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1 Why are only some people geniuses? - Quora
Because by definition, anyone genius is exceptional and rare. If everybody was as intelligent as a genius, then no one would be considered genius. Being genius ...
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2 What are the characteristics of a genius? - Oxbridge
A genius is defined as a person who has remarkable intellectual or creative function, or other natural ability. There are certain historical and public figures ...
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3 The truth about intelligence: What makes someone smarter ...
One reason people may find discussing intelligence uncomfortable is the belief that it is something you are born with and so you can do ...
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4 The mystery of why some people become sudden geniuses
According to scientists, they can be driven by anything from fatigue to boredom. The prodigies themselves have other, even less convincing ideas ...
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5 What Makes a Genius? - National Geographic
Some minds are so exceptional they change the world. We don't know exactly why these people soar above the rest of us, but science offers us clues.
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6 Why Are Some People So Smart? The Answer Could ... - WIRED
The genomes don't all need to be geniuses, because the IQ-affecting genetic markers they're looking for—DNA typos that drag down intelligence— ...
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7 Genius: Can Anybody Be One? | Live Science
Be it high IQ, curiosity or creativity, the factor that makes someone a genius may remain a mystery. Though Mensa can continue to test for ...
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8 How Geniuses Work - People | HowStuffWorks
Some researchers theorize that this is because the physical structure of the brain can be an inherited trait. In addition, the process of ...
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9 Is intelligence determined by genetics? - MedlinePlus
It is likely that a large number of genes are involved, each of which makes only a small contribution to a person's intelligence.
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10 Genius - Wikipedia
Genius is a characteristic of original and exceptional insight in the performance of some art or endeavor that surpasses expectations, sets new standards ...
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11 5 Signs You Might Actually Be A Genius - Hotel EMC2
Geniuses feel most creative at night, and are often too wired to turn their brains off and power down. They can also run on very little sleep and still find ...
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12 The Science of Genius - Scientific American
The broad interests in art and music of many geniuses are clear manifestations of this trait. Many other predictors of achievement also have ...
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13 24 Characteristics That Geniuses Have in Common
PERSUASION. Geniuses know how to motivate people to help them get ahead. You'll find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you're doing ...
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14 Geniuses: born or made? - The Washington Post
A) The IQ definition: According to the American Heritage Dictionary, a genius is someone with an IQ of 140 or higher. This definition is rather ...
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15 Formula for Human Genius and Creativity - Super Memory
The skill of learning the rules the right way is a critical component of genius. Genetic component may play a minor role here. Many individuals find it ...
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16 Are Geniuses Born Or Made? - Xcode Life
According to studies, genetics can drive anywhere between 30-75% of the variations in people's IQ levels. However, certain environmental factors and ...
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17 ELI5:What makes some people "naturally" smarter than others?
There are some basic building blocks to intelligence to appear to be genetically linked. Things like memory, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition are ...
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18 Why Are Some People More Intelligent, Smarter? - Anil13 -
Mozart, arguably the greatest composer of all time, gave public performances on piano at the age of six. Child prodigy. Genius. Destined for ...
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19 Geniuses 'made with hard work, not born' - The Guardian
"What makes geniuses special is their long-term commitment. They struggle very hard and they keep on persisting. They enjoy their work. "They ...
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20 genius | psychology - Britannica
genius, in psychology, a person of extraordinary intellectual power. Definitions of genius in terms of intelligence quotient (IQ) are based ...
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21 Scientists Confirm that Intelligent People Are Messier
What makes a genius, a genius? ... That picture usually shows a focused person, a person whose creativity is beyond the average, ...
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22 15 Traits of a Genius Person - New Kids Center
They are very selective in who they are intimate with · Geniuses are not social · They sleep less than most people · Geniuses can be scatterbrained and ...
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23 Three Weird Traits Scientifically Connected With Geniuses
Stereotypical geniuses are studious, quiet people who spend their time with books and research. However, some of the smartest people ever ...
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24 Does A Genius Have A Large Brain? - NY Neurology Associates
It seems like the reasoning that the more intelligent a person is, the bigger their brain is would make sense. After all, geniuses must have some sort of ...
