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1 Weird apps that'll amuse almost anyone | Onsight
Weird apps that'll amuse almost anyone · Cat Paint · Wakie · Carr Matey · Spirit Story Box · Fake-An-Excuse · Crack My Screen · Speech Jammer · RunPee.
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2 The weirdest apps you can install on your phone - PhoneArena
The craziest apps for your phone: Wakie; Places I've pooped; RunPee; S.M.T.H; Fake Conversations; Pimple Popper; Blower; ChatterBaby; Paper ...
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3 The 5 Weirdest Apps Ever for Android and iOS - Dinarys
5 weirdest apps ever for Android and iOS · 5 - Cuddlr · 4 - Watching Cute Girl · 3 - The Most Useless App Ever · 2 - Carr Matey · 1 - Spirit Story ...
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4 8 Weird Apps for Android and iOS for Next Party - TechWiser
8 Weird Apps for Android and iOS for Next Party · 1. Crystal Ball · 2. Tickle Kuri · 3. Ultimate Useless Finger Finder · 4. CatPaint · 5. Screaming ...
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5 18 Really Weird Apps and Games That Will Make You Cringe
18 Really Weird Apps and Games That Will Make You Cringe · 1. Nothing · 2. S.M.T.H. · 3. iShaver Pro · 4. Milk The Cow · 5. Binky · 6. Plumber Crack.
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6 The best fun, niche, weird apps for Android you may never use
10 fun, niche, weird apps for Android you might never use (volume 1) · SunSurveyor fun niche weird apps for Android · Easter Egg Collection in Android screenshot.
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7 10 Weird Apps You Won't Believe You Can Download - Apiko
Here are 10 Weird Apps to Download If You're Bored: · 1) Nothing · 2) S.M.T.H. · 3) Funny Dumb Questions & Beyond · 4) $1000000 · 5) I am Bread · 6) ...
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8 Top 10 weirdest apps on planet Earth - Awario
Top 10 weirdest apps on planet Earth · 1. IslendingaApp SES · 2. I Am Rich (Premium) · 3. Binky · 4. RunPee · 5. Electric Shaver · 6. S.M.T.H · 7. Zips ...
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9 10 Weirdest Apps you can Install in Android and iOS Devices
List of 10 Weirdest Apps to Download Now! · 1. S.M.T.H. · 2. $1000000 · 3. Cuddlr · 4. Mobee · 5. Viggle · 6. Spirit Story Box · 7. Carr Matey · 8. Run ...
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10 10 Really Weird Apps That You Should Try | Slashdigit
10 Really Weird Apps That You Should Try · 1. Virtual Hand Sanitizer. An application for handling hands. · 2. S.M.T.H.. The app is for those who are not afraid to ...
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11 10 bizarre smartphone apps you can try - The Economic Times
10 bizarre smartphone apps you can try · 1 · 10 bizarre smartphone apps you can try ; Demotivational Pics. 2 · Demotivational Pics ; Spoonr. 3 ...
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12 5 Utterly Weird Android Apps You Probably Never Heard Of
5 Utterly Weird Android Apps You Probably Never Heard Of · 1. Anti-Mosquito Repellent · 2. Poop Map · 3. Nothing · 4. Free Hypnosis · 5. S.M.T.H.
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13 20 Weirdest And Pointless Phone Apps - LOLWOT
20 Weirdest And Pointless Phone Apps · Annoy-A-Teen · The Brostache · Fake-An-Excuse: Hang Up Now! · Pimple Popper · Places I've Pooped · Run and Pee · Sleep Sheep.
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14 11 Amazing Android Apps That'll Change How You Use Your ...
11 Amazing Android Apps That'll Change How You Use Your Phone · 1. Lynket Browser · 2. Popup Widget 3 · 3. Notepin · 4. MacroDroid · 5. IFTTT · 6. Quick Cursor · 7.
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15 15 Weird iPhone Apps You Didn't Even Know Existed
› ... › Computers & Internet
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16 7 Most Unusual Smartphone Apps - Mag For Women
7 Most Unusual Smartphone Apps · 1. Ilickit. Have you heard about this bizarre app? · 2. Hello cow. This app takes you to another level of stupidity. · 3. Whiten ...
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17 The 12 best weird camera apps for Android and iOS! | AppTuts
1. LOL Movie. LOL Movie simply had to take a spot in our list of the best weird camera apps. · 2. Brace Face · 3. iFunFace · 4. Corpse Cam · 5. Zombify · 6. Ghost ...
