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1 Do I need shielded speakers for my PC? - PC Gamer
There's only one issue: almost all home-theater speakers are unshielded. But is this really a problem?
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2 How to Shield Speakers: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
› ... › Audio › Audio Speakers
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3 Shielded vs unshielded -
There is no performance difference. Shielding means adding an additional magnet structure to the rear of the woofer to control the magnetic flux ...
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4 Do speaker cables need shielding? - Quora
In most cases, speaker cables do not need any shielding. At moderate power levels, they don't radiate much energy. At audio frequencies, it can't radiate ...
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5 Newbie Question: Do I need magnetically shielded speakers?
If your speakers are literally right next to the TV, then yes, they should be shielded, but if they are even a foot or more away, or are ...
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6 Do I need shielded speakers with LED/LCD Flat Screen?
I have an old set of Polk RM3000 separate/satellites that are not shielded. I know with tube TV's shielding was necessary.
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7 Magnetic shielding, what is it worth and why? - AVS Forum
Magnetic shielding is mostly needed if your TV is CRT based (tube), because the magnetic waves from the speaker's driver can affect the ...
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8 Shielded speakers - what exactly does that mean for moving?
You can test the magnetic shielding of any speaker with a simple compass. If you pass a compass past an unshielded speaker you will see the ...
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9 Do It Yourself (DIY) Magnetically Shielding Speaker Drivers
Why do speakers need to be shielded? ... A problem with most speakers is that they contain permanent magnets and generate electromagnetic fields. During playback, ...
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10 Shielding unshielded speakers? | Ars OpenForum
Shielded speakers are usually designed as shielded with the magnet and coils. It's not normally something that can be added later. The best way ...
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11 Are Shielded Speakers Still Needed Around Multi Media and ...
Permanent magnets don't bother magnetic media. It would be a huge issue if they did, as HDs contain very powerful neodymium magnets. Magnetic ...
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12 CRT's + Magnetically Shielded Speakers - RetroRGB |
I also show speakers that are safe to use ranging from cheap, ... people have claimed to be shielded – affiliate links where available:.
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13 shielded vs unshielded pros and cons? - Audiogon Forums
If the environment is free of EMI and RFI noise and the cables are short, unshielded cable should suffice. In theory shielding colors sound, so ...
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14 Is It Safe to Put Speakers Near a TV? - Home Theater Heroes
However, it has been found that even when using magnetic shielding, stray magnetic fields may still be present and cannot be harnessed fully. So, that does not ...
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15 What Is A "Shielded" Speaker Anyway, And ... - Biro Technology
If you would like to incorporate high quality audio into a video system and you want to place the speakers closer than a couple of feet to the screen, then you ...
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16 Magnetically Shielded Speakers - VOGONS
Does anyone know of a good specific make and model for desktop speakers that have GOOD magnetic shielding? I need to buy several sets of ...
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17 Should speaker wire be shielded? - Home Theater Shack
Unshielded speaker wire will radiate the signal slightly and the sound can get out and affect signals in other unshielded wires. Shielded cable ...
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18 How do you magnetically shield a speaker? - Google Groups
right in all directions unless the woofer is designed for it. Yes, it's possible to use mu-metal or very thick ferrous alloys to shield the thing, but half-inch ...
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19 Bob from RetroRGB on Twitter: "In this video, I made the point ...
This video should explain all that, with some decent ... If I have unshielded speakers but place them in a spot where they no longer affect ...
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20 Are these powered speakers magnetically shielded - Best Buy
You need a new monitor! Modern TVs and computers don't use cathode ray tubes anymore, but LCD screens that are not sensitive to magnetic fields.
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21 speakers and shielding from television |
hi's my scenario. i do not currently have the best room for listening and speaker placement is a problem. without going into why, for the immediate ...
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22 Speaker vs. Instrument Cables - A Simple Guide - Carvin Audio
Speaker cables do not need shielding since the signal from your amp is so large and the impedance of your speaker is so low, that any additional RF noise ...
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23 Test of cable shielding, does it matter
In that case shielding mains cables and speaker cables may be one of the very last things to do. Not the first nor a necessary thing. Shielding ...
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24 Magnetically Shielded Speakers - Shmups Forum
All speakers have a fixed magnet that will cause interference whether or not it's in use. That's what the shielding is designed to block. Top.
