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1 About - Smashwords
Smashwords is a free ebook publishing and distribution platform. We make it fast, free and easy for authors and publishers to distribute ebooks to the world's ...
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2 About Smashwords — Support FAQ
How does Smashwords work with multi-author publishers? Hundreds of publishing companies publish and distribute their authors' books through Smashwords.
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3 How to Publish and Distribute Ebooks with Smashwords
From your Smashwords Dashboard, you control all aspects of your publishing. Track daily sales performance across our largest retailers. If you want to run a ...
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4 Learn About eBook Delivery - Smashwords
The new Smashwords eDelivery feature makes it easier to load your ebooks and ebook samples onto some of your favorite e-reading devices by linking your ...
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5 About Smashwords — Terms of Service
About Smashwords - Smashwords operates a self-serve ebook publishing and distribution platform. We also operate the store. We ...
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6 Smashwords to Supply Ebooks to the Amazon Kindle Store
The royalty Smashwords pays authors and publishers for their Amazon ebook sales is eight times the royalty rate most commercially published ...
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7 5 Reasons To Self-Publish On Smashwords For Your Ebooks
Smashwords is now the largest distributor of ebooks to libraries. It also helps you to sell more books on ebook retailers other than Amazon.
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8 How to Publish Your Book Through Smashwords
Authors typically earn 60% of the list price from the major ebook retailers and 85% net at Upload Your Book Once and Reach Multiple Retailers.
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9 Smashwords - Wikipedia
Smashwords, Inc., based in Los Gatos, California, is a platform for self-publishing e-books. The company, founded by Mark Coker, began public operation in ...
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10 Review of Smashwords Publishing - Writing Tips Oasis -
Overall, if your title is sold through the Smashwords store, you will get 85% of each sale and approximately 60% of each sale made through other retailers such ...
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11 Publishing Your Ebook Is Changing on Smashwords
“For sales through the Smashwords Store, the percentage is based on the total amount of the shopping cart. The author earns 85% net where net = ...
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12 Smashwords vs. Amazon: How to Decide - InspireFirst
Smashwords cost to publish is completely free, and when your book sells, you get to keep 85% of the profits for ebooks sold on the Smashwords ...
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13 Is Bookbaby or Smashwords Best for Self-Publishers?
› ALLi Blog › Home
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14 Is publishing on Smashwords worth it? And, can you ... - Quora
Smashwords has both internal sales at 60–70% royalty and external sales to Kobo, Nook and iBooks for 30%. They are a bit difficult to deal with. ONLY JPEG ...
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15 CL281: Self-Publishing Ebooks With Smashwords
Smashwords makes it fast, free and easy for authors and publishers to distribute ebooks to the world's largest ebook retailers and library ebook platforms. The ...
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16 Smashwords – Reviewed
Smashwords provide authors with 85% of net sales from books sold through the Smashwords e-bookstore and 60% on list price (retail price) for all ...
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17 “The Differences between Amazon and Smashwords” – Roger ...
Authors' commissions from Smashwords differ between platforms, but are mostly in the region of 60%. Selling on Smashwords' own website pays its ...
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18 Publishing on Smashwords | ePublish 001 -
Books on Smashwords do not contain DRM. However, these works are still the property of the copyright holder, and most are only licensed for the personal use of ...
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19 What is - Writer's Fun Zone
Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers. We offer multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ...
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20 Publishing on Smashwords: A Step-by-Step Guide
Take note that this pricing is before any withholding tax. Before Smashwords releases your earnings to you, they'll still handover the 30% US ...
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21 Draft2Digital vs PublishDrive Review [2022] > Kindlepreneur
Thankfully, this is where book distribution services like Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, and Smashwords (now part of Draft2Digital) step in. These ...
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22 Tips for Publishing on Smashwords - BB eBooks
Publishing a .doc does not allow embedded fonts, graphics are ... Currently, Smashwords works with library aggregators such as Axis 360 and ...
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23 Is Smashwords Good For Authors? - Selfpublished Whiz
As said earlier, Smashwords is an avenue that helps authors and small independent publishers to publish and distribute their works to major ebook retailers and ...
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24 Publishing With Smashwords - Karen Woodward
Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for people, scribblers like myself, who publish their work in ebook form.
