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1 Big List of Free and Open Public APIs (No Auth Needed) [2022]
› Reporting
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2 public-apis/public-apis: A collective list of free APIs - GitHub
Contribute to public-apis/public-apis development by creating an account on GitHub. ... CurrencyScoop, Real-time and historical currency rates JSON API ...
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3 Free Public APIs for Developers - RapidAPI
Top Free Public APIs for Developers include Google Translate, Movie Database Alternative, API-FOOTBALL and more. Sign up today for free!
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4 Any API
Scalable API delivering worldwide news, headlines and blog articles in real-time. Aviationstack. Flight tracker & airport timetable data web service.
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5 Free API - Huge List of Public APIs For Testing [No Key]
Humongous list of free APIs for finance, sports travel, data, & more. Open, public REST APIs for testing without a key.
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6 Public REST APIs - Postman
These are public API endpoints for barcodes. Open Food Facts. GET. Barcode Lookup.
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7 JSONPlaceholder - Free Fake REST API
JSONPlaceholder is a free online REST API that you can use whenever you need some fake data. It can be in a README on GitHub, for a demo on CodeSandbox, in code ...
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8 900+ Free Rest and GraphQL JSON APIs in 2022
Public Directory list of 900+ Free Rest and GraphQL JSON APIs for developers like Authentication API, Business API, Calendar API, Cloud Storage & File ...
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9 API List: A public list of free APIs for programmers
We offer over 800 free APIs for developers to develop the next big thing, add yours if you own an API.
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10 GO REST: GraphQL and REST API for Testing and Prototyping
24/7 online fake GraphQL and REST API service for quick testing and prototyping of ... at; View GraphQL json schema ...
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11 9 Free Public APIs That Offer Up Some Cool Open Data
1. 7Timer · 2. Art Institute Of Chicago API · 3. Cat Facts · 4. Colormind API · 5. Currency-API · 6. Pixel Encounters · 7. Postman Echo · 8. PurgoMalum.
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12 JSON:API — A specification for building APIs in JSON
Here's an example response from a blog that implements JSON:API: { "links": { "self": "", ...
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13 What Is Open API (Public API)? Definition from ... - TechTarget
SOAP-based APIs typically use XML as a data exchange format, while RESTful APIs typically use JSON back and forth. Both approaches have supporters and opponents ...
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14 SOAP vs REST vs JSON - a 2023 comparison · Raygun Blog
These days, most public web services provide REST APIs and transfer data in the compact and easy-to-use JSON data interchange format.
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15 JSON Web Services - Liferay Help Center
java interface is created for a remote-enabled service, the @JSONWebService annotation is added on the class level of that interface. All of the public methods ...
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16 RESTful Web Services Tutorial: What is REST API with Example
› restful-web-services
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17 APIs | CDC Open Technology
PHIN VADS provides standard vocabularies to CDC and its public health partners ... The API provides a standard URL interface with a JSON formatted response.
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18 Web API implementation - Best practices for cloud applications
NET Web API framework defaults to JSON for text-based data. ... public class Link { public string Rel { get; set; } public string Href { get; set; } ...
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19 REST API - Marketo Developers
If there is an error in with your call, the API will typically still return a status code of 200 OK, but the JSON response will contain a “success” member with ...
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20 Cloud Storage JSON API overview - Google Cloud
The JSON API is intended for software developers. To use it you should be familiar with web programming and be comfortable creating applications that consume ...
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21 Expose your web-services with a REST API - FenixEdu™
The first thing to do when building a REST API is to identify which resources will ... @DefaultJsonAdapter(Book.class) public class BookAdapter implements ...
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22 Best practices for REST API design - Stack Overflow Blog
To make sure that when our REST API app responds with JSON that clients interpret it ... This is especially important if our API is public.
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23 Public API - ORCID
ORCID offers a public API that allows organizations that are not ORCID members to connect their ... The API is a restful API and supports both XML and JSON.
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24 Create A REST API With JSON Server | by Sebastian - Medium
A common task for front-end developers is to simulate a backend REST service to deliver some data in JSON format to the front-end application and make sure ...