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25 Magnetically Shield Old Speaker Drivers
You will need some kind of metal covering to wrap around the magnetic portion of your speaker drivers. This will capture the magnetic field and keep it from ...
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26 Amp circuit from PC speakers; why the connection to cable ...
If you do want or need a shielded cable, then the shield will have to be connected to do its work properly. Edit: almost forgot: the speaker ...
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27 Magnetically Shielded Speakers - fasrresort
Pretty much all home cinema speakers are shielded, and even most hi fi ones are these days, but it should be mentioned in the documentation, or even sent and ...
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28 Shielded 6”x9” speakers? Where to buy?
Even walking the speakers towards a monitor you can see it changing. ... Shielded speakers simply have a metal "cone" over the magnets. Do ...
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29 How do you tell if a speaker is magnetically shielded?
As HDTV technology (LED, LCD, Plasma and DLP) is the new standard, magnetic shielding is no longer required. Magnetic shielding was added to ...
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30 Will Un-Shielded Speakers Damage an LCD or Plasma HDTV?
Question: Dear Expert,. I currently have a pair of B&W DM-302 speakers that produce a "static magnetic field" (according to the Owner's ...
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31 Magnetically Shielded Cockpit Speakers
Hi does anyone have any experience magnetically shielded speakers in the cockpit about 2 feet away from the autohelm compass?
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32 FAQ A16. What kind of speaker wire should I use?
Stranded conductors also have reduced loss at higher ... The need for the use of a shielded speaker cable should be confirmed with the.
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33 Can I put a magnetically shielded speaker in my tower and run ...
Yes you can. Computers often come with unshielded speakers in them already. As mentioned in the comments to your question, would it sound good? I Guess ...
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34 can i use shielded cables for cabinet? -
Capacitively-coupled noise can be picked up on one conductor more than the other and requires electrostatic shielding (braid or foil) for best rejection, so the ...
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35 Why Instrument Cables and Speaker Cables Aren't ...
If you use a speaker cable as an instrument cable, the large conductors handle the weak signal just great. But there's a catch—speaker cables aren't shielded.
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36 How close to TV set Magnetic shielding
If our speakers are defined as being magnetically shielded, ... speaker is not a problem, as it is highly unlikely that you would want to put a TV there.
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37 VISATON Magnetically Shielded Speakers - Mouser Electronics
VISATON Magnetically Shielded Speakers offer crisp high-range reproduction and excellent omnidirectional sound distribution. The speakers feature high ...
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38 How To Shield Speaker Wire (A Guide) - Audio Curious
Shielded speaker cables are used to keep your audio equipment or audio devices safe from electrical interference. The shielding on these cables protects the ...
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39 A Quick Explanation of Shielding for Audio Cables and How to ...
Shielding protects your signal from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Indeed, electric cables naturally produce electromagnetic fields which can interfere ...
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40 Speaker Cables.....Shielded or Unshielded? -
You don't want shielded speaker cable. The higher capacitance per foot can be a big problem as the cables get longer. There are some very ...
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41 Shielded vs. Unshielded Fire Alarm Cable - Wesbell Electronics
Braided shielding can offer up to 90% filtering of EMI. This shield does not protect 100% because microscopic gaps between the braids can allow EMI to pass ...
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42 Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Shielding FAQ's - LessEMF
I Have Speakers Near My TV (or Computer Monitor) That Are Causing Distortion (Jitter) to the Image. How Can I Shield These Speakers?
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43 to shield or not to shield - Business Phone System Forums
Oh, and never use shielded cable for regular speaker cables as it causes all kinds of problems. You really don't even need to use twisted pair ...
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44 Magnetic Shielding | How Does It Work?
MuMetal® is the most widely used alloy for magnetic shielding purposes. ... within a set of speakers to large magnetically shielded rooms, called MuRooms.
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45 Shielding VS Non Shielding - The Klipsch Audio Community
I believe it's more convenient to have shielded speakers just because you can place them near TVs and Monitors... but just that.
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46 Design Acoustics PS-V P10136 Shielded Speakers - eBay
Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Design Acoustics PS-V P10136 Shielded Speakers - Need Refoam Kit - 6.5" at the best online ...
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47 All posts from Kalnoc in Do I need shielded speakers for desktop ...
Pardon my ignorance, but is it safe to use unshielded speakers (like the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR or Dayton B352) in a desktop computer setup?