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25 11 Surprising Signs of Intelligence - Healthline
Some researchTrusted Source has shown that using language can help people understand associations between concepts. If not a sign of ...
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26 12 Signs You Have Genius Level Intelligence - YouTube
Jan 18, 2020
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27 What percentage of people are considered geniuses?
What percentage of people are considered geniuses? ... The term genius isn't a strictly defined label, but it is generally associated with a high IQ score of ...
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Psychologists once thought, simplistically, that genius was nothing more than high general intelligence, the capacity measured by the intelligence quotient or ...
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29 Science: Lazy people are likely to be smarter, more successful ...
Many obsessively critical thinkers (a.k.a. people with a high “need for cognition”) are concerned with reducing wasteful actions, and instead ...
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30 The Genius in All of Us: New Insights into Genetics, Talent ...
There are to many unknowns can't be explained. The big question is are you born with it. Or you develop it. If your parents are geniuses that you are highly ...
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31 Are creative geniuses born or made? - Ladders
The Origin of Genius ... Early Greek thinkers like Aristotle, believed that the abundance of black bile in the body—a symptom of Melancholia, a ...
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Creative geniuses are often intelligent, though they do not necessarily need to have the IQ of a certifiable genius. Many creative thinkers, as ...
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33 Are High IQ People More Successful? - Verywell Mind
Some tests may be more reliable than others, but it is also possible that IQ scores can change over time. Many factors can affect IQ test scores ...
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34 5 Strategies For Creating A Genius Mindset In Students
Genius requires one to reject convention in pursuit of something special through a mix of intelligence, creativity, mindset, and perseverance.
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35 Walter Isaacson on Geniuses - Steve Jobs to Leonardo Da Vinci
Being a genius is different than merely being supersmart. Smart people are a dime a dozen, and many of them don't amount to much.
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36 Autistic Genius: Is Autism Associated with Higher Intelligence?
Why are Boys More Likely to Have Autism? Why Do Autistic People Have Issues with Social Skills? Why Do Some People with ASD Have Such Difficulty Communicating?
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37 Understanding Very, Very Smart People - Davidson Institute
Understanding Very, Very Smart People · Being smart is really hard. · You're not allowed to talk about it. · “Tact is the ability to tell someone ...
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38 Is Genius Inherited? | Psychology Today
The designation "genius" is an honorific based partly on that mystery. A belief that someone of very high accomplishment, ...
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39 Why did God give some people a higher IQ than He gave ...
Brainiacs. Geniuses. People with high IQ's can leave the rest of us wondering why we weren't picked for brilliance. Some people are ...
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40 12 Quirky Habits of People Who Are Smarter Than Everyone ...
You'd think someone who was intelligent would be organized and have ... In movies, the creative genius always works late into the wee hours ...
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41 PT2-IWA 1 of 8 Are Geniuses Born or Made?
A genius is a person that stands out from a crowd, far unique than your average person. ... Brain cells make these connections exponentially between.
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42 What Makes a Genius? - Top Documentary Films
I believe geniuses are fueled by low self esteem and are trying to prove to others but mainly themselves their worth. Happy content people dont have that fire ...
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43 If You Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Might Naturally Be A ...
If You Do Any Of These 7 Things, You Might Naturally Be A Genius · 1. You are curious about everything. · 2. You talk to yourself. · 3. You read ...
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44 Child prodigies: the mystery behind their genius minds
› child-prodigies-the-myst...
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45 14 Signs of High Intelligence. Do you show these?
People tend to believe that a significant portion of intelligence comes from hard work and a good attitude toward many things like learning, ...
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46 Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius as Written by Our Genetic ...
And why do you think we wanna pin all of our hopes on DNA? ... And Kammerer seemed to be, some people argue, yes, some people argue, no, ...
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47 Thinking positively: The genetics of high intelligence - NCBI
Instead, we are interested in the genetic and environmental causes of high intelligence — why highly intelligent individuals as a group differ from the rest ...