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25 NASA Open APIs
For each API key, these limits are applied across all API ... Earth: Unlock the significant public investment in earth observation data ...
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26 REST API: Key Concepts, Best Practices, and Benefits
Understand the basics of REST architecture and what makes an API truly RESTful. ... It still remains the gold standard for public APIs.
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27 5 Golden Rules for Great Web API Design - Toptal
json ), or you might also read and recognize an Accept: application/json HTTP header, or support a querystring variable such as ?format=JSON , and so on. And ...
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28 APIs Explorer - Google Developers
The Google APIs Explorer is a tool available on most REST API reference ... to list the discovery metadata of all public APIs managed by the API Platform.
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29 APIs for - Library of Congress
... it includes technical documentation of the Library's JSON API, ... of Congress makes three different APIs available to the public:.
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30 Postman API Platform | Sign Up for Free
Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create ...
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31 Reference | REST API Handbook
The REST API uses JSON exclusively as the request and response format, ... The REST API provides public data accessible to any client anonymously, ...
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32 The REST API — Dataiku DSS 11 documentation
At its core, the DSS public API is a REST HTTP API. ... For POST and PUT requests, the request body must be JSON, with the Content-Type header set to ...
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33 RESTful Web Services - Quick Guide - Tutorialspoint
JSON is the most popular one. HTTP methods. Following four HTTP methods are commonly used in REST based architecture. GET − Provides a read only access to a ...
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34 Online API Testing Tool | Test Your API Online
ReqBin is the world's most popular online API testing tool for REST, SOAP and HTTP APIs. Test your APIs right from your browser. No coding. No desktop app.
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35 What is an API Endpoint? | SmartBear Software Resources
You can find REST-based Web services that output the data in Command Separated Value (CSV), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Really Simple Syndication ...
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36 Liferay 6.2: Allow public access to one JSON API method
json.service.public.methods=* jsonws.web.service.public.methods=* I've also tried setting the values to get* with no luck. I need to access this API through ...
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37 Fetching JSON data from REST APIs
Github is an online code repository and has APIs to get live data on almost ... A single public API that shows location, status and current ...
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38 Creating a REST API
@Path("switches") public class SwitchResource extends ControllerResource { @GET @Produces(MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON) public Response getAll() { return ...
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39 Getting Started | Consuming a RESTful Web Service - Spring
If you request that URL through a web browser or curl, you receive a JSON document ... A more useful way to consume a REST web service is programmatically.
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40 Using eBay RESTful APIs
You send the service an API command wrapped in an HTTP request, and it responds ... In addition, the syntax and protocols used by REST (JSON and the URI ...
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41 Best Practices for Designing a Pragmatic RESTful API
Your data model has started to stabilize and you're in a position to create a public API for your web app. You realize it's hard to make ...
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42 migrating from JSON web service to API Statistics - Eurostat ...
There are differences in the JSON format. Methods, parameters and elements changes in API Statistics. The table below lists the methods, ...
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43 Spring Restful Web Services Example with JSON, Jackson ...
We have a class defining all these URI as String constants. package com.journaldev.spring.controller; public class EmpRestURIConstants { public ...
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44 APIs -
json metadata in Project Open Data. CKAN API. The catalog is powered by CKAN, a powerful open source data platform that includes a robust API.
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45 M3O: Universal Micro Services
Using a new API is simple - no need to learn yet another API style, ... curl "" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H ...
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46 REST APIs - Atlassian Developer
The Jira REST API uses JSON as its communication format and the standard HTTP ... JSON representation of issue JRA-9 from Atlassian's public issue tracker, ...
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47 Introduction to REST API - Salesforce Developers
REST API provides you with programmatic access to your data in Salesforce. The flexibility and scalability of REST API make it an excellent choice for ...
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48 API Web Service - National Weather Service
The API is based upon of JSON-LD to promote machine data discovery. ... As a public service of the United States Government, we do not charge any fees for ...
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49 30 Free & Open APIs for Marketers & Content Developers
An open API, also referred to as a public API, is publicly published and freely shared. Once published, an open API can be used by anyone in any ...