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48 No Magnetic Shielding in speakers | AnandTech Forums
It's your call, but I would not recommend non-shielded speakers right next to the computer. It could still affect other sensitive components in ...
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49 Do speakers need to be magnetically shielded? - FAQ Blog
Do computer speakers need to be magnetically shielded? ... Magnetic shielding is more important for CRT's. If you have an unshielded speaker next ...
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50 Will Speakers Damage LED TV Components?
Moreover, speakers have potent magnets. For this reason, you should never place them right next to your television. On the other hand, things ...
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51 What Cables and Connectors Are Used with PA Systems?
A dedicated speaker cable is required when connecting a power amplifier to a passive speaker. These are highly durable cables that transmit high-capacity ...
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52 Balanced and Shielded Speaker Wire - Balanced and Shielded Speaker Wire. ... 6 Pack) XLR Male to Female Mic Cable 3-Pin Balanced Shielded XLR Cable for Mic Mixer, Recording Studio, ...
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53 5" Shielded Speaker, 8 Ohm, 12W - 50-9005-00 - Suzo-Happ
Speaker has a metal shield surrounding the magnet to prevent any interference with the monitor. 8 Ohm. 12 Watt max. Specifications . Height 2.13" (54mm) .
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54 Speaker Wire shielded or not - ProSoundWeb Forums
There will be no benefit to shielding the speaker wire. I am not aware of shielded twisted pair that comes in larger gauges. You definitely want ...
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55 Magnetically Shielded Speakers - Visaton
Magnetically shielded 10 cm (4") fullrange speaker with high efficiency, balanced frequency response. Water-repellent cone and rubber gasket. Especially ...
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56 Shielded or Unshielded analog audio cables - TechPowerUp
Headphones don't have enough power for crosstalk to be a problem. If the cable isn't running next to high power, unshielded cables, it doesn't ...
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57 Can You Use Regular Speaker Wire For A Subwoofer? Here's ...
The effectiveness will be largely dependent on the capabilities of your receiver and speakers. This high-level connection is not advised if you want to get the ...
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58 Shielded speaker wire - Car Stereo Forum
I used it because it was all I had available at the time. 1) Will the shielding have a noticeable impact on sound? I have read a variety of ...
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59 Can non-video shielded speakers harm cassettes? HELP ...
Most of the models I am looking at are not magnetically shielded. ... I have my cassette deck one foot away from the speaker out of ...
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60 Magnetic shielding - Speakers Shop
In case you want to place a loudspeaker close to a CRT, magnetically shielded drivers are mandatory. Reducing the impact of the magnetic field at a later ...
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61 Different Jack Types, Which Cable for Monitors? - Musicians HQ
You may think that you would always want to use shielded cables in all situations but that is not the case. A shielded cable means less noise but that comes ...
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62 Which models in the Genelec range are magnetically shielded?
What should I do? How do I clean my speakers? What is Genelec IsoPod™? Can W371A be used with 8351A? What materials have been used in Genelec ...
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63 Fullrange magnetic shielded speaker Visaton SC 5.9 ND, 4 ...
We suggest you to contact us if you need further information, if you observe a mistake or if you wish to have confirmation about information. Measures/Schemes ...
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64 Subwoofer near computer case, what's the real risk?
Shielding in speakers originates from the CRT era, when speakers were ... 500 watt powered speaker setup and you will never have a problem.
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65 Twin Shielded Speakers For Tv - General Hi-Fi Discussion ...
speakers. Preferably, these will be driven by my stereo amp rather than have self powered ones fed from the audio signal from the TV.
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66 Myths and Snake OIL - Empirical Audio
Speaker Cable Shielding ... Shielding of speaker cables is a waste of money and will probably compromise their performance. Speaker cables are driven by extremely ...
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67 Can You Use Regular Speaker Wire For A Subwoofer?
Shielded Speaker Wire ... It's not very common for speaker wire to pick up radio frequencies, but it can happen, especially if you're close to a broadcasting ...
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68 Interconnect Cables vs. The Big Three - Hosa Technology
Speakers operate at the highest signal level, and since the signal is already amplified, speaker cables do not need much shielding. However, speaker cables ...
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69 should headphone cables be shielded? - Head-Fi
Headphones are relatively low-impedance devices(unlike amplifiers!) and shielding isn't very critical. The same goes for speakers. On the other ...
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70 How can you shield a magnet?
