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1 Manage Embarrassing Menopause Symptoms at Work - Stella
Six practical tips for managing hot flushes at work and how to talk about menopause to your colleagues.
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2 Effect of Feelings of Guilt and Shame on Life Quality of ... - NCBI
15 This study conducted to determine the changes that women experience during menopause and the effect of creating guilt and embarrassment in ...
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3 Menopause: Women will continue to be shrouded in ...
Menopause: Women will continue to be shrouded in embarrassment, fear and shame if the conversation remains closed.
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4 Menopause | Embarrassing Problems - Karger Publishers
Post-menopause (12 months after the last menstrual period) is easier to define and women may experience less severe menopausal symptoms at this time. Women are ...
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5 'I miss what I used to be like': women's stories of the menopause
Women tell how the menopause has affected their health, ... As much as it was embarrassing, I want people to know what has happened.”.
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6 Embarrassing Questions About Menopause Symptoms
Many women have questions about the crazy havoc menopause wreaks. ... 9 Questions About Menopause You've Been too Embarrassed to Ask.
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7 New survey reveals embarrassment over menopausal ...
In the survey, 85% of 100 people surveyed experienced some skin changes during the menopause, with 24% feeling embarrassed to discuss it.
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8 Going Mad in Perimenopause? Signs and Solutions
When this rhythm is disrupted during perimenopause, mood changes may result. ... you shouldn't feel embarrassed about reaching out for help.
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9 Creative women confront menopause: 'I'm so ... - AP News
... confront menopause: 'I'm so [freaking] sick of being embarrassed' ... Turns out, Desdamona was experiencing perimenopause, the stage ...
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10 3 Embarrassing Menopause Questions Answered - A.Vogel
Discover the answer to 3 embarrassing menopause questions, covering questions about painful nipples, sweaty groin area, and safe sex.
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11 'I'm embarrassed I didn't know about the menopause' - BBC
Neil Lawson says he is much more aware of the menopause with his second wife Catherine. By Kate Scotter. BBC News, East.
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12 The menopause: dreaded, derided and seldom discussed
Bodily sensations such as mood swings or hot flushes can be overwhelming and embarrassing. The negative images many often associate with ...
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13 Creative women confront menopause: 'I'm so ... - Star Tribune
... are speaking out and even making art on the subject of menopause. ... confront menopause: 'I'm so [freaking] sick of being embarrassed'.
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14 The Messages I Got About Menopause Were Wrong. - Time
As she entered menopause, Darcey Steinke wrestled with the ways our ... “There's embarrassment and anxiety,” she said, “about being joked ...
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15 Meg Mathews: Why are women still ashamed to talk about the ...
An estimated 13 million UK women are currently peri- or post-menopausal. It's time their stories were heard.
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16 Hot Flash Embarrassment? STOP being ... - YouTube
Hot flashes and night sweats are ONE frustration in menopause. Finding size inclusive PJs that are COOLING? Take that frustration off your ...
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17 Menopause at Work - Supporting People Experiencing the ...
The menopause can often cause embarrassing and debilitating symptoms. Discover how to provide effective support to those experiencing it at work.
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18 Menopause and work: why it's so important
Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce. ... perception of menopause and some women being embarrassed to talk about it.
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19 Women's health questions you might be too embarrassed to ask
What happened to just good old menopause? Well, perimenopause refers to the menopausal transition. It starts to happen about four years before ...
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20 The menopause mystique: What women need to know
Worse, women are sometimes embarrassed to talk about what's happening. After all, it can be confusing to know which symptoms are from menopause and which ...
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21 New BSF survey finds nearly a quarter of people feel ...
A new survey for Menopause month found nearly a quarter of those who have gone through the menopause felt embarrassed or ashamed to talk ...
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22 Menopause and your mental wellbeing - NHS inform
You may experience feelings of anxiety, stress or even depression. Menopausal symptoms may include: anger and irritability; anxiety ...
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23 Menopause and Anger Toward Husbands: The Rage is Real
Why you're angry at your husband. We're all aware of the taboos surrounding menopause. It's a topic many women shy away from discussing in great ...
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24 Davina McCall says she was too embarrassed to admit to ...
... ashamed': Davina McCall says she was too embarrassed to admit to taking hormone replacement therapy to help with her menopause symptoms.
