activities within Franklin County, North Carolina, ... Please refer to our Animal Ordinance section for further details.
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96 Roanoke Rapids Animal Control
City of Roanoke Rapids, NC official website. ... This ordinance provides that any animal allowed to run at large may be seized, impounded, humanely put to ...
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97 Animal Control | Holly Springs, NC - Official Website
Town ordinances prohibit dogs and cats from running or roaming at large. The owner or caregiver must restrain or maintain control of pets when off their ...
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