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48 Einstein is a "peerless genius," Hawking an "ordinary genius"
You've heard of Stephen Hawking. How about Renata Kallosh? Didn't think so. Why are some brilliant people called "geniuses," but not others?
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49 11 common traits of highly intelligent people - Business Insider
Because they're so curious, smart people are also inclined to be voracious readers, writes Cheikh Mbacke Diop. Indeed, many of the world's most ...
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50 The quest to breed gifted children | Wellcome Collection
Exceptionally talented individuals hold the power to change the world, so imagine what a whole race of geniuses could achieve.
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51 What makes a mathematical genius? - The Conversation
In 2007, researchers scanned the brains of 25 adult students while they were solving multiplication problems. The study found that individuals ...
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52 How To Become A Genius - Fast Company
That's simply the way you were wired. Thinking of talent as innate makes our world more manageable, more comfortable. It relieves a person of ...
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53 Not Too Late To Tap Into 'Genius In All Of Us' - NPR
CONAN: And indeed, some of the people you talk to who many of us would describe as ... in every realm, but these causes are always indirect.
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54 The 24 Characteristics All Geniuses Have in Common
PERSUASION. Geniuses know how to motivate people to help them get ahead. You'll find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you're ...
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55 The Key to Being a True Genius is Persistence
Some people don't believe this, but it's true that certain individuals come into the world with an innate talent. However, said talent isn't ...
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56 Blossoming brains—Why some people suddenly become ...
Blossoming brains—Why some people suddenly become geniuses or musical ... sudden savant syndrome would be better termed sudden genius.
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57 What's inside the brain of a genius? | BBC Science Focus ...
A genius's brain is heavily biased towards long or short connections. Short connections indicate an aptitude in one interest, while long ...
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58 The Difference Between Being Really Smart ... And Being A ...
“Genius has a certain set of characteristics,” Jung explains. “Creativity is a big one, but there's also persistence and obstinance. To break ...
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59 How a Genius Is Different from a Really Smart Person - Nautilus
The most intelligent two percent of people in the world. These are the people who qualify for membership in Mensa, an exclusive ...
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60 ▷ Did you know that intelligence is inherited from mothers?
As some people mentioned, being born with low or high IQ doesn't doom you to that fate. As such, a far more actionable discussion of IQ is in looking at the ...
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61 The Science Behind Super Brains - Touro University Worldwide
There are some actual physiological differences between genius brains and normal brains. Typically the brain has an equal split between long ...
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62 What can we learn from the secret habits of genius? - Aeon
A genius is a person of extraordinary mental powers whose original works or insights change society in some significant way for good or for ill ...
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63 3 Things It Takes to Be a Genius (and How to Hack Them)
Intelligence researchers have two definitions of a genius: either someone with an IQ of above 140, or someone who makes radical, enduring contributions to ...
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64 How Geniuses Think - The Creativity Post
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65 Science Says People Who Talk To Themselves Are Geniuses
It helps me to keep my concentration on the activity on hand, makes me focus more on my studies, and gives me some pretty brilliant ideas while chattering ...
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66 The Worlds 50 Most Talented People -
The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses (alphabetically arranged) · 1 Paul Allen - Innovator · 2 Banksy - Artist · 3 Warren Buffett - Businessman · 4 Magnus ...
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67 13 Most Intelligent People In The History Of The World
Can we please account for the hidden and undocumented geniuses who did not make the history books, I can only imagine how many reclusive ...
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68 7 Personality Traits That Most Geniuses Have In Common
The less intelligent you are the more you overestimate your mental abilities. If anything, more intelligent people underestimate things in hope ...
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69 SBS Child Genius: Is intelligence based on nature or nurture?
... versus nature debate even more complex, research has found that IQ is not fixed; instead it goes up and down during a person's lifetime.
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70 10 Habits of Creative Geniuses - Pilgrim Soul
By compiling a list of common habits amongst creative geniuses, individuals will be better able to tailor a personal routine that re-awakens the ...
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71 are infj geniuses - Studio Legale Roberto Calzoni
Jun 10, 2022 · infjs famously make good counselors, but they are also seen as leaders in art, business and technical fields absent-minded people may be ...