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18 Weird Guys - Apps on Google Play
What is this world? Welcome to this weird world. You can't leave here untill you find all weird guys. ------- About this world -------
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19 12 weirdest smartphone apps - Yahoo News
12 weirdest smartphone apps. Daniel Bettridge. August 16, 2011. Apple are always telling us that there's an app for everything, and do you know what, ...
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20 10 unusual smartphone apps - ZDNET
10 unusual smartphone apps ; 01-meal-snap.jpg. 1 of 10 · Meal Snap ; 02-iblackout.jpg. 2 of 10 · iBlackout ; 03-drunkblocker.jpg. 3 of 10 ...
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21 Weird mobile Games/Apps that make you go "why?" - YugaTech
Weird mobile Games/Apps that make you go “why?” · S.M.T.H · Nothing · Dr. Pimple Pop · Binky · Milk the Cow ...
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22 What is the weirdest app you have come across on the market?
On a hunt for the most bizarre and down right creepy app on the market as of this ... word that can be used for much more than Android's digital app store.
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23 Smartphone Acting Weird? 6 Signs You May Be Hacked
Apps with malware can take up way more MB storage than seems Check your iPhone or Android to see how many MB each app is using. Is a simple ...
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24 What are some weird Android apps? - Quora
Audio pocket app on playstore.. actually i was searching for an app which can play the ...
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25 Top 5 Weird and Unusual Apps - Skywell Software
Top 5 Weird and Unusual Apps · 1. Fake Conversation · 2. aSmart HUD · 3. Weird Type · 4. Wikitude · 5. Nothing.
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26 The 14 Best Apps You've Never Heard Of | Cool Material
The 14 Best Apps You've Never Heard Of · Brainfood · Skiplagged · Zombies, Run! · CARROT Weather · Good Sudoku · Zocdoc · Done · Coinbase.
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27 The Weirdest Useful Apps In The Apple And Android Store
Weird But Useful Apps You Need To Download, Stat ... and literally dozens of other apps designed to help all of us smartphone users keep our ...
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28 Your guide to the strange smartphones of 2022
Some smartphone makers are turning traditional device design on its ... After years of sameness, phones are getting delightfully weird again ...
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29 The 10 Strangest Android Phones Of All Time - SlashGear
While it appears that there could be plenty of practical applications of this feature, it had its pitfalls as well. Chris Burns/SlashGear. The ...
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30 5 weird phones I wish were as popular as the Nothing Phone
But the Nothing Phone 1 is far from the first weird smartphone we've ... and brought all of your apps, games, and files to a bigger screen.
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31 The Notes app: Where our weirdest, purest selves reside
In this video I will tell world's weirdest apps of all time aur sabse ajeeb-o-gareeb apps. These apps cannot be thought about by anybody and these apps are very ...
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32 The Weirdest Apps That You Never Knew Existed - Apps400
Another weird and wonderful app that you never knew you needed is Paper Racing. This simple but satisfying game combines competitiveness with ...
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33 Unusual Apps: 11 strange applications to simplify your life
Glimmer, is a free app, available on Android and on tablets. ; FidMe, is a free application for smartphones and tablets. ; iNap@Work, free application available ...
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34 Let's Download These 5 Weirdest Android Apps on Google ...
The first weird Android apps to open the list is an app called Nothing. As the name suggests, this app has no real use. When you launch the app, you will see a ...
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35 What Are 5 Weirdest Android Apps Existed On Google Play ...
What Are 5 Weirdest Android Apps Existed On Google Play Store? · Google Nose · Shower Screen Android App · Flappy Bird · Baby Care Touch · Shake ...
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36 Top 10 Weird Games For Android And iOS (2021) - Free & Paid
This one is more of a weird app than a game. It comes in several versions on the Play Store, but I like the standard one (Batman version) and ...
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37 8 weird but cool Android apps | Computerworld
› Mobile Apps › Mobile
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38 These are the best wallpaper apps for Android for your ...
Updated Oct 28, 2022. Phone on a table showing off recommended Android wallpaper apps ... Unusual Wallpapers. WallCandy. Wallpapers by Google.
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39 5 Weirdest Mobile Apps One Could Ever Make - LinkedIn
5 Weirdest Mobile Apps One Could Ever Make · 1. I Love Potatoes · 2. Watching Cute Girl · 3. Places I've Pooped · 4. The Most Useless App Ever · 5.
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40 30 of the weirdest and wackiest mobile phones ever - Pocket-lint
YotaPhone was an unusual device that launched back in 2013 and promised the best of both worlds with the combination of a standard smartphone screen on one side ...
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41 10 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do with Your Smartphone
Smartphones are incredibly handy gadgets, but we bet you didn't know you could ... The device even comes with an app (for iPhone and Android ...