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50 10 Free APIs for Your Next Project - Bannerbear
1. Mapbox API · 2. Twitter API · 3. Facebook API · 4. Spotify API · 5. Shutterstock API · 6. LinkedIn API · 7. OpenWeatherMap API · 8. OpenSky API ...
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51 Bitwarden Public API | Bitwarden Help Center
The Public API is a RESTful API with predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, ...
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52 How to Consume JSON from RESTful Web Service and ...
How to Consume JSON from RESTful Web Service and Convert to Java Object - Spring ... RestTemplate; public class App implements CommandLineRunner { private ...
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53 Application Integration. REST Web Service and JSON - UiPath
REST is one of the most common web service being used by most web applications nowadays. · The UiPath WebAPI tool allows you to manipulate REST API using the ...
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54 Python and REST APIs: Interacting With Web Services
REST APIs provide access to web service data through public web URLs. ... The response data is formatted as JSON, a key-value store similar to a Python ...
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55 Building a JSON:API Backend with JSON API .Net Core
using System.Collections.Generic; using JsonApiDotNetCore.Models; public class Restaurant : Identifiable { [Attr("name")] public string Name { get; set; } [Attr ...
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56 REST API Example Requests - Tableau Help
Because this is a POST request, the request must include the Content-Type header. You can send your the body of the request block as XML or JSON. For example, ...
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57 How to secure a REST API using JWT authentication
Once verified, the API will create a JSON Web Token and sign it ... used by the server in combination with a public key known by the client.
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58 ipify - A Simple Public IP Address API
ipify API is a simple public IP address API, easy enough to integrate into any ... curl '' {"ip":""}. IPv4(v6)
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59 JSON Webservice - GeoNames
GeoNames offers most webservices in XML and JSON format. JSON has the advantage that is can be used to directly access the geonames webservice from ...
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60 What Is a REST API? - SitePoint
This is a public API implemented as RESTful web service (it follows REST conventions). Your browser will show a single JSON-formatted quiz ...
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61 API.json format
xml. Providing an index of internal, partner, and public APIs, which includes not just the the OpenAPI, JSON Schema, and other machine readable artifacts, but ...
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62 Types Of API Calls & REST API Protocol - Stoplight
Discussing different types of APIs, alongside protocols and standards, such as Open APIs, Internal APIs, Partner APIs, Compostie APIs, RESTFUL,JSON-RPC, ...
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63 Consuming a RESTful Java web service - Open Liberty
The first approach consists of using the Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B) ... JSON-B requires a POJO to have a public default no-argument constructor for ...
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64 Consuming A RESTful API With Go -
Creating a Pokemon Struct. By knowing the structure of the JSON response that the above API endpoint gives us we can now map this into a series ...
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65 DummyJSON - Fake REST API of JSON data for development
Different types of REST Endpoints filled with JSON data to use in developing the frontend without worrying about writing a backend.
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66 Search REST API Reference - Algolia
A 2xx status code indicates success, whereas a 4xx status code indicates failure. When a request fails, the response body is still JSON, but always contains a ...
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67 Zalando RESTful API and Event Guidelines
Furthermore you should keep in mind that once an API becomes public externally available, ... We prefer REST-based APIs with JSON payloads.
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68 For Developers | USAGov
This API contains directory information about federal agencies, such as contact methods, in English and Spanish. Style: RESTful API Return Format: JSON, JSONP, ...
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69 How To Access A JSON API With Power Query | How To Excel
Ok, by “top secret“, I actually mean a database API made publicly available. ... are currently open to the public and nearest to Toronto, Ontario in Canada.
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70 What is RESTful API? - RESTful API Beginner's Guide - AWS
Find out what is RESTful API, how and why businesses use RESTful APIs, ... Clients can request information in XML or JSON formats, which define how the data ...
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71 Creating a REST API - Happy Coding
Simple Java REST Client ; · import ·; ; · import ·; ; · import ·; ; org.json.JSONObject · public ...
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72 Web Authentication API - MDN Web Docs - Mozilla
The Web Authentication API is an extension of the Credential Management API that enables strong authentication with public key cryptography, ...
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73 REST APIs - Oracle Help Center
For links to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API reference and a list of the ... The specific contents of the JSON are described in the API documentation ...