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25 Learn more about menopause - Mayo Clinic Health System
In some women, hot flashes can last for 10 years of more. Perimenopause includes the menopause transition phase, and it lasts up to one year ...
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26 10 ways to even out your menopause mood swings
Research has shown that women going through the menopause have a higher ... at a time when menopausal women may feel embarrassed about their symptoms or ...
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27 Menopause is having a moment - Vox
And I'm embarrassed about that,” she told Vox. But, “why should I be embarrassed?” Meanwhile, health educators and advocates are increasingly ...
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28 Is the menopause a workplace issue? | The Future of Work ...
It's about having that conversation. I really struggled with symptoms. five years ago,. and I'm really embarrassed. because I'm a menopause ...
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29 Perimenopause: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments
If your symptoms are embarrassing, uncomfortable, or disrupt your daily life, talk to your doctor about how you can best manage your perimenopause symptoms.
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30 My personal experience of the menopause
and advising women with their menopause ... However, despite this I am ashamed to ... menopausal symptoms; in fact, it was my.
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31 Menopause in the Workplace - Women's Health Concern
It is in the work context that women often report greater difficulty in managing symptoms and can feel embarrassed and unable to disclose their menopausal ...
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32 3 embarrassing things nobody tells you happens during the ...
Speaking of vaginal dryness, estrogen has a moisture-retaining effect on the skin, and this means that after the menopause the skin does become ...
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33 Menopause leaving women "too embarrassed" to ask for ...
Almost half of women who have experienced menopause symptoms felt too embarrassed to ask for workplace support.
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34 What is Perimenopause and How Can I Combat the Symptoms?
This inability to control your emotions may make you feel guilty or ashamed, which just compounds the emotional toll. Many women also feel alone ...
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35 menopause - Trades Union Congress
menopausal women in mind. Heavy and painful periods, hot flushes, mood disturbance, fatigue, and poor concentration posed significant and embarrassing.
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36 Talking to your doctor about the menopause - Theramex
There is no need to feel embarrassed about discussing intimate or personal details with your doctor. In fact, it is important that you do, so you can both find ...
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37 Sexual Symptoms of Menopause | AdvantageCare Physicians
Painful Sex and Reduced Libido · Vaginal dryness · Vaginal atrophy · Hot flashes · Depression and mood swings · Embarrassment about weight gain and other bodily ...
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38 Brits too embarrassed to talk about menopause as 50% say ...
BRITS are too embarrassed to talk about the menopause with 52 per cent seeing it as a taboo topic, research has found.
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39 Menopause Care | Sutter Health
If you experience severe hot flashes or mood swings during perimenopause and ... This very common menopause symptom can leave women annoyed and embarrassed.
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40 Menopause Symptoms and Treatement
Sadly this often leads to women feeling embarrassed to discuss gynaecological health issues with their doctor. As a result many suffer the symptoms of menopause ...
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41 Nearly a third of women feel flustered or embarrassed when ...
This Menopause Awareness Month, OTO has partnered with fashion designer Bella Freud to tackle the stigma around menopause symptoms, turn them ...
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42 It's time to talk about the M word | BDJ Team - Nature
For too long, women have been embarrassed to talk about a natural process ... During the menopause transition, the balance of hormones in a ...
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43 The more we talk about menopause, the better
Talk to your doctor. Don't be embarrassed to ask for help for your menopause symptoms, your hot flashes and your sex drive. If you can't take estrogen, ask your ...
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44 Research shows that menopause symptoms are forcing ... - Aon
“Some women experience severe symptoms and may really struggle at work, but many won't tell their line manager because they're embarrassed. Instead, they'll ...
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45 Why Women Do Not Discuss Perimenopause / Menopause ...
In order to diminish the embarrassment associated with menopausal health, it is vital to understand the most common experiences the female ...
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46 October Is World Menopause Month - Responsum Health
Many women feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed to talk openly about menopause, which can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety.
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47 Managing the Menopause through 'Abjection Work'
In addition, when a menopausal body runs rampant, its abject appearance can cause embarrassment, but not just for the woman – for anyone who ...
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48 Menopause Help for Husbands: 6 Tips on How to ... - Gennev
Get six pieces of solid menopause help for husbands from men who have been ... What happened to her that day might be really embarrassing, like maybe she ...