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42 The Top 15 Weird Websites and Web Apps (No Flash Player)
This project, now a website, can be also found as Android Live Wallpaper. You should definitely check it out if you're looking for inspiration or creative ideas ...
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43 Virtual 'Mobile Phone Museum' Launches With Really Weird ...
I've seen some wild phones in my day. Lipstick phones. Makeup phones. Phones that looked like Shrek. Now all of history's weirdest phones ...
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44 10 Weirdest and Most Useless Apps - Laptop Mag
10 Weirdest and Most Useless Apps · Tap That (Free, Android) · Electric Shaver (Free, Android) · iNap@Work (Free, iOS) · Pointless Game (Free, ...
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45 The 7 weirdest mobile applications! - GadgetGang
The 7 weirdest mobile applications! · Nothing · CUDDLR · SMTH · Pimple Popper · Demotivational Pics · Run Pee · YO.
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46 Users Discover One of the Weirdest Android Glitches Ever
The Google apps are normally capable of returning a user's SMS text messages, but this only happens when the user verbally instructs the app to ...
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47 6 Weirdest Apps You Need to Know - Medium
However, there are some app developers who think in extremely different way! Their mobile apps are not just unique, but also troll and weird!
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48 10 of the Craziest Mobile Apps Ever! - Suyati Technologies
10 of the Craziest Mobile Apps Ever! · Carrr Matey: Remember that time when you parked your car at a crowded multi level parking lot and took ...
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49 6 strange mobile applications - The Indian Express
Melon meter app tells you which watermelon is red and juicy. Check out these six weird mobile applications. · 1. Game for cats – Free, iTunes.
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50 7 Weirdest Apps To Be Made Ever - Marketing Mind
Another weird gaming app, I Am Bread is available only on the app store. I Am Bread puts the player in control of a slice of bread. The aim of ...
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51 The Top 10 Coolest Apps Ever - Kansas City
› the-top-10-coolest-app...
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52 Weirdest Android Apps You Never Knew You Needed
There are over 600.000 apps on Aptoide - yes, you got that right: more than half a million apps. A great deal of these apps are made for a ...
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53 The Weirdest Apps Ever Built - The Modern East
The Weirdest Apps Ever Built ... For some reason, I have always found absurd jokes hilarious. I recently came across a super absurd app called “ ...
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54 25 Most Useless Apps Ever Made - Ampercent
One of the most useless apps ever, Taxi Hold Em displays a taxi sign on the smartphone screen and whistles so that you don't have to. The idea is too simple to ...
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55 my one plus 6 is acting weird.. - OnePlus Community
my one plus is acting weird for past few weeks.. its closing apps.. and gets ... heated.. ive updated Android 9 i noticed all these issue after updating.
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56 49+ Mobile App Ideas That Haven't Been Made (2022 Update)
Here are 53 innovative Android and iOS app ideas that you can take ... Taking breaks might sound unusual but the stories of people coming up ...
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57 The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing
The ten weirdest Android apps for selfie-editing · Facebook · Twitter · WhatsApp · Telegram.
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58 8 Creepy Things Your Smartphone Knows About You
With passcodes, passwords, and location tracking, smartphones collect ... Have you ever logged into an app or website on your smartphone, ...
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59 Round Ups - Our Favorite Apps, Accessories and More
The best running apps for your smartphone will help you make the most of your ... from classics like Mario and Zelda to the more unusual and interesting.
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60 24 Weird Phones You Never Knew Existed in 2022
3. The Dras phone ... This is probably the fascinating smartphone in the world; you can pile it up like a bunch of domino tiles. Amazing isn't it?
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61 20 Weird Apps to Download Today - Mamiverse
With 25-hour schedules and multitasking to the max, apps have become indispensable wingmen in our crazy lives. And since our lives are usually ...
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62 Android phone battery percentage jumps
Android widgets allow you to place an app icon on your home screen and use ... battery life - thanks to Qualcomm One of the weirdest phenomenons for the ...
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63 9 Signs Someone Is Spying on Your Phone - CyberGhost VPN
Spyware App Name, Available for Android, Available for iOS ... It's also helpful to recognize any weird phone behavior. It might indicate it's infected with ...
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64 Weird Apps On The Internet - Man's World India
It displays a virtual cigarette on your smartphone's screen and lets you pretend that you're smoking one. You can even blow on your smartphone to make the ...
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65 The Notes app: Where our weirdest, purest selves reside
Amazon seems to want its smartphone app to span more than just traditional online shopping. As its customers have spilled into the mobile ...
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66 10 bizarre smartphone apps you can try - Gadgets Now
Have an iPhone and feeling bored with not able to figure out what to do with it? Try this weird gaming app to pass your time. Only available on ...