This is sometimes used to help shield a speaker from your TV set. Placing the speaker in a box lined with sheet steel prevents the speaker magnet from messing ...
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71 Audioengine B2 Review (Page 2 of 4) - APH Networks
The speakers are also magnetically shielded; while non-magnetically shielded ... speaker I have used, and it does not come with an internal battery either.
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72 18 AWG 2C Stranded Flat UL AWM 1007 Non-shielded ...
Specification: Speaker Wire is suitable for use as a signal wire connecting the amplifiers and speakers of an audio system. CONSTRUCTION : Speaker Wire is ...
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73 Shielded Speaker Wire at
Installing speaker wire takes time, and incorrect installation can be hazardous to you or your home audio system. Do-it-yourselfers may want to leave complex ...
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74 System Design Guide
speakers do not require tapping and allow for on-the-fly adjustment of speaker paging ... Bogen's TEL inputs do not have to be shielded, but it is al-.
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75 Un-Shielded Ethernet + Speaker Wire = No-No? - Neowin
You shouldn't have much of a problem, however unshielded ethernet cables can produce small amounts of RF interference that normally aren't ...
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76 Are speakers dangerous for a TV or other electronics?
old cathode ray tube TVs and CRT monitors would distort near magnetic fields. the speaker shielding is to prevent this allowing the speaker to ...
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77 Speakers and cassettes |
Magnetically shielded speakers should be safe on cassette tapes at a distance of 15-20cm or more. If you have an iPhone, you can use one of ...
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78 Must speakers be shielded? - Arcade Controls Forum
cancellation magnets could cause problems on higher end systems or to audiophiles, but you should be fine in your application. I have 2 auto ...
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79 Shielded speaker cable termination question - diyAudio
I can't seem to find much info on these cables, but with respect to shields on speaker cables- they're not really needed. Either connect it on ...
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80 What makes a good Ethernet cable for audio applications?
Gigabit Ethernet's 1 Gb/s transmission rate requires certain network ... In fact, if shielded cable is used but not implemented properly, it can actually ...
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81 Does Splicing Speaker Wire Reduce the Overall Quality?
Luckily for you, performing a proper splice is easy to achieve. You can splice using a few tools and hardware you may already have lying around ...
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82 Liberty 18-gauge 2-conductor Shielded Speaker Wire
FREE 2-day Shipping: When you're installing a commercial distributed audio system, you need reliable speaker wire that can be cut to fit long or short runs.
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83 What is Magnetic Shielding? (with pictures) - About Mechanics
Smaller applications of magnetic shielding are common in home theater systems. Speaker magnets can distort a cathode ray tube (CRT) television ...
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84 8" Premium shielded in-wall speaker | AtlasIED
8" Premium shielded in-wall speaker · 20mm Cloth dome tweeter · 50mm Cloth mid-range driver · 8" Glass fiber woofer · 8" three-way · Frequency response of 40Hx to ...
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85 Speaker cables or regular 1/4 to monitors? - Helix - Line 6
It's really the shielding that matters. You always want to use shielded cables when connecting to a powered speaker because it minimizes any ...
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86 250ft (76.2m) Bulk 18 AWG Shielded Speaker Wire - C2G
CMP rating meets building code requirements to run within walls and air plenums without the need for conduit. Wire shows footage markers for easy length ...
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87 Does proximity to a magnet pose a danger to a MacBook Pro?
While the metal body of MacBook Pro could provide some shielding from magnetic fields if left there some time, and the speaker energized too, that may have ...
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88 Speaker cable guide - The Chord Company
This can be a good thing. It means that the length of cable needed for the speakers or front left and right and centre speakers on a home cinema system can be ...
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89 Speakers right next to that bad? - Overclockers
Yes, it can be bad. Even shielded speakers can damage a monitor- some of them just have a bit of iron stuck to the speakers for 'shielding' and ...
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90 Are Expensive Speaker Cables Actually Worth It? Here's What ...
Speaker cables are not shielded. The current from an amplifier to a speaker is strong enough that outside interference isn't an issue.
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91 What is the Difference Between Speaker and Guitar Cables?
Speaker cables must carry a very strong signal because they're carrying the sound after it's been amplified. Speaker cables need to have ...
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92 How to connect Lithe Audio Bluetooth speakers together via ...
We recommend Shielded cable over a standard cable as this shall give you the best chance to perform without distortion otherwise the cable shall act as an ...
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