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72 Signs Of Intelligence: 22 Fascinating Indicators Of A High IQ
People with higher intelligence find it easier to accept confusion and vagueness. Many problems in life do not have a definitive answer — and ...
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73 Why are some People more Intelligent than Others
Some people believe that genius people are born with unique talents. Others believe that geniuses can be made. A boy who scores poorly in ...
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74 No wonder Einstein was a genius | SiOWfa12
What does it take to be called a genius? · Intelligence is in part due to nurture because you learn what you give yourself the time and/or ...
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75 Highly Intelligent People: 5 Reasons You Are Misunderstood
Highly intelligent people are usually highly rational. They enjoy finding solutions to big problems and are aware of their deep potentials. However, they are ...
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76 Secrets of the Creative Brain - The Atlantic
Although many people continue to equate intelligence with genius, a crucial conclusion from Terman's study is that having a high IQ is not ...
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77 How Could Almost 50% Of Men Think That They Are Geniuses?
Terman defined “potential genius” as having an IQ of 140 and above, which is about 1 in every 250 people, while American psychologist Leta ...
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78 If You Laugh at These Dark Jokes, You're Probably a Genius
A new study shows that people who enjoy dark humor jokes are generally more ... Laughing doesn't make you a bad person—just a smart one.
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79 The Mad Genius Stereotype: Still Alive and Well - Frontiers
Scientists and laypeople agree on high ability as a defining feature of giftedness. Yet their views on gifted people's socioemotional ...
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80 There Are Quiet Geniuses Secretly Amongst Us - Tim Denning
I post a personal story that I think can help people. ... After a good scroll the temptation to make some noise is high because it's ...
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81 How to become a genius - PsychMechanics
A genius is a person who has reached the highest level of skill in their chosen craft. Geniuses are highly creative individuals who make ...
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82 10 Problems Only Smart People Have |
Being intelligent is great, but it does have some real downsides, according to science. · They're perfectionists. Perfectionism is "the smart ...
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83 The controversial search for a genius in the remains ... - Inverse
“That will give us some kind of key insights into the nature of true intelligence and what makes certain people thrive in some situations and ...
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84 Brains of smarter people have bigger and faster neurons
› follow-hbp › news
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85 Intelligence Genes: Are there Genius Genes?
We believe that intelligent individuals provide great technological and cultural advancements. We wish to understand why some of us seem to be ...
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86 10 signs you're actually a genius (even if you don't think so)
› signs-youre-actually-a-genius
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87 Mathematical genius is fragile. We need to stop destroying it.
Mathematical genius is misunderstood. The term “genius” evokes feelings of envy. It paints a picture of a pre-determined minority of people ...
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88 The curse of being a child genius - AFR
Reading Nietzsche to your five-year-old cannot “make” a genius. ... Some people question the very notion of giftedness. The definition of a ...
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89 'Smart genes' prove elusive | Nature
Study of more than 100000 people finds three genetic variants for IQ ... higher on an intelligence test than a person with none of them.
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90 Creative Genius or Psychotic? A Strong Correlation
"If an item was irrelevant before, it will be irrelevant again," is something that goes through the subconscious mind of a person with high levels of LI.
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91 Are people born intelligent or they study to become intelligent?
The gen from a smart parent may help someone born with intelligence, but still, ... Otherwise, we would be feeding our children to make them genius giants.
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92 Human Enhancement - Pew Research Center
Instead of leaving a person's physical well-being to the vagaries of nature, ... which makes bioengineering a genius much harder.
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93 Seven scientifically-backed signs of genuine intelligence
... comes in many different forms - you probably know someone who's ... a human calculator, does that make them cleverer than a polyglot?
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94 Why Do Geniuses Commit Crime? - RealClearScience
“I'd say geniuses commit crimes for the same reasons less gifted individuals do. There are at least two exceptions that come to mind. First, ...
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95 Opinion | The Secrets of Jewish Genius - The New York Times
› jewish-culture-genius-iq
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