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25 The Smashwords Submissions Process AKA What Fresh Hell ...
The ebooks work on KDP. All my code is great. Except when I do it for Smashwords. I did the Nuclear option. It didn't work.
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26 Scribd and Smashwords Working to Build New Publishing ...
According to a blog post by Mark Coker, Smashwords founder and CEO, “Smashwords will supply books to Scribd's new ebook subscription service, ...
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27 Smashwords Prioritizes International Self-Publishing Markets
“Smashwords authors who do a great job of wowing readers with their books stand a shot at gaining similar merchandising attention in the future.
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28 Draft2Digital is Acquiring Smashwords! - Q&A // EP064 | Blog
We can do more for indie authors working together than working as ... Work with Smashwords, work with Draft2Digital, or work with someone ...
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29 What's Smashwords Good For? - Indies Unlimited
whatever you want to do with them. These are really handy and give you the flexibility and ease of offering a free book without having to spend ...
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30 Getting Paid by Smashwords - Publishing E-Books ... - O'Reilly
Payment Method: You can choose to be paid only by check or PayPal. Unlike Amazon, Smashwords doesn't offer an electronic funds transfer to your bank account.
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31 Interview with Mark Coker, Founder and CEO of Smashwords
Smashwords earns a 15% commission on the net, and pays 85% of the net back to authors for book sold on its site. In addition, Smashwords has ...
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32 Smashwords Pays Out Royalties and It's NOT the End of the ...
› blog › e-book-news › smash...
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33 Self-publishing SmashWords Books: Non-Amazon ... - Udemy
Understand what Smashwords is and how it works. Determine whether Smashwords publishing is for you. Learn to format your manuscript for Smashwords ...
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34 2017 Smashwords Survey - Best Price for Your Ebook ...
How does this work? Authors who are just starting out should price their books at $2.99 in order to gain readers. But once they are established, ...
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35 Expert Interview: Mark Coker of Smashwords
Yet the vast majority of Smashwords authors choose to fully distribute via Smashwords. I think the reason more authors work with Smashwords is ...
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36 Smashwords: A Must for Your Author's Toolbox
While the benefits appear to outweigh the negatives regarding the use of Smashwords, it really does depend on your goal for releasing your work.
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37 Working At Smashwords: Employee Reviews and Culture
Smashwords is a distributor of ebooks serving independent authors and publishers. Smashwords allows authors and publishers to digitally ...
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38 How to Sell More Ebooks at Smashwords - Lindsay Buroker
While Smashwords lacks the name recognition of an Amazon or Barnes & Noble, it's not a bad place to send people who click on an ad since they do ...
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39 How to Pair Smashwords and Scribd for Ideal E-Book Strategy
Scribd is an easy place for authors to make finished works and works-in-progress available online to the public, to converse with other authors, ...
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40 Pros and cons of using Smashwords for ebooks - My Blog
Verdict: Use Smashwords to get your ebook on iBook, Nook and Kobo. If you format your Kindle ebook to Smashwords' specs, all you'll need to do ...
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41 Battle of the Distributors: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital
But Smashwords still has a lot of work to do. Reporting needs to be hugely improved – Draft2Digital wins hands down on that front right now.
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42 How to Format Your Ebook (Smashwords Guides 1)
The Smashwords Style Guide is required reading for any author who wants to distribute their book via Smashwords to major ebook retailers such as the Apple ...
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43 Smashwords Formatting Tutorial - Paul Salvette in Bangkok
You've made a bit of money; however, you're looking for more markets to sell your work. That's where Smashwords comes in, which is a great alternative ...
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44 Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker - Goodreads
› book › show
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45 5 Things Indie Authors Should Know About Smashwords
“we did it with a free platform that enabled any writer, anywhere in the world, to easily publish an ebook using nothing more than a word ...
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46 SPS-323: Why Did Draft2Digital Acquire Smashwords?
Self Publishing Formula
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47 Why should you choose Smashwords to publish an indie book ...
So, how much will you be compensated? Authors and Publishers earn 85% or more of the net proceeds from the sale of their works through ...
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48 Smashwords: It's Become a Problem - Becton Literary
And what does that mean for other authors? Has this happened to you? Are your unpublished books being sent to retailers without your consent?