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67 Facebook's utterly unnecessary Meta rebrand has hit the Play ...
One of the highlights, or rather, weirdest moments of 2021 was when ... Android apps will now be found under its brand-new, weird name.
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68 Life Is Strange on the App Store
› app › life-is-strange
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69 Top 5 weird & Interesting launchers to transform your Android ...
This is a very weird and gimmicky launcher on Android. But if you're out trying new stuff, why not try this one as well. Lens launcher puts all your apps on ...
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70 24 hidden Android settings you should know about
Once you set the Android font size, most apps will apply it. ... Yeah, this doesn't look weird at all. Sandra Gutierrez. [Related: Android ...
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71 People Share 27 Of The Craziest Old Phone Designs They've ...
Like it or not, smartphones are here to stay for a long while. And while the tech and functionality ... Weird-Funny-Old-School-Phone-Designs.
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72 Apps got weird names and icons -> virus?
I haven't experienced the same issue myself but it definitely sounds like something caused by third party app(s). What I would suggest is to boot your ...
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73 Are these the weirdest app ideas of 2014? | CNN Business
Apart from the weird name that makes you think twice about how to pronounce it, this one sounds promising: “Use your smartphone camera without ...
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74 Thanks to fans, the weirdest official Doom game is now ...
inc's devs have not announced plans to port their project to either bespoke smartphone apps or a web-based platform, and the current build ...
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75 10+ Unusual Ways To Use Your Smartphone's Camera
You can use some third party apps to use your camera's flash light as a torch. Now-a-days, most of the smartphones comes with equipped feature ...
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76 Android 12 review: it's mostly about the looks - The Verge
Google has released the Android 12 update for Pixel 3 and up phones, ... and weirdest of all, widgets are officially a thing again.
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77 These are the 10 weirdest smartphones ever made
This Motorola Flipout from 2010 should have been the last square phone made. Flip phones once represented the epitome of cool in the smartphone ...
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78 6 Weirdest Ways People Broke Their Phones! -
What do you do if you looked down and saw a huge spider next to you? In this case, the quick-thinking smartphone user decided to smash the spider with his phone ...
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79 The 5 Most Bizarre Phones of All Time - How-To Geek
Let's take a look at some of the weirdest. ... similar vibes to what would eventually become Windows Phone, but this wasn't a smartphone.
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80 The Weirdest Mobile Games Ever (2022) - Howchoo
Check out this shortlist of the weirdest mobile games, ... silliest, sometimes mind-boggling mobile games available in the App Store today.
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81 The Weirdest Phones of 2019 - Business Insider
I think these weird smartphones are really cool. ... for example, or you swipe left or right for your music or switching between apps.
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82 The craziest things Samsung's ever made - CNET
These make your Android smartphone look like a party favor. ... The belt monitors the user's steps and waistline with an app. s-skin2.
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83 Weird dating apps - Algorithm Class
If you will see these are turning to connect with a lot of online dating app, and weird? Also are the most popular apps are so weird dating hinge dating apps ...
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84 15 of the most useless apps available - The Daily Universe
Here are just a few examples of the world's weirdest and most useless apps. Harmonica. Harmonica turns your smartphone into a virtual harmonica.
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85 Weirdest photo filter apps for iPhone in 2022 - iMore
Try these weird and unique apps that unleash your creativity! ... has been using Apple's smartphone since the original iPhone back in 2007.
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86 Why did my Android get these weird spammy notifications?
Ever get tired of annoying notifications clogging up your smartphone? These days, it seems like many apps are more intrusive than ever — and ...
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87 8 Unique Launchers for Android - TurboFuture
› cell-phones › 10-unique-laun...
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88 Ten weird Chinese mobile phones - The Register
You could make the easy choice and get an Apple iPhone 5, one of Samsung's recent releases or take a punt on whether enough apps will emerge ...
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89 QWERTY Killer: How Typewise's Novel Hexagon Keyboard ...
(Indeed – the Abkey keyboard mentioned in PC World's Weirdest Keyboards ... All the incumbent smartphone keyboard apps: Gboard, SwiftKey and ...
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90 Contact-tracing apps are not a solution to the COVID-19 crisis
We have serious doubts that voluntary, anonymous contact tracing through smartphone apps—as Apple, Google, and faculty at a number of ...
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91 LG Wing review: weird, fun, and surprisingly usable - NextPit
The LG Wing is like nothing we've seen in the smartphone industry so ... Compatible apps are available on the main screen in the swiveled ...
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92 11 of the weirdest dating apps out there (step your game up ...
Hell, we're even able to find true love via smartphone, thanks to the ever-growing list of dating apps available (even celebrities use them ...
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