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49 'Considerable stigma' faced by women going ... - Committees
Special Report: Menopause and the workplace survey results [PDF] ... in the workplace are, and how ashamed those experiencing them feel.
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50 A guide to managing menopause at work - CIPD
This means many employees with menopause symptoms, which can be severe, suffer in silence. But the menopause needn't be an awkward or embarrassing topic, and it ...
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51 One Woman's Reflection on Her Journey with Menopause
Menopause—marked as one full year after a woman's last period and the end ... of menopause so that women don't feel ashamed or embarrassed.
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52 How To Cope With Hot Flushes Brought On By The Menopause
When experiencing a hot flush, here's something to keep in mind. Embarrassing and uncomfortable as they may be, recent research has now found ...
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53 Could It Be Menopause? | Critical Care Nurse
Estrogen deficiency during menopause can have negative effects on both ... related to menopause and feel too embarrassed to discuss symptoms ...
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54 Everything I needed to know about the menopause... No One ...
June Girvin talks about her experiences of menopause and her quest ... of definite denial about it all, some embarrassed to talk detail).
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55 Vaginal Dryness: Is It Perimenopause?
You might feel embarrassed, sweaty, and more than a little annoyed. The good news is that there's help for managing menopausal hot flashes. Read on. The Link ...
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56 Ravi's Story - menopause Don't fight The Change!
Ravi shares her story of menopause - the good, the bad and the transformative! ... their symptoms yet or were too embarrassed to talk about it!!
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57 This Is What Perimenopause Feels Like (& Why We ... - Ravishly
In our society, aging is treated like something to be ashamed of — and based on the profound lack of research into menopause, ...
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58 Relieve These 8 Menopause Symptoms - Solace Women's Care
It's normal to experience a drop in sex drive, but it can be embarrassing and frustrating. Coupled with vaginal dryness or painful intercourse, these changes ...
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59 Menopause Hub | Gympass x Wild
Menopause is nothing to feel ashamed about. ... of perimenopausal and menopausal women aged 45-64 have felt embarrassed by their menopause symptoms at work.
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60 Menopause, mental health and the workplace - PositivePause
Menopause can have a huge impact on women's mental health and wellbeing. ... 43% of women in the UK reported they've felt too embarrassed to ...
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61 Why You Should Speak Up About Menopause - Pfizer
Changing the conversation · Being too shy or embarrassed to talk about menopause symptoms. · Not knowing that certain symptoms may be related to menopause.
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62 Menopause Hot Flashes: 9 Tips for Staying Cool Naturally
Menopause expert Maryon Stewart shares some tips on dealing with hot flashes, a common menopause ... Don't be embarrassed by a hot flash.
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63 Waking 3-4am could be a menopause symptom in women
Every female will go through menopause so why is it still taboo? ... We want to make the topic of menopause less taboo – why should we shy away from talking ...
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64 Managing Menopause | Today's Christian Woman
I perused one on depression and promptly burst into tears. Too embarrassed to buy the book, I hurried out of the store before the clerk could see my puffy-red ...
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65 Let's Talk About Menopause - HealthCentral
Menopause is a phase of life that affects a full half of the population—yet in many circles, it remains “taboo,” with women embarrassed to ...
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66 Don't be embarrassed! #perimenopause #over50 ... - TikTok
187 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from FEARLESS AT 50 (@katebeavis): "Don't be embarrassed! #perimenopause #over50 #menopause #menopauseisnotfun ...
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67 What is Menopause + How To Manage The Symptoms
Women often will try to manage their menopause symptoms on their own for fear of embarrassment in reporting the issues they're experiencing ...
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68 Top Tips for Talking about Menopause at Work
Given my current experience of going through the menopause I ... (and possibly at home) by embarrassment and the fear of being judged.
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69 Will Medication Help My Menopause Symptoms - Banner Health
Menopause: It's a rite of passage for all women. ... You should never feel embarrassed or shy about discussing your symptoms with your ...
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70 loveourhomes - Menopause... No it's not a dirty word, it's a ...
... but why are we still ashamed/ embarrassed or unable to talk about it? Why... ... Why are women not aware of peri menopause, the benefits of HRT.