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49 Smashwords: How to Publish Your Books in Multiple eBook ...
Smashwords is one of the best book publishing tools and platforms available online for writing to access worldwide. With it, you can be able to make your book ...
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50 Draft2Digital Acquires Smashwords. The Opportunities Ahead ...
On Feb 8, 2022, Draft2Digital announced they were acquiring Smashwords. Mark Coker and his team would be joining Draft2Digital and the combined ...
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51 Smashwords Royalties - Self-Publishing Solutions
Smashwords royalties vary based on the sales outlet, and the method of the sale. For sales that originate at or at Stanza, Smashwords pays ...
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52 Smashwords launches as publishers toy with selling books ...
Returning to Smashwords, what it does is convert simple documents into a variety of online and electronic book formats for authors, ...
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53 The Smashwords Style Guide | Gone Writing
Step 25: How to upload your book. Step 26: How AutoVetter works. Step 27: After you publish – check your work. Step 27a: Check for EPUBCHECK ...
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54 Your Guide to Self-Publishing Distribution Services
As we mentioned in our distribution overview table, remember that Smashwords takes 15% of your royalties as their payment. For example, Matt ...
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55 Smashwords - Wikiwand
› Smashwords
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56 Smashing Words Together: Lessons from My Decade with ...
First, Smashwords will accept two kinds of files. One is a completely and properly formatted EPUB file, and if you don't know how to create ...
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57 How to format your novel for Smashwords - Veronica Sicoe
Your MS Word document will be converted into several electronic formats by Smashwords' Meat Grinder, which basically means computer code will be ...
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58 Should I self-publish my book with Smashwords, IngramSpark ...
That's a lot of work… And that is why aggregators can help. Now, with each platform you list your book with they will take a cut of the ...
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59 Earn Monthly Revenue by publishing your E-book for free on ...
Smashwords pays its authors 85% of the net sales proceeds for their work. The company pays its authors through PayPal. For more details, you can ...
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60 How to Publish Ebooks on Smashwords - Dale Cameron Lowry
Smashwords does not charge to list your books. How does it stay in business? It charges a commission when your book sells. If someone buys your ...
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61 Category: Using Smashwords - THE CHEEKY FELLOW
Lastly, most of my sales come from Amazon, so I would rather do whatever is needed to make sure I don't interfere with how Amazon treats my works.
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62 Audiobook production just became even easier for ...
How it Works ... Once an author submits their eBook to Smashwords for publishing, they are given the opportunity to start audiobook production and ...
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63 Smashwords Formatting Services - eBook formatting
epub files. Smashwords Direct is perfect for authors and publishers that do not rely on Microsoft Word in their publishing process. It is also great for ...
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64 Smashwords Shares 5 Ways to Succeed with Self-Publishing ...
Each year, Smashwords parses its sales data to give the rest of the world a little glimpse into what works for its best-selling authors.
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65 Smashwords store
To send alerts an author doesn't need to do anything; they just happen, thanks to Smashwords' system. To follow and author, readers need to log into their ...
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66 eBooks Distributed by Smashwords Now Showing up in ...
... titles distributed by Smashwords earlier this year, those works have ... that indies would be better off avoiding Smashwords entirely.
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67 You Don't Need To Upload A Word File To Smashwords
One of the unique features about Smashwords is that they offer their books in many different formats on the site. In addition to the regular Kindle and epub ...
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68 How to Download Ebooks from Smashwords, and How to Use ...
› 2011/06/14 › how-to-do...
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69 Draft2Digital Acquires Smashwords - ProWritingAid
But what does this mean for the authors, publishers, and retailers ... will still be able to distribute their work on Smashwords' platform.
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70 New Smashwords Research Helps Authors and Publishers ...
If the data shows (and it does) that shorter book titles might give ... Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.
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71 8 Reviews of - Sitejabber
as well. It's a more vulnerable site for the ones who wish to spread their work for free to reach the readers at a greater verge, an easy self-publishing ...
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72 Where I Published My First 5 Ebooks | by Sara Zarr - Medium
An overview of my experience KDP, Draft2Digital, and Smashwords ... of different tools to get a sense of how they did (or didn't) work.