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74 Getting Started with REST Testing in SoapUI
What is a RESTful API? REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a software architecture style that relies on a stateless communications ...
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75 Using Rails for API-only Applications - Ruby on Rails Guides
For example, Twitter uses its public API in its web application, which is built as a static site that consumes JSON resources. Instead of using Rails to ...
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76 Web API - Spotify for Developers
Based on simple REST principles, the Spotify Web API endpoints return JSON metadata about music artists, albums, and tracks, directly from the Spotify Data ...
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77 Explore APIs - Blackboard Developer Portal ... GET/learn/api/public/v1/courses/{courseId}/contents/{contentId}/adaptiveRelease/rules.
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78 Documenting REST API resources | GitLab
Every method must have a response body example (in JSON format). ... The above example is run by and administrator and will add an SSH public key titled ...
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79 Get started—ArcGIS REST APIs
This topic introduces users to the ArcGIS REST API Services Directory and how to ... a URL to the input JSON object contained in a file on a public server:.
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80 Using the Slack Web API
POST /api/conversations.create Content-type: application/json Authorization: Bearer ... Create a public or private channel-based conversation.
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81 Get Opportunities Public API - GSA Open Technology
User of this public API must provide an API key to use this Opportunities ... Note: This field will only show if additional information is given, JSON Array ...
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82 JSON Web Key Sets - Auth0
The JSON Web Key Set (JWKS) is a set of keys containing the public keys used to verify any JSON Web Token (JWT) issued by the Authorization Server and ...
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83 Step-by-step Spring Boot RESTful web services example in ...
› video › Step-by-step-Spr...
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84 Firebase Database REST API
All you need to do is append .json to the end of the URL and send a ... if the Realtime Database Rules allow public read or write access to the data.
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85 A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development.
Google Analytics, Collect, configure, and analyze your data to reach the right audience, OAuth, Yes, Unknown ; mailgun, Email Service, apiKey, Yes, Unknown ...
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86 api manual - UNdata
UNdata API provides dynamic, programmatic access to data within the UNdata platform. Developers can use the ... API supports XML, Json and CSV data formats.
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87 JSON Web services - 4Js
The exchange protocol is HTTP/REST with JSON encoded messages. For JSON Services, both the server implementation and client (consumer) API are generated from ...
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88 API Reference Home | Zendesk Developer Docs
Zendesk's APIs are organized around REST. Our APIs have predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, ...
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89 Build a Simple REST API in PHP - Okta Developer
There are different authentication flows in OAuth 2.0, depending on if the client application is public or private and if there is a user ...
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90 REST API Best Practices – REST Endpoint Design Examples
REST API Design Best Practices. 1. Use JSON as the Format for Sending and Receiving Data. In the past, accepting and responding to API requests ...
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91 V3 API | Developers - MBTA
The new V3 API provides fast, easy access to MBTA schedules, alerts, and real-time information. The V3 API uses the JSON API format, so you can get started ...
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92 Is there a way to discover all endpoints of a REST API?
There is no way of programmatically discovering REST services as they do not have a standard registry service.
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93 15 Fun APIs For Your Next Project - DEV Community ‍ ‍
Whatever be the case you can use these API and build something creative. ... a free JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris facts.
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94 Developer Center / APIs - Open Library
There's also an earlier, now deprecated JSON API which is preserved for ... Koha is an open source library system for public libraries that ...
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95 JSON API in a Spring Application - Baeldung
Learn how to use the JSON-API spec to power a Hypermedia API in a ... public interface UserRepository extends JpaRepository<User, Long> {}
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96 How to Use Our REST APIs | Twilio
Learn about Twilio's API authentication, webhooks, see the SMS API in action and explore ... which can be returned as JSON, HTML, audio files, or images.
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97 API vs REST API Simplified: 6 Critical Differences - Hevo Data
Application Programming Interface (API) simplifies the process of ... XML-RPC; JSON-RPC; SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol); REST.
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98 REST API Security Essentials - DZone Refcardz
All new API development should secure a communications network as a first line of defense. Rate Limiting. Public APIs serve as the gateway to a ...
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