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71 Talking about menopause | Zurich Insurance
As with other taboos, a lack of openness encourages shame and embarrassment. Encourage open discussion of menopause in your home and among ...
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72 2022 Survey Reveals Women's Perimenopause Knowledge ...
A menopause survey identified the top 5 things women wish they had known prior ... knew how to talk to others about perimenopause without being embarrassed, ...
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73 Half of women afraid to mention menopause at work | theHRD
Almost half (48%) of menopausal or post-menopausal women don't feel ... said they would feel embarrassed to talk about the menopause.
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74 Midlife & Menopause: Making Your Midlife a Great Life
Our certified menopause practitioners and women's health experts are here to ... And if you're bothered by these symptoms, you shouldn't be embarrassed by ...
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75 APPG on Menopause inquiry: Assessing the impacts ... - RCOG
The Government approach to achieving good-quality menopause care and support must be ... If women are too embarrassed to discuss their menopause, ...
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76 Well-Woman Care for Postmenopausal Women | Penn Medicine
The loss of estrogen after menopause increases your risk for certain health ... you become infected (many people do, and it's no reason to be embarrassed).
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77 How Dare She: Menopause
Men sometimes refer to 'women's problems' and make jokes about menopausal women, perhaps because they feel embarrassed. However, these types of comments and ...
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78 Symptoms - Rock My Menopause
› Get Informed
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79 BLOG: World Menopause Day - Nacro
They were inundated with women sharing their stories via social media, who had felt isolated and embarrassed to seek help from their family ...
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80 Suffering Bothersome Menopause Symptoms? We Have ...
Treatments for perimenopause and menopause symptoms. There are a number of different treatments for menopausal symptoms: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
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81 Menopause - World Health Organization (WHO)
This fact sheet explains when and how menopause occurs, ... Those experiencing menopausal symptoms may feel embarrassed or ashamed to draw ...
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82 Could Hot Flashes or Night Sweats Mean Something Serious?
Hot flashes and night sweats are a normal part of menopause but if they ... are embarrassed by the excessive sweat or are having trouble ...
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83 Lessen The Hassle of Menopause
If you're menopausal, don't be embarrassed to tell your doctor or spouse about vaginal discomfort. Your doctor can prescribe over-the-counter lubricants or ...
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84 3 Empowering quotes on Menopause
This can leave those who are going through menopause confused or embarrassed by what they are experiencing. It's often a challenging time in ...
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85 How Does Menopause Affect Your Sexual Health?
As if hot flashes and night sweats aren't enough to manage, menopause ... you may not realize you avoid intimacy because you're embarrassed by weight gain.
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86 Younger patients may be reluctant to bring up early signs of ...
Some women begin experiencing perimenopause as early as their late ... not to feel embarrassed to speak to their physician about menopause, ...
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87 Menopause Support - What Is Being Done To Help Women ...
Many of the respondents interviewed said they felt embarrassed or that there simply wasn't enough support from their employer, so it was easier ...
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88 Menopause Wreaked Havoc on My Marriage and Sex Life
By the time I turned 50, menopause was in full swing and took a toll ... being able to lose weight and feeling ashamed of the way I looked.
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89 Coping with The Change – managing menopause in the ...
Menopause isn't often spoken about, even with familiy or friends, ... I couldn't be confident to travel to work without embarrassing myself.
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90 Menopause: women share what they wish someone had told ...
Don't let shame or embarrassment around these symptoms prevent you from seeking out healthcare for your needs - your doctor will have 'seen it ...
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91 Factors Contributing to Menopausal Weight Gain
Or worse, they feel too embarrassed, ashamed, or frustrated to return, and menopausal signs and weight gain end up being accepted as their ...
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92 Menopause and the workplace
Many employees report that they do not talk about their menopause at work because they feel embarrassed, are concerned they will not be ...
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93 Communication Concerning Sensitive Issues - U.S. Pharmacist
During early menopause, women may experience anxiety, depression, ... They might be shy or embarrassed about talking about their health ...
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94 More of us should be mentioning the menopause
Most women typically experience the menopause – when the menstrual cycle naturally ... “For a generation who may feel ashamed or embarrassed about such a ...
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95 Early menopause at 46 was a surprise. Now I realize it was ...
Early menopause means no more periods and cramps. ... happen with our bodies to combat shame, embarrassment and just plain disinformation.
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