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73 Smashwords Founder: "We Created a Monster."
Among his tips for authors: Give some of your work away for free. Smashwords' biggest-selling authors typically have given at least one book ...
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74 Everything You Need to Know About Aggregators
As authors pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, the least ... The reason behind that is, not only did Smashwords provide a ...
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75 I Did It! I Published on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle!
Yes, indeed, I did! I took one of my short books–a condensed version of what will one day be a full-length book, revised it, ...
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76 Smashwords Formatting Guide - ROSS HARRISON
To make your work look nicer, you'll want that nice curved speech marks and proper dashes and ellipses and so on. Word should automatically do ...
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77 Warning about Smashwords use of ISBNs and "edition ...
What your contract does give Smashwords is a non-exclusive right to publish your book. This is just semantics if all goes well, ...
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78 The 7 Most Popular Platforms To Self-Publish Your Ebook ...
Smashwords was set up by author Mark Coker in 2008 and allows you to distribute your titles to the many smaller ebook retailers like B&N, Baker ...
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79 How to deliver your free book via Smashwords coupons
How to set up a free Coupon of your book for contest winners · Scroll down to your book on your dashboard, click "Coupon". · In the Smashwords ...
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80 I am Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. AMA - Reddit
A bit about me: In 2008, I founded Smashwords , an ebook publishing and ... Until earlier this year, I assumed that shorter works would do better, because I ...
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81 Smashwords | Company Overview & News - Forbes
› companies › smashwords
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82 Best eBook publishing platforms 2022 - Save the Student
In early 2022, Draft2Digital announced they were merging with their big competitor Smashwords (more on their platform below). Until the merger ...
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83 Smashwords - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding
Smashwords is an eBook self-publishing and distribution platform serving independent authors and publishers.
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84 5 Awesome Sites where you can Publish your eBook for Free
Smashwords is one of the pioneers of eBook publishing. It boasts off a large selection of published books containing works of more than 40,000 authors.
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85 Read Customer Service Reviews of
How many stars would you give Smashwords? ... At the moment I will work with other aggregators who understand how to review and publish a book.
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86 Smashwords: Will It Ever Get Better Filtering?
Granted it might mean that Smashwords would have to come up with some ... 5-star-rated ebooks and works it way down to 1-star rated ebooks.
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87 Publishing on Smashwords - C.C Hogan
There are all kinds of things you can do. The Series Manager is something I seriously suggest you consider if your books make up a series. Simply create a ...
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88 Format A Nice-Looking Novel For Smashwords - QA Productions
An ebook converted from Word will not work properly on many ereaders. But. One major distributor does require Word files–Smashwords.
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89 Self-Publishing for Books & eBooks | B&N Press
Barnes & Noble Press. How It Works · Reach Millions · Make Money · Print Personal Books · Author Tools & Tips · Author Self-Publishing Services · What's New ...
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90 SMASHWORDS?? - KDP Community
One of the reasons I do not use Smashwords is that discrepency and also the fact ... It doesn't work the same as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
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91 Smashwords versus Leanpub: a tale of two self-pub services ...
Besides, you don't want to put all your eggs in a single basket, no matter how well one or the other fits the way you work. The whole point with ...
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92 Self-Publishing with Smashwords - Skokie Public Library
How do I use Smashwords? • How do I track my ebook sales? • How do I market my ebook? ... but does not work well with images for fancy formatting ...
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93 Smashwords Formatting Cheat-sheet - Meredith Bond
Do a control-A to highlight your entire text and then choose the “Normal” style. ... From Mark Coker: “We've also found that images work best if you keep ...
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94 Smashwords: A Marketing Tools Gold Mine | Mary Feliz
Most authors price their work at $2.99 even though those with a $4.99 price tag sell better. Books selling for $1.99 tend to underperform.
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95 Ebook Distribution: The Complete Guide for New Authors
Trusted ebook aggregators · Draft2Digital · Smashwords · PublishDrive · Streetlib · XinXii.
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96 The Smashwords Meatgrinder: Not As Scary As It Sounds
Nowadays, Smashwords allows authors to upload an .ePub file directly, which is what SGR-Pub does when we have a tricky manuscript with difficult ...
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